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Here's some points of discussion:

1.) Project showoffs
2.) Hacking help
3.) ROM hack recommendations

Our ROM hack recommendation list can be found below:


Every hack featured on the list above can be downloaded at:




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still promoting my independent research regarding >>4591736 's post

The level formats of Pocket Bomberman, Virtual Boy Wario Land, Chalvo 55, Sutte Hakkun and Umihara Kawase have been cracked but no editors exist as of now

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>Umihara Kawase

Wasn't some anon making an editor? I don't know what came of it but I remember there being a screenshot of an editor in one of these threads a while back.

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shit, you're right

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>rec list
>mario world
>no marina world in sight
Why should I trust a list like that?

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who made that list anyway?

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Does that editor fix the retarded HUD because that's all I want.

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I honestly didn't like Super Mario Ultimate all that much. The level designs felt kinda bland and it was far too easy, even on the highest difficulty. I'd rather play A New Journey any day.

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Newfag here.

What tool do I use to apply hacks to SNES roms?

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If you're gonna be passive aggressive at least use lmgtfy

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ironic but no
would be a fun thing to investigate though, shouldn't be too hard

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Shit, I didn't realize anyone was still looking at that. I appreciate the effort, though the only one of those I've even seen before is Umihara Kawase and it looks like someone else has got it handled.

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Do you have a game you'd like to see an editor for? I like doing research on level formats and compression but I only know SNES and GB stuff

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Ardy Lightfoot - Because this game could be good if it didn't have awful level design
Demon's Crest - Because it's awesome
E.V.O. The Search For Eden - Because it's so damned janky that I think people would immediately find fun things to do with it
King Arthur's World - Because it's a really good puzzle/strategy game and a level editor would involve designing castles which is always fun
Lufia II - Because I like it. However, RPG hacking tools in general are kind of iffy since RPG Maker does exist.

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can someone recc me actually good Mario World romhacks (besides Marina World)? It also looks like Marina World's author didn't create anything else. Which saddens me. OPs link is just the top X most popular romhacks and it doesn't say anything about if any of them are notable.

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Found the older version of Beyond Chaos FF6 randomizer, version 58. This is the one that lets you start speedcave with 12 of the 14 characters available, instead of 6 in the current version. This way you can just setup your three teams and send them in, instead of having to delve for the other characters, then do a U-turn and head back to the top to put them on a team. If you want that fun, you can just do the ancientcave.

Made a speedcave with random seed, this one looks like it will be fun. Right off the bat the first team met with disaster, and was down to one character left alive before they could find a rest spot/save room. Switched to middle team, got them somewhat deep but was running low and didn't want to run them into the ground, so switched to the third team. Made a mad dash as the third team, got them to the first rest spot/save room I've seen so far. It had an item shop with Dried Meat, so I stocked up, and went back to my other teams to heal up. Found an enemy with the second team that dropped Fenix Downs, and was finally able to revive the first team. Now teams 1 and 2 are in good shape and decently leveled for the areas they are in, and team 3 is horribly underleveled and lost since I didn't make a map on the mad rush to a rest area/save room.

Tense moment running around as Team 1 before I found the Fenix Downs, only had 1 character left and he got poisoned. Still have no antidote. If it wasn't for the Marvel Shoes he's was wearing, he would have been stuck at 1HP and die on any fight. Those shoes kept him alive with regen long enough to get the other three revived, then he took an unlucky hit and died. Working to get a Life spell or another Fenix Down so I can revive him, but at least the rest of the team is alive and healthy.

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Since that other thread about converting LoROM to FastROM was nuked...

1) Snes9X 2010 on Retroarch has a really decent overclocking feature with surprisingly good results on the smaller setting. Only problem I got with it was on Contra 3 soft-locking on the Game Over screen.

2) SNES roms, assuming you're working on an unheadered No-Intro ROM like you should be, are divided into banks.
Say an address is like this ZZXXYY on a hex editor.

For a HiRom (the much simpler case), you add C0 00 00 to the address given in your hex editor and you get its address in Hi ROM the way the SNES hardware understands it.
You then write the address this way TT:XXYY (TT=ZZ+C0)
TT is the bank number.
For a HiROM (up to 4MB) it goes from C0 to FF, then for ExHiROM it's back to 40 (up to 7D) for the next bank after that 4MB max.

For a LoRom, it's more complicated.
You start from 00, not C0, for the first bank.
Also, the banks are half the size of HiROM banks, and start counting directly from 8000 to FFFF instead of 0000 to FFFF.
Meaning the data from the first C0 bank of a HiROM rom from 0000 to FFFF is stored as TWO banks in a LoROM game numbered 00 and 01 starting from 8000 to FFFF each.

(there's a LoROM + FastROM that starts counting banks from 80 and otherwise is the same half-sized banks)

Games on SNES have a header with information whether it's LoROM/LoROM+FastROM/HiROM/ExHiROM/ExLoROM.

Read this for starters:


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Games store offsets either in full 24 bit notation TTYYXX (XX and YY are inverted because SNES is Low Endian) or as the shorter YYXX. Either way the bank number for the data and the program counter are kept in two dedicated registers.

That part breaks for every single JMP and JSR (not conditions since they're relative to a position on SNES) and they all need to be fixed to use the correct bank number manually, for the whole game. A simple fix for the header won't do it.

This is for converting LoROM to LoROM + FastROM.

Converting from LoROM to HiROM should be possible too (w/ lots of gaps in ROM for unused bank halves)

Didn't want this long ass reply to go to waste, sue me.

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>was nuked

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I think he's just talking about how the old /rhg/ fell off the board after hitting the bump limit.

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Thanks, looking into these soon

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Usually when I play a romhack, I am totally blown away by the level of dedication, planning, technical knowledge and thankless hard work involved in making something that absolutely sucks ass. It's humbling really.

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What does
>an unheadered No-Intro ROM
mean? I downloaded their packs but the No-Intro title is a mystery to me as I haven't loaded any up yet

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Intros were sometimes added to ROMs back in the scene days. By 'scene' I mean the early days of piracy where guys thought they were 1337 hackers because they could dump ROMs and upload them to the Internet. An intro is like a splash screen that comes up as soon as you load the ROM. The splash screen might include the dumper's screen / hacker alias and a list of shout outs.

Sometimes ROMs would also include trainers, which were screens that allowed you to enable a series of cheat codes before starting the game. Trainers often doubled as intros.

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Editor exists dude

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Were intros ever a thing in 8/16-bit console games? I've seen a lot of these in various computer games of the era as well as in early GBA dumps, but never on stuff like NES or SNES.

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I saw one or two back when I started emulating in 2000 or so, but none since.

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Not /rhg/, another individual topic with that specific question.

Has no SNES header. Those were required by very old SNES emulators and added by some dumping utilities, but unlike the iNES header they're more or less useless today and complicate romhacking (calculating addresses / pointers, specifically)

The older the ROM dump is, the more likely it is to be headered (keep that in mind when dealing with old romhacks). Tools like tush remove or add headers.
The new No-Intro sets should be unheadered by default.

A rom set with all roms available from a console's software library, but only proper dumps. Not ones with intros, trainers, romhacks, translations, or beta versions (but No-Intro sometimes inconsistently include some popular betas and prototypes).

There are No-Intro sets on archive.org which have those roms. Can download the whole set or individual roms within the online zip view on the archive for that file.

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They were everywhere back then.

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Unskippable, aggravating PoS.

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Before the absurdly long intro for the BoF2 fan retranslation, there was the rom dump intros too for the original.

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I think the first two you posted are exactly the two I saw back in the day. I was on 56k so I was pretty careful about what files I spent time downloading. And I was part of the ROM hacking community so I was pretty aware of things.

So the only particularly weird ROMs I found were early homebrew like Super Mario War (which I don't think I can find anymore).

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(all of this nostalgia almost brings a tear to my eyes, no matter how shitty the memories of bad dumps on badly burned CD-R and floppy disks)

Sega Mega Drive dumps were tame in comparison, they would just replace some legalese text in the title screen with theirs.

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Do you know what this was supposed to be?
It's called SNES9X.SMC on my end but I suspect my friend back in the time was a retard when renaming stuff.

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Not a damn clue.

>> No.4609917

Apparently Super Mario War was a rom hack of some other game and was even worse than I remembered.


(And I remembered it because I thought this was a lot of effort for something to be awful.)

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how did they program these nes intro / trainers?
is there some way to make the nes load a super secret bank before loading what would be the first bank (bank #0)?

>> No.4610635

Stuff the trainer in some free space, replace the first instruction with a jump to the trainer, end the trainer with [do the missing instruction] [jump to second instruction], and hope you didn't break anything. If something is broken, maybe fiddle with it a bit to fix it, but more likely just give up and try on a different game.

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MEMBER THAT ONE ROM THAT WAS JUST A BUNCH OF RAINBOW 0s THAT WAS THE BOOT ROM FOR ONE REEEAAALLLLLLLYY OLD ANCIENT VERSION OF SNES9X (which was the emulator i used before i took on ZSNES like, Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the early 2000s when i got my 1st PC).

That version play on Windows instead of DOS.

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Is it even that good? Most Japanese Mario hacks are kind of not good.

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>Last, and bigger in scope, more direct references to Chrono Cross story; the Frozen Flame was added as an element in Zeal, and a possibility of what could have happened with Schala, Zeal, the Flame, Dreamstone, the Mammon Machine, and the Gurus. Mostly Chrono Compendium based, but also a bit of my own (original-material based) theorycrafting. Look out for the references, and figure out how the Ocean Palace incident and the fall of Zeal are explained in this version!


oh nice, fan-fiction.

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But I really like Unprecedented Crisis for FF4, it's a cool hack

>> No.4612143

Honestly fanfiction makes more sense for an RPG hack than most other shit you could do with one of these. Are you really going to make an original story in Chrono Trigger instead of RPG Maker?

>> No.4612151

Isn't that because most japanese hacks are Kaizoshit?

>> No.4612243

It's fair and challenging, also has memorable level design. Great post-game. Also love the sprite replacement for baloon marina. It's a good hack in my book.

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Back in the day, fan-translation "editors" used their privileged access to insert their fan fiction head canons as they wished.
So you got Shion from Monster World 3 mentioned in MW4 as assassinated by Bio-Meka after a huge (plot) hole appeared near his house, or Cless talking about how Arche fucks like a tiger, and so on.

Thing is, many of those already released, and head canon authors are a bit late to the party. Fortunately they can still package their stuff as:
- a "graphical overhaul", like FuSoYa's Secret of Mana VWF patch that somehow has Cloud from FF7
- a "rewrite", like Mother 3
- a "retranslation", like Final Fantasy 4
- a localization "fix", like Zelda's Gender Neutral series of patches aiming to "use gender neutral pronouns since the Japanese text has no proof of Link's gender" (spoiler: it's bullshit)

If the official translators did it already, why not them? It's only natural to see fanfictions packaged as "re-translations" that "spell it out like the devs intended", that's tradition at this point

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>get tired of dying to the same boss for the 80th time
>go on gamehacking.org to find a cheat code to get me by so I can play onward
>find a cheat, input it, it doesn't do anything
Why do people bother uploading bogus codes? What is the point? Everytime I see their name next to a code, I automatically know to ignore it and report it as non-working, so they aren't exactly gaining cred. They speak broken english 90% of the time, so I assume this is a third worlder thing?

>> No.4612871

>- a "rewrite", like Mother 3
You're not talking about Tomato's patch, are you?

>> No.4612882

may i ask exactly what cheat for what game?

>> No.4612923

Children speak broken English and compulsively lie. I'd blame them.

Anyway, learn the use your emulator's cheat search feature. It's fun and lets you do stupid shit. I used to play Megaman X2 and X3 with infinite air dash length, which is a little helpful but mostly just stupid fun.

>> No.4613004

Are you sure you're using the right ROM?
From what I've seen, thegshi/gamehacking.org is ultra anal about code integrity

>> No.4613056

You're the tard who kept claiming it was literally impossible to correctly translate any japanese game on fantranslation related threads a while back, aren't you>

>> No.4613085

Invincibilty for Milon's Secret Castle. I'd get past all that fire, and then that fucking boss.

Yeah, I was hoping to look up the address needed instead of switching back between the search engine and the game trying to find it. I ended up using the Game Genie code from Galoob, which was actually the correct address. Not 100% sure that's from the original Galoob, or just some guy using the name, but shit was legit.

Of course, I goodNES verified my whole set ages ago and got rid of all the under/overdumps and trainers and crap. I usually keep the most recent revision of a game[!], and download different versions if a romhack calls for them.

>> No.4613117

Hmm, no idea then. I've personally found that it's more likely that if a gamehacking.org code doesn't work
• I'm using 1.1 instead of say 1.0
• I'm using (E) instead of say (U)
• The game tracks more than one "damaged state" and the code only accounts for "type A" of damage or whatever

>> No.4613160

I find it's usually option 3, unless we're talking PSX and the different GameShark revisions, that's a whole different ball of wax. Wing of Madoola is real funny about this. At first I couldn't find a consistent address that would tie to the health. Then after I found one, it also locked upgrades from working so I couldn't even reach the end of the first level with it on, since I couldn't jump high enough after collecting the boots. Finally found the right address, but it took some hunting.

>> No.4613302

Of course not. There were rewrites years after that, precisely around the point when Tomato released his tools, that ended up throwing in some fanfictiony stuff (TONS of made up internal monologues to fit in more fan fiction theories)
Nah, dumbass. Have fun chasing strawmen elsewhere. It's perfectly possible to.

