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After 4 years of work, the CRPG Book Project is finally finished! A free ebook with 528 pages, reviewing more than 400 RPGs from 1975 to 2015, plus dev interviews, mod tips and much more!


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Any index of games inluded in the book?

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Sharing ebooks is forbidden on this board.

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The author released it for free.

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Wow I haven't played even a 10th of that.

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>Felipe Pepe

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One of these things is not like the other, one of these things doesn't belong

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I haven't played even a 100th of that.

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It was released on PC in 2000.

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Yay he gave Falcom some recognition, the weeb in me can die happy.

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Sup RPG Codex, how's it goin'. Still a bunch of storyfags?

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>Every single Ultima game, even the shitty ones, have separate articles yet actually good games get ignored.

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Such as?

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>only reddit approved Japanese games are included
pure cancer

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So confirmed Reddit has better taste than 4chan.

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Not OP but that didn't stop other anon in the past few years from sharing several e-books or full scans from books like that.

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Does it contain any actual exclusive interviews with devs or is it just a compilation of new reviews and "borrowed" old quotes?

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Where's Dragon Slayer? I know it's considered to be a japanese action RPG rather than a computer RPG but I'm sure that game debuted on the PC88 so that kinda counts doesn't it?
The rest of the list is fine but I wonder why they included Kamidori Alchemy Meister because it borrows more from (japanese) adventure games and strategy RPGs than CRPGs.

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>one of the most important RPG series gets the attention it deserves, but some obscure shit didn't get mentioned

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>only RPGCodex approved Japanese games are included


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They are storyfags so yeah, Reddit.

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Some of the reviews were written by famous devs like Tim Cain or Chris Avellone.

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now it sounds interesting, thanks

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Doesn't matter,linking to them is forbidden.

I can assure you that he got reported and DMCA send to his address.
t.happened to me because anons here reported me

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I think I was the one who reported you. Good times.

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So is posting while underage but that didn't stop you

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Fuck off weebshitters. Global rule 2 and 4.

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On page 491 in a small box.
I don't think anybody involved even played those games since the descriptions are vague and wrong. DS doesn't use the same combat as Druaga since Druaga requires you to pull your sword.
Why include Sengoku out of all Rance games? It's like the book was written by the most casual casuals.

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You should follow Global Rule fuck and off

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Because the author likes it I guess, but most of the games on that list would be considered a strategy RPG by the japs anyway.

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Oh I believe you.
Mentally ill people are allowed to post here after all.

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>400 RPGs from 1975 to 2015
All the exact same fucking game about orcs and elves no doubt

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According to it CRPG are games like:
Sengoku Rance
Dwarf Fortress

so not exactly the same fucking games

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wouldn't mind getting something similar about adventure games, with at least 50% of the book being written about developers (rather than merely about games)

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They didn't like Oblivion. LIKED & SUBSCRIBED

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Oblivion has always been one of the most hated games on the Codex.


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Good, because it is genuinely a bad game.

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I find it weird that they don't completely hate inferior JRPG trash. I guess even the infantile Japanese can sometimes make games that might rival some of the Western systems they liked copying so much.

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As a big CRPG fan, this is awesome, thanks!

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laughing at this overboard review! oh man, is the whole site like this?

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Just started reading this. It's actually fantastic stuff. I'm picking up some graph paper tomorrow.

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RPGCodex on paper is about good taste, spreading the word about actually good RPGs and being endlessly critical of shitty stuff in the mainstream. Most games undergo scrutiny and there is no real sacred cow. People also call each other retarded faggots all the time, as there generally is little mod intervention until you start doxxing people or some shit like that.

The forums generally harbor some really cool posters that can talk in-depth and at length about their favourite games; the generals for Might & Magic or Wizardry are quite informative and fun to lurk if you just enjoy learning new shit from oldfags.

However, the fact that you can generally call anyone a retard sometimes stifles good discussion because some posters are quite insistent on using "u r a moron" as their default way out. It's like when you manage to find a good thread on /vr/ and someone shits it up
It used to be difficult to find meaningful discussion on jRPGs because "they are for fags", but when some dungeon crawler maniacs realized Japan's been remaking Wizardry over and over since forever, jRPGs actually started being discussed properly.
Forum prides itself on freedom of speech, so be prepared to face a whole bunch of ideologies that aren't moderated. Like that one dude who writes foot fetish porn, heils Hitler at breakfast and makes renowned Thief 2 fan missions. You really gotta divorce a dude who knows his shit about old dungeon crawlers from his other posts where he advocates genocide and jaywalking. Forum as a whole highly opposed to the SJW phenomenon/liberals,but still tolerates Roguey. Man who openly voiced his politically incorrect thoughts on immigration on that forum had the posts leaked by some fag to the public and it got him fired from Obsidian Entertainment.

