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Let's talk about the best Tomb Raider game

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I'm waiting for you to post it.

Anyway, I've played all 1~5 back-to-back, and by 4 you can see they're stretching themselves too thin with that development model (I think TR was yearly back then?). TR2 is my favorite, although it has too many gunfights for my taste.

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Those are some nice retro tiddies. Too bad about her face though.

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Facially, AoD and Legend are best

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Starting from 4, they gave more detail to Lara's model. She now has a nice, round ass, and her breasts are more round too.

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You're completely right on this account, but her face in TLR is not that bad.

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I don't get Von Croy actual agenda, it seems he and his cronies were on Lara's trail even before she unleashed Seth, but in the end he acts as friend somehow, it can't be explained as he's no longer possessed. Is that a plot hole or I just didn't understand it?

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I need to play 4/5 sometime. Mmm young Lara

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Over the franchise, 2 is remembered (among other things) for making parts of Lara's model a lot rounder (in other words, closer to how she looked in artwork) where they had been very pyramid-shaped, along with giving her a ponytail.

For my money, 3 was a better game with a stronger balance between exploration, tombs, and gunfighting, when 2 leaned too far into long gunfights at the cost of others. Visually it wasn't that much different, though there were a few improvements in shaders and lighting, at least on PC.

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I found it funny that in that in-depth tutorial rope swinging mechanic wasn't explained, makes you think Von Croy had bad intentions since the beginning.

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What kind of underpants do you think Lara wears?

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Probably ones that keep her nice and warm.

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I loved underwater ruins and Alexandria library level.
I still remember jumping on the pyramid, shooting scorpions, climbing the pole, balancing on the rope and star of the show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdIE4dJcZ4I

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He chased her out of greed, after becoming possessed he had a change of heart.

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Considering that she's wearing a leotard in TLR, she doesn't wear any.

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I still have seizures if I think about that double jump with the ropes at Alexandria catacombs...
I agree that overall is the best of the old TR games, I always wished that the levels inside the pyramids were a bit longer. The only part I dislike is the driving sequence in the desert.
Though I would say that TR2 is my favourite, I love so much its locations, didn't mind so much the excessive (at times) combats but it's fun to mess with its arsenal.
I need to replay TR3, India and Area 51 are meh but I think that Aldwych and RX Mines are among the most memorable levels in the old series.

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Thermal booty shorts.

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From right to left:
What the fuck?
Don't even know

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I liked the atmosphere from every level. It had this sense this sense of danger and it actually made it feel like an adventure.
The only level design is still amazing to this day but somewhat "blocky".

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>from right to left

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I think I like this one best because it has that consistent Egyptian atmosphere. It doesn't really feel like it has distinct levels like previous entries, instead everything blends together into one big adventure.

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London was a mistake.
Also Cairo reminded me about it, nightmarish labyrinth.

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Original design Lara certainly had the best tits in that one.

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Can someone explain what happened at #5? I'm not that young but I really don't recall that part of the timeline.

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>After the Temple of Horus had caved in, effectively entombing Lara, she is presumed dead. A memorial service is held, soon after which Winston Smith and Father Patrick Dunstan reveal that Werner von Croy is excavating the dilapidated temple in the hope of discovering her alive. Later at Croft Manor, three old associates of Lara's - Winston Smith, Father Patrick Dunstan and Charles Kane - reminisce some of her past adventures.

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Sorry I was talking about this

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The first few levels of 4 and some levels in 5 take place prior to Lara becoming a notorious vandal and grave robber.

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>The third adventure is set in Lara's childhood on Black Isle of Ireland. She is staying with Winston but overhears him and Father Patrick Dunstan conversing about strange paranormal happenings on the island.

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It's like western devs couldn't find competent artists before 2006.

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Oh wait that's when they started mapping facing ahahahha
Americans are retard

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Oh wait that's when they started mapping faces ahahahha
Americans are retards

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Here's some "concept art" from Tomb Raider. The 90's were the fucking dark ages.
Tarn Adams produced better crayon scribbles than a leading 1996 AAA game developer.

