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What got the most out of the N64? Dreamcast? SNES?

For me on PSX it's Ridge Racer Type 4. The game comes with a second disc, Ridge Racer Turbo which is the original game but re-programmed to run at 50 or 60 FPS. On that disc is a small dev commentary for the game that explains some of the things they did in RRT4, and that they were originally targetting 60FPS for that too. The game includes a very deliberately chosen colour palette for some weirdly realistic night time lighting, a primitive form of tesselation to increase the amount of polygons nearer to the screen to kill affine texture warping, frame buffer effects such as the tail light trails and all of this on the PSX's hi-res mode. Truely got the most out of the system. Honourable mention is Kula World/Roll Away apparently, which a testing program concluding it really was using 100% of the CPU and GTE for a simple puzzle game.

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Are we talking best overall looking game or most technically impressive?

I don’t think RR4 is the most technically impressive but it’s certainly one of the best looking thanks to its artstyle. Remember, a good artstyle can improve a technically average game.

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Both. Whatever game you deem to look the best and if you have the details, be techincally impressive while doing so.

Most of the work here in Kula World/Roll Away is being caused by the spherical, infinitely distant skybox that in the bonus levels is fully animated. The ball also possesses an insane amount of triangles for the time, and squashes and stretches to "breathe" with the timer clock and landing, catching fire etc.

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My favorite system is NES and the best looking game on that is probably Kirby's Adventure I guess.

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Although I forgot about Metal Slader Glory.

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For Genesis/Mega Drive: Virtua Racer
>SVP chip to push 3D on a 16 bit system

For PS1: Crash Bandicoot
>Naughty Dog basically reverse engineered and made their own dev kit to maximize performance they could get out of the system for the game
>literally a system killer: it reads off the disc so much it will kill your laser assembly with enough play

For Dreamcast: Crazy Taxi
>game had lots of slowdowns and fps drops because too much going on at once

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Crash is also crazy optimised. If you try a cheat to unlock the camera, It'll never draw more than the immediate area crash is in. It's occluded just enough not to cause slowdown.

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Was it not the music that was too rad for the console and as a consequence had to be cut from all the ports because it was too much for the systems to handle?

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dreamcast: shen mue
saturn: burning rangers
snes: cybernator

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>If you try a cheat to unlock the camera, It'll never draw more than the immediate area crash is in
Area? It won’t even draw the pixels that aren’t visible from that camera position. Also I’m pretty sure that cheat you describe doesn’t exist. It would most likely crash (huahue) the game.

Here’s a better explanation of how it works in Crash, away from Andy Gavin’s self-congratulation.


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Honestly my personal effects/graphics favorite is:
> dreamcast: D2 or Sonic Adventure...
I can't decide, they are too different

> saturn: Nights

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That's literally the name. It's a horror game.

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Maybe not a literal cheat per se, but an emulator trick maybe? Anyway, this video shows it.

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It’s doing exactly what I expected, only drawing the pixels of the polygons visible from that position. Although I’ve noticed it’s not 100% perfect. Maybe that’s as he said in that link - Crash 1’s method was not pixel perfect occlusion.

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On N64 it's Evangelion for me.
I know there's probably more technically impressive games, like Conker or whatever, but I guess it's the art direction on Evangelion 64 that really lives up to the source material. I also have memories of watching gootage of this game on real media videos from anime magazine CD-ROMs back in 1999 and thinking it was unreal. And honestly it lives up to that hype, at least graphically.
I've seen the PS2/PSP Evangelion games, and honestly I don't think they got the 3D Eva models as spot on as they did on Eva 64.

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Look at the detail on that EVA unit, somehow they managed to defeat the shitty texture filtering that oversmooths everything, rather than just doing its job.

The UI still looks ugly as sin because of it.

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Have in mind that screenshot is taken from an emulator and is upscated. The UI doesn't stand out that much if you're playing on a CRT.
But yeah, they really did a good job modeling and texturing that Eva.
Here's Eva-01 on PS2 for comparison.

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its wipeout 3 ntsc-u and rayman.
? fuck knows
under defeat.
thunderforce iv,alien soldier and aladdin/mickey mouse adventures.

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Fuck you I will list!

PSX: Gran Turismo , GT2, and Invasion frm Beyond.
Windows 98: Desu Ex, Quake 3, Starcraft, Diablo.
DOS: Ultima 7 , Ultima Underworlds. Syndicate, Themepark.
SNES: Chrono Trigger, Star Ocean 1.
Gameboy: Pokeymans, Mortal Kombat.

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Forgot about Sega
32X: Humming Bird Shootan, After Burner
Genesis: Shadowrun, Gunstar Heroes, Bare Knuckles, Panorama Cotton, Thunderforce 3, Vaportrail.

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>somehow they managed to defeat the shitty texture filtering that oversmooths everything, rather than just doing its job.
It's called using a high resolution texture, fucking idiot.

