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I play most roms with a SNES controller on my HTPC hooked up to a CRT TV (it's specifically for emulating)

How does /vr/ emulate?

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I hook up my SNES pad with one of these.

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What kind of video connection do you use?

How do you get a proper 240p signal?

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I use this:

PS2 controller for NES, SNES, GB (color, advance), DS, PSX.
GC controller for N64, GC, Wii, DC

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A classic controller and my softmodded Wii

I download Virtual Console .wads of the games I want or I use the homebrew SNES emulator someone made

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OP here
also got this for N64

Shit's so cache

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I couldn't ever get emulating/modding to work on my Wii after I mail bombed it, gonna have to look more into it

I emulated on my PC about a year ago, where's the good places to download?

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I have no fucking clue how I got my Wii working, I tried a shitton of poorly written guides

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How are these? I was looking to get one for NES and SNES but I've heard mixed reviews.

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ITT:pleb central.

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OP here, I have the Super Smartjoy and it works, if you want to try that.

Honestly I just go on ebay and look up an adapter for whatever controller I have and pick whatever I see, I haven't had a problem with any of them. The ones I have are from defunct companies and are plug and play

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That feel when I can just walk to a game store that sells SNES games
Holy fuck it's such an awesome feeling

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I have my Wii Classic Controller hooked up to the PC with an adapter.

It's almost the same as the SNES controller but has the added bonus of having analog sticks for N64 emulation.

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Tell me what parts I exactly need for that please.

Gonna set it up like that, feel so stupid for never knowing about this.

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What adapter do you have?

I've been thinking of doing this since I still have a classic controller left after I sold my Wii

PS2 dpads are good but you can't fucking beat a basic dpad that isn't separated like that

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I use my keyboard to play emulated games. I want to get an adapter that lets me use a PlayStation 2 controller on a computer sometime. I usually emulate Super Nintendo games and the PlayStation 2 controller is similar to the Super Nintendo controller.

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It's from a company called Mayflash.

Apparently it's incompatible with 64bit Windows 7, but it works anyway when I plug it into my PC's front USB, so keep that in mind if you want to get one.

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All you need is the adapter and the controller.

Plug it in, plug in the controller (doesn't have to be in a specific order or anything) and then open up whatever emulator you use and set up the controls.

Are you asking what adapter you need?

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There's a lot of the same brand on ebay


I don't have this brand but USB adapters are simple and I never had one that broke

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Wait i misread yours you said ps2

Well these adapters support PS2 as well

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That perfectly small netbook screen
That portability

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jesus christ that monstrous piece of fuck is as big as the laptop

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What's the perfect controller for both 2D and 3D games?

The one thing that fucks me over is Gamecube, because they had analog triggers and the only controller I know that has them is the Gamecube.

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The Classic Controller Pro. Get an adapter.

Also not all Gamecube games used the analog trigger. It's fucking assy though. If you really need it, map it so that it goes analog when you hold both these two buttons in this pic and the same for the other side. You'll get used to it eventually

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Gamecube controller is pretty great.

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Why the fuck not just map the bottom row for analog and the top for digital? Holy fucking shit what the fuck are you doing

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Is that the replica controller they used to sell on ThinkGeek?

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>mfw I realize this

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Or you could use the regular classic controller, which has Gamecube-style analog/digital triggers.

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Only for 3D games
That tiny ass dpad kills it

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It's a modified controller.

Not my pic, got it from http://www.ebay.com/itm/OFFICIAL-Nintendo-64-N64-USB-Controller-NO-ADAPTER-/200912200815?pt=Video_Games_Accessories&hash=item2ec74ce46f

I do have a USB N64 controller and that exact netbook though

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Map it to the select button
I don't know any games that used it in moments where you'd need it right there in the heat of battle

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Xbox360 and PS3 controllers both have analog triggers/shoulder buttons, I haven't been able to get my PS3 controller to work with it right though.

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>regular classic controller


You can do every console now with this

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>no handles

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>retro games

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>no handles
>3D games

The question is what's the perfect 2D/3D controller with analog triggers

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What is 5th generation?

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emulate on my softmodded, first gen wii with a gamecube controller

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Oh man, it does look great, but that asking price is insane. Did you buy one or modify it yourself?

I recently replace the analog sticks in mine so I should probably just get an adapter, never got into N64 emulation because the games just don't feel right without that crazy three-hand controller.

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I have a Sega Saturn gamepad (the good one, not the US launch one) hooked up to my laptop

Get on my level, this is the ultimate gaming experience

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I use NES and SNES USB converters, It feeds my need to want to play with the original controllers.

The actual act of collecting the physical games has no interest to me. Emulators are wonderful.

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I open my emulator of choice, pick the highest resolution filter it supports, load the rom. Hit play. If game has cheats, I turn them on.

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No you don't though. What's the point of that post?

