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>dude it was just a dream lmao

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But WHAT a dream

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mini nazi

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Despite the laughable dialog in the English release, the greatest thing about this is you turn into a flying giant sperm when you die.

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this and tennis

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Thanks for the spoiler, dick.

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you can still play it, enjoy it and not get depressed when its ends

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You already posted the greatest portable game OP. I can't post anything else that can match it.

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Dude I do love this, never beat on super game boy tho, sad.

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Journey not the destination muh dude

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OP said the best, not pretty good

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Was my first Zelda game and I was like 8 or 9 when I payed through it. Such an amazing game.

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My brother actually got it as a pack-in game w/ his Game Boy for Christmas.

I played it more than he did

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>all these Nintendo games and nobody posted this

It's the best Pokemon spin-off aside from Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky

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Looks like autism is back on the menu!

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>It was the only way to actually play the card game

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This isn't a favorite of mine nor is this type of game but I'll admit if you had to pick top portable games, it'd probably be in the top five due to its playability and robust nature. Wish they made sequels to it.

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Revenge of the 'Gator. Virtual pinball has so much replay value. Granted, I'm sure that kind of gameplay is too redundant for most people.

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>30 replies
>No mention of Gargoyle's Quest

Shame on you, /vr/. Isn't this Babbage's favorite game?


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They did. Its the "Mario vs DK" series

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One of the 3 games that came with my gameboy from the yard sale. Always the last choice to play,but was played anyway

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DK94 is the greatest game, the masterwork.

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Second greatest game on GB, behind >>4603851

Wario is the franchise that nobody cares about, which means the developers can do whatever the fuck they want with it. As a result, the games are better than the best Mario games.

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Better than Wii Music

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mah nigga

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The memories

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Not by the same team nor close to as good.

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I thought the art style of Mario vs DK was pretty vomit inducing... The clean 3D kitsch translated to sprites looks so lame.

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I still play the shit out of this to see if I can top my own best scores. Also holding right on the dpad gets you the perfect color pallet for this game if you're playing on gba/gbc and this same pallet is in the sgb too.

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This and Gameboy Gallery feel underrated. The greatest thing about those games is that they can be as long or as short as you want them to be and the simplicity actually works for instead of against it. I don't think Nintendo made anything else that held up as well as the original Game and Watch games.

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I guess no one post Pokemon because of how obvious is.

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Those games have progress, you unlock new games and secrets. I remember it being pretty fun, I wish I hadn't lost all my gameboy stuff.

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My dude. Cousins and I shared a gg, first console. Will always be my favorite Sonic

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Pokemon is good but tainted

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/vr/ is an older board, particularly if we remove crossposters from the equation
That's the worst aspect of them, and I love me some G&W Gallery. Fuck progress systems / unlockables.

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I don't think you can beat that one OP

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GG Shinobi and Gargoyle's Quest are why I came to this thread

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yeah, I played that too. I sucked at pinball as a kid and I still do.

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fuck you I loved that as a kid

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I know, you guys are the norm, particularly these days. Doesn't mean I can't personally think unlockables are shitty design.

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That's not shitty design. There's a reason Nintendo does it one way and Atari does it your way.

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There's a reason. It gets a lot of people addicted to games. Doesn't make it good game design.

Anyway, I'll tell you why I think those unlockables are bad:
Imagine having all that content unlocked from the start. What's the downside?
Absolutely nothing, other than the fact that there would no longer be that addicting factor for a lot of people.

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Maybe animal crossing should just give you all the nintendo games.

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the fuck is babbage. are you kids actually naming fags and not shaming name fags. wow. vr is a young nest new folks.

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I don't get what you're trying to say

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How are the unlockables a bad thing? They encourage you to try all the games in the collection, they don't get in the way of anything, and they can actually unlock more games to play.
Having them not available from the get-go encourages replay, which is kind of the point. You play more, you get better scores, you get rewarded. It's kind of the whole point of video games in general and adds some dimension to what are otherwise pretty 1-dimensional game experiences, in the case of the G&W Gallery series, specifically.

