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What N64 games do I need to play? I know already SM64, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Doom 64, Starfox 64, Banjo Kazooie (and Tooie), Ocarina and Majora.
But aside from that, what other N64 games are must-play? Or at least very good/recommended.

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Quake 1, Quake 2, DOOM64, mischief makers, Mega Man Legends 64, F-Zero X, Starcraft 64, Puyo Puyo Tsun, and Tetris 64.

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that's pretty much it. you've plunged the depths of the n64 library.

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Mutha fuckin' Mystical Ninja.
Chameleon Twist 1 & 2
Beetle Adventure Racing
Space Station Silicon Valley
Diddy Kong Racing

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Everything by:
>Hudson Soft

Avoid everything else, as they range from mediocre to trash.

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Is it really worth to play Q1 and Q2 over their PC versions? Same with Starcraft?

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Blast Corps

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remove Star Wars, Yoshi Stiry and both Pokemon Stadium and add Sin & Punishment, Bangai-O, F Zero and Conquer, thats everything you need to play on that system.

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No, Quake is best played on pc, same with starcraft.

You should instead look into Conker's bad fur day, star wars rogue squadron or rayman 2.

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If you're talking about the OP pic, I just grabbed a random google image search for "n64 games" because you can't make a thread without a picture, I definitely don't endorse any of these games as I haven't played any. I'm about to play N64 for the first time in my life, hence the thread.

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Quake II (NOT a port, but an original release with completely new stages)
both Goemon games
Cruis'n trilogy
San Francisco Rush trilogy
Mario Kart 64
F-Zero X
Smash Bros
Sin & Punishment
WCW nWo Revenge
WWF No Mercy
Virtual Pro Wrestling 2
Blast Corps
Rampage World Tour
Gauntlet Legends
Duke Nukem - Zero Hour
Forsaken 64
Harvest Moon 64
Ogre Battle 64
Shadow Man
both Ready 2 Rumble Boxing games
all 4 NFL Blitz games
NBA Hangtime
NBA Showtime
Wave Race 64
Turok series (I'd rank these 2 > 1 >>> 3 > Rage Wars)
both Vigilante 8 games
both BattleTanx games

and MAYBE Nightmare Creatures

Quake 1 is better on PC. Quake 2 on N64 is a completely new game with all-new stages. Think of it as a stand-alone expansion pack on a completely different platform. Plus it has split-screen 4 player, which is fun as fuck if you've got people to play it with.

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Well, anyway, thanks to everyone for suggestions, I will be sure to check them out!
(Also I learned that Wonder Project J had a N64 sequel, so I will be checking that out, too.)

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Whoa! Huge thanks, dude!

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half of this list is shit and/or has better versions elsewhere

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I used to love vigilante 8 as a kid. I re bought it for my n64 and it really didnt age well. The frame rate inconstancy makes the game unplayable by today's standards, especially in Hi-res and/or in multiplayer. This is with the expansion pak too.

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Try Jet Force Gemini if you get the chance. At the moment, have a JFG meme I made.

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F-Zero X 100%. beat every cup on expert and unlock master, then beat them all again on master. Best racing experience you'll ever have.

but please do NOT play Starcraft 64. That game is one of the best games ever, both the vanilla 3 campaigns and the 3 campaigns in the expansion., and is 10000x better on PC. The only good thing about Starcraft 64 is it inspired Miyamoto to make Pikmin.

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and paper Mario. great list tho.

also tory story 2 is solid. not amazing but solid

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Conker. It was the best platform-adventure game on the console outside of the ones you named. It got a bad rep in some circles because they thought it was just an excuse to make toilet humor, but there was actually a good game attached to it. Also, the multiplayer was great (albeit not if you had more than 2 players because then it limits the number of CPU characters you can have).

Paper Mario, the N64's only RPG worth playing.

Kirby if you want an easier platformer. Mischief Makers if you want something in the middle.

Mystical Ninja if you can handle the more zany Japanese style. It's not an easy game to follow, you can get lost immediately, but it's fairly big and has quality gameplay.

