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So after a childhood of being told that this game was really great, I've finally played it.
Honestly? Overrated.
And it's not that I hate Nintendo or Rare, I love the SNES and Rare's other works, but DKC was really lackluster, and the CGI graphics meme was awful.
Maybe it's that I don't have nostalgia glasses on for it.

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Just throw an "objectively" in there champ; that's a bit rough around the edges

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Sounds about right.

DKC2 was the only really good game in the series.

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I dunno, I think the flow of the level design, the pacing, the controls, etc are all pretty well executed. I have fun whenever I replay this game from start to finish.
The rolling mechanics and the roll+jump in mid air mechanic adds some skill ceiling (as a kid, when I played it originally, had no idea you could do that roll and jump in mid air, so to me that was a "hidden mechanic" I found as an adult).
I don't know, I think it's a great game, and not overrated, but to each their own.
I do consider DKC2 to be the better game, though. But sometimes, I think the atmosphere in DKC1 is unmatched.
And I don't know what do you mean with "CGI graphics meme", but if you think they look bad, try playing on a CRT at the correct resolution and ratio. Most people who play DKC now are doing it through emulation on big ass HD TVs, so yeah.

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Wow you're an asshole, I can't believe what you said

you fucking dick, why would you do that

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That kind of opinion tends to happen when you go in expecting the best shit ever.

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I remember it rocking my goddamned socks off as a kid. I can only play it for a few stages these days before I get totally sick of it.

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Is this our weekly DKC rocks/sucks/overrated/underrated thread?

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>t.e-celeb and/or viceland parrot

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These thread hurt my soul. It's not that I disagree, just stop with the DKC threads for a while, Jesus.

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boo children go away

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Better than any non-mario platformer at the time. Excellent music, controls, level design and secrets, it definitely deserves the praise. Spend some time playing it without save states to understand the flow of things.

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>Excellent music,
Fuck NO
>level design and secrets,
Better than average

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I make it to that snow level where you have to launch yourself from barrel to barrel with bees everywhere, then I ragequit.

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That level is bullshit. Fortunately there's a way to skip the most bullshit part at the end.
The second half of the game has a lot irritating stuff, but that level is the worst.

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Your claim that the controls are bad just shows how shit you are at the game, mate.

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>So after a childhood of being told that this game was really great, I've finally played it.
is that a copypasta?
What with people waiting their entire childhood on playing a retro game but until after they are adults?

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He probably means he's 18 or less and has been hearing about DKC being good by e-celebs since his childhood.

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It's p good. Plays well, great graphics and music. There isn't really anything that makes it GOAT though. The boss battles are embarrassing and half-assed.

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The queen Bee was a memorable fight, as was K. Rool, but yeah the rest are meh.

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I hate when pure platformers (ones without a focus in combat mechanics) feature bosses, they're always somewhat half-assed. Boss battles in them should be platforming sections, or platforming focused since that's what the game is about.

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Eyeah....and whatever games you kids think are "epic" nowadays will be called "overrated" by your grand-children.

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Shut up, Caddicarus.
We get it, you grew up with Sony, stop baiting.
You didn't have enough with Zelda it seems.

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Off by a decade. I'm 28, I've been hearing it a lot from my SNES-owning friends growing up. By the time I did own the SNES (about 12 years old) DKC just wasn't on my radar for the system.

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>By the time I did own the SNES (about 12 years old) DKC just wasn't on my radar for the system.
Why, though? I'm not a big fan of the game (its second half is a bit lame), just curious. Was it not edgy enough for the 12yo you?

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I've always hated platformers that are not made up of squares. You can't, at first glance, know the platform hitbox or even what you can or can't stand on.

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Good point. The worst platform hitboxes to me here are the tires when jumping with the frog animal companion. As a Mega Man fan this feels right.
It's probably a style over substance thing; squares are too "gamey".

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Lol maybe, but its more that I was just too preoccupied with other games that were higher on my "want" list for the system.

