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Whats yours?

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Series: R-Type
Single game: Radiant Silvergun

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Cho Ren Sha, nigga.

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That's a tricky question, because I've played so many good ones. I'll go with M.U.S.H.A. It's the game that got me into shmups.

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pretty much anything by compile is great
all their shmups are 7 at least, mostly 8s and 9s no exaggeration

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t. console kiddy

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tfw the goat shmup dev was console only...

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but cave only made stg for the arcade

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R-Type all the way.
I even like R-Type Final

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Mr. Heli
Galaga 88

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This. Also best game coming through.

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series: R-Type (Raiden is a close second)
single game: Dodonpachi Daioujou

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My fav fly & shoot is Musha Aleste.

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This game is great but imo not really a true shmup.

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II > I > Delta > III > Final

>inb4 Leo
I don't consider it a true R-Type experience.

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Why on god's green earth is III below II?

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aka Truxton

first shmup I ever played, my dad picked up the japanese version from some market
it work on whatever genesis/mega drive I had at the time

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yeah, yeah call me a rube but I still love going back to DoDonPachi. I think the soundtrack makes it for me.

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boring as fuck first stage that drags on for like 5 minutes lol fuck that

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DoDonPachi is the peak of that series for sure.

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I don't care if anyone thinks this game is pleb, it's just really enjoyable to play

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nigga complie was ok but it didn't compare to the big arcade shooty companies, their main problem was stages that drag forever

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>ammo in a shmup

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Yeah because other STG don't have limited resources management but also easy as fuck to refill constantly to burn again

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>playing shmups to begin with
The benchmark of autism.

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Einhander fucking sucks. Play G-Darius, also on PSX.

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>the worst way to play G-Darius
How about no.

The only PSX shmups worth a damn are Gradius Gaiden and R-Type Delta, everything else is better off being played on a different platform for a superior experience.

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R-Type is a memory game. Gradius gaiden is boring. G-darius is the superior psx shmup.

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G-Darius is good, sure, but it's a terrible port on PSX. You should do yourself a favour and play the Taito Legends 2 version of it.

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It was PSX exclusive for years and it has boss rush mode, arcade version lacks,

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PSX has the best version of Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius.

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So does Sega Saturn, the superior STG machine.

Whatever dude, enjoy your slowdowns if that floats your boat.

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Its really not that bad. MAME emulation is even worse/

GDarius is the most fun shmup play on hardest difficulty boss rush mode.

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Really? Interesting.
It's probably Dogyuun for me, though I'm the guy that made the Mars Matrix thread.
Compile went on to make arcade game in their Raizing days (at least some key devs)

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>Sega Saturn
>the superior STG machine
Pick one.

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Axelay or Thunder Force IV

Also is there a chart for shmups?

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I was about to do one yesterday, actually. However, I still feel just a tiny bit uninformed to do a full chart. After so many years I still haven't gotten into all the good stuff properly.

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I'm going to write down the ideas I had. I'm going to omit the summaries as to why each game is where it is.

Most Impactful Games (If you haven't played the genre and want to know which games were key in this genre's history)
Honorable mention: Space Invaders by Taito from 78. I won't be listing single screen 2-way movement games, however.
82/83: Xevious (Namco)
84: 1942 (Capcom), Star Force (Tehkan, Tecmo)
85: Tiger Heli (Toaplan), Gradius, Twinbee (Konami)
86: Salamander (Konami)
87: Flying Shark, Twin Cobra (Toaplan), R-Type (Irem), Darius (Taito), 1943 (Capcom)
88: Image Fight (Irem), Truxton (Toaplan), Gradius II (Konami)
89: This year is mostly refinement afaik
90: Raiden (Seibu Kaihatsu)
91: Again, mostly refinement, I think
92: Aero Fighters (Video System)
93: Batsugun (Toaplan), Raiden II (Seibu Kaihatsu), Sengoku Ace (Psikyo)
94: Gunbird (Psikyo), Raiden DX (Seibu Kaihatsu), Rayforce (Taito)
95: Strikers 1945 (Psikyo), DonPachi (Cave)
96: Battle Garegga (Raizing), Sengoku Blade (Psikyo)
97: DoDonPachi (Cave), Zero Gunner (Psikyo)
98: Radiant Silvergun (Treasure)
99: Giga Wing (Takumi), Gradius IV (Konami)
00: Mars Matrix (Takumi), Dragon Blaze (Psikyo)
01: Ikaruga (Treasure), Zero Gunner II (Psikyo)
02: DoDonPachi DaiOuJou (Cave)
03+ (retro only): Ketsui (Cave), other Naomi titles (Companies: G.rev, Milestone)

