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Why is X1 so perfect, bros?

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I prefer X2 and X4 but X1 is probably a close third.

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How do you feel about the PSP remake?
I just finished playing it and I felt like it was a downgrade from the original game. Vile Mode was pretty good, though.

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Nearly perfect. The game practically forces you to fight Chill Penguin first since the dash upgrade is in there. I give X2 a slight edge over X1.

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You know I never really thought about that. But it would be interesting for someone to do a simple Rom hack that moves that capsule to the intro stage so you can fight any boss in any order.

You could put it after the first bee-copter where you need to climb the wall. Just carve out a small section and put the capsule there. Player could still climb out after getting the boost upgrade.


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You can enter a password that gets you a full upgrade at the start of the game

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It's not just that, having the dash as a basic feature in X2 just makes it so all the stages and bosses are designed around that, which improves the game IMO. X4 is my other favorite due to Zero, the improved boss patterns and overall being nicely designed. The rest are worse than X1 due to various shortcomings.

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Just beat this yesterday. I could never get past Bosspider as a kid.
I gotta grab an X2 cart.

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That is indeed a flaw, but it doesn't bother me because in most games you go through the levels in a specific order anyway. Being able to pick the stage order is particular to Mega Man so an instance where you're always going to one particular stage first doesn't really bother me.

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haven't been on 4chan for a couple months, when did everyone agree to put the word "bros" in every post?

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No clue, bro

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Takayuki Iwai. Literally.
X4 is close, Toshohiko Horiyama's soundtrack is legendary.

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Fucking Nintendo, when will they stop putting memes in their games?

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Still my favorite

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That and the controls feel a bit tighter in X2
I don't know what it is but they just feel a bit better than X1's controls

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X1: A very solid game with no major faults. My biggest pet peeve is how Sigma is a pain in the ass in buster only, no upgrades or tanks runs I like to do.
X2: For me, slightly better than X1 due to being entirely designed around the dash and still having no major faults. Also a nicer game to do my self-imposed challenge, and even if you like e-tanks it's more convenient to refill them here. I also appreciate the more complex boss patterns.
X3: Made by a lesser team and thus level design and particularly boss design suffer from it. The buster upgrade and Zero suck ass. Still pretty good.
X4: Zero is an amazing feature here, and other than having even briefer last stages than the rest it's a very solid entry. The bosses in particular are even more improved.
X5: Level and boss design took a hit. Skiver's weapon sucks for Zero. Too much unskippable text. Stupid RNG. Overall, still fairly good.
X6: Improves on the text issues and some other elements X5 introduced; however, due to being rushed it's a very unpolished game with some pretty bad levels like Blaze Heatnix's. I still enjoy this one myself.
X7: Irredeemable trash.
X8: Good game but it has way too many gimmicky levels, so you'll spend very little time enjoying the traditional shooter platforming formula of the series. Said gimmicks are nice, but it still disappoints if you are looking for a game of the style of the series. For comparison, X4 has one gimmicky level out of eight, while X8 has the reverse proportion: one non-gimmicky level out of eight. And then the first of the last stages is a full vertical autoscroller.

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X1 was the true high point of the Mega Man series. It set the bar so high none of the X series sequels could touch it

At first it felt weird, but after replaying it over and over I like it as much as the original

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>Club Nintendo
Mi amigo.

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I don't know if I'd go that far, but that might be bias speaking. It's definitely understandable why you'd feel that it's that good though.

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It's not relevant in comparison to the SNES version, but it bugs me how the remake ignored all the improvements made to the series after X1. Let me turn off double-tap dashing, you fucks.

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Despite disliking double-tap dashing, I've never actually had it be an issue for me. Don't know why.

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I guess it has to do I jumped from MM3 to MMX as a kid, there might be it. But after playing thorough the entire platforming Mega Man series (1-10 & Bass, World games, X series 1-6 + 8, Xtreme, NT, Zero, ZX) I'd say my top 5 games are X1 > World 4 = World 5 > World 3 >X8.

Of course, this might be bias and all that, but it's how I personally enjoyed the games.
That said, with just a few exceptions (X5, bleh), I think most of the Mega Man series is extremely solid and you can't really "go wrong" with whatever you pick.