There's translation and adapting stuff to sound natural in English, and there's edgelords whether in their mom's basements and a hex editor or a xenophobic twat in a company with zero oversight thinking they can "fix" game stories but end up creating more plot holes since they're not as good as they think when it comes to writing.

It's the sort of practice that's historically a laughing stock in every other medium, from books to movies, that even where they would have a solid excuse to muck up stuff (lip synching, subtitle timings) they somehow don't. It takes a special kind of dumb to mess up a few kB game script adding jokes and forgetting about making sense of essential game-advancing stuff like "One of you is close to someone who needs help. Find this person fast", that's one hell of a fail to do one's job.

>> No.4613308

(cont.) I have more respect for MLP hacks from Tumblr of games like Final Fantasy 6 and such.
They're honest from the onset about what they want to do.
They don't present themselves as fake "retranslations" out of desperation for an audience,
or to have their own fan theories forced on people sneakily.
They don't pretend to be something they are not.
I value honesty.
Guess what, it pays off and there IS an audience for that kind of shit when done that way.

>> No.4614120

Oh, I see. Thanks.

>> No.4615187

wtf, why didn't i know about this

>> No.4615198

Best (burnable) CD system to code for?

Turbografx/PCE-CD seems comparably simple. A familiar 6502, seems like an easy architecture overall if you're coming from NES.

Thoughts on Neo Geo CD?

Setting up a dreamcast dev environment takes like 8 hours to just to build gcc but maybe it's worth it, dreamcast is the most magical console, obv.

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So it looks like Kiyoshi Aman/Aerdan is a pedofork.

>> No.4616209

I would say either PSX or Dreamcast. Both have decent dev tools, both have sizable dev communities. I know the PSX has had source code released for at least 1 game, but I'm not sure about DC. People have ported games to the DC with the tools out there, so there's probably something to look at.

>> No.4616249

Why not hop on the msu1 bandwagon?

>> No.4616437

Are there any tolerable romhacks for F Zero X?

>> No.4616531


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>> No.4616971

found some suspicious looking data in King Arthur's World, I'm pretty sure it's level data(?)
just haven't had the chance to dig deeper yet

>> No.4616974


That one has a lot of potential.

>> No.4618694 [DELETED] 


>> No.4618808

IPSWin and LunarIPS are my choices. If you are on a Mac, most emulators allow soft patching, as long as the rom and ips file have the same name and location.

For example:


Laplace no Ma.ips

Laplace no Ma.smc

>> No.4619097

Hacks I wished existed but probably never will:

English translation for Super Castles(SNES). I know no one will ever bother since you can just play the DOS original and this port is probably watered down, but I would love to play Castles 2 on my SNES with the SNES Mouse.

SNES Mouse enabling hacks for SimCity, Shadowrun, Aerobiz Supersonic, Lemmings, and Populous. There's no point in adding the mouse for SimCity 2000, since that port is godawful even without considering mouse support, but these games could greatly benefit from support. Will never happen, since adding controller support to a game never designed for it would be an epic hack, and no one will invest the time needed to figure out how to insert the code without breaking everything, and getting the game to function properly with it.

>> No.4619116


Floating IPS is by far the best patcher out there.

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Am I the only one who thinks the coloring on Haggars sprite in the SNES port was better then the one in the arcade? Because I'm currently working on something relating to that.

>> No.4620015 [DELETED] 

You realize that hacking is illegal, right?

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>You realize that hacking is illegal, right?

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>> No.4620327

>t.junior law clerk for Nintendo

>> No.4620338


Castlevania: Symphony of the night.

>> No.4621635

I've been thinking of making an emulator for a fictional console. Sort of an art project. Would anyone be interested in writing homebrews for such a thing?

(Current plan is like: an 8-bit console that blew the NES out of the water, but was released the same year the SNES came out, so it totally flopped. CPU is halfway between an 8080 and a z80 (similar the the Gameboy), sprite-based PPU with unique quirks, APU is a SID clone, data copying co-processor instead of mappers and banks.)

>> No.4621973

why would i want to program for this emulator instead of, say ...TempleOS?

>> No.4622069

One one hand:

Why would I want to write homebrew for a console that doesn't actually exist? I would be under similar constraints as I would be for developing homebrew for a real console, except I wouldn't have an established homebrew/hacking scene to turn to for help, and I wouldn't be able to run it on an actual console. All the minuses with none of the pluses. Why bother?

On the other hand:

TIS-100 is a fictional CPU with an odd hardware setup. It's all done in VERY limited ASM, and you don't have stuff like RAM to work with. Some people have put effort into making simple games that function through this limited fictional machine. I don't know how successful they've been, but there are people doing it. So theoretically, you could find people interested in doing this.

If you really want it to succeed, make a fictional console with a CPU that is overpowered for the system, and give your users a C or C++ compiler for your fictional console. A fictional console you can make games for in something other than ASM might be attractive to homebrew devs.

>> No.4622907

Because you're roughly the same sort of madman who homebrews for TempleOS but you enjoy the aesthetic experience of 8-bit consoles and demo scene stuff more than you enjoy the aesthetic experience of early Windows and Christian stuff.

> fictional console you can make games for in something other than ASM might be attractive to homebrew devs.
That already exists, it's the Pico 8, which has retro capabilities but a fairly modern immediate-mode graphics API and forces you to write everything in Lua.

>> No.4622931

I could see this working like a framework or something, not an emulator. Think Game Maker or Zelda Classic.

>> No.4623636

This guy seems to have had some success with it: https://www.lexaloffle.com/pico-8.php

Notch also got a lot of people interested in the fictional DCPU architecture he created for 0x10c but the game never materialized so DCPU software is more or less vaporware now.

>> No.4623769

That might be neat if it was made from actual hardware, accurate to the time.

>> No.4623838
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When do I get muh feather in SML2 DX

>> No.4623861

why not just program for the pc-engine cd

>> No.4623939 [DELETED] 


how bout you shut the fuck up you useless nigger?

>> No.4623956 [DELETED] 

>when do i get muh method of bypassing color limitations in muh game with color
Neck yourself.

>> No.4624154

>Just booted up Yoshi's Strange Quest
Holy fuck this YoshiFanatic dude must be like 14 as of this hack or something, all this text is cringey and unnecessary as possible.

>> No.4624282
File: 268 KB, 579x393, CRINGE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

like what text do you mean?

>> No.4624363

Holy shit there is no need to be upset

>> No.4624559

I think it looks cool and the guy said from the beginning he was doing a purist version.

>> No.4624572

It looked so promising from the screens, I'll never underestand people who think a ton of story and text in a 2D platformer could ever be considered a good thing.

>> No.4625315

Quick question: in the myriad of SMB1 romhacks, has anyone ever added the challenge mode/stage select/race mode from Super Mario Bros. Deluxe for GBC? I love the extra content in that version but the resolution just isn't workable.

>> No.4626208

I don't think so.

>> No.4627338

NES golf 4-player hack when

>> No.4627426

I really wanna play Mario Gives Up, but it keeps freezing and the sound breaks at the drop of a hat. Is there an emulator out there that doesn't shit itself inside out when you load Mario Gives Up?

>> No.4627430

ZSNES (for real)

>> No.4627434

Are any of the Retroarch cores viable?

>> No.4627452

Wow, it's almost as if Mario Gives Up is garbage, huh?
Seriously stuff like this is pathetic.

>> No.4627458

No, that anon is serious. A bunch of old SMW romhacks were made using a broken audio tool. Since everyone was using ZSNES at the time, the poor emulation hid the issue. Now if you play those romhacks on anything other than ZSNES, they tend to hardlock.

And this is why accuracy can be important in emulation.

>> No.4627632

The solution is obvious, just add a ZSNES compatibility option to all other SNES emulators :^)

>> No.4627661

Want to know something funny? The C&D may have actually saved Crimson Echoes in the long run. The team was just about to add music when it struck and have you seen their "warm-up" hack Prophet's Guile? Craps out on hardware since they didn't know how to make music properly. If it wasn't for that C&D I bet CE wouldn't have been playable on hardware either.

>> No.4627673

All hail ZSNES, King of Emulators!

>> No.4628091

why didn't they just finish it
what were they doing that they thought a c&d meant something?

>> No.4628502

I never really understood how anyone gets a C&D in this hobby. I don't even check the emails I use to sign up for all these shitty sites, so I don't know how much of a pleb you have to be to get DMCA'd.

>> No.4629005

why can't romhackers just hack the hacks

>> No.4629054

Simple. The self-important asshats of the romhacking community(specifically the SMW hacking community) added a feature to the romhacking toolkit for SMW that lets hackers "lock" their hacks, preventing them from being opened up in the toolkit again without the password. They stamp out anyone who spreads info about working around it, to help protect all the SMW romhacker's OC DONUT STEEL hacks. Literally people so buttflustered over the idea of people seeing how they did it and possibly using the idea in another hack, they lock their hacks to prevent anyone from messing with them.

And the extended attitude of the romhacking community that its "rude" or "disrespectful" to hack someone else's hack. They have absolutely no chance of copyright claim on the work, but still wish to act like they can, all to protect against someone copying a bunch of stuff and calling it their own. Which is a really stupid concern, since the romhacking community is pretty small and a fraud would be immediately obvious to everyone.

TL;DR : Stupidity and internet drama.

>> No.4629072

their whole schtick is using copyrighted material without permission, what a bunch of fags

>> No.4629084

nobody cares enough

fixing broken custom music engines wouldn't involve Lunar Magic at all, it doesn't even have music support

but you got your excuse to rant about something unrelated, so good on you I guess

>> No.4629331

As a romhacker I don't understand the mentality behind this. I would be happy if someone was inspired enough to modify or improve upon my hacks. Maybe we could become buddies.

>> No.4629402

So this is the closest place to post this:

Is there anyway to easily mod a NES controller to be used on a genesis? I checked out raphnet (a decent source) and this mod isnt on there. Anyone hearing about this as a possibility without a passthrough chip?

>> No.4629407 [DELETED] 

Yeah who needs the C button anyway.

>> No.4629420

That would be remapped to Select, silly.

>> No.4629423 [DELETED] 

I knew you would say that. It's still a horrible idea.

>> No.4629434


>> No.4629502

You have to swap the shift register with a 74157, like genesis controllers have.

>> No.4629631

Fixing audio on someones elses hack has been done before, even without authors permission on SMWcentral. But I do agree on your point.

Also its just SMWcentral, romhacking.net doesn't care.

>> No.4629643

if you really want to fix someone's hack you can just contact the hack's author, it's what I did

>> No.4630016

wow smwcentral sounds retarded

>> No.4630052

It's not specifically the "SMWCentral community", it's anyone who makes a closed source level editor. This is a field whereas the one who makes the editor wants to claim all the glory so that they can make an arbitrary legacy no one really gives a shit about. Then, once someone actually bothers to surpass it, if anyone really cared enough to do it (which, let's be fair, fuck hacking SMW), so you're pretty much just stuck with idiot devs with a glory complex over a stupid editor.

This is also why we're all still using ancient grafux editors like Tile Layer Pro, because the basic drag & drop tile arranger is easier to comprehend than whatever settings are needed for the auto-arrangers, which look kinda of like shit, desu.

>> No.4630118

>I mean the early days of piracy where guys thought they were 1337 hackers because they could dump ROMs

a little history lesson for the 12yo idiots of this board:

the 'scene' were doing more than ripping roms, a lot of times the roms had some very challenging copy protections that needed to be cracked and removed, much like today's software. the cracking groups would attach their intros to show who did what work. if it wasn't for these crackers back then, all of you pathetic losers wouldn't have shit. as for the 'nointro' lamers, they went and removed intros from roms because they saw it as graffiti, denying the crackers any credit for their hard work. they were quickly ostracized and laughed at by everyone because these lamers took being lame to a whole other level. nointro is one of the most hated groups on the internet and anyone that supports them is the purest form of cancer known to mankind.

nobody wants them.

if you can't use a joypad to exit, then how are you going to play the game its attached to?
> being this dense

whatever lock they put in is easily defeated. don't forget: these people are talentless nobodies that:
> can't code
> can't hack
> can't draw graphics
> can't make music
> only ability: using someone else's tools

they're just lamers. nobody takes anything they do seriously and people go out their way to delete every single one of these terrible hacks from their personal archives.

>> No.4630158

I like the intros, but you can't be mad at people removing them for archival purposes, or because they get annoying.

>> No.4630219

what kind of copy protection is in there roms

>> No.4630290

Any -decent- romhack for ALTTP to date? The randomizer ain't doing it for me, I get stuck all the time.

>> No.4630461

>a lot of times the roms had some very challenging copy protections that needed to be cracked and removed
This isn't true for console games. Many games had stuff in them to prevent editing, like EB's copyright protection stuff, but I can't think of a single console game that had any copyright protection that needed to be cracked and removed, period. You just had to figure out how to dump the ROM, that's it. On NES this was kinda tricky at times, since there's more than a few non-standard mappers in play, but beyond that it was pretty straight-forward.

PC dumpers on the other hand, they deserve credit for the work they had to do.

>> No.4630512

>they were quickly ostracized and laughed at by everyone
>nointro is one of the most hated groups on the internet
neither of these are true and you know it. you can hate them all you want, but outright lying like that makes you look like the lamer.