Overall - fun place and might be worth digging for quality discussion or recommendations on good games. Their Top 70 cRPG list is generally well made and is worth showing to a complete beginner to the genre.

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muh c&c

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Don't get too interested, those are pretty much the only two noteworthy reviewers. They did Star Control 2 and Wasteland, respectively.

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There was a large portion of them who unironically think that Dark Souls is a shit game because it pretty much requires a controller, and any game that uses a controller is "popamole", so yes.

That Oblivion review is completely right though.

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I don't disagree with the opinion on Oblivion in general. I just think the ideological war it's waging is hilarious.

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It's written by the guy who later made Age of Decadence, so at least you can't fault him for being all talk and no action.

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Well, at least they want some kind of interactivity, even if it amounts to CYOA book tier interactivity. Unlike some JRPGfags (think FFVII fags) that cum over cutscenes.
>and any game that uses a controller is "popamole"
Holy shit, they are more pleb than I thought, and this is coming from someone that doesn't like le Souls games.

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Damn. That's pretty impressive. I still think his takedown is funny as hell, though.

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I started playing Fallout recently. It's my first proper CRPG, so it will take some getting used to.

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Hardly overboard, he's correct about everything. It 's literally a game for dumb people.

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>any game that uses a controller is "popamole"
This is true though.

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> I had supplied them with the Book of Mystic Wisdom and the History of Britannia, both in PDF form, but not a single student bothered to read them. “I thought that was just stuff they put in the box with the game,” said one student.

> “Yes,” I replied, “They put it in there because they expected you to read it.”

> “Wow,” he responded.

This is the level of retard that is the modern gamer.

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Yeah... but I like Oblivion. de gustibus non est disputandum

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>book recommends you play Beamdog's versions of Baldur's Gate

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That's good advice for normies.

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No it isn't. No one should be playing beamdog's garbage desecration. And besides, no fucking "normie" is going to be reading a 500+ page book on the history of CRPGs.

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If you need to read a retarded book to enjoy your game then your game just sucks, it's that simple.
Fuck you I'm so glad technology has evolved past this masturbatory garbage.

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I guess you count arcade games as being only controlled with arcade sticks. Good luck calling autoscrolling shooters popamoles then if not.

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It's the only version available legally.

>> No.4575665

They have made physical copies illegal already?

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Arcade games are RPGs now?

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1987 is now now?

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Popamoles aren't RPGs either mostly, that's used to refer to FPS / third person shooter games with cover and regenerating health. I guess this was popularized when Ass Defect was a Third Person Shooter RPG or whatever.

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I think that other anon means it's the only current publishing of the game. Physical copies are no longer published. Although you could certainly buy a second-hand copy, you'd have to patch it for compatibility with modern operating systems. And I'm not sure that any third-party patches fully address issues like scaling and aspect ratio - at least not in a satisfactory manner.

tl;dr - Beamdog's version just werks and is probably the most sane option for modern OSes, so it's not unusual for anyone to recommend that version during a recent retrospective of CRPGs. I highly suspect the target audience of this book (i.e. probably hipsters and social media plebs) doesn't want to spend several hours tinkering with the original distribution of the game to get it running on their newfangled Windows 10 machines.

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any games you faggots think are missing? I just started to give it a glance yesterday

>> No.4576315

The original version works right out of the box in WIndows 10.

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It was probably pat contri himself because im assuming youre the one who put his book up on here and pat seems like a butthurt enough fag to do that

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I decided to at least attempt to play all of the good games in (loose) chronological order, so far Im going to start like this

>Ultima IV
Though even with exult combat became a chore the first time I played it a couple of years ago, specially in the dungeons, didnt help that I played Underworld before this one and loved it, Im going to give it another chance, but it might be too dated for me
Star control 2 is one of my favorite games, so Im going with high expectations for this one
I did try it a couple of times, couldnt get used to the interface, Im willing to give it another chance
>Pool of Radiance
same thing with wasteland
>Ultima V
Might actually try the Dungeon Siege recreation
>Quest for glory 1 VGA
>The Dark Heary of Uukrul
>Ultima VI
same with UV
>Maybe Wizardry 7?
I can stomach old graphics but the use of color on this one is dreadful, the gray walls for everything dont help
>Might & Magic 37

I think thats more than enough for now, Im really trying to get used to these interfaces but Im playing on a modern laptop, and even having a numpad sometimes games throw me some weird shit like having to use +/- to navigate a menu instead of using the arrow keys
Doesnt help that the F keys are set to the Fn functions by default, so If I press F3 I just turn the volume up instead of pressing F3, I have no idea how to change that and its pretty annoying even with modern games.