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Read: >>4583383
Yeah, the X games weren't too sensitive to the double tap. However, it sucks in & Forte and the Zero series; thankfully, the latter lets you disable it, which is probably why they made it easier to execute for those who are into that.
X2 and X4 are my go-to Mega Man games.

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>Hasn't played Challenger from the Future

get a load of this casual

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I have and I forgot about it.
What the fuck was up with that game holy shit. I still don't know if I liked it ir hated it but it was still miles better than the MS-DOS Mega Man games.
Rockman.EXE WD by comparison is a huge improvement but >not retro

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>mfw I skip right leg day

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>X7 trash
I might be the only person who unironically likes this game.

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I remember you made the same comment last time lol

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It has that "kusoge" charm to it. The stage design is repetitive and the boss patterns are awful, but you also get to experience goofy shit like Bass's noclip weapon or the one-use Rush Coil that costs 300 bolts.

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How can you stomach such a sluggish experience, anon.

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World 5 being in your top 5 I can understand, but World 4 and World 3? And X8 instead of any of the classic or Zero games? You're weird, man.

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I just really enjoyed those games a lot man, but the Zero series and ZX was so damn enjoyable too.
Aile a cute

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The real challenge is going out of order, but, while developers were smart enough to still desig the levels around classic megaman style (no dash boots), they sadly made the bosses too overwhelmingly powerful to be defeated without at least the Buster upgrade, and the brocken damage without the armor, and trying to kill Launch octopus without removing his tentacles first of using the right weapon is, well, a chore.

But at least is just with the bosses in an otherwise fantastic game, unlike the atrocity that was X3 when it takes too fucking long to get decent upgrades and until then ALL the enemies kill you in 2-3 hits, then there;s bullcrap like the triple damage in some of the bosses and such.

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I never played any of the X games. I played the Rockman World games though, and liked them a lot. Was X3 really that bad?

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It's more just that it's mediocre compared to the games around it

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"X3: Made by a lesser team and thus level design and particularly boss design suffer from it. The buster upgrade and Zero suck ass. Still pretty good."

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Well the X series has a lot more power-ups compared to traditional Mega Man, so it makes sense to design the bosses that way.
I do agree about X3 though. If I remember right Sigma will just outright instakill you if you're lacking armor/heart tanks.

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X3 is designed around being able to take MUCH less damage than your typical 1/2 of the others when fully upgraded, so vanilla X takes a lot of punishment there, particularly by the end.

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I'd say the real benefit of the World games is that (except for 2) the music is phenomenal, better than the NES versions.

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why does it look like a Majora's mask?

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This post is just a step away from "This game is the Dark Souls of platformers"
NES is mono while GB supports stereo iirc, this might be it.

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I have some fond memories of this game but I don't really wanna go into full blogposting too much. I just remember being over at my neighbor and play this on his emulator back in 99 and despite us both being quite seasoned gamers it fucking destroyed us. Chill Penguin wasn't too bad after some practice but we barely managed to defeat Armored Armadillo, and the rest of the game was practically a no go. In retrospect I really respect this game for the learning curve it presents you, it's finely tuned in a way you rarely see in games even of its era.

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Well, it is a Mega Man game, it's about discovering what weapons work the best against what bosses.
Not sure if it's partly just me having played through X1 so many times, but I feel it's among the most accessible and reasonably difficult (some might even say leaning on easy) Mega Man games out there.

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X2>X1=X3>The rest

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When you don't beat any boss you end up attempting to beat them with the X-buster alone, which is obviously a lot harder than just using whatever weapon works best (especially considering the weapons are way too overpowered in this game when used against bosses which are weak against them). Also imagine being a beginner who hasn't played a Mega Man beyond the first two on NES. The wall jumping becomes a crutch early on to avoid all the shit the bosses throw at you before you learn to utilize the dash properly, but wall jumping obviously don't work for all bosses, and is only most effective on Chill Penguin. Hell, I remember Storm Eagle appeared to be close to impossible before I learned to use the dash properly.