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I own several ports and I always forget the soundtrack rights on the original lapsed.
I refuse to play without the original music.

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>wipeout 3 ntsc-u

that's the version with the worst graphics.
Wipeout 3 SE had a lot of visual improvements.

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Terracon on PS1

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It's been said, but Conker for N64

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Squeezing that many particle and lighting effects can't have been easy on the N64, what the hell?

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Conker is one if those anomalies where Rare made the same kind of games in same engine enough times that they pushed the envelope with each incarnation as they built upon assets from previous games and improved again and again. This was back when textures and models were still game killers but they always got away with smaller file sizes by using their colorful art style with simple animations and comparably low poly count models.

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Most graphically impressive game on the GBA gotta be Asterix XXL, which is a genuine 3D platformer on Game Boy Advance.

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>best overall looking game
Flink for the Mega Drive / Genesis.

Amazing art, best color usage I've seen on the system and some pretty good effects too (sprite scaling, sprite rotation).

>most technically impressive
Either Red Zone or The Lost World: Jurassic Park.

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This game is so stylish

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PC Engine HuCard: Bomberman 94
PC Engine CD: Legend of Xanadu 1 and 2

The second game looks much nicer as a whole, but Xanadu 1 has the most gorgeous sidescrolling areas

Sapphire is a meme game with uglyass bosses and some plain backgrounds

Fatal Fury Special is a fantastic port due to large sprites, sound quality and AI accuracy, but is missing parallax on some levels. The snes version has some better looking stages (Andy, Duck King)

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Gameboy choices are terrible. Bad job!

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On DC there's Outtrigger, which is consistent 60 fps even in 4-player split-screen. Then again the maps are minuscule, so that may have something to do with it.

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Given enough time do you think the DC would have reached early PS2 levels of graphical output? There was already improvement once devs dropped that shitty WindowsCE API and just used the built in SEGA one, but it seems that the PS2 was able to achieve more crisp textures but not neccesarily more polygons. Why is that?

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It has the same graphics except some of the tunnels aren't as dark

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>do you think the DC would have reached early PS2 levels of graphical output?
No. Dreamcast was already closed to maxed out. It was extremely easy hardware to use. PS2 on the other hand, developers were barely scratching the surface at the time due to its complexity. There would have quickly come a wall where the Dreamcast could go no further.

>it seems that the PS2 was able to achieve more crisp textures but not neccesarily more polygons
If anything, it's the opposite. Dreamcast texturing tended to be better for a long time because of the larger VRAM and hardware texture compression. PS2 developers eventually worked around this though, but the way Sony set it up was never ideal. When it comes to polygon counts, the PS2 utterly annihilates the Dreamcast in every possible way. That's a particular strength of the PS2.

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the lighting was improved in general, not just the tunnel visibility, it added shadows under all the ships, added contrail effects on the wingtips, the weapon pad animation was improved, all the prototype tracks had higher res overhauled textures not present in the japanese version.

a lot more than just the tunnels.

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>Given enough time do you think the DC would have reached early PS2 levels of graphical output?
Dreamcast was pretty close of being maxed out, but I could see it reaching and even slightly surpassing things like Ridge Racer V.

Ridge Racer V is a very good looking early PS2 game though, there's plenty of early PS2 games that look worse than what the Dreamcast was displaying around the same time.

>PS2 was able to achieve more crisp textures but not neccesarily more polygons.
It was the opposite, the PS2 was polygon-pushing monster, but the textures were pretty bland until devs started to understand the architecture better. The PS2 uses its insane bandwidth to transfer textures from main memory to video memory, that's why a direct comparison of Dreamcast's 8MB VRAM x PlayStation 2's 8MB VRAM can be so misleading.

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*PlayStation 2's 4MB VRAM

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dis looks more liek xbox or its jp dc limited edition?

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quake 2 on ps1

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SoulCalibur on Dreamcast is so damn impressive

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Always thought screens of these were a PS2 game.

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Quake on Sega Saturn gives me a raging hard on

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great choice

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the unlockable granturismo hi-rez 60 mode is just as impressive as the rr 60 hz demo, wipeout 3 is also good since in runs in higher rez mode than most games

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bulk slash on the saturn is very impressive. big 3d models everywhere and no slowdown. the weird thing is that the character's mech is 2d

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Probably Comix Zone, Contra Hard Coros, and Castlevania Bloodlines
Star Ocean, SFA2, and Yoshi's Island
Chrono Cross, Rtype Delta, and Vagrant Story
Panzer Dragoon Zwei, Grandia, and VF2
I guess Wipeout 64, Conkers Bad Fur Day, and maybe Perfect Dark. Everything on that system looks like smeared ass

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Also forgot
Shenmue, Oratorio Tangram, and Rush 2049

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