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forget that, I think that one is for Ultima VII, I dont remember what I used for UIV but it added better graphics and that sort of stuff

>> No.4576439

>I can stomach old graphics but the use of color on this one is dreadful, the gray walls for everything dont help
That's Wizardry VI. Play the SFC port instead, it has better graphics, music and controls. The only thing you miss out on is nudity and the ease of exporting to 7 and 8.

Keep your party small for the dungeons. Having Katrina tag along adds very little for the added complexity.
I wouldn't recommend Lazarus to first time players because it adds too much fan created content. The game could handle better but it's worth it.
Nuvie is a far better option than U6 Project.

>> No.4576460

I was thinking of eventually exporting my party from Wiz 6 to 8, I dont know if its worth it

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i thought they made fun of people who champion c&c as the sole definer of rpgs

>> No.4576467

Yet they have Planet Escape Tournament as their #1 RPG of all time. Nah, they're full on storyfags.

>> No.4576717

It makes the start a bit less grindy since you get access to some of the best weapons right of the bat if you know what you are doing and you get slightly better starting values in skills.
Plus there are different starting points depending on which ending you picked, some of which are virtually impossible to achieve without a guide.
You can try to recreate your SFC party in DOS via editors and then transfer from there.
Personally I think 7 is overrated as hell. It's a horrible drag with none of the punch the other Wizardry games had.

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This reminded me of when the Game Sack guys said Fire Shark had "elements from Raiden".

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Don't you dare call Wasteland 2 a good game

Don't you dare call Wasteland 2 a good game

>Wasteland 2 hangs its hat on substantial choices, and it delivers. Side with a paramilitary organization intent on bringing order to a chaotic trade route, and you’ll be forced to battle the cult that currently controls
the region; or you can side with the cult and do a completely different set of missions, or play the two against each other, or fight them all. These decisions may have resounding effects on your game.


WL2 is a garbage RPG with no replay value. Playing a man or a woman doesn't influence your character because "it's a party based RPG" (aka a game for idiots). Hell, playing a Native American doesn't help your influence with the Natives in the game. These are really simple things the game could have done but went for a social justice appeal instead

The thing mentions how long the game is, yeah, of course it's long when you have huge ass maps that take forever to get from point A to point B, and then you go back to point A after fulfilling a quest requirement

Oh and unlike FO1 or FO2, you can't skip combat scenarios if you're a character weak to combat. Everything about WL2 moves it from an RPG to a bad Xcom clone. I didn't even check to see what this idiot said about that awful Shadowrun trilogy.

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not retro, also an obvious expat

>> No.4576859

>not retro, also an obvious expat

The book features non-retro examples you turd huffer. Want to try again?

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Yeah. We don't discuss those here you butthurt baby.

>> No.4576876

that proves it.

Those fuckers are still dying on Cleve Blakemore's hill

>> No.4576886

Yeah. At least, say, the shmups system 11 forum, while they rage on Garegga and DOJ (good games though a bit overpraised), they aren't putting Touhou shit in their top whatever games, much less number one, just because of muh aestheritcs or whatever fucking reason.

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There's a reason why RPG Codex is becoming a more and more insular community

>> No.4576895

imagine being so mad that a primarily western focused book doesn't entirely focus on japanese games that you have to undermine the author's years-long effort by bringing up sites you don't like

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Are you fucking kidding? The writing is amazing but everything surrounding the narrative is garbage.

god, the fact that these idiots consider themselves to be true arbiters of RPGs is laughable. Get over yourselves you fucking fatsos

>> No.4576904

OP's pick is their top CRPGs, starting at P:T and then Fallout at number two and so forth.
At least some of their users aren't storyfags as you see by some of the picks, but yeah, they're mostly storyfags.

>> No.4576921

Talking to characters is gameplay you know

Also what do you prefer? Combat slogs like Icewind Dale or WL2? Get fucked.