>> No.4630529

>nointro is most despised
I wish this was actually true. As much as I hate Cowering and his closed source shitware, the aura of elitism of the no-intro tards permeates wherever they go. They use the excuse that they're only including licensed shit or "quality control", all the while sitting on LJN trash, Action-52 & Cheetahmen 2 (both which aren't licensed), Custer's Revenge & many other shit like half-finished prototypes that have no intrinsic value outside of, "ooh, it used a different sprite; how fascinating." Meanwhile, they ignore indie/homebrew shit like Battle Kid, Alter Ego, Kira Kira Star Night DX, and even some classic memes like Donkey Kong Country 4, Somari and that FF7 "demake" that many people wasted their time to dump.

>PC (Windows) dumpers deserve credit
Absolutely, far more than any retro dumper at this point. See, I can go download the "Neo Kobe" pack of PC-88 & PC-98 shit which includes the library of 700+ hentai games along with everything else. That includes rape-oriented games like 177 & Koei's old "Strawberry Porno" series. As far as preservation is concerned, including everything and not being a pussy about it is what should be happening to the Windows department. Of course, it's not; Japanese Windows preservation is nonexistent among these tards.

You could even check for the 200+ Comiket doujin games which are floating around like Koumajou Densetsu ("Touhouvania"), Gensou Skydrift and the rest of the oddly high quality 2hu fan games, and no one cares; almost none of them have been documented on redump.org or ROMShepherd. What you will find upon going there, however, is many console assholes proudly posting their fucking PSX demos which I honestly wouldn't care if they all dropped off a bridge.

This is coupled with threads like these where they get a hard on over dumping NES clone console trash & spending $500+ on clone cabinet PCBs:

>> No.4630529,1 [INTERNAL] 

This thread reeks heavily of bhdn cancer.

>> No.4631146

No, the editor sucks and anyone who wants to make a custom Zelda game would just use Zelda Classic. So go try that. I liked Isle Of The Winds if you need a suggestion.

>> No.4632620

The Conker one is ok, if you can get through the humor. It still relies on some obscure tricks, but not on glitches.

>> No.4633035

you sound like massive faggots

>> No.4633094

How difficult would a ROM hack for a 16bit game like link to the past be to make? I played the shit out of it and I have tons of ideas but I don't have any programming skills whatsoever. Would it be realistic to try and gain those skills? I know it'll probably take years but I need a new hobby in my life

>> No.4633130

I have zero rom hacking experience, but it seems to vary from game to game, and ALTTP is apparantly very difficult to hack, as evidenced by the complete lack of decent ALTTP hacks.

>> No.4633138

I've never hacked LTTP but if it has any tools available then pretty easy as you dont need to mess with hex editor or assembly(but are required if you want to do more than the available tools allows you to).

Either way romahcking.net has tutorials to get you started.

>> No.4633156

Hacking 16-bit games isn't much different from hacking 8-bit games.
Now that's a different ball of wax. You have 1 tool to use, Hyrule Magic, and it's a pain in the ass to use. Also, Alttp uses a non-standard layout for levels and whatnot, sort of a modified hex grid, so actually designing levels and whatnot is needlessly difficult. Last I checked there was no real manual or tutorial on how to use it, so you're basically going at it blind. Have fun.

>> No.4633169

It depends on what you want to do. Modifying data is easy, small code/behavior tweaks are a little harder, actually writing entirely new code is rather hard.

Most of the scene doesn't know how to program (or didn't in 2002 when I was part). You scroll through the ROM in a hex editor until you see structured data (this is not as hard as it sounds, just try it), change a bunch of numbers at random, then open the game up and see if you can tell what you changed. Once you've found something interesting you go back and more carefully edit until you know how it works, write down your notes, and then do the change you wanted.

One of the most important types of data (which is big and easy to find) is level data, and manually editing levels in a hex editor is awful in a way that most other data edits aren't. So once the level format is known someone usually makes an editor. Level editors are a pretty good intermediate programming exercise (it's big but not hard) if you want to learn to program. Otherwise you can try posting really good level format notes on ROM hacking forums until you tempt someone into writing an editor.

LttP in specific has a level editor already, but it's ass. This (and the fact that Zelda Classic exists) is most of why this game has no hacks.

>Would it be realistic to try and gain programming skills?
Literally everyone who can program has gained these skills at some point. It's not magic, you just keep trying to do it until you stop sucking.

>> No.4633193

Actually some of the Pokemon games did have copy protection if I recall correctly, and pretty much every modern system requires keys or exploits of some kind to be able to dump games properly (citation needed). Also Dreamcast games couldn't be read in normal CD drives and I believe they required a special drive to be able to dump them. Though fortunately you didn't need a special burner to produce copies once you had a working dump.

And of course for arcade many are familiar with the work of the man behind cracking CPS2 and CPS3, Anything beyond that though I don't know of personally, I haven't been paying attention to the scene for a while.

>> No.4633219
File: 208 KB, 512x480, peachanddaisy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Peach & Daisy in the Ultimate Quest

>> No.4633273

>Alttp uses a non-standard layout for levels and whatnot, sort of a modified hex grid
This got me to go dig up notes docs on this game. I don't see anything like a hex grid?

What I do see is:
- A 2x2 block based compression format for the overworld, which Hyrule Magic inexplicably makes you edit manually instead of compressing on its own.
- An object based compression format for the dungeons. Object compression is a classic format for Nintendo, why the hell did they only use it half the time?
- Lots of data, especially for the overworld, is just scattered all over the place. What a mess.

It might actually be easier to do a big assembly hack that replaces all the level formats with something sane. But then again, I'm not really sure why bother instead of making a fan game engine. (And this is why I stopped ROM hacking - I got good enough to program a level editor, made one, and then was good enough to write my own damn games.)

>> No.4633294

Oh, speaking of fan game engines, it looks like Solarus got its shit together since I last looked. So that or Zelda Classic are options if you don't want to put up with bad editors.

>> No.4633364

>start the game with a shitty water world

I get that they were super horny for showing off the mermaid suit, but christ what a terrible start.

>> No.4633628
File: 8 KB, 386x150, ChineseFont.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do I look for the in-game text if the font is dual?
Like, if the palette is AABB it's one set, but if the colors are ABAB it's another one?

>> No.4633668

What in the ever loving fuck.

Find a string that only uses characters from one of the palettes, then use a hex editor with relative search, using the normal methods. If that doesn't work, double all the numbers.

The second palette is probably numbered the same as the first +64 (but which one is second?), which a relative search engine won't even be bothered by. Second most likely option is that every other number corresponds to alternating palettes, which is why you try doubling the numbers.

>> No.4633701

I'll try that, by the way, the font is12 double pages long, should I account for it too? like using wildcards or something?

>> No.4633714

A page being 256 characters?

If your searcher doesn't support 2-byte characters, then yeah, use wildcards for the upper byte and only use the lower part. If you can find a word that's only on one page it'll probably help; once something takes up two bytes there's all sorts of weird shit possible.

What game is this? If it's extremely text heavy you might have to contend with compression too. In which case don't search for common phrases or names. (If it's extremely extremely text heavy, look for it like it's level data instead.)

>> No.4633726
File: 196 KB, 1280x720, mpv-shot0253.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Kaizō Chōjin Schbibinman Zero

Would love to see this game translated.

>> No.4633761
File: 44 KB, 883x464, ChineseIsReallyHard.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nope, 12 pages of 64 characters, one set is 727 and the other only has 726

>> No.4633774

>What game is this?
And is one of those bootleg NES Chinese RPGs by Shenzhen Nanjing Technology, they all use this kind of font but the letters are in different order

>> No.4633835


Attaching identities to their cracks is the one thing the scene does so terribly wrong.
'Hey! Look at me! I'm your target! COME AT ME' is just begging for aggression from everyone. Copyright 'owners', others within the scene, 3rd party dox trolls, everyone. The last thing anyone oriented towards preservation should desire is to stir the damn pot of drama.
I don't care who did what. I can be grateful for the action being done without that.

That's how the Japanese pirate system works. They have cracks for practically everything without anything extra. Just check the eroge scene.
Sure, they're rereleased under some name on torrents to the west. But without intros or any such nonsense, outside of translation specific credits.

Then again I can be quite thankful for the intro nonsense. Because without it there probably would not be No-Intro collections. No reason to discriminate between releases for accuracy and purity when everything works transparently.

>> No.4633912

>notice WDC has a C compiler for the 65816
>look into it
>it has some interesting bugs in the linker
>due to the way it "optimizes" things, you need to code in a specific way to avoid massive problems
>this guy rewrote some code himself, changed usage from 25% of CPU to less than 1%
I find it oddly funny that even a C compiler designed specifically for a processor by the processor's manufacturer can't optimize worth a damn. Still nifty to see Kung Fu's arcade version being ported to the SNES in C though.

>> No.4633915

Chinese is dumb as shit
What a stupid language
How can it be so complex if its all CHING WANG CHAO WANG CHUN

>> No.4633946
File: 1 KB, 112x88, 1-byte Font.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Those games are weird, I was lookin' into all of them and I notice that they order the hanzi as they use it in-game, and then I went to check the FF7 translation thread on RHDN to see if it was true, and it is, I grabbed the notes for that tanslation and the dialogs start around the same place (pretty much they reuse the same game and change it as needed) anyways, the font is:
(Hanzi1palette1) = 80A1
(Hanzi1palette2) = 80A2
(Hanzi2palette1) = 80A3
(Hanzi2palette2) = 80A4
and so on.

The punctuation they use is 1-byte
30-39 are numbers
41-5A are Uppercase
61-7A are Lowercase
< this is the font it uses, I'll probably start messing around with those games soon

>> No.4633970

it's not 80A1, it's actually B0A1

>> No.4634115

A Wild LARPer Appears

>remove intros
That's all they should have done. Although, at least the 'sceners' knew how to put original music into a GBA ROM when 99% of hacks just put in lazy cover music from other games and can't comprehend GBA code for the life of them.

>don't stir pot
Until people help collect what's already here, I don't care. GoodSPC is all the SNES music ever posted to the internet. You wanna get the rest of the music rips in convenient packs since no one else started it? I put a nice pack of 17k NSF files up on archive.org if you want it, but I'm a poorfag with a 60 kb/s upload speed, so I do what I can like reuploading retarded Smash Bros. Brawl mods & whatever the fuck I feel like doing.

There's a "Missing In Action" thread for redump's PC section on ROMShepherd. See if you can actually help them find the 1600+ missing PC dumps that redump never really reposts for the rest of us. Either that or continuing being leeches.

Here's the outdated "fixdat" from 2 years ago; only 100 have been relocated:

"B-but, our Preservationist-sama got this! Eh can do it all on (s)his own!" - as only 10-ish people actually post on these sites while the rest are making terrible kaizo hacks that just take graphics from other sources. I noticed they have Dash de LeiLei listed, but of course the retarded doujin sites have it extracted from the disc and not the actual disc. So, what's everyone else gonna do, sit around and go, "Look at our shitty hacks!"?

Japanese shit has been released over WinNY, Share & Perfect Dark for 15 years, and I don't see anyone properly documenting whether they're clean dumps or not. Some Based Archivist on archive.org uploaded over 90,000 YouTube videos, including this gem; archive.org/details/youtube-KC2Fp55vGjA and of course there's some Moon Man shit in there for your displeasure. The least the rest of you tards could do is post something once in a while.

>> No.4634507

rip vidjamon

>> No.4634569

how do you have 60k upload are you on dialup

>> No.4635389

>literally no argument

you love larping as someone who does good, i know that nambona.

>> No.4635521

Compilers can't make a lot of assumptions about what's going to happen at runtime so decent optimization isn't always possible. This is a problem that doesn't really exist with assembly because what you put together is always exactly what you get. C on the other hand makes a lot of subtle guarantees about most operations and the compiler isn't allowed to guess what the programmer's intent is, so what ends up happening is that some seemingly simple operations end up being far more complicated than they first appear. You should be very cautious about using a high level language if performance is absolutely critical, especially on such a constrained system.

The first example in that post uses a lot of indexing which is (was) a big no-no in the embedded world. The pointer based approach in the second example is better but it could probably be improved upon further.

>> No.4635542
File: 74 KB, 804x427, Jake.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I plan on making a port of Final Fight for Openbor so I'm currently in the process of fixing up the coloring of the original sprites. A lot of them in my opinion have flaws such as dark red coloring and black spots. I'm removing those and giving them colors that match up with the rest of the sprite.

>> No.4635569 [DELETED] 
File: 67 KB, 806x428, Bred.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bred is done

>> No.4636068


This hack would be pretty sweet if they just did something about the shit-ass hitboxes.

But anyway what I really want to know is what music they're using for Castle BGM, it's dope as hell.

>> No.4636132

>This hack would be pretty sweet if
Any of the graphics matched each other and the levels had actual design themes.

>what I really want to know is what music they're using for Castle BGM
Yeah +1 to that.

>> No.4636149

Journey To Silius
Stage 3: Terrorist Headquarters

I have no idea how I recognized it.

>> No.4636169
File: 27 KB, 400x300, fingerblast.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks a million.

Now I gotta find me some rips.

>> No.4636227

I want to hack dragon quest 1 and add new stuff .__.
Where do I get started

>> No.4636267

Google up romhacking.net, go to their utilities section, and then select "Dragon Quest(NES)" or "Dragon Warrior(NES)" from the Game: dropdown menu, and find an editor with the features you want for your OS. Download it, and start dicking around with it.

>> No.4636272

Oh, and if you run out of room, see if you can find a hack that changes the rom from whatever it is to MMC1, MMC3, or MMC5. Might break compatibility with the editor, but if you get that deep you'll probably be able to work around that.

>> No.4636690

It's still funny to note that almost every Japanese PC game I mentioned has been dumped for the last 15 years while the discs from back then are dropping off the internet.