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Only if you play without the dash, possible on the US kart with a password. Capcom never really figured out how to design a game with the dash in mind, and to this day they still refuse to balance weapon costs. The stage design in X1 is downright devilish when there's no dash to rely on.

The bosses got an upgrade, but the stages are mostly flat. They only got large patches of empty space with a few harmless enemies dropped in. Really bad in X3. The designers didn't start getting their act together until X4.

The hardest boss to take on with no upgrades is by far bospider because of the pixel perfect walljump you need to make to get over him, and the cockblocking baby spiders that drag the fight out even more. You die in exactly two hits. Second is storm eagle if you don't know how to manip his life bar.

X3 item placement is straight balls. They're all hidden behind two special weapons, and a couple of them require the upgraded arms. Still possible to get everything with only one revisit, but if you didn't start with the drill and dash you aren't getting squat.

Make that two people. How can people complain so much when the one time they finally do something different, it doesn't come out perfectly? The X7 format deserves another take. Instead we're getting Adobe Flash Man 11.

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Not sure. I didn't really find anything wrong with it. I'm really good at adjusting to any games weird momentum/controls so that's never an issue. I just thought it was really neat for the X series to go 3D. I also adore Axl a lot and his play style.

>make that two people

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I feel that X2 and 4 used dash alright, and the Zero games onward used it very well and figured it out. Also, I thought you could glitch past the leg capsule?

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>How can people complain so much when the one time they finally do something different, it doesn't come out perfectly?
"Not coming out perfectly" is overrating X7 a lot. X8 also tried to be different and I still consider it good. Hell, the Legends are even more different and in 3D and they are better games. X7 just sucks, originality means shit if the game is a total failure.
>I didn't really find anything wrong with it.
After playing the previous fast paced and smooth games from the series, how can you say this? Terrible enemy placement, terrible camera, terrible controls, terrible loading, terrible text, AUTO-AIM even in the 2D parts...

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That's kinda true. And talking of dashing, the game pulls a sort of dick move by putting it on A by default, whereas it's infinitely better set to L.

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You want pain, try MM Xtreme. A for jump, B for shoot, double-tap or down-A to dash. Seriously, the best option is remapping it to Start.

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Jesus... I can only imagine the horrors of trying to use dash properly in that game.
Just some youtube clips of it and I gotta say it otherwise looks like a quite respectable conversion considering it's on GBC.

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The PS controllers is better for this, since you can have the dash on L1, and also have L2 and R2 for the weapons. It also features the ability to shoot the standard buster when having another weapon equipped, I map that to R1. (Shoot square, Jump X, Nova Strike circle)

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I was talking about X4 btw

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I can't think of any area offhand that has enemies you can't see coming from a mile away, but it's been ages since I've played it so I'll take your word for it.
The only place with a bad camera is the first section of wing crowrang's stage, and that's more a fault of it not being obvious if you have to wait for the next plane to swing back into place or make the jump as soon as you land.
Besides your direction not changing automatically with the camera shifts, what terrible controls are you talking about? It's the same as every other game. All Capcom games suck with load times so that's not new. The Japanese dialogue is completely different from whatever fanfic writing they gave us; there's no excuse for that one.

You can't say the controls suck and complain about targeting at the same time. It would make less sense to lose your targeting at the fixed side-scrolling sections, especially when the whole point of going 3d is so enemies have more angles to come at you with. (But they did fix this in X8 by only giving free-range to Axl so he's more unique from X.) The game should have been harder, but they aren't going to throw everything and the kitchen sink at you on the first entry. Thanks to all the complaints, there won't be a second shot.

Once you get rid of the people that hate X7 because it's not another X game, or you don't play as X from the beginning, or there's a vehicle stage, there's not much real criticism left. It's GOOD that each boss has his own arena instead of the same square room, or square room with a platform in the middle, or square room with a pit on the sides. It's good for the replayability folks to get customisable upgrades for truly unique playthroughs. It's good that you get brand new weapons instead of just skills. It actually sold pretty well in Japan, well enough to even get a rerelease.
It's not the best game ever but it's far from trash.