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I've got the club nintendo SFC replica controller for emulation on the Wii, and a stack of iBuffalo SFC replicas for emulation on the PC and Android.

These days I do most of my gaming with RetroArch on the PS3 though, with DS3 controllers. Wonder if RA can use standard USB there as well, in which case I should switch over.

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>You can do every console now with this

Actually it's missing the clickable analogs, so good luck playing Devil May Cry or Dark Souls with it.

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if im on my Mac i run darwiinremote and connect my wiimote and classic controller. works a charm

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I have approx. 700 GB of roms in my external hd, and i can use it anywhere else as long as i set the drive letter to (G:) so the directories stay the same.
As for controllers, i mostly use PS2 dualshocks, but i also have a logitech f710 for gc emulation (analog triggers) and a wiimote for nes and sega mastersystem.

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OP how are you getting a viewable signal to your CRT? i have HDMI/DVI-I and i would be interested in doing the same.

not if it means getting an old ass video card with s-video out though

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Every single SNES controller I went to buy online cost way too much (if I wanted to get an adapter too), so I just ended up buying one of those USB knockoffs that look exactly like one.

Made by Tomee or something. It's actually not bad. It feels like the original controller I guess, a little more clicky but still works fine.

I have a Mayflash adapter for my N64 controller though, and I usually just play NES with the SNES one. I'd like to get an adapter for my PS2 controller, but all of the ones on ebay are chinese knockoffs and I don't trust them since they're only like $2.

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If you live in Europe, it's trivial to go from DVI-I to VGA to SCART.

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WWE Brawl Pad. It's also what I use for fighting games on my Xbox because I only play casually and don't want to buy a stick.

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I don't usually emulate because I'm one of those fags that has no drive to play something unless it's on original hardware, but when I do actually play I just use DS3 for everything

Oh yeah,
I tried playing the original LoZ on gamecube once, it controls badly with the stick and the dpad feels unresponsive as fuck
Comfy as shit though as long as your hands aren't too big for it

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I got mines for like $15
It's not that costly

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that's irrelevant to my question.

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I just bought a fuckin SNES and NES USB controller of Amazon. Feels good to me, man.

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Wii Homebrew and a Classic controller

GC controller for GC iso's

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Why is your controller and adapter upside down?

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probably to show that it's MUH REAL HARDWARES

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i got one of those nes ones, works great

I'd like to get a saturn one though.. they seem to be good for just about everything

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actually, [same guy here]

I got one of these that my friend gave me, pic related. I'd say it's awesome. Keep forgetting I have it.

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My battle station, tv on the left is used for my wii that has emulators and wads on it (i can also play gamecube iso's), middle is for serious gaming or online mame, right is for channing and youtube while gaming

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ouch that had to hurt price wise. Still pretty cool setup, I like this.

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>not having your wii connected to a crt tv.

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The logitech rumblepads and dualshock are fucking legendary. That shit could crack nintendium.

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got it at microcenter on sale for $1500 including 3 year warranty, I'd say it was worth it especially for laptop

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Yeah I was checking reviews and it seems pretty good. Logitech always manages to impress somehow.

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Are the F710s as durable as the older versions?

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I'm not keen on laptop prices but you've got a 3 year warranty at least, that is good. Alienware is a bit overpriced but you are at least getting good build quality, I don't think anyone would deny that. Do you use a cooling pad for long gaming hours?

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no, but they are still quite good, and of course have pressure sensitive triggers for muh racing

unfortunately the front two triggers are shitty click buttons instead of those nice rubber dome ones

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Yeah that's why it's a little elevated,slanted, I got a really cheap cooling pad from shoprunner that's been working me wonders. I also connect it to the tv every now and then when I want to play a game using a controller like fallout 3 or hitman

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Good, those cooling pads are awesome. I got a cheap belkin one I use for my netbook, it makes a huge difference.

Thought yours looked a bit elevated, wasn't sure.

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/g/ reporting

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Please leave.

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I use a dualshock pad with a cheap usb-adapter for ps2, arcade, amiga and dos. games like super hang on play nicely with the analog sticks. I have a 22" screen which I sometimes turn to the side for shmups or future pinball.

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test: the sequel

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Is there any adapter that can do both NES and SNES to USB? If not what is the best SNES -> USB adapter /vr/ has found?

pls respond

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i just ordered a snes controller to usb adapter off retrozone

Their NES usb adapter has worked flawlessly since I got it a year or two ago. Of course it'll take a shipping cycle to give an accurate review

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I have that cheap mayflash 2x SNES to USB, it works just fine.

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I just use my pc, and a dual port playstation controller to usb adapter.

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It's the best way to go from a computer to a 15KHz CRT monitor. Pure RGB, straight through.

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Not OP, but I use a cheap VGA to S-Video box, I posted some images and a link to the box in the CRT thread

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