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I don't understand the appeal of speedrunning. If you want to compete why don't you just play games that were made with competition in mind like fighting games, arena shooters or even score attack shit instead? With speedrunning you're not even getting good at the game, just at those specific parts you need to do in your run.

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i don't understand the appeal of wojakposting

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Probably lots of reasons. A big one likely being you can git gud without being embarassed to get crushed for a long time by better players. People are not the way they were when they hit up the arcades just to spectate and might ask the cool guy for pointers.

Also, people don't really play locally anymore and a lot of that online stuff is skewed for people with better pings.

As far as why not score attack, I guess that's just subjective. Some people will be too bored with arcade style games to git gud at them.

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Humans have always loved competitive challenges and if you are not fit enough for sports competition vidya is still something that you without joking can describe as skill which you can put at test against other members of the community. By doing so you additionally become part of this community which share the same interests.

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I'm not into speedrunning. However, it's a different appeal. Read my post here: >>4590292

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>being so unimaginative that the idea of a metagame is beyond you

Seriously, what's hard to understand? It's a way to add a competitive metagame to something that otherwise would have worn out its welcome a long time ago. Self imposed challenges have always been there for us creative enough to want to engage in them.

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Because they enjoy doing it you fucking retard. How can you not understand how people like things? Don't you have anything you like to do? It's like that.

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It's a /v/ crossposter, what did you expect? Be kind to kids / retards.

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Playing fast and aggressively is inherently fun and something you do naturally when you become good at a game. The next step is obvious.

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>everything I don't like comes from le /v/ boogeyman

Well those are games that are clearly not suited to competition by themselves, so one would think people would rather play games with competition in mind rather than going out of your way to make a competitive game competitive. Yet you barely see any speedrunners getting into, let's say, score attack.

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*to make a noncompetitive game competitive

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It's a fucking Wojack poster with either a baity OP or denoting his lack of basic understanding of stuff. It's a crossposting kid; also, the topic is something that's popular outside of retro communities.

>Yet you barely see any speedrunners getting into, let's say, score attack.
This, however, is a fine point. I've noticed how GDQ lacks arcade games in general for speedrunning.
It's like they find appeal in turning something easy they like into a challenge, instead of playing actually challenging games.

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Doubt it's deliberate. Easy games are popular, because of that more people can understand what they're seeing when they watch speedruns, and because of that more people speedrun the games. The more people speedrun the more difficult and optimized the runs become attracting even more hardcore players.

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>Not even getting good at the game
Even discounting % runs, games are usually needed to be broken down to the bear essentials to find the fastest way to beat it. Summoning Salt has some good insight on this stuff, you can see just how much time is put into getting the best run you can. It's also satisfying to do, just zip through the game looking like a god, a fool, or both.

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you old loser

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This is true these days when speedrunners want to get views on Twitch. However, years ago when this wasn't the case the most popular speedruns were still easier games when played "casually".

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Long time no see, anti-arcade shitposter! Bored of veddit?

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You don't even know how to quote properly and calls someone r eddit?

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It's called removing the > to avoid giving (You)s lol

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It's a self-imposed challenge, much like playing an arcade game and trying to beat your previous high score. But in this case, you're trying to optimize your tactics to get through the game more quickly rather than scoring.

>If you want to compete
Except that's not the point of speedrunning at all. Unless you set out to create a world record or something. But I couldn't care less about that.

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You're mostly competing with yourself (PBs), and yeah, it's the same kind of stuff as scoring. The difference is that games are based around the scoring, sometimes very heavily, so it's less self-imposed.

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Oh you're a newfag, I'll teach you the ways of the 4chan shitposting.

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Nah, you gotta greentext it man.

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>you're not getting good at the game, just the game
Pic checks out.
The short answer is autism, but that's too short so I'll add more info. The type of person who likes speedrunning is the type of person who would rather play the same game over and over than play a brand new game. That's still a million times better than the person who watches someone else speedrun a game.

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Ironically, speedrunners depend on the turbo casual audiences to stay afloat financially. It's an interesting loop: speedrunning creates both a demand for hardcore players and for people that prefer watching others play.

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t. /v/

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It's probably also people that are really desperate for some sort of attention or accomplishment.