Most other Namco, Taito, Toaplan, Capcom, Konami, Cave, Psikyo, Raizing, Irem and Seibu Keihatsu shooters come recommended, and I'm sure some anons will add games from other companies that had less impact but still made some nice shooters (like the Data East shooters just as an example)
This is less based on personal favorites, since mine is probably Dogyuun.

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how do you not have a single compile shooter there

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It's a toss up between Zanac x Zanac or Nemesis '90改

I don't really have a preference for horizontal or vertical, but I can't stomach bullet-hell / Touhou shit at all. Static shooters are okay, but I generally don't like rail shooters.

Console vs. arcade: I'm probably more of a console pleb than not. Console-exclusive shoot-'em-ups are fine as long as there's no slowdown. Arcade-to-console ports don't usually fare as well since those seem to be mostly emulated (input lag) or are shitty, under-budgeted, unoptimized code ports that drop frames or come to a crawl whenever there's heavy action on the screen.

Honorable mention goes to PC Engine. Hudson's Soldier series is often overlooked overseas, maybe because it never made it to the arcades. 'Caravan' shooters were nonetheless a popular niche in Japan for a while.

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I only included ARCADE shooters. Compile is fine, though I'll admit they would have only gotten a special mention in the end at best. Their games were fine though they didn't have as much of an impact in the grand scheme of things.

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Bullet Hell =/= 2hu shit
See: Mars Matrix

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Because Compile fucking blows.

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>memory game.
I never understood this complaint about R-Type. All shmups require some degree of memorization in order to 1cc.

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Maybe he means it's more needed than usual, or that memorization helps more than usual.
Nah, it's just that bloating the list with console or doujin games would be unnecessary since arcades are the top tier shooters in general, the ones that set the precedents.

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Tyrian 2000, I loved it as a kid and it's still my favorite.

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This and Dragon Blaze. Psikyo at their peak. The first R-Type and Gradius IV are my favourite classic shoot 'em ups. Ketsui and ESPrade are the best bullet hells.

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What subgenre would you classify the Psikyo games in? You seem to not consider them neither classic style nor bullet hell.
Have you played any other shooter since?

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I would say they're bullet hell if I had to categorize them as just one thing. But they feel like the perfect middle ground between classic vertical shooters and bullet hells. They have fast bullets, decently sized hitboxes and more emphasis on survival over scoring. But the hitboxes are still rather small, scoring has some complexity (or a lot in Dragon Blaze's case) and some patterns can put Dodonpachi to shame. They're also much shorter than most classic verts.

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Underrated game, similar to R-Type.

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I've seen some people call 90's bullet hells as "manic shooters"
Ballin' as fuck

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This is its own thing, really.

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Mah nigga, I imported the PS3 version on a whim, and I fucking love it!

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(Not him)
It is indeed top tier bullet hell material due to how fast paced it is. The bullet patterns are also very unique and cool, as well as the scoring system.
Too bad bullet hells would become easier and slower afterward. But that's not /vr/ material so cool.

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Surprised nobody else posted this.

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Garegga for baddies.

>homing shot types
>no more bullets that blend in with the backgrounds

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Not him but Batrider is pretty damn good. Having alternative ways to lower rank other than just killing yourself is better design, and you don't HAVE to pick homing types (in fact, some of the straight ones are crazy good for advanced scoring and the like). Garegga is still very good, hating on either is just pretty crazy.
The charged shots are very cool, as well as the crazier enemy formation and pattern design. Garegga is a more focused and tight experience, which is good too but it's another kind of appeal.

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Also, if you enjoy visibility issues, APB still has some of that. Watch here at around 8:35
The foreground ceiling part can block bullet visibility (they pass under it). I've been killed in this part quite a few times due to this.