This means 2 things:
1. No one knows of the retarded sites I just mentioned, especially since they have no Jap subforum or Jap dumping instructions.
2. 'Preservationists' are so pretentious that no one wants anything to do with them.

All in all, it's fun watching the charade has everyone knows GoodSet will outlive RHDN.

>> No.4636820

Fuckin' monkeys ruined the scene like they did with MUGEN

>> No.4636959

We just need better documentation & editors for the fighting games & shmups. I'm still waiting for RPG Maker to kill off the Pokemon/turn-based scene, but it's not working.

>> No.4637019

What's your favorite super metroid hack?

>> No.4637061
File: 59 KB, 464x350, dbefa280d22713ad8b4e2240fdac3617--uk-stamps-postage-stamps.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You deserve felatio. Or philately. Whichever is about the post. You deserve postage stamps. Of approval. From me. So here you go.

>> No.4637320

how the fuck do you use higan's cheat editor

>> No.4637354
File: 166 KB, 1229x1075, haggarsheet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's still a great engine to make beat-em ups with. Even if Hues tend to give it a bad name. Anyways, Mike's sprite sheet has been completed minus the giant sprite.

>> No.4637359
File: 67 KB, 806x428, Bred.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also did Bred as well

>> No.4637363
File: 75 KB, 804x427, Jake.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And updated Jake's as well

>> No.4637561

Currently there are 2 important hacks: hardtype 4.8, and the relic randomizer.
they work together and it's a great but super hard experience nearing the game's end.

I'm looking into making improvements to gameplay but I need to understand how to find more than just hp values, and learn how to actually find and activate functions.
Some ideas I have:
>real time equipment set switching
>real time familiar switching
>Bat familiar has extra bats if you turn into batform. I want to add more bats if possible, or also active during human form.
>doing wolf charge special move from human form
>taking the slogra boss' knockback function and applying it to all enemies
>randomization of items in the castle
>randomization of levels
>increasing the maximum amount you can set the menu colors, and the same for the cloak colors(which gives interesting results)
>making 2 handed weapons all 1 handed and nerfing their damage appropriately
>enabling the first teleport in the reverse castle to take you to the teleport in the alchemy lab
>increasing mist speed during the initial frames if you already have high speed

Well these are all very ambitious ideas and I'm sure I'll never get it done with my limited experience, but who knows.
I'm currently trying to run bizhawk emulator which has a memory viewer, but it doesn't load part the ps1 bios for some reason.

I also can compare the hardtype hack and the vanilla game iso, and there are programs for that, but I don't really know what to do with the data i'm seeing since there is so much.
The creator of the hardtype hack is just fucking gone from the internet, and the guy that does the SOTN hacked remake in game maker is obviously a scammer.

>> No.4637563

I don't like super metroid

>> No.4637569

>hardtype 4.8,

LOL their website died. This is why everything should be placed on Romhacking.net. Without that, everything gets lost.

>I'm looking into making improvements to gameplay but I need to understand how to find more than just hp values, and learn how to actually find and activate functions.

Deeper SotN hacking has never been achieved outside of moving some values around. Likely a lot of the map and deeper gameplay functions are hidden behind compression and can't be changed.

For ideas, I'd recommend adding the Saturn items and features. The Third Hand would be nice. Then make a totally new Map, and import enemy sprites from the NDS games.

>> No.4637570

the cheat codes in higani are based on the RAW (check gamehacking.org for codes)
just replace the : with an =
add a + in between the codes for multi-line codes

>> No.4637591

Their website did die, but I believe the hack is available on romhacking.net.

Deeper hacking probably is very hard and I'm fairly sure I won't be the one that makes it happen.
For a moment I forgot the difference between a romhack, and adding extra stuff through cheat engine code implementation.
So that brings the list down to:
>randomization of items in the castle
>randomization of levels
>increasing the maximum amount you can set the menu colors, and the same for the cloak colors(which gives interesting results)
>making 2 handed weapons all 1 handed and nerfing their damage appropriately
>enabling the first teleport in the reverse castle to take you to the teleport in the alchemy lab
>increasing mist speed during the initial frames if you already have high speed

>> No.4637595

accidentally posted before I was done:
Some extra items would in my opinion not add too much to gameplay for the amount of work it would take.
Making a new map is also a lot of work and I'll be happy if I can get small value edits working. Enemy variety isn't really a problem with sotn either, so sorry to discard your ideas but they aren't a priority because I'm not a wizard.

>> No.4637596

>>making 2 handed weapons all 1 handed and nerfing their damage appropriately

Gay. The only reason to have one handed is shields, and they're not that special in SotN (despite everyone wanting to have one).

>Making a new map is also a lot of work

No shit, but it's the only erason to replay it. I've done the standard map a million times. Super Metroid Romhacks work because new maps, settings, and enemies.

>> No.4637961

try relic randomizer. It's good fun even if you know the map.

gameplay improvements are more important than content improvements.

>> No.4637962

2 handed weapons prevent usage of shields, and shields are required for shield dashing which is what everyone uses. The result in practice is that no one uses 2 handed weapons.

>> No.4637963

>and shields are required for shield dashing which is what everyone uses.

Not everyone is a turbo-nerd speed-runner.

>> No.4638402
File: 3 KB, 256x224, MarioAdventure3-0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mario adventure 3 demo:

>> No.4638812 [DELETED] 

Didn't the Mario Adventure dev turn into a tranny at some point?

>> No.4638867
File: 125 KB, 256x384, DQIV_US__11337.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to restore the 'party chat' feature to the English DS version of Dragon Quest IV. It basically added extra dialogue for all the party members (both permanent and temporary) but was removed from the English localisation. It was later re-added when they ported it to Android and iOS.

This person on GBAtemp found a way to port it back to the Japanese DS version (which has an unfinished English-language option available through a cheat code): https://gbatemp.net/threads/dragon-quest-iv-party-chat-restoration.381078/

They ported the files from the English Android version and it seems to work fairly well. Unfortunately I'm unable to replicate their success - the game crashes as soon as a new game is started from the menu for me.

What I'm thinking though, is that using the Japanese version might not be the best way to go about it. I'm wondering if it would be possible to hack the party chat feature back into the English DS version. I reckon it's still in there somewhere, but the command to access the dialogue (pressing the B button while next to another party member) has been disabled.

Could anyone give me some pointers as to what might be the best way to add this feature back in? I'm more than willing to do the hacking/research myself (I'm amateur as fuck, but I have programming skills and would be happy to take the time to learn anything else I'd need to crack into the game) but I'm not quite sure where to begin. Ideally I'd like to see what exactly the Japanese version does when you press the B button, and what the US version does differently.

>> No.4638891

It's not possible without extensive work, which is why the Japanese version was used in the first place.
The developers hard-coded the removal of party chat functions in overseas versions.
That's about all I know about it.

>> No.4638913

>The developers hard-coded the removal of party chat functions in overseas versions.

If that's true, its a shame. I'm not sure why they'd go to the effort of removing it entirely, especially as they left in things like the traces of other languages.

>> No.4638929 [DELETED] 

No, he has wife and daughter.

>> No.4638931

Neither am I but I love using tricks like that. It's fun and makes replaying the same game more interesting if you can express yourself a bit in how you take on the same situations. sotn is a really interesting game in that regard as it has a high number of tricks each with their own use. If you're an oldfag and not doing these kinds of things you're definitely missing out.

>> No.4639151

I really want to romhack dragon quest 1..
Add my own cities etc..

Is this hard?

Make another character to play as etc..

It'll be a nice hobby..

>> No.4639190

>can't read a thread

>> No.4639413


Have fun.

One think to keep in mind, there may be things that are hard coded DW1 that might make it more complicated to add additional content.

>> No.4639601

Is it feasible to completely disassemble a game? Knowing what each function does and how all data is encoded.

>> No.4639860

it takes a lot of effort but sure

>> No.4639880

I thought that EasyRPG was going to be good, but it's just a half-assed player

>> No.4640094

Several Sonic and Pokémon games have been disassembled, though those were group efforts. Super Mario Bros. 3 was disassembled by one guy, Southbird (who used said disassembly to make 3mix). It depends on how much time you're willing to put in and how big your game is. There are people who have spent twenty years trying to disassemble Windows XP and they're still at it, but XP is a lot bigger than most games.

>> No.4640478

It's been done a few times. The original Metroid was the first. You can get a full disassembly using a tracing emulator, then the rest is adding comments, constants, and label names so it's readable.

>> No.4641270
File: 2 KB, 69x89, guy2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I fixed up the palette for Guy, rate

>> No.4641429 [DELETED] 


I made a discord that, at this time, join all NES devs, artist, music, etc. togather from US and JP. I posted this on the other thread, but I don't want to bother people much, so... I think I'll upload this once per thread or 2 threads.

>> No.4641526


Can't I just work around hardcoded stuff? And just add around it?

>> No.4641549

>run Castlevania through FCEUX's tracer, seeing if I can make the game ID all the code for me
>play all the way through, die and continue, do everything you possibly can
>still has a chunk of code un-ID'd
It's amazing how much is contained in just the start-up code.

>> No.4641749

Take, for example, the equipment. The game uses one byte to hold all the player's equipment. Three bits for your weapon, three bits for your armor, and two bits for your shield, all packed into one byte. Since all the bits are fully used, you'd have to change how the game handles equipment in order to add anything more. You can always edit what's already there though.
It's a similar story for the inventory, there are only 15 possible types of items unless you change how the system works.
Not that it's impossible, or even difficult, you just have to first understand how the game handles things then you can work out how to edit it. Much like all how romhacking is.

one more link for you: http://datacrystal.romhacking.net/wiki/Dragon_Warrior

>> No.4641759


Saw a ton back in the copier era, good times.

>> No.4641763


Run it through goodsnes and see if it recognizes it.

>> No.4641915

Sometimes trying to find the missing code in a trace leads to finding forgotten secrets or debug menus, at least. I think that's how the GT code in Super Metroid was found for example.

>> No.4641923

>It might actually be easier to do a big assembly hack that replaces all the level formats with something sane. But then again, I'm not really sure why bother instead of making a fan game engine.

The problem with fan game engines is that they inevitably get some tiny detail of player movement wrong and it ruins the entire feel. But you could actually embed an emulator into the engine to execute the gameplay code; it only touches the cpu so it's just the easy part of an emulator. This could be somewhere between a custom engine and one of those Lua scriptable emulators.

>> No.4642020

Hopefully I'm smart enough to figure it all out lmao..

>> No.4642252

Call of Cthulhu

>> No.4643947

Writing an emulator for a homebrew fangame seems a bit excessive.

It would help the feel getting the internal values from the game itself and adapting them to the engine accurately. But by that point why not just do your own game. It's just a continuation the "it's a lot of work doing it this way, why not just..." mindset. You've already lost the appeal of changing the actual game you grew up playing.

>> No.4645023

That's literally Oscar bait in terms of romhacks dude. Read how I asked for actual good romhacks?

>> No.4645109

nigger what

>> No.4645649

Dude, on one hand I respect your opinion, but on the other making a romhack is anything but trivial, you should at least acknowledge the work put behind it. I don't even like that romhack very much (mario and the eldritch? sure, but random af), but the effort shows and that's enough to give it a minimum of respect. We aren't talking "romhack for SMW where coins are changed for penises" levels of effort here.

>> No.4645693

>romhack for SMW where coins are changed for penises
I'd play that game

>> No.4645748

Many are jealous over the pain and sorrow that it takes to fully articulate the properties of the male phallus into sprite form.

>> No.4646036

So I have a shit-ton of free time coming up soon, and want to get into either 6502(NES) or 68000(Genesis) programming. I have plenty of familiarity with bit logic, bit manipulation, hex, binary, and all that other basic programming stuff from messing around with C, knowledge of rom banks, addressing, endianness and etc from romhacking, and I even have some basic understanding of ASM thanks to TIS-100. I'm just not certain which one I should go for.

The NES is pretty well mapped out, plenty of tools available, lots of source code and disassemblies out there to learn from. On the downside, the color palette is highly limited, and you don't have a lot of CPU to work with, so I could end up feeling limited by the time I get experienced with it. Though I hear the 65c816 is pretty much the same processor with 16-bit bonuses and some 16-bit commands bolted on, so I guess I could always move on to the SNES at that point.

The Genesis is also well mapped out, has a decent amount of tools available, has a number of source code and disassemblies available, and can be expanded with the SegaCD to take advantage of CD storage space. Still, it's a lot more complex than the NES, and you'd also have to learn Z80 ASM to use that for offloading your sound, or to take full advantage of the machine.

While the idea of being able to use the SegaCD for storage space and having two 68000's and a Z80 sounds tempting, I'm currently leaning towards the NES. Thoughts?

>> No.4646064

I knew you would.

>> No.4646253

If you don't want limitations, don't do retro game programming. The limitations are the reason you'd even touch this, enjoy them or go learn Löve instead.

NES sprites are easy to work with and scrolling is a butt. I'm less familiar with the Genesis but it has dedicated scrolling hardware and that's probably going to get you up and running a lot faster.

The NES and SNES processors are very similar, upgrading isn't hard. I think 6502 is a bit better design of a chip than 6800, and assume that applies to 65c816 vs 68000 as well, but I'm less familiar with these.

Secondary chips are a pile of butts to get started on and the NES will be a lot easier to get sound running on than the SNES or Genesis. The SNES's SPC is a 6502-ish thing so it'd be fairly familiar. The Genesis's sound chip is a z80 which is different enough to take some getting used to, but the z80 is also just a really nice chip and I wouldn't worry about learning it.