Speed-running is not fun you can tell these people are not enjoying themself just by looking at them. How can they? They do the exact same inputs on the same game over and over for thousands of times in an attempt to get their name on some scoreboard and get a small following of internet fans. It's the 1,012th time they have played this game the exact same way every single time. They juts reset their run last time because they got bad RNG. Here'st hat one cutscene, one you can't skip, they watch. They watch for the 1,012th time.

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Don't feed the anti-arcade shitposter, he's been out for a while, let's keep it that way.

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To me, watching speed runs is like watching someone run an obstacle course, like that show Wipeout. It's every bit as competitive as a sport, just in time trial format.

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Like with any serious hobby, the enjoyment comes from long-term satisfaction at the sacrifice of short term fun. If you learn anything up to a good level whether it's an instrument or a video game, you will inevitably hit a point where the fun stops as you struggle against your own limitations, luck and other aspects. What seperates the greats from the losers is that the greats persist despite all of that. They learn how to cope with frustration, they pace themselves well, they understand that the pleasure comes from long term improvement and they achieve. You can't even say that speedrunning games is useless anymore, streamers make decent money. Certainly more than most musicians.

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You can't seriously compare playing retarded faggety videogames with an intellectual activity such as playing an instrument.

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You don't seem smart enough to be good at either.

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Yes I can, I do both and they're more similar than you'd think. Look past societal attitudes and the incredible amounts of autism among hardcore gaming communities and look at the activities themselves.

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Oh you don't know that, I can rock the bagpipes like your momma's pussay
Kill yourself

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>run out of arguments

Seriously though, I get speedrunning in the forum of time trials because that's skill based. You can improve your own skill and compete against others.

What I don't get is glitch based speedrunning, where you break the game to get the ending as fast as possible. That's not speedrunning, it's just breaking the game.

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>get to the end as fast as possible
>except when there's glitches that's a big no-no
What I don't get is why you ask retarded questions.

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There are glitchless run/categories for a reason, some people prefer engaging with the level design instead of glitching the game and jumping from the start to the end.

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So would you be against bunnyhopping in Half Life too? Most glitches only make the games more interesting to run and take a lot of skill to do. You just don't understand what goes into it, unlike normal game mechanics which you presumably have more experience with, so it's boring to watch.

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Those people are faggots.

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Good in my book, the faster an rpg speedrun ends the better

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hey man, they're definitely similar, in that they both involve incredible dedication, perseverance, unconventional problem solving, and the ability to attract total fucking weirdos

I suppose the only minor difference is

a hobby in the arts
>expression of oneself, and the marriage of technical ability and imagination
>demonstrates creative thinking and the willingness to engage with other cultures and walks of life, as well as harsh criticism from your peers being the only way to self-improvement
>hilariously easy to impress 'normies' with, can get you laid

a hobby in speedrunning
>you become really good at playing with someone else's specific toy

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I'm not a speedrunner but I'm glad people do it. Non-glitching/TAS runs are fucking awesome to see, especially when it's something like 100% enemies, or played on a really hard difficulty.

However the process of speedrunning is not my cup of tea at all and that's fine. The fact that people do it is also fine. If that's how people want to play their games there's nothing wrong with it and I don't know why it would piss you off that people play games that way.

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it doesnt make any logical sense, it is done by mentally unstable trannies, likely because there is no direct competition which low t would enjoy

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When you speedrun a game that isn't made for racing or competition or anything else like that, you are indeed getting good at A game - just not the game that the developers intended for you to try to get good at. A person who does a speedrun of, say, Iron Tank is not exactly getting good at Iron Tank in general - the player is getting good, rather, at "whatever Iron Tank becomes when you try to speedrun it", which is a related but different game. And the speedrunner is not only learning to play that game well, but also discovering what that game even is. "Whatever Iron Tank becomes when you try to speedrun it" is basically an unknown mystery game that we know exists but nobody can actually describe in detail, until the first person actually tries to speedrun Iron Tank. I mean that's assuming nobody has done it yet, which of course they surely have done by now - but if you really want to be an explorer discovering a genuinely new game WHILE you learn to get good at it and to compete in it on a world-class level, all you have to do is pick some recently released indie game that isn't super popular and start speedrunning it.

You get to discover and explore an unknown game AND play a game simultaneously. That's part of the appeal of speedrunning.

