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Best windows 95/XP games?

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Sim City

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Freespace 1 & 2. Pretty underrated / overlooked here on /vr/ for some reason.

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Transport Tycoon
Dungeon Keeper
Theme Hospital
Simcity 2000
Unreal Tournament

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Resident Evil 1, 2 and 3

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There are thousands of them...

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unreal, unreal tournament, heavy metal fakk, gore ultimate soldier, sin

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upgrade your PC

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>implying upgrading the PC would help

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HoMM 3

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That's a pretty expensive game.

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Xcom civ2 free cell the microsoft pinball game. Nothing else required

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Hugo games.

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Harry Potter 1 and 2

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Space Cadet

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I told you to not do this.

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Halo:CE online a best

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Fuck off. Hugo games are really good, especially the x-mas ones.

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I filled out my tax returns early this year and I decided to take about half for myself and the rest to savings. I was considering a J-Win98 build. In those days I skipped from DOS to Windows 2000 (I liked NT) and missed out on 98SE. I already have a 486DX4 for my DOS pleasures (still should find a better video and sound cards tho, but those are expensive now), but for the J-Win98 build I am thinking of P3 (1+GHz), Geforce fx, and Soundblaster Audigy 2 which are still reasonably priced. I think those key components should be sufficient but I think it will be too weak for titles like Half-Life 2, F.E.A.R., and Illusion games.

Any suggestions on the build, like some sort of compact flash or modern SD reader to imitate a whole bunch of 120GB HDDs? Power source, adapters for different connectors, etc.? Know of any particular driver difficulties I will encounter? I was jealous of babagesgramps' P3, and figured to give them a shot if there are some unique game experiences I would enjoy. Sadly, I still cannot afford a Roland MT-32 for the DOS machine, but the J-Win98 should be within my budget.

I also noticed the Geforce FX cards have a S-video out. Any good emulators to run on the machine that would take advantage of that feature to TVs? I can't imagine anyone sticking with any 98 support.

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Sin was hella fun. I should check it out again, and try the add ons/that sequel.

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>That bag.

Islamic dominance cannot come soon enough.

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So Princess Sevenleaf was the anti-arcade shitposter all along, just dropping the trip code. It all makes sense now.

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You just HAD to post your bag with all those badge pins like the attention whore you are, huh?

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I really wish the moderation on 4chan was different so I could do something about obvious imposters like this. What do you even gain from this?

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I'm the real Princess Sevenleaf. If you don't believe me, I'll post my hormones + timestamp. :P

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do it