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I've seen some posts/comments saying that Billy Mitchell faked his score because he sucks at games. Even if Billy Mitchell is a piece of shit because he faked his Donkey Kong score, his Pac-Man score is real and that's still quite the accomplishment since he was the first person to get a perfect game. Also he's done live plays of games on actual hardware so I think it's at least fair to say he doesn't suck at these games. Billy Mitchell is a fucking loser for faking his Donkey Kong score, but that doesn't mean the guy is bad at games.

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Did we really need a THIRD thread, OP?

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There's never enough threads about the hot sauce king.

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There's literally zero proof any of his scores are faked.

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Except for all the proof that's been posted.

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I listened to a podcast interview with Billy Mitchell, and he kept saying "the fact of the matter is..." over and over again. Once he said it twice in one sentence. Also his phone kept ringing and he didn't silence it or turn it to vibrate. He had some sort of retro ringtone.

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>and he kept saying "the fact of the matter is..." over and over again. Once he said it twice in one sentence
How based can one man be?

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>mark for himself
How can one fag be so gay?

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yeah this lol
There is no cheating I dont see any links in this thread that will prove otherwise.

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I fell bad for a lot of these old school guys. a high score on an arcade game is such a tiny acomplishment in most peoples minds and this is all they have to hold on to

imagine spending thousands if not tens of thousands of hours of your life dedicated to getting a high score on a video game.

Billy Mitchell is a master, if he faked his score I can empathetize and relate to it but i would not condone it.

I feel sorry for him if this is the case (which it may very well be).

I also feel the same about Todd Rogers.

Trust me, as you get older you feel more useless in society and you feel very tempted to break your own moral code and do things you would never have imagined you would do in your youth.

I still would love to watch him dead screen a game.

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he got the record live in front of those other losers. so not fake.

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They are mad because he is the best beard of any arcade system.

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>always the guy
>never credit fed
>goes home to a buxom trophy wife every day
>too busy cooking hot sauce to play babby games
>first to conquer pac-man
>undisputed champion for 20 years
>bullied beta Wiebe into submission
>upsets the autistic internet by using MAME

Has there ever been a more deserving /ourguy/ in /vr/ history?

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Is any retro gamer as not pathetic as billy mitchell?

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who the fuck cares? do you fags are other gaming normies not realise neither him nor steve wiebe are even in the top 10 donkey kong scores anymore?

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just curious.

so putting spaces between sentances is a reddit thing?

I didnt know that/?

>am i meant to just green text
>which is harder to read?
>which is why i dont do it?

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Didn't evidence just come out, that he may have not been the first player to get a perfect pacman score? That namco lied to everyone, and kept force feeding him down everyones throat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AULXi1SEl6U

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>Is any retro gamer as not pathetic as billy mitchell?
Nah man just people are jealous of his success.
I have no doubt that he cheated his way to success but he still was undisputed champion that nobody questioned for 20 years and that makes him a great man in my book.
This is just mob mentality trying to CHANGE the scene while I bet thousands other records are probably also faked and uploaded daily.

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actually, it was used on 4chan before reddit even existed.

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Im not denying that just spewing shit that other people said about my posts.

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Anyone find it absurd that a random arcade in america that was a front for a pedophile ring considered itself to be an authority on hi scores on games made half a world away?

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Getting the killscreen in Pac-Man is a matter of memorizing the maze route and repeating it hundreds of times. The AI is 100% deterministic, so you can do the exact same route every time and win. In other words, it's a parlor trick, much like the rest of his showmanship bullshit. He actually sucks at videogames.

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Just Americans doing what they usually do when it comes to Japanese developed games: Ruin everything.

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>while I bet thousands other records are probably also faked
Yes, probably, and the quickest way to show that reality to people is to expose that even the most famous records are faked. It's like the doping scandal in competitive cycling; showing that even Lance Armstrong did it really hammers home the point that the cheating was nearly universal, and required to rise to that level.

Now, since there are hundreds of games that people keep track of WRs for, there are probably some that have a relatively "clean" scene while others will have a glut of fake former records.

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Then stop, it's a stupid comment. I don't use reddit but I've seen it and posts don't look like that.

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It does make sense that an arcade of children's games run by old, maladjusted has-beens who are obsessed with controlling their "scene" would also be a pedophile ring. Adults who have control issues and manage to get unlikely jobs involving being around children are the biggest red flag there is. It's the same dynamic as gymnastics coaches for instance.

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whats it to you bud?
I will do whatever I please

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>In 1982 a 14 year old named Ricky Mori became somewhat of a household name in the San Francisco Bay Area when he played 4 1/2 hours straight on Pac-Man machine making the game quit at 3,171,000 points


Bill Bastable got a perfect pac-man on September 2, 1988

Chris Ayra taught Bill Bastable about how to get a perfect pac-man by finding the invisible dots at the split screen.
There are witness from the 80's that claim Chris Ayra was "Actually the First One to get a Perfect Pac Man, At Grand Prix Race 'O' Rama" and that "Chris Ayra is a Better Pac Man Player over all"


"Chris Ayra is better at pac-man than billy"

Silly Bitchell's perfect pac-man is now under dispute at Twin Galaxies

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So will I, and my pleasure is to tell people they sound like idiots when they whine about "muh reddit spacing," a complaint that doesn't even make sense.

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What you can do is suck my left nut and I will continue to shitpost for my own amusement.
Try and stop me oh wait you cant

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>first documented perfect pac-man was a by black kid
No wonder they swept it under the rug.

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How would someone even know what reddit spacing is if he never visited the site?
For someone autistily screeching like a sperglord you sure know alot about it.
Maybe you should spent more time there with your fellow degenerate kin.

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Billy doesn't suck at games. Ever since that falsehood King of Kong was released, hordes of classic gamers who were embarrassed by Billy (like Roy Shildt) and "normies" who rented the film one night at Blockbuster have hungered for Billy's demise, so they concoct all kinds of bullshit to bring him down.

He might've not been the first to get a perfect Pac-Man, but he was the first to do it under pressure at Fun Spot (the Yankee Stadium of arcades) in front of an audience while being filmed. These other guys making the claim are basically the equivalent of beer league softball players who hit a game winning homerun down at the local park, while Billy did it under the big league bright lights in the World Series. It's documented fact.

And this DK controversy is much to do about nothing. MAME, big deal. Probably plays worse than the arcade version, anyway.

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It's the perfect front which is why it lasted over 30 years.

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Which one do you guys like more, tabletop pacman or cabinet pacman?

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I played Ms. Pacman in a cocktail cabinet when I was a kid, so that one.

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Yeah you tell em bruh

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How exactly does maze route memorization differ from "skill" in any other video game?

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He has the head of a dwarf.

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