>> No.4576938

Brain damaged Nintendo fanboys whose only console RPGs were Quest 64 and Paper Mario and their only quality RPG they ever played was Pokemon Red, they tend to grow up that way.

>> No.4576951

>Talking to characters is gameplay you know
hahahahaha, not those guys but according to this logic shitposting on 4chan is better gameplay than any CRPG because at least I'm not talking to an A.I.

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Are we just gonna pretend Deus Ex wasn't a storyfag game then?

>> No.4576956

People that play these instead of engaging in a real life RPG session are just lonely motherfuckers. Video game RPGs have the advantage of making combat less of a chore, with the disadvantage of being much worse at, you know, the role playing aspect.

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>> No.4576961

RPG Codex is full of losers but this book is good

>> No.4576971

people are less mad at the book and more at RPG Codex

>> No.4576974

Deus Ex had all sorts of gameplay though. Sneaking, fighting, exploring and other actions are part of the gameplay, not just convincing NPCs to switch sides.

Deus Ex is the best RPG

>> No.4576978

Deus Ex is a great RPG as long as you:

1. Don't want to stay loyal with Unatco - ever
2. Always lose against Gunther at that one part near the subway entrance
3. Have 3 endings that are not influenced by your earlier choices
4. Want linear design with no hub system

>> No.4576990

>Jagged Alliance

Change your name to """RPG""" Codex

>> No.4577041

All the game mechanics are iffy at best, people just like having a lot of possible options I guess.

>> No.4577143

But you can play and enjoy both.

>> No.4577383

I mean, Cleve DID release his game last year.

>> No.4577384


>> No.4577386


>> No.4577918

The thing is that it includes Japanese games but only the most mainstream of titles and garbage
like Cobra Mission because it happened to be released in America.

>> No.4578151

You should tell Felipe Pepe about it, he likes JRPG's too, the book includes some. Maybe he's too tired though, but he seems a guy with initiative.
It should be amazing to have a complete JRPG book beyond the typical lists of FF/Chrono Trigger and "obscurities" like Mother. Or just about console rpg's, since it should be unfair to not include the little western exclusives.

>> No.4578237

Maybe it doesn't feature your precious obscure console-only classics, because the book is on RPGs for the PCs.

>> No.4578239

There's plenty of Japanese computer RPGs and the book barely brushes over them.

>> No.4578241


>> No.4578389

I'm sure you could have told him to include some extra reviews, even now there's still time to do it if you want to do the work.

>> No.4578454

No, you have to choose one and defend it to the hyperbolic death

>> No.4578724

nah its fine probably the best elder scrolls game the only weak part is the main quest just cause its a pain in the ass

>> No.4578746

Can you add a graphical patch to xu4?

>> No.4578748

You can at least choose between different graphics sets.

>> No.4578761 [DELETED] 

I wish there was a fully SJW version of Baldur's Gate that got rid of all the needlessly shitty dialog.

>> No.4578772

I dont get why, but when I change the gpahics in the menu from EGA to VGA the changes wont happen, upscaling and fullscreen work, but when I start the game it stays the same.

It also fucks a bit with the main menu, I dont know if this is caused by Win 10

>> No.4578882

Upload that japanese obscurities book by hg101 pls

>> No.4578964

Just imagine a book raving on how muh JRPG plots are so deep and stuff.

>> No.4579287

For what purpose?

>> No.4579309

That's my point.

>> No.4581353


try running it as an admin

>> No.4582213

sadly, that did nothing

>> No.4582751

at least alter ego

>> No.4582804

Most of the writeups are volunteer work, so whatever notable PC JRPGs that aren't there... it means nobody decided to write something for them.

It's not like he didn't open up requests to places outside the Codex either - I distinctly remember him starting a topic here once (which was promptly ignored)

>> No.4582862

how did they know who you are or where you live?

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its shit.

>> No.4582872

But reading manuals in the car while mommy finished her shopping, the whole time dieing to get home and play this game you had been reading about in game mags for months, was like some of the best times ever.

what I wouldn't give to be 30 years old in the early 90's again...

>> No.4582876

You were riding in the car with your mommy when you were 30 years old?

>> No.4582878

Is this a cringe thread?

>> No.4582885

Yeah so? Its not like she made me wear my seatbelt or nothin. And I got to decide what radio station we listened to, as long as it didn't get too loud.

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