>> No.4646416


I'd go with the Genesis, from what those Russian rom hackers told me the Genny is very nice to work with.

>> No.4646486

>but you should acknowledge someone's hard work on something
No. I don't. It's worse than fanfics I've read on fanfiction.net. A story in a Mario game? You really can't expect me to care for it all that much. As from a level design perspective. It's just not very good. People praise it because it's oscar bait and they're conditioned to like it.
>muh respect
For an adult male to write cringy fanfic? Why should I respect something so inherently worthless? I'll respect people worth that respect. Not someone riding off of the tailcoats of two popular things. What's respect worth if I have to give it to everyone? If I'm conditioned to give it to everyone?

>> No.4646635
File: 194 KB, 1280x720, bad opinions alien has had enough of your bullshit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There is no need to be this upset.

>> No.4647125 [DELETED] 
File: 84 KB, 512x512, game.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm making an NES game but all I have is the title screen. I'm not even sure where I'm going with this but I have the title screen nailed down. Critique welcome.

>> No.4647313

come back when you actually have something to post aside from a titlescreen

a titlescreen is worthless

>> No.4647346
File: 235 KB, 680x680, vomitting aids patient.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4647372

I've seen hacks like these get deleted from the board, anon. I wouldn't post it until it's done just so you can get it out there before you're banned.

>> No.4647585

what kinds of hack have you seen deleted and banned from this board?

>> No.4647587

Anything from Baddest Hacks

>> No.4647592


>> No.4647658

BHDN doesn't accepted any nude furry hacks, & there's one Nude Amy in Sonic hack on Inkbunny with a dead link, although I'm sure most of you go there & at FurAffinity where I can look up MLP Muhammad pics. I could probably just start uploading things directly to DeviantArt with all their nude mods since they don't really care.

There might even be a ZeroNet hacking board coming up soon where anyone can post what they want since I'm sick of both of you.

>> No.4647663
File: 359 KB, 600x700, 1468858436293.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.4647721

>looks at bottom of pic
>"Post Butts"
You'll get your post deleted for that, too.

>> No.4648554

>cinemassacre playing super kitiku world
I miss carol.

>> No.4648819

I didn't even know there was a mario adventure 2. hopefully they've made the weather feature less annoying in the sequels?

>> No.4648928

Thanks for proving my point. You don't deserve anyone's respect. You can't even write a single paragraph to express your ideas to the world. You're just plastic. That's all your personality is.

>> No.4649098

Adventures 2 was going to be something like Mario vs Luigi, where they would have had their own versions of powerups and their own versions of levels. There was one demo put out then the guy's hard drive crashed and all his work was lost.

>> No.4649570 [DELETED] 

I thought his relative [Brother?] was the one who deleted his hard drive.

>> No.4649592
File: 1.02 MB, 3898x6874, Kusoge!! Dorblo Disembarks on a Daunting Quest Label.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Making a ROM Hack, have the NES label.

>> No.4649594
File: 3 KB, 256x224, Dorblo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have a screenshot

>> No.4649640


>it's a bhdn cancer larps as someone who cares about the quality of hacks, as if their edgelord retard hacks will be praised by anyone outside their glorified /b/tard circlejerk episode

>> No.4649827

>ROM hacks

There's now a repost of this thread on the superior 8ch /vg/ if you want to go there.

You know, the weird idea of putting a general in the general section?

>> No.4650075

That drawing looks horrible, are you 12 by any chance?

>> No.4650332

this is terrible

>> No.4651063

checked it out , it seem 8ch is terrified of text documents
"Should be safe, worst case run it in a sandbox and scan it with something first."

>> No.4651186

>superior at anything at all

>> No.4652310 [DELETED] 
File: 102 KB, 720x453, 1519983151169.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.4652324 [DELETED] 
File: 128 KB, 720x600, 1511813668437.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.4652484 [DELETED] 
File: 77 KB, 335x720, 1516171933709.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.4652487 [DELETED] 
File: 68 KB, 720x576, 1515499297434.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.4652492 [DELETED] 
File: 66 KB, 720x405, 1510867221321.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.4652514

/tg/ is that you? What you doing here in a thread about ROMhacking?

>> No.4652527
File: 32 KB, 464x452, 1454306104588.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh wait I reverse image searched your posts and you're dumping shit from THAT show.

>> No.4652654

has there ever been a rom hack of a classic FF game that allows you to keep the experience you gain if you get a game over?

or prehaps one that heals your party automatically between battles.

that might sound plebby but the endurance aspect of FF puts me off playing them.
just thought I'll ask just in case someones heard of something like it.

or would something like this be easy to hack for myself?

>> No.4652707

anyone know how to add an intro to my own romhack?

>> No.4652723

>t. ultra 1337 haxxor that added an intro to his favorite game

>> No.4652734

doesn't he edit vinesauce videos now

>> No.4654249

Those are easy as far assembly hacking goes, but you'll have to learn that first.

But it sort of beats the entire purpose of the game. Unlike later RPGs the attrition is challenging and the bosses are easy. You'd be better off making a hack that lowers the random encounter rate (which is easier) and raises some other aspects of the difficulty (also easy but I feel like you'll skip this part anyway).

>> No.4654309

The cracktros were added to the empty space at the end of the ROM while using the first few bytes of the ROM to redirect to it.

>> No.4654430
File: 18 KB, 256x224, Kaizo Kaizo Mario Club.2018-03-19 16.30.08.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Recently finished the final stage of my SMW hack. What do you think?

>> No.4654434

Who are you really?

>> No.4654435 [DELETED] 

r & i

>> No.4654437

Nambona890. Other channel has a 2nd community guidelines strike, so I can't post there for 2 weeks.

>> No.4654440 [DELETED] 

Show me the tatoo you commie faggot, you some kind of double agent?

>> No.4654441 [DELETED] 

I don't fucking believe you. You're a fucking spy

>> No.4654442


>> No.4654448 [DELETED] 

I know the real namb
What the fuck are you up to?

>> No.4654454
File: 1.19 MB, 919x689, obs64_2018-03-19_16-48-27.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4655167


>> No.4655204
File: 41 KB, 313x260, 1508724442635.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How many times do we have to tell you to stop Nambona

>> No.4655253

I like it. Good job.

>> No.4655279

The number isn't real. Sorry.

>> No.4655296

Alright, after some days of poking at the 6502, the Z80, and the 68000, I gotta say the Genesis is probably the best option. I was thinking about going with GameBoy to start so I could get friendly with the Z80 before I move on, but spending 30 minutes poking at the GB's hardware made me want to drink bleach. Fuck the OAM, fuck the stack, fuck the inputs, fuck the entire device. Fuck YOU GB. Of course, I am anal-retentive about program sanity, so that's probably my problem there, since I can't force inputs into sanity due to the design. I could look into how devs back then dealt with making the GB know which input was being used, but I really don't want to dig into it.

So straight to the Genesis. It's taken me a few hours to cobble together some code and understand what the hell is going on prior to $0x200, and a bit more time to take down the notes I needed on the status register and a few other bits, but I'm almost to the point where I have something that will compile and run and do something. My code so far is practically twice as much comments as actual code, but I'm also anal-retentive about keeping track of details and putting notes on fucking everything, so that is to be expected. Also, due to my demands for program sanity, I also have a good deal of memory and register cleaning and sanity checks that are really not needed at all. But hey, I know exactly what's in what register, what is in what section of RAM, and the status of every flag at all times during the program, so that makes my 'tism happy.

I must say, the 68000 is a really programming-friendly processor. You can do just about anything by a single byte, two bytes, or four bytes, you have an X flag for program flow when dealing with carry's, seven code-settable interrupt levels, a N flag if you wanna play around with negative numbers, and a bunch of features and options I'll never use. Shit is pretty cash.

>> No.4655713

Thank you, thank you.
Nope, not underage.

Terrible on purpose.

>> No.4656591

Ok, I'm currently on fucking with the VDP. I appreciate all the options it gives me, but I wish SEGA's official manual explained things a little more than "Reg 6, leave as 0.", or throwing a register out there and not telling you a damned thing about it. Oh well, I'm almost there. Just a few more pages of code and comments and I'll be able to compile and get something on the screen. Figuring out what all the VDP registers are and what I need to set them as is taking time though, currently on VDP register #8 of 24.

>> No.4656852
File: 24 KB, 709x236, magic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"Reg 6, leave as 0."
reminds me of this

>> No.4657482

Yeah, but the Bally/Astrocade vector animation tutorial goes on to actually tell you what that register does and explains that bit 7 needs to be 1 in order for the vector routines to not be ignored. The Genesis manual just says "Leave as 0", with no explanation as to what the fucking thing even is. And that bit of info is hand-written in the margin.

Still making progress, it's just slow due to these holes in documentation all over the place. I've had to pull info from about 6 different sources just to get complete info, and I'm still missing some really important info about the interrupt levels(got 4 out of 7 ID'ed, the other three are still a mystery, can't find info about them anywhere), about a dozen exception vectors, and various other bits of the system that just aren't as documented as I would like. For the record, McGill's online materials for the 68000 has been amazingly informative. Even covers shit everyone else ignores, like the process the CPU goes through when it hits an exception, and what the flying fuck the line 1010 and line 1111 emulators are.

>> No.4657787

>he showed him his powerlevel

>> No.4657790

just report. nothing good comes out of acknowledging the shitter. Trust me.

>> No.4658003

>reporting because of something that doesn't fit your tastes

>> No.4658482

Should I use Coilsnake or PK Hack to hack Earthbound?

All I'm looking to do is keep the base game but add extra optional bosses.

>> No.4658582

PK Hack/JHack was designed to carefully tiptoe around the design of the EB ROM without breaking anything, and still would break things from time to time. And if you use PK Hack/JHack, using any map editor carried a chance of borking the ROM. Even if you followed the exact order to minimize the chance. It stopped being updated before Coilsnake came out.

Never used Coilsnake, but I heard it understands the ROM well enough to move shit around wholesale, and doesn't suffer from random unexplained and usually unfixable errors in the edited ROM like PK Hack/JHack did. I think it's still under development, but I don't see any major changes since 2015, short of merging ExHAL compression/decompression into the project.

>> No.4658585

Good lord, this is what you fellow /vr/others look like?

>> No.4658687

There's only four people in this thread, you, me, that guy who knows things, and the guy with all the proxies and pretends to be a hundred different people.

>> No.4658704

I only pretend to be 20 people you dick

>> No.4660849

Isn't he still working on Brutal Mario?

>> No.4661320

i dint think ill get a response so i left it but came back today. lowering the encounter rate sounds better.

>> No.4661350


>> No.4661374

it's been dead longer than c|c

>> No.4661589


>> No.4662637
File: 1.78 MB, 616x476, memory clock 1.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.4663709

I take it that most of these new "leaked" builds have been all fakes, correct?

>> No.4664021

Apart from -EXIT-, all of it's been released. There's been no word on a level after Tubular.

>> No.4664567

So like the dumbass I am I deleted some important files associated with Floating IPS thinking the .exe was all that mattered. The application worked just fine but the little flower .ico file for floating ips file types is replaced with a blank paper image now. I tried redownloading everything from smwcentral, the site i originally downloaded it from but it still has that blank image. Everything works just fine but the flower is still gone. It's pretty autistic of me to care but admittedly I find it charming and its easier to detect those files because I look at pics before names.

How to fix?

>> No.4664934

Now that's just showing off with no purpose.
I like it.

>> No.4665296

Me again. Holy hell the VDP had info splattered everywhere, not one thing had all the info I needed. The MegaDrive Wiki was pretty good about a lot of stuff, especially the VDP's 128K VRAM mode that SEGA refused to talk about. I finally have every VDP register fully mapped out, and you leave Reg 6 as 0 since putting a 1 in the wrong bit will move the sprite tiles to the second bank of 64k VRAM that doesn't exist on the Genesis. Now I just need to create some graphical data and put it on the screen. My source code is up to 36k or roughly 12 pages, but that's mostly comments.

>> No.4665636

Is there a version of super metroid redesign that has samus' original physics? redesign makes her too heavy for my liking and it's borderline unplayable for me. If there isn't as of yet does anyone here know how to? If it's a very short task to do I'd be much appreciated if someone were to do it.

>> No.4665882

There is not, because the hack was designed around Project Base's physics. Some areas would likely become impossible to navigate with the original physics.

>> No.4666184

Well you should learn how to shade.
>it's terrible on purpose
You don't truly believe this.

>> No.4667310

Well, I got the Genesis to display a black screen. Yay milestone. Not really worth posting a picture about. My current step is setting up my main loop(game engine). I have some picky requirements for it, so it's gonna take a while to setup. The game must be able to handle hot-swapping controllers without freaking out, and it must detect if the controller is 3 or 6 button on power on, reset, or when a controller is plugged in. I'm honestly considering using 1/4th of the SRAM as a scratchpad for game state data so I can get really crazy. I need the controller features since I want my game to be fully playable with a 3 button even though it's intended for a 6 button, and I don't want a player to need to turn their console off if they want to change controllers. I also want the player to be able to play single player from controller 2 if they feel the urge. Send help.

The controllers are interesting. The plug is 9 pins, but the 8 inputs from a 3 button aren't mapped 1:1 with pins. There is an IC in there that handles basic multiplexing. 6 pins are read for button state, the other 3 are control, power, and ground. So it first puts the control line to low(all are high by default), then reads A and Start. Then it puts control back to high, and reads the D-pad, B, and C. Pretty simple. The 6 button controller has an IC that can be used to ID it as a 6 button controller, while still functioning as a 3 button if it detects the game behaving like it wants a 3 button input.

