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You're that ninja

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You're that /org/

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what's the difference? Just that Scorpion is a jap?

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*pisses self*

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This line is.. kinda smarter than it sounds...? See, the Lin Kuei is a clan of assassins. Meanwhile the word "ninja" is someone who's skilled in Ninjutsu and/or is a spy. I don't know jack shit about MK lore so I just looked up the wiki; the original Sub Zero is described as fighting in Hapkido, Monkey and Pi Gua styles, whereas his son Sub Zero, fights with Shotokan and Dragon. So maybe that's what he's talking about in that cutscene.

But then I also looked up Scorpion and he doesn't fight with Ninjutsu style either, which means he's not ninja either. He fights with Hapkido, Pi Gua and Moi Fah.

So while the writers tried to do something smart, the lore doesn't fully corroborate with that statement.

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A Security Camera?

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>You got a PSG-1! You can use that against Sniper Wolf! Hurry up and save Meryl!
No idea why this line stuck with me so hard, but I think of it whenever I think of Metal Gear Solid or whenever I see a G3 series rifle in a movie or video game.

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Super baby method?
Second floor basement?

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>A Security Camera?
You had ONE JOB.

>but I think of it whenever I think of Metal Gear Solid
Mine's "Colonel, what's a Russian gunship doing here?"

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A Hind D?

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Memory Shape Alloy?

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Do you know what day it is, Jack?

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Reddit quote thread, I love these xDDD

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colonel! what's a ninja doing in alaska?

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If anyone doubted this last wave of /v/ crossposters was comprised of 5th gen babies, here's the proof, pretty much

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Do it again say another funny line!! XDDD

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L... Look out, Snake! The guys who stole my stealth prototypes are in there with you!!!

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Autisme Syndrome?

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I think that MGS 1 is the best style of codec conversations the series ever did.

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