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Does the GOG version work better? I have a retail version but it keeps crashing ingame at some point, got latest patch.

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IIRC the GOG version has some compatibility settings and it works great.

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But does it crash sometimes?

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Aaah Dungeon keeper, great game up to this day, smacking imps to oblivion just for the heck of it

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Nevermmind just tried it but also keeps crashing

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>tfw there will never ever be a Dungeon Keeper 3
t-t-thanks EA!

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EA, the obama of the gaming industry

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I have few recollections of EA being respectful and faithful to its family(consumers). Your analogy is more consistent as 'the Trump of the gaming industry', given their penchant for pussy grabbing and blatant screwjobs. All that's missing is a bankruptcy or fifty...

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GOG-version works fine.


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>>tfw there will never ever be a Dungeon Keeper 3

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but nobody says thanks trump, they say
>thanks obama

had no political intention, just wanted to be the funny meme guy...

I see where I went wrong

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No it doesn't, using it on Win 7 and it keeps crashing at shadygrove at some point.

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not here

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You're gonna have to be more specific, what are your system specs (CPU, GPU, RAM, 32/64-bit OS)? The game might not like the GPU or it's driver.

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Win 7 64 bit, Nvidia GTX 650 Ti, AMD Phenom II X4 965 and 8 GB RAM DDR3 single channel.

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This game is alright but has major pacing issues later. Still, if you're starving for a dungeon keeper game, this is probably the only modern attempt that even comes close. Still not as good as the originals and their formula for fucking you with creature limits is annoying as fuck.

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>pussy grabbing and blatant screwjobs
Pheew. Turn off the tv dude; your brain rots because of it, and it shows

Its art direction could use more colors, and the creature limits as the guy before said is eh too, but it's at least something. The ea's mobile dk is a spit to the face

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>harmless locker room talk is more consistent with screwing people over than literally funding terrorism
Lmao go suck Wolf Blitzer's cock you dumb liberal faggot.

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These guys will never be desired by a woman. Ever

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>These guys will never be desired by a woman. Ever
Ironically I'm sitting 10 feet away from my wife and son, meanwhile you're the one sucking your muslim president's dick and probably wishing you had a wife of your own so he could fuck her in front of you lmao.

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Why did the God-Emperor allow my 401(k) to plummet yesterday? Do I need to offer a virgin sacrifice to placate Him?

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>Why did the God-Emperor allow my 401(k) to plummet yesterday? Do I need to offer a virgin sacrifice to placate Him?
Well my little liberal friend, contrary to what you might believe, the president doesn't have full control over the economy -- although I'm sure all that CNN you watch has you thinking otherwise. If anything though, your 401k probably plummeted because God decided to smite you for being such a gigantic faggot.

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As in clockwork. You're not fooling anybody, roastie

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Lmao, based.

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Wow you guys got really stung, huh? I mean, aside from your obvious failings due to genetics (small genitals, ugly faces etc) you are so bitter!

In all honesty, i dont care about your ugly wife and child. It's a shame you decided to breed - more ugmo losers in the world is a shame (wahh!)

What woman with an ounce of self respect would want either of you? You guys know you only get 2/10s, maybe max max 3/10s.

Congrats, you bred with the first ugly deeply unsuitable and lonely female you attracted. That's really winning!

Bahaha. All trump fans are losers, social spastics and disconnected to the point of autism

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>the president doesn't have full control over the economy
He sure thinks he does.

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The rare double-triple-quadruple down.

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>you will never be desired be desired by a woman, ever
>w-well you probably just found an ugly one, h-haha
Man, liberals really are the stupidest faggots walking the earth. Fortunately, you all want to be trannies so thankfully this scourge will eventually cure itself.

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You're mad because the wife you are so proud of is ugly. You are ugly, as is your child. Is it a boy? Hope you will get him psychologically ready for life with tiny genitalia.

You are an embittered gimp who very probably harbors racist views, but of course is too much of a coward to spew your hatred in the company of any ethnic minorities.

The race of the kids who bullied you and beat you senseless everyday while you were at school is irrelevant. Stop h8ing

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>t.butthurt virgin

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