You read the controller data about once per frame, which is standard for just about any Genesis game. This means you cycle the control once per frame. The 6 button's IC see's this single cycle per frame and knows the game wants a 3 button. By cycling it three times in a single frame, the IC is triggered to 6 button mode, at which point you can return to normal reading. But in 6 button mode you need to do a cycle and a half to get all button's statuses.

>> No.4668362


>> No.4668441

nice bump

>> No.4669640

it wasn't that nice

>> No.4670013

It was pretty wholesome, actually.

>> No.4670051

8 hours to build GCC? Is your computer from 1998?

imo the worst part is their build system

>> No.4670065
File: 33 KB, 670x700, p2k12.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pic related

>> No.4670698

Any examples of a utility for a good game that needs to be made? I’m a fairly competent programmer trying to do a fun resume project this early summer, and I’d like to make something that people could use to make cool things.

>> No.4671278 [DELETED] 
File: 26 KB, 990x672, MIO_CIO ICON.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am in a little obstacle about showing Discord link for MIO-CIO, the NES/other coders chat, as I can't post anything into Japanese Futaba Channel:

こんにちは。 英語の話し手にもかかわらず、私はうまく説明しようとします。



4chanからの人々もここに来るように注意してください。でも彼らはNESとFamicom愛好家です。 それにもかかわらず、彼らはおそらくフレンドリーであり、私は全員のためにそれを維持するために最善を尽くします。

DISCORDチャットは非常に小さく、私はこのチャットで唯一アクティブです。 来て滞在することに感謝します。 目標の1つは、米国、ロシア、ヨーロッパ、日本のプログラマー、コーダー、アーティストなどを社会やその他の構成や活動に統一することです。



I'm screwed for now. VPN isn't a good options for me. The image I sent is what I would've put topic on 2ch.

While on topic for this thread: I'm really glad for N64DD to be finally translated English. I was wondering how difficult it must be compare to regular N64.

>> No.4671610
File: 19 KB, 220x161, 220px-BebesKidsBoxShotSNES.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are there any romhacks to overclock Bebe's Kids?

>> No.4671743

Looking at the Patent for the MARIO/SuperFX chip, it appears Nintendo got this chip in anticipation of having a CD-ROM unit to work with. There's many references in the Patent to how the MARIO chip could take advantage of a CD-ROM drive, and how the MARIO chip could be used to decompress CD-ROM data fast enough to make data storage on 1x CD-ROM drives feasible for videogames.

Seems as though we would have seen the SuperFX in every cart if the SuperCD addon had actually made it to market. Instead the SegaCD failed, Nintendo got cold feet, and instead they made the SA-1.

>> No.4671804


A tile replacer program for overworld, and in-town areas in Quest of the Avatar for NES?

>> No.4671814

A full-scale editor for Robin Hood for NES would be awesome. It's such a cool engine, but the finished game was kinda fucked, unbalanced, didn't really take advantage of all the features it had, and was really short. Someone could use that engine to create something far better, if they had a tool to do so.

>> No.4671883

are you taking about that mediocre top-down rpg or the unlicensed platformer?

>> No.4672389

Sorry I haven't been updating lately. I just need some break time to do other stuff. Sexy stuff

>> No.4672523

It was pretty good sexy stuff

>> No.4672528

Super Mario 64: Ocarina of Time got released. Grab it before Nintendo gets to it.


>> No.4672531

The top down RPG for NES.

>> No.4672709

I haven’t played either of these games, but I will check them out. Thanks for the suggestions. Once I go through the whole process once I imagine it will be a lot easier to make more utilities in the future. I’ll be sure to open source any progress I make.

>> No.4673142

Maybe double-click the .ico file if there's one, right-click the .ips file and see if the option to associate icons appear?

Tile editor for NES that displays the actual game colors or the sprites assembled like in the game, maybe? Or something to make it easier to edit opening screens?

>> No.4673363
File: 179 KB, 375x271, computer art.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry that was a poor description. I meant more of like a room editor to place the sprite 'tiles' anywhere you want.

But thats just for me. A REALLY cool project would be:

Making a level creator for Simcity SNES. So you could make your own maps.

>> No.4673484
File: 216 KB, 658x576, Gamboy Lighter3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.4673489
File: 2.07 MB, 1287x952, htehet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4673501

Cole spouse is one handsome mofo

>> No.4673505

Why does almost no one hack sonic 3?

>> No.4673617

So, i've heard that some games store their data on the roms in encrypted and unencrypted format. When a game stores it encrypted, how do you figure out what is what?

>> No.4673760

Are you asking how to into decryption, or how to figure out something is encrypted to begin with?

>> No.4673829

This is fucked. I can't even figure out the Deku Tree.

>> No.4674118

both are interesting

>> No.4674130
File: 2.42 MB, 630x469, 1504113346548.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>some fuck was acting like carol a couple days ago and posted information about updates to the game
>fast fowarding to today
>wake up
>see that it's yet another hoax

>> No.4674210

I'm heavily interested in an E.V.O romhack, I'd love to see some kinda zany multiplayer mod like the one for SM64

>> No.4674391
File: 46 KB, 800x600, snap0001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This game is much less fun than I expected

>> No.4674410

How do you even get to the basement of the tree
there's dumb red blocks in the way

>> No.4674430
File: 21 KB, 590x519, ^86D983D9ABF162573EDBD99E136FDC65CAF343ABFF8025583A^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Some people prefer the style of the original NES games, myself included, so that's what I decided to ape

>> No.4674457

>that simple grass texture
>the wood grain texture on the blocks
Just make the background a bit more pastel and you got it nailed. Looks good.

>> No.4674515

I don't know what people were expecting.

>> No.4674516


I like the idea but you really need to tweak something, and you should definitely swap out the sprite for all-stars mario.

>> No.4674576

Why? I'm trying to make it look like it'd fit in the original SMW.

>> No.4674581

Oh, I thought the goal was to make the SNES games look more like the NES games. Carry on then I guess.

>> No.4674946
File: 91 KB, 800x600, snap0002.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just switch the blue panels to yellow

This game feels so forced. I guess Kaze Emanuar really tried to transform the OOT levels so that they were playable in a SM64 engine but it just doesn't work

>> No.4675504


I'm pretty sure its encrypted. Like a room has its tiles in it to make it up, and if you look directly at the rom hex, you should see that room in the hex right?

So if you don't see that - the rom is considered encrypted or maybe sorry, the better word is compressed?

>> No.4675578

Yes. I'm confident that probably zero retro games are "encrypted" per se, but many have some kind of compression involved.

I've figured out a few compression formats, either by using disassembly tools or just by fucking around in a hex editor. Mostly the latter approach works better but that's just me.

>> No.4675616

Mega Man V GB, Xexyz or Little Samson would be nice.

>> No.4675639

Not so much encrypted, just has a specific layout on the ROM. Every game had their own setup for laying out a room, based on how they coded it it deliver the graphical data. Depending on how complex their system was, they could have the data laid out as basic tiles, with each byte representing a tile or row of tiles, or have two or more bytes to cover the tile, palette, collision data, and other info. Usually all this data was stored together in a few tables, and editing those tables is how pretty much every "level editor" out there works.

Keep in mind, I'm talking about the actual level layouts, the graphical data is another story. The graphical data can be easily viewable using one of the many standard "tile viewer" programs on romhacking.net. Unless it's compressed, in which case you won't be able to find it since it will blend in with code. At that point you'll need to do some serious digging to find the exact data, then figure out what compression it used.

For example, you can see the graphics in SMB with any basic tile viewer/editor program out there. You would need to take a look at datacrystal or the source of a level editor(if available) to find where the levels are laid out at, and to change the levels. It might be laid out as tiles in some logical order, it might be some compressed method where a single byte will represent half a row of tiles on the screen. If you wanted to mess around with Kirby's Adventure without using the editor, you'd need to figure out what is compressed and what isn't and use the ExHAL tool to decompress whatever is needed.

>> No.4675691
File: 202 KB, 911x595, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


One of the biggest parts of learning is understanding HOW to ask the right questions.

So, in my image, we can see the tile layout for the room is clearly visible in the PPU Offset. But when I look at the PRG ROM Offsets, i don't see that exact layout. Does this mean the data on the rom is compressed, and therefore hard to figure out what is where?

>> No.4675797

See >>4675639
It depends on how they coded the game to send that layout to the PPU. The actual graphical data seems to be stored at around 0x28010 on the ROM. The PPU has enough room for 512 tiles, usually referred to as two 256 tile panels, either "left" or "right. Looking at FCEUX's PPU viewer, the programmers used the "left" panel for sprites, and the "right" panel for background and text. According to FCEUX's NameTable Viewer, the screen being drawn is 31 tiles along the X axis, and 28 tiles along the Y axis.

So let's take the opening screen like you have displayed. The grass tiles are all "tile ID" 7B. And there is a lot of those fuckers. So, IF the graphics are being pumped to the PPU without any major muckery, you should be able to find some maps by looking for a string of 7B's. So let's see if I can find that room specifically. Top row of the ankh is Y-7, which is :
7B 7B 7B 56 02 03 06 06 3E 3F 7D 7D 7D 7D 7D 3C 3D 7D 7D 7D 7D 7D 4E 4F 06 07 02 03 7B 7B 7B 7B.
Comes up empty on HxD. Which means the way the PPU ID's the tiles, or had the tiles loaded, isn't 1:1 with the way they sit on the ROM. So we gotta dig a little deeper. Cont in next post.

>> No.4675824

Console game programing is all about putting the right data into the right spots at the right time. The way the NES displays graphics is through sprites and tiles. I won't get into sprites here, but for tiles, the screen (well, not the screen itself, but an area of tiles slightly larger than the screen that depends on how screen mirroring is set and displayed based on the scroll values... check out the nametable viewer to see it in action) is divided into 8 pixel square tiles (the name table) and 16 pixel square tiles of colors (the attribute table.)

The good news is that every game does this to display it's graphics. The bad news is that that's as far as the commonality goes as it's up to each game to figure out what to put there. Having each 8x8 square of a map individually stored as it would be in the PPU would take up a lot of space, and not many games are small enough to get away with that if they wanted to, so you'll probably never see it done like that ever.
What you will frequently see is the game defining 16x16 pixel tiles with a byte for the 8x8 tile for each quadrant, the color palette to use, and whatever gameplay attributes it may have, then storing a map as a series of IDs of those tiles. This is also the part where you might run into compression.

If you set a write breakpoint on the PPU address for your tile, you just might find yourself in the middle of a function that draws a tile, called by the function that reads the map.
Or you could figure out what the data might look like by finding a table of graphic tiles for each map tile, then noting the order they are in and going from there.
Or do the corruption method and get lucky (don't knock it.)

tl;dr: it may be compressed or just in a format you don't expect, each game is different.

>> No.4675839

So, FCEUX gives us a handy little code/data logger tool, which keeps track of stuff on the rom as it's accessed, and marks if it was code or data(graphics/sound) So running this while starting up until the starting area with Lord British, we get about 14% of the ROM ID'd and saved to an equal size file with .cdl extension. This covers the start code, main game loop, a little bit of music, and all the graphics for the character generator as well as the first room. Anything 11 or 01 in that file is code, not our concern. Anything 02 or 22 is data. Taking a trip down to 0x2803C, we see a large chunk of data getting marked. As we already saw graphical data sitting at 0x28010 onward, it's a safe bet that the graphical data sits here. The marked range is from 0x2803C to 0x284F9. From the looks of it in TLP and the PPU viewer, that appears to be our text. So let's keep looking. Next block is 0x30078-0x301F8, which looks to be our sprite data. That's two out of three. 0x29254 to 29B59ish(didn't make exact notes, was drunk, still am) gives us what appears to be our background tile data, at least for this first room.

So that gives you where the actual tiles are located on the ROM. You just gotta find how the game arranges them on the ROM for rooms.

>> No.4675961

>probably zero retro games are "encrypted" per se
Some devs did try and obfuscate stuff on purpose.
>Valkyrie Profile (anything by Tri Ace and the szs format)
>Lion King NES hidden dev messages
>Gimmick NES anti-piracy messages
Capcom also used non alphabetic orders to break rudimentary chinks relative search tools as well.

>I've figured out a few compression formats, either by using disassembly tools or just by fucking around in a hex editor. Mostly the latter approach works better but that's just me.

Idk how fucking with hex data would work for anything not RLE (so early MSX/NES/GB games) but well. I guessed where RLE data begins in a Capcom game not documented and managed to dump its font by guessing the offset to feed LunarCompress.

That sort of thing is incredibly interesting. Companies reused compression schemes and if someone got a few down plus a graphics offset database, you could cover most of the retro libraries. Any such wiki one could contribute to that's not series/console specific?
>Sega: RLE, Nemesis, and 3 more
>Konami: RLE, LZ (3 revisions for SNES, 3 revisions for MD)
>Quintet: LZ (2 revisions for SNES)
>Capcom: RLE (2 revisions)
>Hudson: common compression
>Nintendo/HAL: LZ (a few revisions, IS experimented the most), LZ/Huffman/RLE/special BIOS compression implementations for the GBA
>Square: LZ (2 revisions)
>Third party compressions: LZ Toshio, Rob Northen

>> No.4675978
File: 59 KB, 640x638, SagaFrontierPSX.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has anyone here thought of looking into the data of this gem?
There's a very small forum out there that's slowly looking into all it's data http://jce3000gt.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?fid=28

>> No.4676342

>Idk how fucking with hex data would work for anything not RLE
Anything LZish, but I did figure out a Huffman one with a hex editor + tile Molester alone too.