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By "terrible enemy placement" I didn't mean unfair, but rather uninspired. You can ignore the "level design" a lot, it's very lazily put together.
The game's controls are sluggish compared to the previous games. They work "fine" but the pacing is just boring as fuck.
The loading is worse than in previous entries.
When criticizing the auto-aim, that was more for the 2D parts since it pretty much eliminates one dimension from the X gameplay (that you can't even play from the start, just Axl). And dude, you need to replay this: the game AUTO aims for you, it's not free aim like Forte or X8's Axl.
It's a poor game, regardless of the series it belongs to. It's not a 1/10 or something but it sucks. Also, previous games had vehicle stages too, and ones that sucked less.

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Has anyone here ever bothered to max out their rank in X5? I kinda want to try it, but it looks like a nightmare to route out since there seem to be stages where it's impossible to rank up due to how long they take to clear.

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Yeah, it is slightly easier to just run past enemies in X7. They need actual attacks, and to use them immediately to make up for the auto aim and 3d space, but that's true of every game where you just hold charge and pierce every enemy on reaction. Just look at this deadly layout https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWDtihuAcfo#t=2m44s
X6 had hard layouts and everyone hates that game.

I don't get the pacing argument because you can play as fast as you want, minus the few segments where you have to wait for enemies to appear. That's not new to X7 either, and if you're not quick you lose reploids. Are people inching forward and killing things from max range or something? All timerless platformers have that problem. At least X7 tries to fix that by giving you upgrade-carrying reploids to save.
Neither the auto aim. You could say it makes weapons less useful, but have they ever been useful? That's what selectable stages do to a game. The pea shooter is weak here, so for once you'd actually be gimping yourself by not using weapons. I don't see how running into a screen of enemies shooting at you from all directions is slower-paced than stopping to climb a ladder or wall every other enemy, especially when in nearly every game in the series you can shoot through walls. That's auto-aim right there! Hitting targets was never the challenge in Mega Man games anyway.
Maybe it's the hard knockdown from getting hit by certain attacks that you don't like, but that's a good thing because it makes face-tanking less viable and encourages you to dodge better and kill faster. I'd rather lose some of the 2nd dimension if it means gaining an entire 3rd dimension to play in.

It's just funny to me how all these long standing issues that have been around since the very first game suddenly become relevant when X7 is brought up. People were making these same arguments, minus the auto aim of course, back when Classic 4 came out.

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World's first X7 fanboy, everybody. For once, I just hope you're a troll.

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I'd can't wait to see the difference in sales between the two collections.
At least assuming the first is X1-4 and the second is X5-8. I could see them pushing X4 into the second collection to make it more appealing.

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Conchetumadre, me hiciste sentir viejo.

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never mind it wasn't that bad

what the hell does "MEH" even stand for

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>implying they'd ever make the effort to port X7 and X8

>> No.4591038

They're already confirmed. The ones you should be worried about are Command Mission, Xtreme, and Maverick Hunter X.

>> No.4591187

We all know those aren't happening. They'll be lumped together with the World games and such as some extra collection, if that.

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File: 1.51 MB, 2000x2000, __captain_commando_chun_li_hibiki_dan_ken_masters_poison_and_others_capcom_captain_commando_final_fight_lost_worlds_makaimura_and_others_drawn_by_nishimura_kinu__66a3f86c129e6ed063cc491e0f0a897c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maverick Elite Hunter?

>> No.4591554

Mega Extreme Hunter

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It's MEH in the Japanese version too so it can't be "Mega" or "Maverick"
This is going to keep me up at night, I tell you

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I think it depends on whether or not Capcom realizes no one cares about the latter half of the X series. The Classic collections didn't need World/MM&B/etc since the mainline games are all good enough to stand on their own.

>> No.4592176

Weird, I could swear you get MMH in the US version, and MEH is JP version (or PAL version too, haven't looked).

Anyways, MMH = Master Maverick Hunter.
So MEH = Master (E)rregular Hunter. A typo.

>> No.4592238

Alia says it's MMH, but Alia says a lot of things. Everywhere else in the game (Status screen, save menu, ending) refers to it as MEH.