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>robotron 64 nowhere in sight
>star soldier conspicuously missing
Do you people even /vr/.

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N64 is underrated. People hate on it just because of the absence of JRPGs and the weird controller. Get past that and there are many great games on this system.
One I never see mentioned is Chameleon Twist 1 and 2. Great, unique, whimsical 3D platformers

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>looking for arcade-style games on the n64
l m a o

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>what is star fox 64
>what is f-zero x

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games that would get laughed out of any serious arcade

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How??? You must have shit taste

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>sega's arcade racing team made a fucking sequel to it, and even released it in arcades
>would get laughed out of an arcade
are you sure about that

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And beating the staff ghosts. Good luck.

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How has no one mentioned Quest 64?

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gx is ok, x is glitchy as fuck tho and looks like complete dogshit

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Ironically it took an arcade master like SEGA to make the first (and only good) F-Zero game.

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>Arcade game company makes an arcade game

Well imagine that...

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Stop playing on emulators idiot

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Pokemon Snap
Sin and Punishment
Blast Corps
Bangai O
Body harvest
Doom 64
Beetle Racing
F zero X
ogre battle
Shadows of the empire
Mischief Makers
Top Gear Rally

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Bomberman 64
Bomberman 64: The Second Attack
Bomberman Hero

Love all three of those. Hero has one of the most unusual yet enjoyable soundtracks of its era. The B64 games are just extremely solid action-adventure games.

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The controls are too difficult. Not playable.

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it's really not. If you can figure out Mario 64 you can figure out Chameleon Twist

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Actually it is. The controls are unresponsive. Also the texture filter is shit.

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But I’ve only played the first one. Maybe number 2 is better.

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It has to be a game viable for the arcades in the first place for this to be possible. They didn't develop a Zelda arcade game, for instance. And F-Zero AX is pretty much the same type of game as X, just with time limits. So yeah, F-Zero X is a very arcadey made for console game.
>the first (and only good) F-Zero game.
They are all good, even the GBA ones. X is amazing. It's hard to beat GX but come on.

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F-Zero X Expansion Kit for the N64 DD has a very deep track creator

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I never see pic related mentioned here.

It reminds me of SoR / Final Fight but in 3D and is a lot of fun IMO.

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heartily advocate all of those even though there are a few I have not played.

Mario Kart
Mario Tennis
Mario Party 1, 2 and 3 - great if you have other people with you, still good otherwise
Resident Evil 2
Tony Hawk series
Yoshi's Story
Mission: Impossible

there are a bunch of other mediocre to allright games I could list but i don't mean to make a comprehensive list. I assume most of not all of them would not leave an impressions since they are overshadowed by better games on the system or may not appeal to people our age.

Happy gaming, OP

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>recommending yoshi's story
why do you want OP to suffer?

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I know it doesn't really count as retro but your better of playing Banjo and Tooie on the XBox 360 or the XBOne. They're just the better version of the game.
I recommend Goemon's Great Adventure and Mystical Ninja starring Goemon

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Then you've never played WWF No Mercy and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater.

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Also if you can hunt down the DS version of Super Mario 64 it can be played on any DS model or 3DS/2DS model. Again I know it's not retro but I promise you you'll be playing a better version of the game.

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Road Rash 64

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>digital controls for a 3D moving game

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Don't knock it to you try it. ;)
It's finger licking good.

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Casual normalfag shit.

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If you've got 3 friends to hang out with: snowboard kids is where it's at. It's like mariokart or diddy Kong racing on ice, but it's leagues above both of those in terms of multiplayer fun.

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It's smoother looking, but absolute garbage compared to Road Rash 3d on Playstation. Is this a different game or was Road Rash 3d ever on the 64?

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It was going to be a port but they made 64 it's own thing

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Trying hard to fit in, I see.

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Road Rash 64 is a better game than RR3D

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WWF WrestleMania 2000 is also probably worth playing. Unlike the WCW and Virtual Pro Wrestling games, it wasn't totally obsoleted by its sequel.

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