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man she looks creepy. Like something a pedophile would design, lol.

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>I dont even know

No shit, right? It looks like a blotch of ink and paint. Generic and unspecific.

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ahahahahha look at how tiny the arms are in the model. She looks like a T-Rex. What the fuck.

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that's not fair to the whole 90's, I mean yoji shinkawa made a name for himself in the 90s. Look at legacy of kain too; deliberate and beautiful design. There was a more "Grunge" design philosophy in the 90's though, now things are trying too hard to be clean, like an iphone. And much like an iphone it makes me wanna vomit.

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No, western devs were just too cheap back then to hire good artists. The concept art for newer western games is much higher quality. And compare with the concept art for leading Japanese games, like metal slug. Competent, professional stuff.

Remember, Tomb Raider wasn't developed by a tiny little indie house, they were cutting edge 3D game developers.

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>legacy of kain
You're right about that one though.

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>implying AoD is looking bad

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AoD > Chronicles > Legend > III

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It's like this post was specifically designed to shitpost.

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Movie based on AoD would be great.

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are you implying metal slug was 3d? what full 3d eastern games were even out with tomb raider? jumping flash and super mario 64? it was clear there were limitations of the systems the game was on

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It's amazing how they didn't get sued for ripping off Tank Police so hard.

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Fucking SJW's and feminists. I want my Lara to have huge, round, bouncing boobies!

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Times exclusive level is rather underwhelming, a botchery.

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True, I only found out about it recently, so I watched some videos and there's really not anything to it.

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I mean, it's a free demo.
It was cool that they used the intro rooms tho.

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Yes, but what was the purpose of it to exist? I doubt that new players will be inspired by it to play actual games and old players will be simply disappointed.
Was it about money? As far as I understand it was sorta gift for the newspaper.

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It was made to commemorate the discovery of an ancient Egyptian tomb. The whole level is the tomb.

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So they recreated the layout of the actual real life tomb?

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anyone tried playing these via POPStarter? which play smoothly?

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What's POPstarter?

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emulator that let's you run PS1 isos off a usb drive or network on a PS2 console. it's ripped from the actual software emulator that was on the consoles after the revision which removed the actual ps1 hardware. however it's not perfect and homebrew scene abandoned its development couple of months ago.

Plenty of games work flawlessly but some don't.

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You didn't understand. Every TR game, except Chronicles, has some sort of expansion. The Times level was the expansion for TRIV.

TR1 had Unfinished Business (released as Tomb Raider Gold). 4 levels.
TR2 had Golden Mask. 5 levels.
TR3 had The Lost Artefact. 7 levels.

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I know, I played them all, but this times level doesn't fit into the definition of expansion.

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Not even close. POPstarter on PS2 lags tremendously with any 3D games. It's fine for board games or anything else involving mild use of 2D sprites, but it's otherwise a waste of time.

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Why bother if every tr has a pc version?

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1) In the prolog, Lara leaves Von Croy in a trap. Before any sort of help arrives, he rescues himself, but ends up crippled for life (cane walking ever since)
2) He holds a grudge against Lara, since:
- she abandoned him
- he can no longer perform his "action archeology"
- she meanwhile is a famour world action archeologist in-universe (and he's reduced to "standard" digging and cataloguing)
3) Learning she's in Egypt, he decides to simply play his old grudges, as he's there too.
And then this shit spiralls out of any control once he's possessed. So when he finally is free from Set, he has "Oh Jesus, I fucked up really, really bad" realisation and hence he tries to reconcile with Lara and help her.

Is it at least semi-clear now?