>> No.4592248

I think that's just the player expression at the quality of the game, lmao

>> No.4592291

It's to show the degree to which the devs cared when making X5

>> No.4592315

X5 just seemed like such a stepdown when compared to all the animation and whatnot they had in X4.

>> No.4592319

It's overall a worse game, not just aesthetically. I guess Capcom decided not too spend too much budget on a 2D game for the late-PS1 era.

>> No.4592650

Vava mode worths it!

>> No.4593198

Either you're a) American or b) never played any other games before. Probably both.

>> No.4593216

Maybe you can help both him and me with finding some better games then. What do you recommend?

>> No.4593256

Not him, but X2 came to mind as a slightly better game, as I explained previously ITT why I think that is.

>> No.4593261

MEH is Most Elite Hunter (モストエリートハンター). SA is Special A (スペシャルA). I don't know if anyone ever officially confirmed what PA and GA are.

>> No.4593276

For GA and PA, I've seen Gold and Platinum or Great and Perfect thrown out as possibilities on some JP sites.

>> No.4593282

Every game should have only 2 grades, MDC (Mediocre) and AUT (Autistic)

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But there's two of them! How can they both be the Most Elite Hunter?!

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Because you're either mediocre or some kind of autistic videogame freak who should be put on an asylum or some sort of speedrunning event.

>> No.4593316

It's called Megaman you fucking weeb

>> No.4593325

Why do you feel that way?

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Both megaman and Rockman are the same series, cunt.

>> No.4593907

actually it's Mega Man

>> No.4594717

X2 is better

>> No.4594719

11 looks great go fuck yourself

>> No.4594763

It gives an immense sense of power with those absolutely broken weapons and upgrades.

>> No.4596780

It's called Rokkuman Ekkusu, you filthy EOP.

>> No.4597185

It's not. X2 is the best one. Best music and best gameplay.

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>Best music
>best gameplay
Nah. Bosses are more complex but the stages are hamfisted and there's only 2 weapons worth using.
>he starts with the dash, let's put giant gaps with NOTHING around them so he'll HAVE to dash over it
pic related

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Club nintendo!! my man!!!

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Club Nintendo de veras era especial.

>> No.4598119

>he starts with the dash, let's put giant gaps with NOTHING around them so he'll HAVE to dash over it
Wrong, there' a guy in YouTube that beat the game without using the dash, or at least most of it
I think X2 is better than X1, and maybe X4 too. Not the others, though.

>> No.4598579

Mising the point.

>> No.4598918

He said the game is not as good for abusing big gaps where you HAVE to use the dash, which I proved to be wrong.
>he starts with the dash, let's put giant gaps with NOTHING around them so he'll HAVE to dash over it
So what did I miss? It was his biggest complaint about the game and it's false.

>> No.4599173

>no upgrades/items, damage (save for both encounters with Vile), or weapons
>Constantly uses the buster upgrade after inevitable receiving it in Sigma stage 1...
Anyway, still quite an impressive playthrough. Guy ain't no radio personality, though.
Also, funny how he constantly rambles on about everything being either a total walk in the park can-play-this-shit-blindfolded level easy, or totally aggravating pray-to-RNG-gods BS, with nothing in between

>> No.4599202

It's almost as if different games were made by different teams.

It's almost as if you watched five seconds of one video and think it's all the same.

>> No.4599275

Watched the whole X1 run. Think it's pretty much all the same. Still, very interesting runs.

>> No.4599496

If you want to see that guy getting angry, watch his X6 videos. Particularly Blaze Heatnix.

>> No.4599503

>different games
He's referring to Megaman X1 ONLY.

>> No.4601783

Oh, I gotta check that run! I'm now nearing the end of his X3 run, and the guy hasn't really broken what seems like a trademark monotone,

>> No.4601801

I actually prefer that style of commentary, it seems actually genuine and not your typical let's play cringe.
One of the few commentated game footage I've enjoyed (for me they have to show something special with the game, like these self imposed challenges, and the commentary has to not be live and for ADD ridden children).
Glad to see someone else has discovered these through me and enjoyed them.

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