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I hated it as a kid and I still hate it now.

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I feel like DKC was really the start of Nintendo fans just losing all touch with objectivity for the sake of gushing over whatever junk the company puts out.

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This game isn't exactly junk but I see what you mean about overpraising stuff.

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This is probably the only actual criticism I'd make to the game, yeah. It's not a deal breaker though, in this case, it's handled in a way that doesn't make the game feel broken. DK and Diddy's hitboxes are clear enough for it to not be a huge problem, and most of the times I didn't notice this.
It's highly noticeable when you're using Expresso and Winky though.
It seems to be a very western thing, see how in many Virgin games this happens too (EWJ, etc).
But again, the main characters' controls and their sprite hitbox works pretty well, in terms of this kind of games that have uniform, more organic tilesets, DKC succeeded, I think.

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>and Winky
Yeah, I tend to die a lot in levels where you're required to use the frog due to this.
It's a western thing because it's a style over substance thing and that has been western game design since after the early 80's in general.

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Na it's just fine.

Bit easy though.

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Are there any that do it well tho?

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I'm not huge into platformers.
However, the ones that feature attacks such as shooting (Mega Man, Ghost n Goblins) or melee attacks (Zero in Mega Man, Castlevania) have vastly superior bosses IMO.
When you can jump and not much else, having your typical bosses is dumb. The game is about pure platforming, so have platforming challenges. Or bosses you have to fight like that.
Are there examples? Maybe, but I haven't played too many pure platformers to find out, or I don't remember now.

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Donkey Kong Country was a shitty wannabe of the Sonic games, unfortunately for them Sega earned way more money with their superior animal mascot platforming games because they were just much better.

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Opinion, nothing more.

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You can't call sales figures opinions, idiot. The Sonic games sold better than the DKC games for a reason, deal with it.

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Uh, if anything, DKC was more like a spiritual western brother of the Adenture Island series.

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In DKC you can also roll and grab/throw barrels, which add to some gameplay dynamics that allow for bosses to be porentially challenging and fun. As already mentioned, the bee queen and the final boss can be considered well executed boss fights (but not much more than that, just well done, not outstanding).
DKC3 and 2 have better though-out boss battles.
I don't really mind them though, they're short so it doesn't get too much into the pacing of the game. Plus, as much as 2 of them were rehashed, they are still memorable in terms of their character, like the little derp giggle of the first boss.
But yeah this game is not really centered around boss battles.

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That's because sonic is for babbies and they were using mommies money. Donkey Kong Country was played in the free time of men who were conquering lands.

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Nobody knows or cares about what Adventure Island is. Cry more.


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>Nobody knows or cares about what Adventure Island is.
I'll also ask for citation.

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It's the second one that was good. The first is mainly remembered for how insanely great it looked compared to everything else at the time.

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The sonic games, were run, and crash, run, and crash, repeat until you eventually memorized the entire game course by rote. DKC was similar you could still get into a zen like groove by running levels full pelt, but completely different (and superior) in that you could actually react to whatever was coming up next.

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Yeah, DKC is not as simple as just jumping, but still, as you already see, it shouldn't have included bosses, or at least now the way they did.
Bosses are particularly dumb in a game like Sonic 1. You can only jump, and the ring system makes it almost impossible to die.
Those games are cool!
>in that you could actually react to whatever was coming up next.
Not so much in the latter half but yeah.

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>and the CGI graphics meme was awful.

I would honestly smack you if you were here right now. I mean, as long as you weren't huge or dangerous, because that is such bullshit.

The meme is that "pre-rendered looks bad" or "it's not true 3d but they pretended it was!". That's the revisionist bullshit meme. The graphics and music are actually the strongpoint of the game, while the gameplay while great in places is lacking overall compared to DKC2.

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I've always hated the look of early CG models. One of the reasons it took me so long to actually play it was getting over the awful aesthetic it gives off.
Everything looks plastic and lifeless.

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