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>He didn't buy 9 pot roasts, med kits and chickens.
And don't give me that whiny shit, this si something you prepare for in every final Dracula fight in a Castlevania game wherte you can buy items

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Haven't played LoD yet but Drac was pathetically easy in 64, both old and young and demon forms.

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Still sucks ass though and probably would have felt some rage if I didn't cheese it

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Protip: turn off slideshow mode. Assuming you aren’t an emufag.

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Better than sotn

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I just started 64 and noticed it seems pretty easy. I'm not very far, just beat the second boss. Does the game increase at all in difficulty/complexity?

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3rd level (the villa) changes the linear structure of the first 2 levels and goes for a more adventure, survival horror-y design where you have to explore a mansion and fight some enemies.
Fighting vampires is a bit challenging.
Levels like Tower of Sorcery also ramp up the difficulty in terms of platforming.

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Sounds like I have things to look forward to, thanks anon

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IMO the first two levels of CV64 are the weakest. The game only gets better after them. This is also a big part of why I think CV64 is so underrated, cause the beginning is a bit weak.

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Especially if you play as Reinhardt, his second level is fucking garbage (the underground tunnel).

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I am emulating

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WOW, okay, that's a wild claim. I love the Castlevania's on the N64 to death. And it most certainly is a much more streamlined game when compared to sotn. But I wouldn't say it's better than sotn

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Then you’re a faggot. Just savescum bitch.

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Lament of Innocence is the only good 3D castlevania

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>hear everyone say C64 sucks
>legacy of darkness is $35 minimum on ebay

gee, Im sorry for wanting to see if Id get my money's worth

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Whoaaaa a whole 35 dollars?! That’s like your whole wages for a day! You’d have to skip at least 4 trips to McDonalds to save up that much! And damn, it really stinks that once you buy the game, you’re stuck with it for life!

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fuck you, Ive been collecting an n64 library. There's literally nothing wrong with emulating it

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Better than sotn

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If you like classicvanias you'll prefer CV64. If you like metroid you'll prefer SotN. Simple as that. For me, CV64 is more enjoyable to replay than the snorefest that is SotN.

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I mean, in Igavanias it's generally more fun to see if you can do it genuinely and without cheesing it with healing items simply by learning Drac's patterns, but I see your point.

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