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>They encourage you to try all the games in the collection
No. Do you know what encourages you to try them? Well, them being fun. If you need rewards to be encouraged to have fun in games I guess >>>/v/
Unlockables get in the way. You can't have fun with the whole game until you unlock it. Again, think: imagine if you had all the games to select from right from the start. That would be better.
Just for that shit the game requires a battery. Unlockables kill replay value, since if you go back to a game that has no saves and want to try a specific mode, you have to go through the ordeals to unlock that shit. Particularly egregious when harder difficulties are unlockable and you just want a harder game, but no, they have to be locked due to muh progress and to not make players feel bad when not playing on the hardest available difficulty right from the start.
>Having them not available from the get-go encourages replay
No, what encourages replay is the games being fun. Beating your score if you're into that. You want to play them again since they are inherently fun, not because the game rewards you. I know this is hard to understand to you modern gamers conditioned to think games = progress.
Don't you play arcade games? Are they pointless for not featuring unlockables to you?

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Played this whole game the night before going to see the latest King Kong film. I'd actually played it a lot when I was around 10 or 11, but never fully completed it. It felt good to finally cross it off the long list of games started but never completed.

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>them being fun
>have fun
>can't have fun
>games being fun
>they are inherently fun

Are you OK, anon? I play Atari games for score pretty regularly, it's what I grew up playing. G&W Gallery is a 'Gallery', the whole idea is that you unlock rewards for playing well. You learn about the history of the Game(s) & Watch(es), and get additional games to play. It's not >>>/v/ for a Game Boy game to reward you for playing well, despite your screed.

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I still firmly believe these games would be better without unlockables. And pretty much everything, fuck that garbage.
And yes, it's /v/ garbage since that's what gaming is all about now, progress this, progress that. It just got way worse than in G&WG.

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Got both of these + a Super Game Boy one Xmas. Doesn't get any better.

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linear progression is kind of an unlockable, so maybe all sidescrollers should have a megaman selection screen?

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You have a very unique kind of autism if this bothers you that much. Unlockables are a great incentive for most people to keep playing. Even better, you feel like your cartridge is 'complete' once you've unlocked everything.

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oh god those sgi renders

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im probably on the younger side of this board (22) and I came into age when gameboy classics werent a thing, but all the posts in this thread are starting to give me the idea that the original gameboy had a ton of great games, and i just overlooked them to do lack of color

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Gameboy is like NES, but if the developers started out with 10 years of experience. It's peak 8-bit.

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thats nice, seeing as i enjoy my nes (bought recently), I guess im just worried what they can accomplish without a colour palette

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Well mods deleted my post so
This is actually a SaGa game, not FF

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You're almost a decade younger than me, so of course you have no idea. Your first vidya was probably GBA.

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Is that a good or bad thing, in your opinion? Or just a thing?

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nah, it was a gameboy color actually

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Fuck off.


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I was just curious, though considering where we are, I shouldn't have asked in the first place. My apologies.

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Go back to ResetEra, you oversocialized weirdo.

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hey man dont be a dick, i didnt bring up my age for this

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Fuck off, Mr. 1995.

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But why?

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id rather be mr. 1995 than have most of my youth behind me

when are people gonna add more games to this thread? i was enjoying

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I'm banting with you. Obviously you're useless in that regard.

When you hit 30, you'll understand.

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I am very bad at bant, sorry about that.

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You'll get it someday, kouhai.

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Started playing this for the first time a few weeks ago. It's a lot more fun than I thought it was going to be.

Pretty good for playing on the shitter too.

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Not the same, as you understand already (by saying kind of)
It seems tame here but these kinds of incentives have taken over gaming. I hate them.
What about having a complete cartridge right from the get go? What about playing to enjoy the game, rather than playing so that the game will reward you with an unlockable?
These days gaming is sustained by people that don't even enjoy what they're playing but just keep coming for the never ending rewards.
Yes, progress system get "most people" addicted, but it's a very cheap way to do so with them rather than not relying on them and just the inherent fun of the game.

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You guys need to fuck already and get it over with

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Babbages was the name for GameStop back in the day. Lmao looks like you're too young for this board. How ironic

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Can someone help me rediscover a gameboy game I vaguely remember playing, it was a 2d sidescroller and you played as a guy with a jetpack or some other flying device. I think the screen was constantly moving forward. The setting must have been space or at least futuristic.

Any ideas?

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Burai Fighter?

