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It may be totally 90's as fuck and weird character design, but I absolutely love it

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Last Bronx is cool. I never see anyone talk about it either way though

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Hey i like last bronx too. That makes two then.

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Jokingly started this with a friend of mine with the thought that we would get bored of it and would have a laugh at how ridiculous aspects were. While we did laugh (Y for yelling at a horse exclusively , K for Klimb) we've had a lot of fun finding the runes and sharing progress. Though I can't wait to try later games in the series, the amount of effort it takes to do certain things and the lack of direction (as well as zero GUI and the general age of the game) will turn people away.

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Soul of the Samurai. I see it dismissed a lot as a low effort RE clone, but I love the timing-base combat and weapon collecting, the comfy setting and the save point haikus

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I only know fighters megamix but I loved the music from fighting vipers. The characters are cool too.

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i love last bronx. didn't know this cover but I love it too

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anarchy in the nippon is cool too

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This looks intriguing

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it's pretty good and has a lot of moves

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Last Bronx is great. I'm still upset there isn't a way to emulate it better. The arcade version doesn't have the cool console extras, the PC version blows and I can't justify buying the PS2 version since I'd only play it a little.

Why isn't this on PSN already?

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>and I can't justify buying the PS2 version since I'd only play it a little.
Why haven't you FMCB'd your PS2 yet?

Stop giving money to jewish scalpers.

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I think that was developed by the VF2 Saturn guys

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I tried this years ago, not sure how I did it, but I have a SwapMagic disc and a memory card with Free McBoot on it. I think I have a memory of sticking something into the PS2 as well (it's a slim).

When I tried running a burned game and nothing happened. Doesn't bother me much since I have 130+ PS2 games now, it'd be nice to play some japan exclusives though.