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>Remember, Tomb Raider wasn't developed by a tiny little indie house, they were cutting edge 3D game developers.
Anon, are you fucking INSANE?
Core Design was literally the epitome of tiny little indie house, not even owning the whole house in which their offices were placed. First TR was made by 6 people, for two of which (Rummery and Boyd) it was their first game ever.
Their biggest success before TR as a studio was Chuck fucking Rock and beyond that, literally no game of any recognition, even in the 90s.
So "cutting edge 3D game developers" only applies when you realise that a tiny indie company from nowhere managed to produce one of the most "game changing" (ha ha ha, the pun!) things ever commited in the 90s...
... and they were almost instantly ass-raped by Eidos. Toby Gard literally didn't got paid for TR1, not counting his regular salary in Core (meaning he earned 10k pounds in total for over two years of work, most of it as "finish the game project" bonus)

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She was a kid at prologue and could do nothing, it doesn't really justify to hire assassin's squads to kill her.

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Ever heard that vengeance doesn't have to be reasonable? From his perspective, she effectively ruined his career AND then took his spot.
Oh, and did I mention it was her father who "persuaded" Von Croy to pick the girl at all, with a hefty "research donation", only for VC to quickly realise he's stuck with truly annoying brat that makes any style of work problematic?

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>beyond that, literally no game of any recognition, even in the 90s.
Were you under a rock when Thunderhawk and its sequel came out?

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What kind of potato farm you were living on that this game appeared to you as something big?

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Karnak levels were a fucking hore. They were kinda-sorta casual filter, but Jesus, those levels were simply annoying. The game in general feels like casual filter, because it doesn't start getting good until you are in Tomb of Semerkhet. That's what? 10th level? And assuming we account each section of Karnak as single level, instead of counting them double each.

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No I'm implying metal slug was 1995 and had good art.

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>any 3d games

Stop spewing misinformation when you clearly have no first hand experience. Faggots like you are what is ruining this board.
I haven't played a whole lot but here is a list of games I played and finished to completion without any issues, slowdown or visual wise.

Resident Evil 1/2/3
Silent Hill
Gran Turismo 1
Syphon Filter 1/2
Medal of Honor and MOH Underground
The World Is Not Enough
Kula World
Hogs of War
Spec Ops series
Final Fantasy IX
Future Cop LAPD
NFS Porsche Unleashed
Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver
Assault Retribution
Parasite Eve 1/2
Nuclear Dawn (aka Chase the express)
Crash Team Racing and entire Crash series
Silent Bomber

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AoD is an extremely underrated game. The pure hate for it truly snowballed out of proportions over the years.

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Which is the first one

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>tfw you used to fap to the original Tomb Raider
It was a different time.

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>tfw there's hardly any good porn of her out there
What a shame

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>Making shit up

Good for you. Anyone curious about setting up POPstarter on their PS2 can test it for themselves and find out just how shitty it is. They don't need to take my word for it.

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More like a mystery considering her popularity.

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Aye, and she's completely drowned out by SFM clips of Laura these days.

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I wish lara croft was a twink

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You should really get some rest from 4chan, pal.

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I intentionally ran into closed spaces to watch Lara's tits. I think they bounce a little in TLR.

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I'm actually about to play it for the first time, is GOG version already patched? Do I need extra mods or fixes?

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nude mod is the only one that comes to mind. Never got past the fire stalactites room. I think aod is best tomb raider. Atmosphere is not aaaas good as TR1 atmosphere. But everything else is pretty enjoyable. Lara looks good and has boob bounce. And I hope I am not the only one that crawled backwards into the dog in lvl1

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I might give TR2 a shot since I ended up beating 1 for the first time a couple of months ago. I've only ever played random levels of 3 and 4 when I was really young and still had my PS1 so I'm looking forward to the games.

Any specific tips for TR2? I didn't find 1 too hard.

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Combat will be with people mostly, so standing on high ground don't work anymore, you should jump a lot to avoid gunfire retaliation.

>> No.4607325

I've heard about the abundance of enemies already, TR1 had some bosses that you could kill easily by jumping sideways so I'm not expecting anything different here.

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There's also air roll, you'll need this new move near the end, not to mention its usefulness in combat.