(Of course, the big drawback is that this unknown "speedrun version" of a game is often really tedious or otherwise unpleasant to play in various ways. So speedrunning remains unpopular compared to normal gaming. But still, there's a lot of appeal in discovery...)

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>Non-glitching/TAS runs are fucking awesome to see, especially when it's something like 100% enemies, or played on a really hard difficulty.

Yeah. Maybe you saw it already, but this one from the latest AGDQ or whatever really impressed me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bgh30BiWG58
(run starts at 7:09)

He plays through the game with few or no glitches (I think there are none, but I forget), but manipulates it so hard that it just buckles beneath his assburglary. It's awesome.

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>everything I don't like comes from le /v/ boogeyman

Thanks for confirming it

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The trannies really aren't all that common. They just stand out too much.

The nasty physical characteristic that's REALLY rampant among speedrunners is overweightness. But nobody talks about that because it's just normal in our sick culture that gets extremely excited about trannos and extremely excited about anti-trannos (such as yourself) and hardly notices when an entire family tree falls into a cycle of parents teaching children to gorge on breads, cheesy sauces, and desserts even as their own knees and hearts fail.

Of course the latest GDQ marathon did prominently feature not only a tranny, but a fat tranny... the common ground between us. Let us hate xir together, friend

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And there we have it. You're using fucking video games as a means to feel 'accomplished'. Accomplished at sitting on your ass and pressing buttons. Think of how much more lowly that is than a guy who's accomploshment is physical (making his body healthy and strong), in a job (becoming good at managing a whole team, at being a scientist, etc) or even the hobbey of playing music (becoming good at creating beauitul sounds).

It's a fucking loser-autism accomplishment. Taking what is a pass-time, an entertainment and using it as your life's achievement. This isn't knocking people that enjoy tough games as a pass-time: which is people that actually enjoy the act of playing. Not people concerned if the game 'useful', 'making them money', or getting their name famous among autists. Eating shit on camera makes money but that doesn't mean it is 'respectable'.

Even strictly within the realm of video games it's not the most respected accomplishment. Because you are sitting on your ass trying to press buttons in the right order. Someone who was accomplished at strategy games is at least accomplished in something mental.

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If you must know, child, it's because old games didn't have saves and you got really good at playing the beginning of the game FAST, so you could get another shot at the later part of the game.

Sonic 2 is the best example of this. A normal sonic 2 player from back in the day is going to be within a few seconds of the speedrun world record for Emerald Hill Zone 1 without even trying, just because he wanted another shot at Robotnick's fortress.

Speedrunning is as old as Atari.

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>people that enjoy tough games as a pass-time: which is people that actually enjoy the act of playing.
Literally me, too bad this isn't shared by too many gamers these days.

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I'm not a speedrunner, I generally find those kinds of video game accomplishments unrewarding and prefer to put that energy into my creative hobbies personally but I still respect the hard work that goes into some of those runs. Whether or not a hobby is respectable doesn't really matter, it's not like I rationally chose to make music, for example. Your hobbies choose you in a sense. Whether or not a given hobby is healthy for the person is a whole seperate discussion.

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On cue, here comes the icycuck using memequotes and acting tough on the internet while still having no idea what he's talking about. And who are you to shit on people's accomplishments? Next you'll say you want to gas them instead.

>I don't have fun doing something therefore no one does

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It's nice that you posted a pic of yourself OP i bet that you are as beautiful inside as outside.

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Anyone starting to see the anti-speedrun faggots as most autistic than the speedrunners themselves?

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I've always found it hard but recently I've been smashing perfect dark. It's actually giving me an adrenaline kick and I've been thinking about how I can cut this half second here and that second there while at work... I've even skipped the gym twice this week (And I normally cook from scratch but I've had two microwave dinners as well) to maximise play time. I've beaten the agent campaign with all special assignments in just over 48 minutes. I tend to push it down a few seconds each day... is this what rwhitegoose meant when he talked about becoming a degenerate?

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Indeed, fuck Icycalm

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It creates a new game out of an old one and allows you to more thoroughly appreciate and understand games you've always loved.

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>a hobby in speedrunning
>>you become really good at playing with someone else's specific toy
So it's like becoming really good at Yo-Yo or Paramotoring. I see no problem with this.

