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ITT: Games you understood that were shit even as a kid

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Donkey Kong Country

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>seal of approval
Nintendo, I

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The seal means shit

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What were they thinking?

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>I’m edgy
No you’re a horse cock sucking faggot

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t. the angry atari sega nerd

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I think renting this for the awesome cover amd having such a shitty time, particularly with no manual was the first time I broke a controller.

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I remember renting that as a kid. I think I finished it durijng the rental and was like "Really? Is that all...?"

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Do people actually think this whole licensing thing is about quality control? It's about royalties for Nintendo, that's it.

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The hype was huge for this game. The high-res PC version is a beautiful turd.

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I owned about 20 SNES games and this one was the worst.

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double whammy

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This one hurt my soul too. I was big into both comics and so a game featuring them both SHOULD have rocked.
I knew from the first second of the first stage I was going to hate it.

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Yes, that game is bad only because an e-celeb said so.

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Um, no.
It's genuinely a shit game.
Have you ever played it?

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when I rented this as a kid I remember saying to myself: "how the fuck did they manage to make superman tedious and unplayable"?

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I rented this and remember looking at the back thinking, "that tower level looks bad, it's probably the last level though"
It's the first level.

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Are the PAL versions of the DKC-games the definitive versions? I know that the framerates in Rare's N64 games are more stable at least.

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It's the whole game, the US release was even titled Tower Toppler.

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you ever notice this game doesn't even have the title written on the boxart. maybe Superman 64's real name is just "S"

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s e x u a l

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Not him but you took the bait, mate. That was obvious sarcasm.

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It's shit, just that the other asshole was accusing me of being an e-celeb parrot faggot or something. It's as if a broken clock wasn't right twice a day or something.

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Licenses, friend. Licenses

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They wasted all the budget on the animated intro.

This game has the worst controls of the entire ps1 library.

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Any and every Superman game is tedious. He is not a good character to base a game on.

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What the fuck were they thinking. This game sucks ass and I was so fucking disappointed when this came out.

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I picked it up for £5 back in 1994, and played it (or attempted to) for about a week before completely giving up on it.

I don't remember what I did with it after that. I either traded it back in at the store, or traded it with some some poor sap at school.

I tried it again on an emulator to see if I was just too much of a dumbass kid to 'get it', but no, I was right. It was a clunky mess of untextured white shit.

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I felt like the otter eating watermelon with this game. Spent easily 30 hours yet I'm pretty sure I didn't even get to 30% of the game. Fucking piece of shit

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In the late 90's/early 2000's this game was selling for HUNDREDS of dollars because it was the only localized DBZ game

I think this is the worst SNES game ever made. It has no redeeming qualities whatsoever and I'm sure that many kids either bought this or received it as a gift because of how good Batman Returns was

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I saw a youtube vid on this that was pretty interesting. Apparently they were constantly given notes that would fuck up development but the head guy would constantly go on magazine interviews and yammer about how this was going to be the biggest thing since sliced bread.

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>Including music by Brian May
No wonder it sucked

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I agree with him, and I'm pretty sure nobody actually likes Donkey Kong Country, they just compulsively believe that they're supposed to without realizing how much they hate playing it.

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seduction. SEDATION

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Then there's no time to waste

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This, also Yoshi's Island. I will never understand how anyone can think those games are anything other than horseshit.

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Is probably a reference to Kiss from A Rose.

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the NES version, which is the version everyone played, was called Castelian

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This shit right here

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My older brother and I rented this game right when it came out and we were actually really looking forward to it. I even remember talking about how cool it would be with unlimited flight and that the flying might even be better than mario 64.

OHHH BOI did it suck.

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rented it, hated it

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the multiplayer was just baffling...what the fuck even was that?

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The chrome guy looks like he belongs in one of the bikecuck comics.

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What a let down from Yoshi's Island

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it's a very fun game

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It isn't that bad imho. It's basically a copy of Wolverine for NES with updated graphics and new characters. Love the music from this game.

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Wolverine NES was shit though.

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It's the most basic platformer in existence

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I'm not huge into them (DKC is like a 6 and YI like a 7 out of them for me) but if you think games like that are horseshit then you really need to play some of the HIDDEN GEMS ITT.
If you want another one, try emulating The Guardian of Darkness for the PS1. I'm the unfortunate one here to actually own it.

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out of TEN*

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I'm glad people who dislike donkey kong country probably didn't get to play shit like the mask, wayne's world, chester cheetah, michael jordan chaos in wind city, bubsy, captain novolin, home improvement, lester the unlikely, beavis and butthead, boogerman.

The main thing I dislike about dkc is, if memory serves me well, it started this 100% a game trend.

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Intolerably bad NES port of this arcade game. The arcade version was pretty mediocre, but the NES port was just awful.

I remember me and my brother would laugh at it, and I remember seeing the arcade version at a skating rink and thinking it didn't look much better.

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>t. underage contrarian shitposter

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That's a rediculous exaggeration. You just sound like an edgy teen

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But its true tho.Especially the bosses.

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kid me was confused as shit

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and then there is the game that taught me style over substance was a thing.

the visuals and animation are really good for n64, but like it feels like a stripped down port of a better game

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yeah and it executes it perfectly

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gtfo. possibly the best tekken.

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How much of a clueless casual do you have to be to believe this?

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so what. Its very on point with level design and controls. Its like complaining about a mario world because its a basic platformer, I just dont get you people in this thread.

you must be having a laugh mate. dont play a fucking platformer ever again.

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are you one of those weirdos that considers DKC 2 to be lightyears ahead of the first game, when they have pretty similar basics and level design?

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How is the level design so on point.The platforming parts are just go right and jump on heads or roll.Can't imagine anyone playing it for that.

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>maybe Superman 64's real name is just "S"
It's actually Superman: The New Superman Adventures