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You are not forgiven of popularizing the QTE cancer.

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But it was popular almost a decade later

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I don't smell anything vile.

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You're confusing God of War with Shenmue again.

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Nah, 5 years or less. Don't forget about RE4.

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Do you know where I can find some laserdiscs

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is that so?

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ah, I see, thank you

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This is unabashed r*ddit faggotry. Fitting because this is a shitty meme game.

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What's the current best Dreamcast emulator for Shenmue? redream?

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I have to go now

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This game is a trainwreck, I love it.
They should have ported spikeout instead.

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Never heard of reDream, but it's nice to know the Dreamcast is getting some emulator support

You've got two options mainly NullDC and Demul. NullDC works out the box pretty much, just set up your controllers, and change some settings in the video options to get you playing at a high res, and you're set. Shenmue Dojo even made a specific build of NullDC that works with Shenmue well. I finished Shenmue on NullDC back in 2013, and another friend I know finished it back in 2016. It was last updated in 2010 though

Haven't used Demul myself for it, but when I did use it for Skies of Arcadia, I noticed less graphical errors, but with more hassle to set up. I think it only renders in 4:3 and with odd resolution counts (I think it went up in variants of 640x480 or something, you couldn't have max res like in NullDC)

You could also try Android emulators. If it's powerful enough. Pic related is Skies on a Kindle Fire running at perfect speed, I tried a bit of Shenmue and it ran fine

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Shitposters make it seem like Shenmue is some interactive movie QTE fest, but it's not quite that either. It's a mix of visual novel with detective work.
It's so weird that something like this exists and that they poured so much money and time into it.

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Appearently there's an updated version of NullDC called Reicast. I might try that.

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That's the android version I was talking about.

We live in an odd world where the android version is a better, more compatible Dreamcast emulator than NullDC. IIRC they were the original NullDC devs but eventually moved onto Reicast mainly for money.

If you are going to go for Reicast, directly download it from their site and apply the apk to your phone or whatever. If you want to emulate it on PC though, NullDC is probably the best and easiest one.

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It has Windows builds.

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if memory serves, the arcade games dont work if you play it in NullDC

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tried to emulate shenmue on my laptop but that dreamcast-emulator is too damn fucking slow

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What’s the percentage of times a combo will actually work? 5-10%? The combat is horrifically broken. What a shit game.

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b-but muh immershun and plot

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>game has a few QTEs as a novelty
>therefore this is the game that “popularized” QTEs and interactive movies
What hole did you retards climb out of? If you want to blame a retro game for this stupidity then Dragon's Lair would have made more sense.

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Haven't seen any sailors around here.

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Your laptop must suck then, anon.

I had a shitty computer that could barely run anything, and it was able to play Shenmue at 60fps without any problems. NullDC isn't very resource intensive, even natively it should run fine.

It's one of those games that literally want you to train your moves, find new moves and just master the controls, because there was originally going to be like 7 games in this series, and you'd be getting better and stronger as the games go on, so the controls would've been refined more.

You can button mash your way through, it's not hard. If you put time into it though, you can really get good at the fighting, but I doubt anyone did that.

The gameplay is pretty shitty if you'd casually play it, and the camera doesn't help either, I never mastered any combos and just mashed throughout. It doesn't hurt the game too much I'd say. Yakuza has better combat, but it's fucking boring to fight since it's just the same combo again and again to win.

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There are a few fights where mashing buttons won't stop you from getting your ass kicked.

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