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2018... I am forgotten

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Why has Sega turned their back on him? When will he return to his rightful place as their mascot?

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Why do we care? 2018 is not retro

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That jelly-filled doughnut looks delicious.

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Have gotten to the last level of mircale world 20+ times. Never got out of the castle.

I haven't forgotten

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A particular room giving you trouble? There's at least two alternate routes I think

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>It's that water room with all the spikes.
I think it's pretty much over after that room too.

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You basically just need to save your invulnerability item for that room and speed through it before it wears off.

That's basically the only way you're getting through there without giving yourself a hernia.

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You were never good. GOOD RIDDANCE

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Imagine the timeline where Alex Kidd carried on as Sega's mascot, and he had a fanbase that was equally as insane & toxic as Sonic's.

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No, no, NO!
You don't need to have invincibility to pass the top spikes. Just do this. Go to the bottom of the screen. Now let Alex float up and hit his head on the top spikes. DON'T PRESS UP. He'll hit his head on the spikes harmlessly and you can pass. Never press up while you're on the spikes.

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This. I was so mad when I found out so many years later.

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Can't you just skip the first room that collapse after the entrance with a cane?
But yeah, I remember as a kid among Master System owners, that "The Castle" was dreaded.

Nah, Alex Kidd doesn't have that much anthropomorphic characters. It wouldn't be worse than what Mario has to endure.

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I like them.

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The weak should fear the strong.

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It is the duty of the strong to destroy the weak

You sound obese.

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Sega (like always) sabotaged him. Made him look uglier after every iteration past miracle world. Plus, I remember reading somewhere the same team that was working on his eventual comeback with Enchanted Castle was also working on the first sonic game and eventually they got more excited by the new IP and left AK aside.

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You were never remembered.

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You sound like you didn't get the reference.

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