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Based choice, anon. There's a reason I put that game here >>4574001

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Nostalgia goggles are probably a big part of it but I adore aerofighrers 2, also mao mao a cute

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Yeah, the Neo Geo Aero Fighters are pretty meh outside of aesthetic stuff I guess, they got nothing on Psikyo games.

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I like TOAPLAN shooters because of how creative and influential they were. Did you know they invented the BOMB button?

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Nice falseflag, idiot. If you're not making fun of me then ignore what I just said.

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I'll just leave my horribly outdated tier list here.

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Well, horribly outdated indeed, this was probably made within the same year you got into these games.
Battle Garegga / Darius Gaiden in the same tier as a cool but made for console game and 2hu shit is just so lol it could be classified as bait.

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Yeah maybe I should've excluded the touhou stuff because
>not retro

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Well, there are retro Touhou games. That doesn't make them worthy of being nowhere near close even the average good arcade shooter. They aren't even the best retro doujin shooters (Cho Ren Sha)

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Ok, let's try this again.

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>Gradius (NES)
What the fuck, anon. It's not bad, but what are you smoking.

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>Einhander fucking sucks.
fuck off you donut.
opinion discarded.

most would say doj is, i personally think the peak is likely the dodonpachi campaign version.

>I've been killed in this part quite a few times due to this.
then you're a shit player who doesn't know what to do, i never lost a single run there.

2 is where it's at.

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Not my genre, but i like Steel Empire alot.

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I was very young when I first started playing Final Fight, though.
Anyway, is that list so bad, ignoring the shitty name? If you think it's bad besides ad hominems then that's OK, I just want your genuine input.

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>r-type in c tier
>strikers in b tier
>2hu shite in s tier


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lol I thought this was another thread and about Sodom, by bad.
Well, to be fair that only happened the first few times if anything until I noticed what was happening.

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well garegga and batsugun are the start of the modern era but garegga is a massive homage to yagawas fav game gun frontier. depends what you mean by impact, popularity or influence? if the latter forget ikaruga it's a complete stand alone that inspired nothing after it, psyvariar revision belongs on the list for pioneering graze mechanics to the finest degree.

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I kinda like how simple that game is. Also I haven't played any other version of Gradius 1.

>> No.4576945

>I haven't played any other version of Gradius 1
It should be very obvious, but the arcade original is better. Also, 2 (Arcade), 4 and Gaiden are better games.
Gun Frontier is a strong contender to be added to my list, that's for sure. My list is mostly dedicated to the games that had a big impact in how the genre developed. I was about to not include Ikaruga and almost added Psyvariar, yeah.

>> No.4576967

Just want to add that my list is in no way perfect, it was just a quick draft I made.
I even said I didn't feel ready to make this entirely by myself since I'm not very knowledgeable on non-retro shoot 'em ups (which is why you see slip ups like Ikaruga), I'd gladly appreciate some suggestions like yours so it could be improved and then made into a pic with some text to explain why the games are there.

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Yeah it's insanely fun, both survival and scoring are so aggressive and frantic even with the slow ship speeds

>> No.4578220

Aggressive bullet hells are a joy, they feel more like a true evolution of games like Truxton than the slow ass bullets ones.

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>Underrated game

and this.

>> No.4578318

what platforms is that one on?

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One of the most infuriating quotes from an e-celeb that I've come across:
"I remember why no one remembers Irem."
Right next to saying Fire Shark has Raiden elements.

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Super Aleste/Space Megaforce.

Not the most visually impressive or challenging, but it has heart and soul.
A game I always come back to. As fun now as it was the first time I played it all those years ago.

I've put a ton of time into Darius Gaiden too. Fuck Zone M though, I just can't do it.

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Super Aleste drags a bit to me.