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thats exactly it. thanks senpai

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It's debateable wether it can be considered actually "portable" but it's definitely one of the best games out there.

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>Doesn't recognize the name Babbage's
>Calls other people new


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Different anon here; I’m not sure yet whether I agree with you, but you raise an interesting point.

Recently I’ve been on a Pokémon kick, so I’m running a line between playing a game with a [linear, story-based] sense of progression and a randomly-generated series of encounters which translate into a completionist goal (you randomly encounter different species and attempt to capture or evolve at least one of each).

Whete do you think the line stands between “unlocking/addiction” and “enjoying the challenge” when the entire challenge is seeing whether (and to what degree, if you count “just catching” or “maxing out” as the final criteria) you can “unlock” everything by collecting randomly-generated shit?
The jury is out on /vp/ whether the story adds a degree of fulfillment or tedium for most Pokémon games, so let’s assume you could play them with no story except for “you must catch all of these fuckers, ready, go.” No Team Rocket, no league, just gonto locations on the map with minimal tutorial/story and grind shit.

>> No.4607862

Some months ago I had an idea and hacked some Pokémon roms so thay you couldn't get experience for a friend. He managed to beat them and loved the experience, he found it quite refreshing.

Anyway, on to your point:
The "catch 'em all" aspect of Pokémon is not challenging at all; as you said, it's pure RNG and it essentially only takes time. It fulfills the same kind of competition/progress kick I was mentioning before. It's comparable to rising a Pokémon to level 100: pointless and not really challenging, but addicting to some.

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my nigga

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Makes me think of the 0% growth runs that have been done for almost all FE games

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This game is actually comfy as fuck, play it if you haven't.

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I know, it's stupid. But still fun.

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Much love for Solar Striker, my dude

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I love you. Spent many hours playing Chef.

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You're free to have your opinion but I personally can't understand how anyone could stomache the barely visible graphics, crunched screen, loose controls and the convoluted save system (saving all the kong letters just to be able to save your game? WHY?) and the annoying level design (yes I'm looking at you, cloud level with the moveable lifts). On the other hand, it at least had some unique locations and some of the original songs sound really good.

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This game is actually really solid on both Gameboy and NES. Maybe it isn't underrated or the best shmup ever or anything like that but I'm surprised people don't mention Burai Fighter as much as most early console/handheld shoot em ups.

>> No.4609321

Yes, I'm a fan of those. I'd prefer if FE games were built like that, but alas, people get addicted to the unnecessary experience and level up crap.
That game is indeed very cool, those remakes of G&W with the original included, so much fun. Love that early arcade feel.

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No love for the best handheld ever?

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I like it better than DKC due to the level variety and challenge.

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quite possibly the best port of this underrated System 16 classic

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this was composed by taro bando who later did f-zero x. those two games were his only significant composition contributions and mostly does sound effects for other nintendo games.

>> No.4609613

i hated the master system sound chip and the game gear is basically identical to that only without the fm addon.

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Such a fun game, shame the Wario Land series never went back to this format.

>> No.4609617

the only wario game i actually like

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b-but wario needs to have his own identity

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>mfw the sequel is SOTN

>> No.4609646

Is it taboo to mention the remake here or

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Gremlins 2 anyone?

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No, you're a fucking moron. Gaming was invented as a test of skill, and you should have to earn things in the game. What you're proposing is essentially communism for video games, and you should go get fucked.

>> No.4610191

I'm asking for more arcade style design which is the most skill based stuff.
For you to work to beat a game, not for you to work to get some permanent in-game rewards.
But OK, interpret it the way you like.

>> No.4611192

why do you hate adventures

>> No.4611739

I don't. Adventure games don't need extrinsic rewards to work either. They can work with logical puzzles and stuff, and there are plenty of examples.

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>not understanding the story

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You type like a woman. You're either a kike or a bitch.

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It’s good but 2 is the best

>> No.4613591

>Well mods deleted my post
This is communism. Say something. This board is a dumpster fire.

>> No.4613686

>look this up on jewtube
>hear that introduction music
>'Wait a minute'
>hear the opening screen music
>character selection music
>first level music
THANK YOU, ANON. I'm going to replay this shit today. It's been over a decade and a goddamn half since I played this.

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>Playing video games for music
You do know Spotify exists?