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God damn Crash Bandicoot 1 is hard. I finally 100%'ed it today. Finally I've fully completed every game (including platinum relics in warped) in the PlayStation 1 trilogy. Discuss Crash

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Hugo was the better corridor platformer.

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Shit NES-tier platformer that's about as deep as a puddle, isn't even really 3D, and has one of the worst OSTs I've heard in my life. Like some kind of Looney Tunes shit mixed with tribal music. Absolutely disgusting. Nothing to talk about really.

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>(including platinum relics in warped)
I bet the OST is burned into your head and you can't escape it.

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>NES-tier platformer
Are we talking mario/castlevania/mega man-tier or are we talking licensed shovelware tier

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who the fuck thought locking segments of the game behind gems you cant get until much later was a good idea

fuck them

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NES platformers are better than any 5th gen collectathon that replaced tight platforming with aimless wandering
aimless wandering isn't depth, it's bloat

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The jet ski level music has been stuck in my head since I was 7 anyway. I hate those levels so much

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What I mean is, the gameplay didn't evolve at all. It isn't that it's "terrible", just completely unremarkable and generic in every way and doesn't do anything cool. You jump, you do a spin attack... that's about it.
Shit-Rat identified. And no, they are not. Most NES platformers are absolute garbage. You'd know this if you had actually grown up with any of them and not just emulated SMB3 one time last year right before you turned 17.

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ah nevermind, you're just the 5th gen babby that shat up the board a while back, please keep shitposting some more so you can get banned again

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Well, kudos. I could never devote time to any game to git dat gud.
Always neat to see someone master a game.

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innovation is great but unnecessary.
Donkey Kong Country is a totally unoriginal game but it's a masterpiece beause it's perfectly made. Mega Man 2 is mechanically identical to Mega Man 1, but it's an incredible game. And Mario 64 being super innovative doesn't necessarily make it better than Mario World at all.
I'm not praising Crash though, I think it's terribly overrated. Calling it bad is a bit of a stretch though. The thing I don't like about it as that it's mostly 2D but from a 3D perspective which is kind of pointless. It's not as good at what it does as true 2D platformers are, and it's not much of a 3D platformer either so it's just a very meh game imo. And yeah the music is pretty dumb. One thing I"ll say is the level design is mostly really good, but unfortunately it mostly just makes you wish you were playing it in actual 2D.

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>ah nevermind, you're just the 5th gen babby that shat up the board a while back, please keep shitposting some more so you can get banned again
>not even denying being a Shit-Rat at this point
Why is this image so effective at pinpointing exact personality types?

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>Like some kind of Looney Tunes shit mixed with tribal music. Absolutely disgusting. Nothing to talk about really.

If there's nothing to talk about why do you consistently post the exact same thing in every fucking thread? It's getting into autism levels of shitposting.

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Considering this is maybe the second time I've ever even posted in a Crash thread, I'm just going to go ahead and assume you're hyper-sensitive to the general consensus that your favorite childhood game is a steaming turd.

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>m-muh console wars
collectathons are garbage regardless of the platforms they were released on you rabid fantard
it's cucks like you that we have to thank for the death of the genre post 4th gen

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Whoa now sonny, there's no console wars here. I own a PS1 and a few games. This has nothing to do with consoles, rather the people that own them, and this meme is consistently disturbingly accurate. Act like a Shit-Rat, get called out as one.

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I never saw the fun in 100%ing Crash. It'd be like playing Mario, but you had to hit every ? block.

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true. why the heck does 100%ing involve breaking every crate? why couldn't there have been a few special crates you had to find in each level?

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Because it's a shit game.

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2D = 2.5 >>>> Corridors >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> shit >>>>>>>>>>> wandering simulators

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>"wandering simulators"
>self-admitted Shit-Rat
Opinion safely discarded.

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Probably to push the full use of every level. Making you search the entire field for crates to bust.
I actually liked the idea, mostly because Crash levels are nice and short so repeating them isn't too much a chore.

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>he used to pay money for something everyone can do irl for free
lmao I go for a walk every now and then and it feels just like Banjo.

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>playing Pooie instead Kazooie
>not going for a walk every day

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>Crash Bandicoot 1 is hard
The absolute state of 5th gen babies

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Have you ever beaten it 100%? I truly doubt it from your shitpost

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Yes, I was considering the 100% part, even considered a no Game Over / Loading 100% run. It's moderately challenging at best in the grand scheme of things.

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