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>first game had more open and exploration-heavy levels
>second and third games had more small / linear levels

What happened? Were they trying to copy Crash?

or am I just a faggot mis-remembering things since I haven't played Spyro 3 in forever

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I think it's more that the first game is inspired by Mario 64 while the sequels changed the inspiration to Banjo Kazooie (more linearity and "variety")

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Spyro 1 has the best levels, Spyro 2 has the best hubs and Spyro 3 has the best minigames

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Spyro 3 also had the worst minigames (boxing)

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who the fuck wants minigames in a platformer?

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How do I get into Spyro 2 and 3?
I could play 1 over and over again but I tried 2 and 3 and just doesnt click the same way

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Unlike in 1 where 100%ing improves the experience, try not to do it in 2 an 3. Complete all the stuff you like in the games while ignoring the parts that may bore you and you'll have enough to progress.

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Crash and Spyro developers had a close relationship. Both franchises contained secret demos of each others games on the disc.

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The problem with these games is that they're way too fucking easy. You can finish them in like 4 hours dying maybe once or twice, if even that.

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so play through it again. make your own challenges. there is some pretty cool shit you can do with the movement.

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Not every single game has to be Dark Souls, anon.

The fun of Spyro games is not the difficulty, but the exploration of every level and collecting every last thing.

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>the exploration of every level
There is no exploration in Spyro games. Every level is almost a linear circuit with the exception of Tree Tops.

>collecting every last thing.
I thought Spyro fans said the game wasn't a collectathon :^)

Also the self-imposed challenge thing is pathetic. There isn't even anything in the game that tracks it, like 3 hearts in Zelda at least does.

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>Also the self-imposed challenge thing is pathetic.
>There isn't even anything in the game that tracks it
What does that have to do with anything? Are you really so autistic you need blinking lights on the screen to tell you how much fun you're having?

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>There is no exploration in Spyro games.
It takes talent to be this stupid.

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Even Naughty Dog said that Spyro was basically Mario 64 with walls. There's no open world to explore. Just a series of 'rooms' (some bigger than others) which connect to each other in a mostly linear fashion.

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>Just a series of 'rooms' (some bigger than others)

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spyro has some of the funnest movement in 3d platforming and some of the most well-flowing and aesthetically pleasing stages.

people who hate it because it's not hard are brainless cunts who have entirely missed the point.

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>le Souls meme
You have to go back; global rule #2