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That's one of those games that I want to like, but the gameplay is just too sloppy. I did used to play it back in the day though.

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I was pretty surprised that Weaponlord managed to get a T rating, despite all of the gore in-game.

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I love Weaponlord, I wish I was better at the game, it was truly ahead of its time.

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I never knew the game existed back in the day, but I had an internet friend I used to play the rom with online.

I can appreciate the art direction of the game and I do enjoy the overkill you can achieve with the combos, but the roster is lacking and the game kinda feels unfinished.

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There's nothing wrong with the gameplay, retard.

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i honestly don't like playing it as much as i like admiring its aesthetic and wishing they went with this instead of soul caliber.

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Whatever happened to the weaponlord developers, anyway?

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Jen-Tai is my main. I had a oblivion character modeled after her.

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Please describe for us in detail what you mean by the gameplay being sloppy.

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You probably know how you have to HOLD an attack button to input your special move. Doing combos feel very awkward.

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But everything else feels like unplayable shit.

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Inexcusably low framerate, terrible controls, questionably mechanics, weird jump physics and timing, etc. The whole thing is a mess. It's an amazing game in concept, and a mediocre game in execution.

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Cool setting and some neat characters, but I couldn't figure out how to do fatalities well as I recall. I remember the berserker guy was the warrior guy's long lost brother. It's pretty neat you can get one of them to kill the other in their story mode without them realizing their connection.

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Weaponlord was a cool idea but the game was mediocre. As far as obscure 16 bit fighting games are concerned I liked Primal Rage and Eternal Champions more

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Is that a motherfucking PORG?