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Shmup newfag here, I'm interested in the R-Type series. What else should I play too? I've played Panzer Dragoon but I don't think that counts

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Gradius and Darius ofcourse, also Dragon Blaze

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>Shmup newfag
>R-Type series
Those games are hard even by arcade shoot 'em up standards.
If you're interested in horizontal shooters, try Thunder Force III, a made for Mega Drive game, is cool and easy. Start with the Haides stage to memorize it and then you should be able to do the rest. No need to 1CC, just beat it with the limited credits (press A+Start on the title screen to access options).
Then try Thunder Force IV, which is a harder made for console hori.
After that, get into arcade 1CC. Try Nemesis as your first. If you can manage a 1-ALL here then try R-Type; it may seem a big jump in difficulty at first but endure it, it's a game that interests you after all.
Dragon Blaze counts as retro, I'm pretty sure the hardware is older than 2000.
And >>4583046 , ignore his suggestions, particularly Dragon Blaze and, within the Gradius series, III Arcade. Nemesis 1 (western Gradius 1 arcade) is recommended for noobies though. These are good, just hard.

>> No.4583346

The A+Start code also works for TFIV.

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I don't have much experience with the genre, but so far, somehow, only western shmups tend to more or less stick with me. I mean, in J2ME days, I've completed like 500 games on my C380 (yes, in glorious 128x128), including quite a lot of shmups. The only ones to impress me? Alpha Wing 2 of vertical ones (AW1 is horizontal and is horrendous fucking crap even in the full-fledged version), Ixion and Xyanide 2D out of horizontal ones. Also that Siemens C55 game, you know the one. Anyways, all of them were western, all had problems (Xyanide in particular), but they stuck with me. Some time ago I even downloaded Ixion (by the way, the same devs made mobile port of R-type) and Xyanide 2D and finally managed to complete them, and you know what? still considered them to be really good games.
On the other hand, I have recently been starved for shmups, so I download a bunch of PC ones from 1998-2002 from O-Gru and 3DSL. Now, what do you know, Darius Gaiden is inane whatthefuckthateven is with zero sense of impact and at least couple of frames of input lag, all the doujins are utter fucking crap you would expect from an otaku, all the casual ones are utter shit, bottom line is, the only one worth a damn is Solaris 104. That is DESPITE it being flashstravaganza and "whatthefuck is even shooting at me and from where" (at least that counts as SOME sort of idea, I mean, distinguishing enemies from animated backgrounds).
I take a look at first 3 Gradiuses and two R-types at longplays.org - and what do you know, they are utter crap as well (although I knew R-type was crap from that mobile port from Ixion devs, which was actually very accurate).
Point is, I am starved for a shmup with good extremely responsive controls, neither a flashstravaganza or a bullethell, which is built not around memorization or reaction, but about understanding certain general principles of "playing it right", and which supports "pistolstarting" levels. Any recommendations?

>> No.4583496

actually give Gradius 2 a shot. I don't see why you wouldn't like it

>> No.4583512

>only western shmups tend to more or less stick with me.
Western shoot 'em ups have a very different appeal than arcade or made for console Japanese ones. The latter are pretty much based around pure, tight gameplay and challenge, while the former are usually less polished, with more sim-like elements (acceleration, heat...), saves between stages and being much longer, with stuff like shops.
You won't like arcade shooters if you liked "euroshmups" for their exclusive elements unless you are open minded.
I don't get your complaints on Darius Gaiden, though. How are you playing it?
Why do you think the Gradius and R-Type games look like crap?
>which is built not around memorization or reaction
You won't find any game ever that's like this unless it's turn based, anon. EVERY action game is based on execution.

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My friend and I bought it on a whim at EB games forever ago. Best random purchase ever

>> No.4583530

Well, first of all, it's basically Gradius/LifeForce remix WITH MUH GRAFX. Second, it's extremely traditional throughout first three games down to starting the games from the same movement pattern and overall being bent of carrying its local Dank Memes with pride. Which leads to the third complaint, the main one. Multiple, as the main series gimmick is just retarded (well, R-Type's forceattach gimmick is more retarded, at least, Gradius' one is just mediocre, not actively annoying)*), it's just, you and your 4 drones fill the entire screen with shit, everything dies, the only thing left being projectile evasion, which didn't even seem all that interesting in G1-G2.
tl;dr: My main gripes with Gradius are multiple gimmick which is simply not a good idea considering the fucking spread on the full tail, and the series being extremely traditional due to being an obvious milking cow/franchise of its time.

>> No.4583546

Well, I simply don't get Darius Gaiden. Primarily design-wise. Action isn't satisfying, controls aren't sharp enough, I really don't get art-direction, the levels are too short, and in general the only game with a pyramidal level structure I happen to like is OutRun, and in a shmup I would gladly prefer having linear structure. In other words, the whole thing just felt extremely haphazard or something. I really didn't get its point.