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>a hobby in the arts
>>expression of oneself, and the marriage of technical ability and imagination
>>demonstrates creative thinking and the willingness to engage with other cultures and walks of life, as well as harsh criticism from your peers being the only way to self-improvement
>>hilariously easy to impress 'normies' with, can get you laid
Implying more than 5% of musicians actually do this shit instead of just copying Metallica tabs they googled.

Moreover, speedrunning can utilize all of the above. Plenty of top runners of popular games find extremely creative new strategies to help the meta along. Runners typically interact with their own community. Puncayshun got laid because of speedrunning twice and is now in a long term relationship and pursuing a career. Before speedrunning he was a shut-in NEET.

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Oh boy, it's a "glitches never require skill" retard.

>> No.4596598

Finding bugs is a skill. It's not a skill in the context of the game. You're just a garden variety retard.
inb4 muh 1 frame timing

>> No.4596615

>Finding bugs is a skill.
So is executing them. Go ahead and do an unbuffered dodongo wrong warp in ocarina of time. Let me know how it goes for you.

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>doing let's plays are harder than tech skill execution.
It takes talent to be this stupid.

>> No.4596630

Any retard can stumble upon a glitch, and they often do. A huge quantity of them are found completely by accident.

It takes both skill and understanding to execute them, and even more skill and understanding to execute them fast.

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>all this butthurt
Why do speedrunfags absolutely lose their shit when people outside their circle have no interest in them? Why do you need validation so much? Is this all you have have going for your life? What's wrong with being happy with the people that already look up to speedrunners?

>> No.4596686

>have no interest in them
Why do they keep furiously making butthurt posts about them then?

>> No.4596698

Because that supposed "lack of interest" manifests itself as presenting uninformed assumptions like they're fact and then doubling down when corrected.

>> No.4596710

Again, why do you care about people who don't care?

>> No.4596720

>people who don't care
But they do care. If they didn't care they wouldn't whine about it on forums.

I don't care about canoing, you don't see me sperging out about and being a bitch baby about it on the internet.

>> No.4596724

are you illiterate? he answered your exact question in his post.

>> No.4596725

>people who don't care
Why does this thread exist then?

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It's like doing sports but without any health benefits OP. Think of it like that.

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Why does speedrunning attract so many mentally ill freaks?

>> No.4596868

I'm not convinced it does. The person in your pic isn't even a speedrunner.

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>play football for years
>get dozens of severe concussions
>permanent brain damage
>can't form new memories
>severe depression
Fuck yeah, sports!!!

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Because they don't like fighting games. They like speedrunning their favorite games.

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>With speedrunning you're not even getting good at the game
How is thoroughly understanding the depth and nuances in moving your character not getting good at the game?

>> No.4597403

>Accomplished at sitting on your ass and pressing buttons.

I mean programming is still a viable career opportunity and it's literally just that.

>> No.4598423

The sad thing is I knew you were going to use that fallacious argument. Just how fat are you?

>> No.4598472

>fallacious argument
>even though it's not fallacious
Competitive athletes destroy their bodies; it's well documented. This is especially true at high levels of competition.
>Just how fat are you?
I weigh less than 200lbs and exercise 3-4 times a week.

>> No.4598474

>it's not fallacious because I stated facts
Another fallacy in and of itself: "The grass is green this means I won argument"
Do us both a favor and stop posting.

>> No.4598481

Sorry that you're offended by how sports are significantly more dangerous than playing video games.
>stop posting
Make me.

>> No.4598482

>Sorry that you're offended by
I'm not. I already know the color of the grass and so does everyone else. It simply isn't an argument.

>> No.4598483

It is an argument. There's far less that stops you from being healthy as a gamer than there is that stops you from being injured as an athlete. The health benefit of being a gamer is not being injured.

>I'm not.
You are.

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>No you
No you.

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<3 <3 <3 <3

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Dude, not him, but there's a difference between healthy exercise and top competitive sports that try to reach the limits of the human body. Those top athletes get fucked up after their youth.
Also, yeah, you are more prone to get a severe injury playing competitive sports (some more than others) than if you dedicate yourself to streaming crap; for the latter you only need to dedicate some time to exercise to stay healthy, sports have an innate risk to them.

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Yeah being a top athlete is inherently far more unhealthy than being a top speedrunner.

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So you meant to reply to the other guy I'm going to assume. I didn't bother doing what you're trying to explain to him because it's common knowledge. But whatever.

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