>> No.4676429

There was a Japanese restoration romhack that restores cut events from strategy books and various sources but it's certainly not shared out in the open. Anyone has that at least?

>> No.4676540

How do I make a Kaizo hack without making people here whine?

>> No.4676568

Step 1. Make a Kaizo hack
Step 2. Don't talk about it here
Step 3. ???
Step 4. Profit

>> No.4677716

>That sort of thing is incredibly interesting. Companies reused compression schemes and if someone got a few down plus a graphics offset database, you could cover most of the retro libraries. Any such wiki one could contribute to that's not series/console specific?
It's called Data Crystal, it's run by RHDN staff. Basically ROM and RAM maps for games, with links to editors and other bits of info for hackers. They may already have this info, I dunno.

Putting a breakpoint on any writes to PPU RAM gave me an address around 0x8040 or $8040, so the guy looking into the Ultima 4 NES ROM might want to mess around with that area.

>> No.4677985

Edit some sprites and make it look unique. I don't care if you remove Mario's hat and make it an afro, just don't leave everything as-is.

>> No.4678064

Do something that couldn't be done in mario maker. In fact change Mario's moveset. Give him a double jump, but when he holds an item the effect is different. For example, holding a p-switch activates it and sends him high vertically, but kills horizontal velocity. A key could stop mario in mid air as if he was on the ground until you move, but consume the key. A purple block could be the only way to do a spin jump.

>> No.4679839 [DELETED] 


>> No.4679924


>Umihara Kawase

Oh hey, I've been playing the PC ports. Pretty good so far. There's also a manga, but it's pretty much UK in name only.

>> No.4680039

I'm thinking of picking a console to learn how to hack for (mostly translation inserts). What has the most documentation to learn from? Alternativrly, whatever is in the most demand. I suppose. I was thinking SNES or PC-98. I have some experience in low-level programming. RHDN has a billion random tutorials so it's a bit confusing to sift through.

>> No.4680105

If you want to hack solely for translations, PC-98 has a shit ton of untranslated stuff, but I don't know how the hacking scene is there, or how much documentation is around. If you wanna get into what has the most documentation around, NES/SNES will be a good way to go. The SNES's CPU is just an upgraded 16-bit version of the NES's CPU, in that most of the info you learn for NES hacking can be reused for SNES hacking. The ASM is the same, only with more commands. The SNES has a decent amount of info out there, and the NES is one of the more mapped out and documented consoles next to the 2600. A middle of the road alternative would be the PSX. Lots of JP only games, decent sized community and tools available, though a bit more complicated than NES/SNES hacking.

I recommend starting with NES/SNES. Grab Tile Layer Pro, and start looking for JP text. Take careful note of it's location, the entire range. Then figure out how the code stores pointers, usually YY XX instead of XX YY, and locate where the code calls for that text. Anything calling any address within the range should be a clue. Another benefit to doing NES hacking is FCEUX is a fantastic tool for finding info like this.

>> No.4680428

how about just fuck off and take your weebshit with you

>> No.4680429

Solstice for nes

>> No.4681203


Thanks. I've looked into Posessioner on the PC-98 before. It was just a simple text file, easiest thing in the world to hack (there's a webm floating around showcasing stuff like rainbow text, etc.). I'm guessing they're all not that easy though.

>> No.4681708

What are you struggling with exactly? I thought Deku Tree was pretty straightforward.

>> No.4681810

Oh. My issue turned out to be a bad graphics plugin. The blue switch was invisible, so I had no idea what to do after seemingly doing everything else.
I only figured that out after I eventually gave up and watched a youtube video (and I hated myself for it.)
Since then I've had no issues. I just finished Jabu Jabu's Belly today.

>> No.4681903
File: 24 KB, 640x448, node.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't think this turned out too bad for a first attempt. What do you think?

>> No.4682151

looking to play a gen 2 pokemon game that has all 251 available. couldnt find crystal complete, all the links are dead. any recommendations?

>> No.4682250
File: 61 KB, 242x170, me irl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

are Mario 64 romhacks a meme, or is this anon just being crabby?

>> No.4682848
File: 66 KB, 661x544, unknown.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tomba 2 stuff, figuring out the model format

>> No.4682940

How many people care about SimpleFlips for reasons other than the memes?

>> No.4683101

He's just retarded.

>> No.4683482

Text hacking on NES can be surprisingly simple

>> No.4683586

Any tips on getting this to run in OpenEmu?

I know the 64 cores and 64 emulation in general is flaky as shit. I tried opening it and got some creepypasta tier sounds and a corrupted mess of a screen with Mario's head floating around. At one point his eyes just stay plastered shut,

>> No.4683869

Now I'm not Nambona or anything, but it looks like SMWC is on suicide watch. Looks like some drama happend a couple days ago and I don't know what's happening next.

>> No.4684520

can anyone recommend any super metroid hacks? i'm looking for ones that are just about as difficult as the normal game or slightly more but nothing bullshit. none of those short ones that last for like 15 minutes either. i've been playing through redesign rn but I want more but can't be bothered to look through everything.

>> No.4684668

Metroid Construction has a search function that should let you sort by difficulty and length.

Here are some that I've played, but I can't really recall the difficulty of any of them, so be aware they could be harder than the original game. None of them should be kaizo level, though.
Hyper Metroid
Metroid Super Zero Mission
Darkholme HOspital
Escape II
Ice Metal Uninstall
Phazon Hack
Project Base

>> No.4684719


Hyper Metroid

>> No.4685079

>tfw its been 20 years and the only oot romhacks of note is the link's awakening remake

>> No.4685172


>> No.4685232

Well that's vague and doesn't really say anything. Just checked the site, looks the same as ever. Gonna need details or a source.

>> No.4685358

hyper metroid is fucking nice. so far I defeated spore spawn. Have morph ball, bomb, missiles, wave beam, charge beam, grappling beam, and high jump boots. looking for super missiles rn.

>> No.4685591

The site owner started up a thread about not towing to PC bullshit by whining about words like "fag" or "autist" and it started up a whole bunch of drama. One of the mods seemingly left over it and then some faggot locked the thread and now it's baleted.

>> No.4685605


Beware of Golden Chozo. You can run into him at a point where you are still too weak (not enough tanks and missles).

>> No.4685962

The admin named "idol" ran away after it was posted.
It was just pure gold all around.

>> No.4686019

lmao what a bunch of whining vaginas.

>> No.4686061

Nice, do you have the character table? (if it's not ascii throw it on pastebin or something)

Is there some compression? I'm struggling with the Konami one for SoTN graphics.

>> No.4686462

nothing worse than innocently/accidentally saying "gay" or something in a twitch channel or wherever and being banned on site

>> No.4687540 [DELETED] 


>> No.4688189

Anyone know anything about Genesis controller stuff? All the info I find online conflicts with all the other info I find online. If a controller is connected and the control pin is set to 1, a number of bits will be set as 0(they aren't used for that read) unless there is no controller connected, right? I don't wanna have to open an account at sonic retro just for this.

>> No.4688221

Neat. Hope to see a restoration hack.

>> No.4688280

xkeeper is a tranny right

>> No.4689153

Any good SMW hacks released this year?

>> No.4689753

I'm a complete newb to all this romhacking business, but I did some digging today and I found this interesting blog: https://ahchayblog.wordpress.com/category/ngpc/
Homebrew tutorial guide for the NGPC.
I also found a translated rom of ni-ge-ron-pa on a forum also that's almost complete but a bit stuck in hiatus 'cos the translators laptop died and he lost some progress.
I'm getting a NeoGeo Pocket SD flashcart in the next day or so, so I'm currently very interested in the NGPC and how it works, and how the translation work was done on some of the games that got fan translations.
I know nothing of Japanese though. But sprite hacks could be fun to try to learn to do. Might get me into learning to program properly. (Only dabbled in a bit of Game Maker GML in the past)

>> No.4691396


>> No.4692789

After finally finding some info online about which pins were tied to which bits, I finally got the info I needed to start working on the controller detection routine. I have a two bytes of RAM each reserved for each controller's status data, and another two bytes each for saving if the button is being held down, one byte for saving the status if a controller is even connected, and another byte for saving if a controller is 3 or 6 button. Haven't even gotten into my main game logic or any physics, and already I've eaten up 10 bytes of RAM. That's cool though, I got about 65,000+ still.

>> No.4692820
File: 211 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has anyone tried to make a rom hack of a bad game and try to turn it into a good game?

>> No.4693316 [SPOILER] 
File: 84 KB, 600x600, 1522939883794.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, but it's not remotely /vr/.

>> No.4693330
File: 27 KB, 421x432, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hey /vr/ i need some help if you dont mind. i cant get any hacked pokemon rom to show up on my gameboy color emulator on my psp. ive gotten the other hacked games to run on my other emulators (gameboy advance, sega genesis, etc) but specifically cant get any pokemon hack to run. any advice would be truly appreciated.

>> No.4693618

The pitfall anniversary hack kinda did that. So did the bootleg ff7 nes hack... maybe, I couldn't find the rom in the 20 seconds I bothered looking for it.

>> No.4693826

You can still hurt him with charged shots, though. It took me a couple of days but I was able to defeat him, easily one of the most satisfying boss fights I've had in a while

>> No.4694212

e[mulator] has a good compatibility, did you tried that one?

>> No.4695982

The worst part of it all is the entirety political concept of PC language, whose purpose is solely to silence people of differing opinions, is presented as the replacement to basic manners.
Offense speech is offensive, but not illegal (except for Scotland and the like) nor immoral.

>> No.4696367

>Has anyone tried to make a rom hack of a bad game and try to turn it into a good game?
Isn't that the whole point of romhackin?

>> No.4696550

a certain dev, goes by the name of Bonknuts on pcefx, has created multiple perfect nes to pce conversions. You can also replace the sprites with 16-bit sprites but that hasn't ever been in a finished product

>> No.4696557

Umihara Kawase

>> No.4696919

If I wanted to make a ROMhack on the scale of R4MI, where would I start? I've been working on a hack for Mega Man 3 but I'm a novice at ROM hacking and the only thing I've been able to do is translate hexadecimal into Assembly 6502, but all I can do with this is slightly modify what already exists which is pretty lame. I'm quite illiterate in Assembly 6502 but I would really like to know how to create new assets for my hack. Any good tutorials out there?

>> No.4696979

>pitfall anniversary hack

This I have to see. That game was garbage.

>> No.4696987

>New levels, sprites, music
Probably an editor out there for it. Check romhacking.net.
>New enemy behavior/boss behavior, weapons
You will need to get good enough with 6502 ASM to figure out where that data is stored
>Major changes to gameplay and how things function
Same as above.

I'd recommend starting with doing basic romhacks with an editor first, and learning more ASM as you go. You can't do anything truly major in romhacking without learning the code.

>> No.4697562

I wish Metroid 2 was supported better than it is, since the only options is a very dead and overly complex editor from back in 2004, and some guy who's more interested in making an editor that's browser based for the novelty rather than anything serious.

I wanna do crazy stuff like a new layout, have base Metroids near the entrance, change Varia to Gravity and have it ignore lava damage, and do some other cool stuff, but the tech just isn't there to support these wild ideas floating in my head.

>> No.4697589

Basically, that's why there are so many super mario world hacks. People have been trying for years because no one has suceeded.

>> No.4699451

Page 10 bump, just in case.

>> No.4700852

Mother 25th anniversary edition

>> No.4702118

Anybody have any experience with hacking Neo-Geo ROMs by any chance? Some friends of mine and I want to make a translation patch for a game. I'm guessing this is basically impossible?

>> No.4702280

>I'm guessing this is basically impossible?
definitely not.
Pop the fucker open in Tile Molester and see if there are uncompressed graphics, that's usually a good starting point.
Fucking around with a hex editor will get you started easily too.

>> No.4702483

Are there any resources for level/map format cracking that I can read? Interested to see how level data is stored in a few games but not entirely sure how to start.

Also any resources on identifying/cracking different types of data, graphics, and text encryption in older ROMs would be extremely helpful.

>> No.4702618

Try Chalvo 55 or Pocket Bomberman. You will crack the formats just by experimenting, it'll be a great learning experience. Crack open a hex editor and start dicking around

>> No.4702642 [DELETED] 

Fight me you SNES nu-male piece of shit.

>> No.4704414 [DELETED] 


>> No.4705664


>> No.4706442

Does anyone have a link to the patch file for RM4MI version 0.99 (or just the ROM itself)? I was playing 1.00 and I think Puresabe removed the lowered i-frames when you change the difficulty to hard mode. It doesn't feel right to me and if I'm not just hallucinating I'd rather play the older version with almost zero i-frames. It seems all the download links to 0.99 have been removed and replaced with 1.00.

>> No.4706447

Wish I could help you, finding older versions of romhacks is always a bitch. Version 58 of the FF6 randomizer gave you 12 people at the start of the speed cave, but the recent versions only give you 4 like with the normal ancient cave mode. Needless to say, that makes the grind even longer.

I don't even know if the earlier Hall Of Mirrors(equalibrium) hack for Max Payne 2 is still around. It adding gun-katas to the base game was superior to the final version's short campaign.

>> No.4708420

Check data crystal for rom and ram maps. Also level editors can give you a since of how the game handles things. Sometimes in the readme or help they'll have a breakdown of the formats.

