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Has anyone else played this?
I'm so regretful I threw my Saturn away and sold this together with Panzer Dragoon Saga

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i sold it too (i was shit as a kid), but i beat it years later on SSF and I liked it a lot. the setting nd story are original and the dungeons are cool

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also for some reason I managed to keep panzer dragoon saga but I sold the PAL versions of deep fear and burning rangers for nothing (each cost more than 350 euros now)

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me too :P
I rage quit when I was young at the silver castle, and just gave the fucking thing away

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I love the story of Dark Savior with the parallel systems seeing what could have been, and the music.
I think they chose the wrong console to release this, it could have been a big hit with many sequels.
Like Tomb Raider when they decided to release it to the PSX next.


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i didn't even reach that desu but doing it as an adult i thought it was pretty great and the music is nice

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man, seriously I played this so many times, I've only beaten it on SSF with save states.
Fuck this level.

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2:50 is where shit hits the fan

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hehe, I don't think I used save states but I raged a lot too. the music kept me going though

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only scrubs get mad at the silver castle. I beat it when I was 10

only the minecart is absolute bullshit

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oh shit, forgot about that, never got passed that either

getting all kind of deja vus why I gave the game away

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Speaking of good expensive saturn games heres a really good one, kinda hard to learn though

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>you will never play the rumored 6th parallel where jack turns out to be the villain

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>legendary Landstalker

The only thing legendary about that game is how awful the controls were.

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a bit harsh tbqh

it's bretty decent for a megadrive game

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>how awful the controls were.
Pressing diagonals on a controller made specificallty for easily pressing diagonals sure is hard! Just kidding! It's actually easy and you're a poofter.

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I enjoyed it up until some shitty jumping puzzle area in a swamp early on in the game
Then my Saturn's battery died and my save got deleted, and I havent been arsed to play it since

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kinda wish I could play this game with fresh eyes. I love it so much but I can't tell how much of that is just nostalgia

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Dark Saviour is a fucking great game and it doesn't get enough coverage. There aren't many ARPGS where the hero gets drunk and tries to murder a kid right at the start of the game.
Apparently there was a japanese Dark Saviour audio book or series of radio plays, someone posted some transcripts on here once.

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i wanted to play it so badly when i was a kid. i spent hours and hours playing and beating landstalker on genesis, and was really looking forward to this one. is there a decent way to play it now?

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I bought a disc only copy over a decade ago because I was such a huge landstalker fan. Still have it but can't find the tv hookups for my Saturn. Never finished it though. Oddly, it's one of the few games I've yet to sell off including landstalker, blue stinger, and illbleed which I think the same guy worked on.

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SSF runs it perfectly and Mednafen too I suppose.
the only problem is a 1 minute freeze when opening a big gate toward the begining. so don't shut down the game, you just have to wait.
also, keep in mind a lot of landstalker fans were disappointed by this game. i don't really understand why but i'm not a landstalker fan.

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>i don't really understand why
I'm fairly confident in assuming it's the awkward battle system. It would have just been better played as a straight action adventure.

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I loved Dark Savior as a kid. I don't think I ever finished all the parallels though, going to go back and replay it soon.

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yes it's shit but landstalker's combat is even far worse isn't it? it's the same but constantly

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never got what's up with the R on savior. I thought that maybe it's meant to be garian's sword but it looks nothing like it. Also why doesn't the O have that 3d castle texture beneath it. While I'm at it why is the S a snake/dragon when there's none in the game.

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No, it's nothing alike. Landstalker's is as simple as can be, it's not even complex enough to be considered awkward in any way. I really do not understand where you are coming from.

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i mean it's button mashing like dark savior, but all the time. when i tried to beat this game it annoyed me so much i had to stop, but i had no problem with dark savior because combats are rare

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I remember that. Too bad he stopped before finishing.

>tfw no willpower to learn japanese