>> No.4583552

>Gradius/LifeForce remix WITH MUH GRAFX
(This is for arcade GII): Except being much more polished than Gradius with different bosses for each stage, weapon setups, loops that are double the length with a better challenge. Life Force is a cool game but a far more gimmick affair, what with alternating hori with vert perspective and stuff like the memorization-based speed level at the end. Gradius II is the first amazing game in the series (the previous two are merely groundbreaking but don't stack up that well to later games). It's like you haven't played these and are only judging them solely based on a quick impression by looking at them at YouTube or something.
The "multiple" complaint is a bit over the top and I'll explain why:
1. This genre is mainly focused around dodging anyway
2. You still need to position them properly, particularly if you have a laser and not double. Which is easier said than done in some tight places.
3. Getting power-ups increases the rank system: this means that enemies and their shots are faster and more aggressive the more powerful you are, and thus it means this system has some deep risk / reward element to it.
About the series being traditional, that's not true. Gradius III, the most traditional one, has some gimmicky stuff which makes it the worst arcade entry. IV has a very different rank and interaction system. And V fuses Gradius with bullet hell elements. Gaiden has the customizable power meter and stuff. Both Salamanders deviate quite a bit in obvious ways, and the Parodius ones have TwinBee elements and, again, an exclusive rank system.

>> No.4583556

Basically, what I need is something slower, more methodical, more, like, a "thinking man's shmup", which you would need to master level by level (hence the need for level select) and where the difference between completing a level and not completing a level lies in understanding or not understanding a certain principle the game designers have meant to teach you. Alpha Wing 2 and some level of Ixion were exactly like that.

>> No.4583557

>Action isn't satisfying
You'll need to expand on this since it's too general.
>controls aren't sharp enough
Standard, smooth 8-way movement? Maybe your set up had too much input lag.
>the levels are too short
I think this is your preference for euroshmups showing, remember that this is a game meant for the arcade. It may be short, but that doesn't make it bad.
I also don't get the problem with the routes, you can stick to the same one until you can beat the game if that bothers you.

>> No.4583558

Yeah, you're an euroshmup guy, as I suspected. Then stay away from arcade / Japanese games.
Try Tyrian, Stargunner and Jets n Guns.

>> No.4583561


>> No.4583604

Have a question about precision in shmups.
Every single shmup I tired, required some really pixel precise manoeuvring to go through a bullet curtain.
Normally I would expect some analog input or something but aparently arcade machines had stick which essentially was a d-pad or I am missing something?
Also every single directional input, move the ship/plane far more than I want, sometimes I can hold primary fire to slow down the ship and add some precision but otherwise its still pretty unwieldy.

Is it me or games requiring precision do not have a very precise controls?

>> No.4583608

the controls are precise, you just move at a fixed speed.

>> No.4583619

What >>4583608 said, you need to tap to dodge. And yes, it's digital, 8-way with fixed speed. Some bullet hells, as you've pointed out, like the staple DoDonPachi, feature ways to slow down your movement by holding the shooting button so that you can more easily micrododge.
You just have to get used to it; when you do, the smooth movement becomes the main appeal of these games. I think not using a bad D-pad helps; a keyboard works perfectly fine, for instance.

>> No.4583627

The thing is, when I want to go through circle shaped, two rows of bullets pattern, even this tap is not precise enough to let me maneuver through.
Which is annoying because I feel like I could do that have a little more precise control.

>> No.4583632

Analog controls would do more harm than good unless you have some amazing sticks because it's easy to overshoot, or not move the stick quite enough. The consistency of digital controls is perfect.

>> No.4583634

The controls are not the issue, trust me, you're just used to euroshmup controls.

>> No.4583637

it's precise enough, you just need some practice. digital movement allows you to change directions at full speed on frame 1. it takes more time on an analog stick to change directions at full speed unless you're smashing the stick, and considering how much free movement there is in these games that would be annoying and really difficult to execute. What you want to do is, if you overshoot with your movement, use the fact that the controls are digital to quickly correct your movements by tapping back a little after an overshoot.