>> No.4708734

I've been thinking of playing Brutal Mario. I know that carol never finished it (and probably never will), but there are a bunch of leaked demos, hoaxes and fan-translations floating around and it's all pretty confusing. What's the best way of playing Brutal Mario nowadays?

>> No.4709531

Just grab the compilation from the OP. Play "Brutal Mario Complete" which is an English translation of everything before the final boss, and after that play "Brutal Mario Complete [Bowser's Castle]" which is the final boss and nothing else. "Luigi's World" is a fanmade attempt at finishing the game and not by carol.

>> No.4710652
File: 356 KB, 809x621, unknown.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i know you'd probably prefer if i was quiet but i've been doing some research on Tomba 2 and should have a model exporter soon probably

>> No.4711020 [DELETED] 

Global Rule 2.

>> No.4711653
File: 697 KB, 3264x1836, 20180414_154912.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Someone made it possible to have Super FX on a SD2SNES. It's still in testing, but it's still really impressive. Pic is my experience with it.

>> No.4712354
File: 2.76 MB, 1696x2448, ladx art recolour.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A Link's Awakening DX v1.2 (U) rom is surprisingly hard to come by since Nintendo cracked down on roms.

I need it for these nice looking improvement patches.

I have the 3DS VC release with dumped .cxi file, but it would probably be v1.2 (E), not (U).

>> No.4712367

Scratch that, extracted the rom from my .CIA VC dump, and it matches the v1.2 (U) MD5 hash, sweet.

>> No.4712893

>surprisingly hard to come by
or you just suck at googling

>> No.4714659

i just started to get some rom hacks for the NES what games should i get (rpg/platformers)?

>> No.4715014

In the current weather, it's better to look for a fullset and/or check against the No-Intro .dat files. This is especially true when looking for N64 as the No-Intro set has the .z64 extensions while many ROM sites don't give a shit which versions they host.

>> No.4715490

Is there a hack that essentially builds on Super Mario Bros. Special X1 for NES that adds the unique items and monsters from the PC-8801/Sharp X1 versions?

>> No.4716403

There's one that replaces all the levels with ones from Special, dunno if it also implements that game's items and enemies.

>> No.4716512

>There's one that replaces all the levels with ones from Special

That's the hack that was mentioned. It does not have the items or enemies.

>> No.4718759 [DELETED] 


>> No.4719104

No zombies ate my neighbors hacks. Low tier list

>> No.4719341

what NES roms should i get?

>> No.4720435

All of them

>> No.4720534

Just look at what's popular. I can assure you there's not a lot of "hidden gems" that are actually as good as people say they are.

>> No.4720542

Download a full set, it won't be larger than a gigabyte or so

>> No.4720709

no-intro set, including FDS is just 287mb

>> No.4720719

disassemble it. i'm serious. there's tons of pokemon disassemblies and they're much bigger games than metroid 2

>> No.4720786

Maybe I'm thinking of SNES that's about a gig.

>> No.4720895

Nongoodnes is about 1Gb. it also includes pirates, romhacks and shit like that

>> No.4721012

If Forky isn't considered Pit then I'm feeling pretty confident about this. I had a lot of fun designing it and playing it.
Once I find out how to add level names to the status bar (the current patch on SMWC crashes my game), it's gonna be called ColonTwo.
This is stage 2 by the way.

>> No.4722601

Think there's a few hacks that fix major bugs and poor design choices. Castlevania 2 has one, iirc

I personally prefer hacks that incorporate unused material though

>> No.4722629

I want to edit the tile art and pallets in a Sega Genesis ROM (No, not Sonic) and I don't know where to start.

Does anyone here have any experience with Genesis/ Mega Drive sprite editing?

>> No.4722818

Downloading Tile Molester is a good way to start

>> No.4722854
File: 12 KB, 320x224, IMG_3260.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has anyone ever hacked Strider for the Genesis/MegaDrive? It's one of my favorite games, but it's just too short. I've played it hundreds of times and I would like a little more variety and challenge.

>> No.4723508

Started fucking around in the Pokered disassembly

Fuck, it's so interesting. Seems like even if you assign different starter pokemon, the initial rival battle is calculated differently, so your rival has the opposite to whatever yours is supposed to be (so if you change Charmander to Mew, and Squirtle to Porygon, he picks Porygon but fights with Squirtle)

Also, deleting passages of Oaks opening speech triggers the default NINTEN character name before you choose your actual name, no idea why

>> No.4724503

No, I do. I am not a serious hacker. When I am serious my shit looks a lot better. I literally drew that in like 45 minutes.

>> No.4725823

When you select your starter, it sets a flag for which one you have. There are three different sets for the rival in each of his battles, and it loads the proper one based on what flag was set.
Also good luck. I've only really messed with pokecrystal but the person who had the most polished pokered hack hated working on it so much that in his next version he's moving the entire base to pokecrystal.

>> No.4726015

NINTEN is set to the default name every time the game turns on, before you hit the title screen. so if you skip the name select in oak's speech, your name will still be NINTEN.

>> No.4726424

Yeah I found it's in one of the engine files.

Basically it sets it, then does a check too figure out if it should run a function to skip choosing names. If the is set, it jumps.

I can't quite figure out what's supposed to set the Z flag, but if you just comment out that line, and add a new one calling it directly it triggers it.

Seems to have been debugging thing. There's also a default starter team for debugging that can still be triggered

>> No.4726427

can we write code blocks here?

>> No.4726465

Can anyone point me in the direction of a good tutorial on gameboy disassembly?

Most info out there seems to be "oh yeah use BGB" without any more info on how to do it.

Ideally I'd like to be able to write a disassembler from scratch with Python or something

>> No.4727552 [DELETED] 


>> No.4727716

you want to write a disassembler?
it may be better(?) to just use a disassembler and then write a program to modify the output to your desired form

>> No.4728652

Yeah I want to write one from scratch as a programming exercise, I want to learn how disassembly works by doing it

>> No.4728705

Have you made an assembler before? That seems like something to do before a disassembler. Or maybe an emulator.

>> No.4728835

the skills involved in writing an assembler are basically useless when it comes to writing disassemblers. totally different software.

if anything writing a disassembler is a decent way to start an emulator. the difference is once you decode an instruction, an emulator executes it instead of printing it out.

>> No.4728860

>can't figure out how to use disassembly tools
>but he's gonna write his very own disassembler as a python programming exercise, with blackjack and hookers
I can't tell if ruse or recent college grad.

>> No.4729208


If anyone here's good with ASM and knows a thing about SMW, I'm looking for someone who can program things for my hack. It's not overly ambitious, I'm not planning to overhaul the game entirely, I just need someone to patch in some new gameplay features, tweak enemies, make some bosses, that kinda thing.

I can pay. Or if you need like a website made or something, I'm good at making those.

>> No.4729734

Sure, I'd love to write some assembly patches for cash. I used to do a lot of quick hacks for SMW back in the day. How should I contact you?

>> No.4730854

E-mail should be fine: [email protected]

>> No.4730914

Finished stage 2 of my hack. Turns out if you want to hurt Mario when Yoshi eats a poison mushroom, you have to hijack Yoshi's eat-sprite routine.

>> No.4730928

Nambona I'm pretty fucking sure you made "Stage 2" of your kaizo hack months ago back when you were shilling it every thread, did you reboot your kaizo hack? Was the first version not kaizo enough for you? Or is this a second, separate kaizo hack?

>> No.4730947

This is a separate Kaizo hack. The one I was posting months ago was meant to be beaten savestateless. This new one is MUCH more brutal, requiring savestates and slowdown. Might even be nearing pit difficulty at some points.

>> No.4730950

But if you watched the video for 5 seconds you would know that it's not the same hack.

>> No.4730951

I know I don't speak for everyone but please fuck off with that shit. Never post anything from it again. If you need to use save states to beat a game that's horrible level design. Kaizo as a whole inspires horrible level design but you're guaranteeing it will be shit if save states are the intended way to play.

>> No.4730953

I don't like it, so nobody else should be allowed to.

>> No.4730954

I'm pretty sure nobody likes you, Nambona.

>> No.4730957

I'm pretty sure you just have a really sour attitude because someone made something that isn't your cup of tea. Like, boo-fucking-hoo.

>> No.4730959

I don't care that people make things I don't like, I care that you're going to post this shit every fucking thread like you did last time.

>> No.4730961

So I'm not allowed to share my creations in this thread? Huh. Never saw that in the rules.

>> No.4730962

How about you just post it when the entire thing is done and ready for download? You should think about your actions beyond what is/isn't technically allowed by the rules. I could post a ton of shitty sprite hacks in the thread if I wanted, that's not against the rules.

>> No.4730964

I don't care if you want to post a bunch of sprite hacks, I'm just posting in this thread once around a week to show my new stage. It's to get people excited for the hack.

>> No.4730968

And look. I came here to showcase the new stage of my hack. Not to argue with a bitchy crybaby who doesn't like something and wants to force their beliefs onto everyone else.
I'm not forcing you to like it, if you don't, that's fine. But don't act like a crybaby about it.

>> No.4731006

>romhacking drama

Fucking estronauts itt

Don't turn this into some eceleb drama shitfest like everything else, just hack and post, it's that simple

>> No.4731037

I can't imagine rom hacking drama being nearly as bad as the nintendo switch hacking scene drama though. Whenever I see something going on in rom hacking communities it feels like nothing after seeing stuff like the switch or the 3ds scene.

>> No.4731073

Does anything even happen in the Switch scene besides attention whores promising they have exploits but not releasing them because doing so would cause people to stop paying attention? I feel like every time I glance at that scene there are a million promises but nothing actually getting a public release.

>> No.4731075

I trust SciresM at least. And it seems Fusee Gelee will be released. Some anonymous hackers also released the bootrom today, so more reverse engineers can start looking for the private exploit no one wants to release. So hopefully something is actually happening now.

>when all of the newfags thought shinyquagsire of all people was going to release shit just because he bragged about being faster than reswitched

>> No.4731076

Oh yeah, ScriesM has seemed trustworthy from what I've seen of him on /vp/. I don't pay attention to modern consoles until late into their lifespan when you can get them cheap and easily hacked, but I hope things go well for the Switch scene. The Wii had some good game hacks but the Wii U has almost nothing despite being cracked as wide open as the Wii. I imagine sales were a factor in that but I want to see a renaissance in Nintendo ROMhacks this generation.

>> No.4731090

>mario odyssey custom levels
>ported mario 64 levels
oh yes

>> No.4731093

not our fault the resident terryfag is a bleeding vagina

>> No.4731127

I don't think kaizo hacks and Terry WADs are the same thing, unless you meant some different Terry here.

>> No.4731169

They are. Even if they weren't, Fagona makes both anyway.

>> No.4731229
File: 192 KB, 473x488, 1519036834616.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>kaizo and terry are the same thing

>> No.4731435

No one cares about your shit hacks though

Why do you think you were banned on SMWC

>> No.4731747

They're not really that different.

>> No.4731771

Le estrogentlemen will always be fools. It's nice how this thread in particular, which continues to talk about GBA, Switch & DS hacking can continue to exist and not be banned and moved to /vg/ where it belongs.

RIM Harking breeds intellectually inferior people.

>> No.4731782

Explain how they are similar?

>> No.4731808 [DELETED] 

I'm surprised you even have the mental capacity to post on here.

>> No.4731815
File: 56 KB, 408x491, __fujiwara_no_mokou_touhou_drawn_by_shangguan_feiying__744d7cabe12aacc27199aac31746d855.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4731820 [DELETED] 

Nice try, Nambona.

>> No.4731842 [DELETED] 

Anything else to say?

>> No.4731938 [DELETED] 

I've decided to make a hack that isn't Kaizo, so that means it's instantly good.

>> No.4731941 [DELETED] 

>look at me i'm so clever!!! uwu

And you wonder why you're ostracized from every community you try to enter. I'm gonna be so glad when you get fired from your janitor position and hopefully permabanned.

>> No.4731945 [DELETED] 

I thought you'd love it since it's completely vanilla, super nostalgic (it uses the same palette and graphics as Yoshi's Island 1), AND it's not even Kaizo!

>> No.4731949 [DELETED] 

Amazing! It really brings me back to playing the original Super Mario World back in 1991!

>> No.4731951 [DELETED] 

Awesome, Nambona! You made a level that isn't Kaizo! This is such a great level!

>> No.4731960 [DELETED] 

The level design is just like the original Super Mario World. I love it!

>> No.4731990 [DELETED] 

Thanks mods for deleting this post. Mario getting to the goal in 10 seconds was the worst thing ever posted on 4chan.

>> No.4731992 [DELETED] 

Hopefully they do more than the bare minimum contractually obligated so we won't have to deal with faggots like you anymore. Not holding my breath for it though.

>> No.4732669

What do you guys think about pvsneslib?

>> No.4732727

doubtful but intrigued

>> No.4732746

>Written in C language (ASM is also possible and recommend for critical tasks)
This could have a use if you were pressed for time to make an SNES game, but otherwise it's just a pre-made library for the usual tasks but in slow C. Given that you'll need to know ASM to make anything serious with it, you might as well just code the whole thing in ASM.

>> No.4734278 [DELETED] 


>> No.4734278,1 [INTERNAL] 

Hello! I always use http://wolf-tm.com/en for free hacking hacking help. It's an arabian site but don't worry google chrome's translate does the trick. They provide very simple tutorials for offensive and defensive hacking. You can contact the moderator any time should you have any questions. All you need is a decent understanding of basic hacking principles. If not they can help you learn even that. Give it a try. I never thought that hacking could be so interesting.

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