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Enjoy some of the best levels in the series.

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Didn't even know it was on GOG.

I can however confirm that PS2 version runs and looks smooth as fuck, constantly steady framerate and is virtually indistinguishable from the original PC version, down to the single same glitch (you can pick up a handgun magazine in Von Croy's apartment literally endlessly, it never disappears from the floor, making you have more than enough ammo until the end of the game).

Also there is some hardcore platforming in the game, don't get fooled by the sort of cinematic opening level.

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GOG sells even fairly new games now., why wouldn't aod be here?

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Lara never had bouncing boobs in any of the games, sadly. But then I suppose that's what mods are for.

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It exists, you just have to do a bit of digging. Truth be told, if she had been designed by a Japanese studio, there'd probably be a king's ransom of material out there, a la Dead or Alive's Kasumi, or Tifa from FFVII.

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Like with all those things, it's usually idiots who never experienced them, but heard it's bad. AoD has a fuckload of issues, but amount of shit it gets for them is completely out of proportions. Especially since most of the complains cover for stuff right after release, which was solved even before Core lost rights to TR.

As far as AoD can be "clear and patched", GOG version is fine and dandy.

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You do realise how old those games are... right?

>> No.4607548

Yeah, I found a topic on gog forum about it, people said core patched the game after release to acceptable level and all these patches are included.

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Nope, sorry.
But they've been fully modelled in TRU

Acrobatics are your biggest ally in combat. Uzi is like THE best weapon in the game and it can be quickly secured in 3rd level. Ignore M16 - it's super powerful, but you can't jump or run with it when firing, only walk and only forward. DO NOT try to fight sharks. It's pointless.
And like other anon said, enjoy some of the best levels in the serie... and prepare yourself for some of the worst.

As I've just said, TRU

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Don't quote me on this, but I also think GOG version has the 3rd party (still official) patch that was released with AoD in 2009. See, back then there was a repack released by Eidos, containing all TRs made to date (so finishing with Underworld). And AoD got extra patch during that. Supposedly it's also included on GOG version, but like I've said, don't quote me on that.

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Q-Bit, "Accident of Lara Croft."

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Impressive, expected from japs.

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I think it's because Eidos literally took all the porn they could find of her back in the 90s. After AoD she kinda feel into obscurity until Legend and 2013, so that could also explain that.

>> No.4607971

Okay, what about legend era then?

>> No.4608470

Is porn a recent thing?

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It'd be a shame if someone ruined the image and legacy of your favorite video game franchise.

Wasn't personal, kid. Had to be done. Her forehead was too small. Her breasts way the fuck too large.

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What a cutie

>> No.4611208

Does anybody know how to position camera in aod for frontal view of Lara? I want to see the new model, but everytime I roll, camera just goes behind her again.

>> No.4611223

Honestly she looks pretty accurate when you consider that the Tomb Raider reboot games (I've played the first, it's actually really good) are probably what they're going for. And either way she looks more like Lara Croft than Angelina Jolie did.

But keep getting angry at people 'ruining' your 20 year old franchise every time they bring out something new that isn't meant to cater to your nostalgic desires anon.

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>either way she looks more like Lara Croft than Angelina Jolie did
Is this b8?

>> No.4611290

>And either way she looks more like Lara Croft than Angelina Jolie did.
You're mental

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Literally just a generic 'strong chick'. They both have big lips and big tits but that's it.

At least Alicia Vikander looks like current-gen Tomb Raider.

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>Honestly she looks pretty accurate

>> No.4611319

how the fuck can she even hold the fucking stick wrong?

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Anon, ..

>> No.4611759

Actually she has in AOD, look closer.

>> No.4612795

The problem with 2 is that Lara does very little actual tomb raiding until toward the end

>> No.4614191

I just started replaying this and it's so different from what I remember. I don't understand why I had any difficulty with this as a kid.

>> No.4614984

lara croft is a man