>> No.4583653

Probably, especially that people can 1CC them with controls as they are.
I guess I'll try to get better at it.

Despite me sucking at it, shmups are mad fun genre as long as you dont credit feet it.

>> No.4583710

Multiple is fucking awesome actually it leads to some really creative challenges particularly in the moai stages of the later games as you have to position your options just right to get enough damage output and kill enemies you cant hit directly but also use them defensively, surround your ship with multiple to destroy moai bullets and make walls of your options to hide yourself. Its just a very deep mechanic that can used in many ways both offensively and defensively.

>> No.4583714
File: 270 KB, 1200x1200, pulstar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Give Pulstar a try. Personally i don't like the graphics (pre-rendered CGI) but it plays just like R-Type.

>> No.4583764

Some games are still decently fun when credit fed: the ones that are checkpoint based, like most Toaplan games. There aren't many, though, this was mostly a late 80's / early 90's thing.

>> No.4583852
File: 908 KB, 1280x1024, retroarch 2016-10-22 02-18-08-92.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pretty much every shmup I played turns credit feeding into a immortality cheat.

Often you get back weapons and upgrades you collected, often they are flying all around, you just have to catch them while in initial invincibility mode after getting destroyed.

Damage to the boss and enemies is being carried over and in some cases, when you being destroyed, you will explode which damage a boss additionally.
Sometimes boss dies just because you exploded and not because you were any good.

Also, credit feeding in my experience just lead to you holding shoot button and pressing continue when killed.
Because of that you never get to develop new strategies because, even a no strategy is enough to go through the game.

Credit feeding is something that turns every shmup into "hold fire button to win", is not like you can get killed anyway.

>> No.4583857

not so with Gradius III, you go back to teh beginning of the stage with no powerups. it's like continuing in a Castlevania game.

>> No.4583881
File: 25 KB, 320x224, 565635-parodius-sega-saturn-screenshot-fantastic-journey-just-crazy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Parodius FJ

>> No.4583968

I didn't mention Pulstar, I mentioned "checkpoint based, like most Toaplan games". You got two posts mixed up.
And yes, credit feeding destroys any game that makes you respawn right where you died. Which is why people don't credit feed these games. If you care about scoring or accessing some later loops / true final bosses (like the game in your pic) you can't continue at all, as well.
Also, yeah, there are some games that don't let you continue, like the Gradius series as mentioned here >>4583857

>> No.4584002

TFW Hamster is porting all these shitty Neo Geo games to console while ignoring all of Taitos GOAT shmups

>> No.4584019

Taito is probably the most important company for shoot 'em ups having essentially quickstarted the genre with Space Invaders, publishing the early super influential Toaplan games as well as making stuff like the Darius games, RayForce and other, less influential but very fucking solid games.
Neo Geo shooters usually aren't as good, sadly, since horis weren't in fashion anymore and those only supported horizontal screens iirc.

>> No.4584041


That's quite unplayable with the degree of input delay with Retroarch. Nobody in their right mind would think of using RA to emulate shoot-'em-ups.

>> No.4584098

Yeah, I think that anon is having a bad impression on these games due to input lag as I've mentioned before.

>> No.4585146


I really like Leo, but I'm not too familiar with the series. Why is Leo not a true R Type experience?

>> No.4585150

He doesn't know the Japanese version actually has checkpoints.

>> No.4585156

Force pod mechanic is completely different. R-Type is to Leo as Castlevania is to Super Castlevania IV.

>> No.4585167

That's the gayest thing I've ever heard and I browse /jp/

>> No.4585260
File: 78 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't really know shit about schmups but I downloaded that big MAME collection that was posted here a while back and really dug this one. it just feels right.

>> No.4585306

Psikyo is awesome, check out 19XX The War Against Destiny too

>> No.4585442

It's a classic. Are you infinitely continuing without consequences, though? If you do, you'll get bored very fast with these games.

>> No.4585472

why did so many shmups come out for xbox 360, and isn't it awkward playign shmups with a 360 d-pad?

>> No.4585503


Me too bro, I picked this up from a rental store when they were selling all their 16-bit stock to make room for more PS1 games. I fell in love with it pretty quickly, though I never finished it. Great game.

