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is this game good?

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I bought a copy of that game once for cheap from a secondhand store and it completely failed to work on any PC I installed it on. This was like 15 years ago.

Couldn't tell you, it sounded decent at the time

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This is a 20 posts at most game

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it's essentially a good game, but deeply flawed.

the handling in the game is completely fucked. if hit by another car (and believe me, this happens often), your car will bounce around like a pinball. while this is might be justified on the ground of the cars being hover cars, it doesn't make it less frustrating. this becomes even more frustrating when you take into account that non hostile cars simply DON'T STOP for you. you need to enter a garage by the side of the road, so you bring the car to a stop before trying to manuever it into the port. however, the traffic behind to continues as usual, and if someone hits you, you bounce away like a pinball (the heavier vehicles encountered in the last district can potentially send you flying kilometers away, not kidding).

there's also the glitchy collision detection. this is usually just a minor time killer when you try to enter car ports, but it potentially becomes dangerous if you touch the railings next to water. you don't even have to apply force, just touching these railings is often enough to glitch you to the other side, plunging you into a watery death.

in spite of these issues, I still found it to be a highly enjoyable game. the graphics are excellent. especially the UI and the wall textures are masterfully designed, and contribute to the feeling of a bustling cyberpunk city. exploration is great. each district has its own quirks, and the sub areas have characteristics that make them memorable.

I understand that not everyone has the patience to ignore the shortcomings and play through the entire story. in fact, a lot of people actually even hate the game. I've seen many blog posts and youtube videos where it's treated like kusoge. however, I would recommend for everyone to at least give it a try.

also, don't bother with any of the ports. the DOS version is the definite version. the original issues persist in the ports, and the ports have shittier graphics and shittier performance.

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yes, i have played a few minutes and the driving is indeed horrible. too bad because i really love the visuals. i wish it was modded into a more normal driving game with better physics but as it is, i'm not sure i can stand it for long

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no game is good, get a job

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Why do you need someone else's opinion on this game?

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what job is good?

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nobody cares about this game :(

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Some dude on youtube, who is literally the embodiment of what /vr/ should be, covered it.

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Is it true that this game runs too fast on anything faster than a 486DX ?

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playing with cycles set to auto will make the game run too fast. you need to set a fixed number instead. personally, I have it set to 25000.

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Why don't you play it and find out?

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where do i change this?

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damn i thought the speed was normal but now it's a bit less hellish, thanks

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Quarantine 2: Road Warrior is pretty good and less annoying in some ways. It's not as random though, since you pick up your fares in order.

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I've only seen screenshots from that game, but to me, it seems like they fucked up the visuals completely. they kept some of the UI, but changed other parts, resulting in elements that clash with each other. the new "cartoony" style for the characters also seems to clash with the rather realistic cyberpunk style used for everything else.

did they fix the clunky handling?

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I for one really like the comic book style and addition of more cut scenes, the humor is pretty good as well. I actually played the second one first so maybe I'm biased. The handling hasn't changed at all, and is complete shit. Some things have been tweaked slightly, and for the most part things are a little less chaotic. If you get fucked over it's usually by something relating to the mission you're on and not just the environment around you being completely crazy.


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good? no
fun? yes

You must play with the original CD audio.

There are several annoying things about the gameplay like >>4567596 mentioned. However, I think the biggest flaw is how the story doesn't progress unless you do something that wouldn't always happen during normal gameplay and there are no hints or signs that push you in the right direction.

When I finally went to the second area it was somehow not as fun because of the differences while at the same time not being different enough to be interesting. I remember just using the hex editor in PCTools to find how to progress and then just restarting and sticking to the first area before finally getting bored of it.

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i just reached the second area too, it's not a great one, but from what i've seen here >>4567583 areas 3 and 4 seem far better.
i'm honestly impressed by this game, it has its own universe, nice detailed visuals, good humor and it basically invented gta and crazy taxi just one year after doom.
I don't get what you say by "the story doesn't progress unless you do something that wouldn't always happen during normal gameplay".
i thought the story missions happened after a certain number of normal rides but i'm not sure.

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the parklands look kinda bad because the engine isn't able to show a convincing natural environment.most of it is just a huge green field full of billboard sprites.

it gets better in the following districts. the last district had some of the visual highlights of the game, as it takes place during daytime.

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I remember watching someone speedrun it and they said you have to do a certain number of missions in a row to progress to the next story mission. When I played back in the day I had no way of knowing that and thought it was just random or based on a certain number of missions.

The time limits, everyone trying to kill you or push you around, having to constantly repair, and the map indicators being awful makes it pretty hard to actually get streaks even if you are trying for them, much less when you don't even know they are important.

I've always wanted to play through it completely (and the sequel) but it was hard to get into it when I tried.

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is it normal that this area lags a lot?

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the donut mission is impossible

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personally I never had any problems with it. you just have to memorise where to make the turns. it might also depend on where you take the mission. the distance from the target determines how much time you get, but this mechanic doesn't take topography into account. sometimes it's better to take the mission close to the target, at other times it's better to take it far away. I think the donut mission is better to take as close as possible.

however, the first time I completed it, my cash counter broke and began showing weird numbers. I reloaded and tried again, and it happened again and again. after a while, I concluded that the bug happened because my cash amount reached a "forbidden" number (iirc it was 34000). so the next time, I tried visiting a a repair shop and wasting cash on several armours before doing the mission, and that seemed to solve the problem. weird as fuck bug. iirc it also broke other parts of the UI.

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yeah i finally succeeded by saving several times and blasting everything on my way. i suppose i was lucky to start far away and on the big avenue