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Recommend a RPG that I can get completely lost in like Daggerfall (doesn't have to be first person)

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Tales of Phantasia.

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DQ7, Fallout, Torment

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DQ7 whats the difference between it and the rest and more games like Fallout

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Well, it's a JRPG so it's more linear than CRPGs of course. It's just the biggest longest most expansive installment of the DQ series. Whatever mood you're in you'll be over it by the time you can get through DQ7

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il check it out

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>that pic
>that request
/v/ sure is leaking lately

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Well, i can't think of many games exactly like Daggerfall, but maybe you appreciate some of the following games for what they can offer you:
- Ultima V (And usually any Ultima) gives you a big world that you can explore in any way. You slowly untangle the plot by talking with npcs (with no specific order).

- Romancing Saga: Another game that allows you to explore the game at your own pacing and participate in different events, configure your party and equipment as you desire.

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adventure for atari 2600

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Sounds nice
Fuck yeah I love Hexen

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Baldurs Gate 2

It has an unholy amount of quests (almost too many at times), tons of cool places to visit, excellent writing and hand drawn environments that still look gorgeous to this day.

The Enhanced Edition is on sale right now but honestly it's not even necessary. There is absolutely nothing wrong with vanilla BG2.

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RPG is for fucking retards that have never had friends that need to "roleplay" and "talk" to pixelated cartoons to feel better about life and escape their crappy existence. It wouldn't be so bad if it had good gameplay, but for some reason it's a prerequisite for every RPG to play like ass. I think this is because the developers know that their target audience sucks at life and so will no doubt suck at video games as well, so you have mechanically simple games or worse: turn based poop. I don't like the concept of grinding either. Beating an enemy should be mechanical and based on a natural skill component -- not because you've grinded 10 hours as a senior elite permavirgin wizard and now have the ability to select a potion from a menu and press X.

People who play video games primarily for story are also faggots. There are much better mediums for story, like actual books, TV shows, movies, etc. I don't relate to a retarded pixelated cartoon made for retarded manchildren and I don't "play" games to experience that shit. I play games to PLAY games. Every single core RPG made is for faggots; that goes for Final Fantasy, Mother, Morrowind, Planescape Torment, Baldur's Gate, Chrono Trigger, all the rest of that awful weeb shit, Deus Ex, whatever the fuck, it's ALL shit. Literally the only good RPGs I've ever played are Soulsborne and I don't even consider those RPGs; they're more action games with RPG elements. Note how they're gameplay driven (and the gameplay itself is actually decent) and don't shove the story down your face, which is everything the average RPG isn't.

Seriously what the FUCK do you get out of "talking" to pixels? I bet you watch anime too you fucking faggot.

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>"talking" to pixels

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Imagine being so mad that other people enjoy things that you wrote a screed like that

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Dude, I'm the guy that keeps hating on storyfags, aestheticsfags, progressfags, etc. here and I pretty much agree, but coming to a thread like this just to complain like that is just hilarious.
Only complain in the threads about stuff you enjoy that gets hijacked by storyfags (like what I did in the F-Zero / Wipeout thread), don't be so immature.

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Can you please stop trying to push this "storyfag" "aestheticfag" "gameplayfag" meme categorization on the board. You and the Umihara Kawase autist who keeps pushing the phrase "gameplay game" are getting really annoying.

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Oh it's the progress systems autist, don't worry about him he is actually retarded.

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I think you need to go outside and relax for a few minutes.

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dont reply to bait u stupid newfags

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>"talking" to pixels
Says the pixel who's himself talking to to other pixels on an anonymous Guinean beadwork forum.

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>6(7) replies to stale pasta

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He's still right, even if it's pasta.

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You are talking about exploration I guess?

I remember getting lost in Metal Max Returns. The map isn't super big or anything but there's some really long caves and buildings. Also you often forget what you were doing and start exploring just for the sake of exploring, since you can find cool stuff everywhere.

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He can't, he's getting paid to do it.

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Sounds good il check it out

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Stay triggered. And I didn't make the long ass post here
But /v/ loves that stuff, they are even bigger aesthetics / progress / story > gameplay

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Are there seriously people that want more story in a fucking F-Zero game?

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Uncharted Waters: New Horizons

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In the F-Zero thread they started to talk about the story for a while (and stuff like talking about what series had better "characters"). I complained that we had storyfags even for arcade style futuristic racer threads, and then the usual trigger happy guys got triggered.

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No, it's just one autistic shitposter (whose handle is apparently "Cee") who tries to pose as a hardcore arcade gamer guy but it's more likely a 17 year old who just got intro retro gaming and 1cc and can't stop making up supposed arguments between "arcadefags" and "consolefags", even though it's mostly just him samefagging a lot and some confused anons that reply to his bait.

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Yes. There's a lot of people who like Captain Falcon but don't care for the gameplay of F-Zero.

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Those are Smashers and memers, not F-Zero players.
Cee is skilled, have you seen his score runs?
He's silly, though.

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Also, Cee wasn't the one storyfagging there, he was just the same old "YOU ARE ALL PLEBS COMPARED TO ME", and I think he didn't even complain about the storyfagging.

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I never said he was or wasn't "skilled".

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lol so people are not allowed to discuss the characters of F-Zero? what a retard

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>a 17 year old who just got intro retro gaming and 1cc
This implies being low experienced and skilled.
The thing is, he's actually good. His problem is being extremely full of himself and his obsession with plebs on /vr/

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You are allowed. It's just tiring seeing so many threads focused on stuff that's not the game mechanics.

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You seriously have to go the fuck back 14'er scum.

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Also agree

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If anything, storyfags are the ones that are more prone to be 14'ers.

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I wasn't over it. I went straight from 7 to 8 and then 6, and this was all after 5.

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