>> No.4585530
File: 107 KB, 640x640, 12907322_869413959834839_1541999191_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I also like this game.

>> No.4585560

It's not about carefully planning your force pod placement to block bullets but about using it as a really powerful homing attack. It's also a very easy game and lacks the R-Type horror atmosphere. It's more like one of those R-Type clones rather than part of the series. Fun, well made game with a neat OST though.

>> No.4585802

Bakuretsu Breaker

>> No.4585852

>it just feels right.
enjoy the second loop kek.

>> No.4585926

1. They chose to port arcades to that console due to the online leader-boards or something. Still a mistake, considering these games were mostly popular in Japan while that console wasn't there. Probably contributed to their death (not 100% but you get me)at the end of that console's lifespan.
2. Most players plug in an arcade stick, just like SFIV players on the same console.
If you haven't played the original then you really should, it's one of my personal favorites and it's around the top 10-20 most influential arcade vertical shooters.

>> No.4587875

Is there any shmup's on android that support controller's?

>> No.4588014

Best game.

>> No.4588018

Emulation, maybe?
Not him but it's indeed fucking classic.

>> No.4588035

best horizontal shooters

>> No.4588441


The R-Type ports by DotEmu support controllers.

>> No.4588452

DotEmu is fucking crap.

>> No.4588458


Why do you say that?

>> No.4588471

Their emulators are stolen from Gametap and the ROM files are ancient ROM sets, and the NeoGeo BIOS archive includes every version of Unibios. If DotEmu was going for the sloppiest and least legal job possible, they sure achieved it. I recommend avoiding the thing entirely unless you really want to not feel bad about downloading the ROMs, because this is worse in every way.

>> No.4588485


Whats the difference between an old ROM dump and a more recent one? The game is exactly the same is it not?

>> No.4588494

Not him, but why do you think those dumps get updated at all? Wouldn't it make sense if there was a, you know, reason?

>> No.4588496


I don't know, please explain

>> No.4588504


"I had ROMs that worked with an old version of MAME and now they don't. What happened?
As time passes, MAME is perfecting the emulation of older games, even when the results aren't immediately obvious to the user. Often times the better emulation requires more data from the original game to operate. Sometimes the data was overlooked, sometimes it simply wasn't feasible to get at it (for instance, chip "decapping" is a technique that only became affordable very recently for people not working in high-end laboratories). In other cases it's much simpler: more sets of a game were dumped and it was decided to change which sets were which version."
source: http://wiki.mamedev.org/index.php/FAQ:ROMs

>> No.4588536


How can i check what version of a MAME ROM i have and where is a good source for recent ROM dumps?

>> No.4589980

Is there any way to play radient Silvergun on my phone (android) I want to play the original mame stv version with a controller in portrait? Any ideas?

>> No.4589993

I've never bothered with mame emulator till today I also got high end pc but I'd much rather ply on my phone with controller. I had mess around earlier playing raden but I couldn't remove the onscreen controls and they didn't want play in portrait either and none of the emus I tried have let me play radient Silvergun

>> No.4590128

That sounds like too much lag

>> No.4592124

yeah i gave up on radiant silvergun
but i installed Ikaruga on my pc instead along with bullet soul, raidenv, crimzen clover.
and installed aka to blue on my phone which is a fucking good game! all this should keep me happy for awhile

>> No.4592131

I haven't tried Raiden V but so far it seems to have been a disappointment among fans, while IV was better received. Too sad, I like seeing Toaplan-style games still being relevant

>> No.4592214

desu i picked it because it looked quite good from videos but weren't happy there's no portrait support. i will mostly likely get raiden 4 soon. that does support portrait display

>> No.4592260
File: 1.16 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180216-160241.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

out all the games i got im enjoying aka to blue the most. although I'm still after a decent SHMUP that does support both controller and portrait without going down the emulation root.

>> No.4592270

Glad you see you have fun with these. Not familiar with Aka to Blue and not interested in mobile stuff, though.

>> No.4592292

It's by some former CAVE developers

>> No.4592294

Cave is a bit hit or miss to me, particularly post-/vr/ (which is to say, post-PGM) so I don't know if that's a good or a bad thing.

>> No.4592334

I'd also like to add their emulators have masses of lag. Made Raiden unplayable for me.

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