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Since I'll never be able to own a Dreamcast, I guess I'll just ask any VF fans out there: What are your thoughts on the DC version of VF3? Do you think it makes any substantial improvements over 2?

I'd like to track down a DC for a select few games I wanted to play, but I already have VF4:Evolution, so there may be no reason to go back to VF3. But I suppose there may be some special quality about it that makes it worth looking into.

Also, general Virtua Fighter thread.

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Who's the best virtua fighter, and why is it Shun Di?

Also I just got VF4E today, what should I expect?

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Virtual fighter kids.

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>what should I expect?
Lots of grinding for ranks and shop points

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To answer OP

Big Virtua Fighter fan. I love it. 3 was awesome, played the crap out of it. I feel like it got a bit overshadowed by Soul Caliber

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you can emulate it in demul just fine
the throw system in vf3 makes much more sense than vf2 and the side dodge made the gameplay 3d for real finally.
stages are big on having uneven terrain and slopes.

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My favorite VF ever. Sad that they couldn't continue and expand the technological progress 3 made, but whatever. DC port is fine (at least the NA version, which included Vs. Mode unlike the JP version), but was clearly rushed. Still, it runs in 60 fps, and looks fairly close to Model 3. Closer than VF2 Saturn was to VF2 arcade, and that port got nothing but praise.

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More webms

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Best glitch ever

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>Since I'll never be able to own a Dreamcast
Why? They’re small, cheap, plentiful, and easy to pirate for.

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Haven't been able to track one down in the 10+ years I've been looking for one. eBay resellers want to charge highway robbery for their half-functioning (or completely dead) systems with no controllers or hookups.

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I love it. Its alot of fun with two players at the same level. Its the only fighting game with real 3d stages, aside from bushido blade. I but think its more playable than bushido blade. Yes there are also fighting games with 3d stages like power stone, but I am talking about fighting games without projectile weapons and no items.

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by 3d stage I mean not flat. es doas stages are a bit varied too in height but not nearly as virtua fighter3

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never really liked fighting games, but there is definitely something special about vf3 to me. love all the music, character designs and stages. The old japanese tournaments are fun as hell to watch.