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What's your favourite Game Boy game?

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Game & Watch Gallery 2

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Final Fantasy Legend (SaGa)

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either this, FF Legend 2, Links Awakening or Mystic Quest. Last one is a bit simple except the palmtree fuckery, but it's alot better than the snes counterpart.

I used to like to play kid ikarus alot as a kid, not sure how good it holds up nowadays.
Pokemon games are a no-brainer if you enjoy the mechanics, the card game was kinda fun too and had some catchy music.

Mario Picross for puzzle shenanigans, tetris if you like the simplicity, or there is even a kirby puzzler which was quite fun.

Kirby's Adventure, Mega Man, Castlevania and Mario/ Wario games if you like plattformers/Jump'n Run.

If you got the money try Trip World, easy but kinda fun game.

Imho fighter and racing games aren't worth it cause of the pace and muddy resolution, but if you are playing on a super gameboy or such there might be some good gems I don't know about. Got micro machines in the back of my head, but don't quote me on that how good that is (just remember they were pretty sweet on pc).

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That whole series is infinitely playable

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Probably Gargoyle's Quest

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Cave Noire - dungeon crawling on the go.
I'll also mention the GB port of Azure Dreams and Shiren the Wanderer: Monsters of Moonlight Village.
I like roguelikes.

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Second that vote for Final Fantasy Legend. I replay this just about every Christmas. It's simply enough to do in 3-10 hours depending on your play style, and you don't need a guide or anything.

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I just got a GB EverDrive and was planning to play FFL, anything I should know going in?

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Currently playing Rolan's Curse. You turn into a giant sperm when you die.

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You don't need to choose a full party. I actually find three players the easiest way to play the game.

The game is pretty quirky, and the mechanics are obtuse. If you know how to abuse the mechanics, it's very easy --- and if you don't, it can feel like a tedious grindfest. It sort of depends on how willing you are to "cheat" and research how the game works vs. working it out yourself.

A few things that seem subjectively true to me, but I lack the hexdump sort of knowledge to prove;
The RNG which determines how your mutants level up is not static, and depends on a few different things:
- The model of Gameboy you're playing on. (GBA is the easiest, not sure if GBC would be identical)
- The number of players in the party (again, for whatever reason, 3 players is the least grindy.)
- The position of them mutants in your party.

Anyhow, if you want easy-mode, start with a human female, immediately sell her weapon, and use that to buy cures and a new cheaper weapon for her, and mayyyybe some armor?

Anyhow, like I said above, there are more ways to game the mechanics than to play properly. Let us know how your run is looking if the thread's still alive when you get around to it.

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Either Wario Land 2 or one of the Game and Watch collections.

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Huh, never knew different Game Boy models could impact a game like that. That's some great advice though, thanks anon.

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Donkey Kong 94

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i prefer 3 but even so you have excellent taste anon

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>The RNG which determines how your mutants level up is not static, and depends on a few different things:
>- The model of Gameboy you're playing on.
although possible that seems really unlikely. pretty sure you're imagining things here anon.

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>Gargoyle's Quest
Wow. We actually agree on something. But I'm pretty sure we're polar opposites in every other regard.

>anything I should know going in?
Yeah, you paid too much for a Flash cart. A USB SmartCard works fine with patched mapper support and will set you back maybe $30 instead.

>The RNG which determines how your mutants level up is not static
I'm thinking FFL1 uses a custom RNG and not RNG that's influenced by hardware configurations. And the RNG is pretty shitty in this game. It's basically impossible for mutants to learn decent abilities because of how poor and deterministic the RNG is. The only way to circumvent it is by killing off your old mutants and recruiting new ones at later guilds, as they come pre-equipped with abilities you wouldn't normally be given by the RNG.

Also worth mentioning is that mutant actions don't influence their stat growth. That didn't occur until FFL2. FFL1's mutants get totally random stats regardless of how you use them in battle.

>Anyhow, if you want easy-mode, start with a human female, immediately sell her weapon
You're thinking of mutant females. They're the ones who start the game with expensive sabers that can fetch a lot of GP on the reseller market.

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Survival kids is a big one for me.

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DK94 is a perfect video game.

Wario Land 3 was surprisingly delightful. Very different mechanics than your typical Mario game.

Link's Awakening is the best 2D Zelda.

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Revenge of the Gator

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Mario Land, Link's Awakening, and Pokemon R/B are pretty gud too.

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>easy but kinda fun
Yeah, easy until you get to the final boss.
Could never beat that mother.

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All of these, plus I raise you with Mole Mania and Kid Dracula.

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Link's Awakening
Gargoyle Quest
thanks for the recs, definitely gonna check Cave Noire out

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I just checked the code. It's possible for a game to distinguish what type of gameboy it's running on, but FFL throws that information away as soon as the game starts. So no, the RNG is not based on which gameboy it's running on.

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The USB SmartCard is $39.99 before shipping at the one single place that still has them in stock. I got the EverDrive X3 and I paid under $45 shipped for it. I usually only buy chinese EverDrive clones but this was legitimately the cheapest and best option at the time.
neat, thanks anon

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If you like ARPGs you'll probably find yourself agreeing with me a lot of you keep /vr/ discussions on topic

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Except Gargoyle's Quest isn't an RPG, it's an action-adventure game like Zelda or Metroid.

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So you're saying XPs ruin an action adventure game for you? Or are you just eager to correct an implication you feel I've made?

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Japanese periodicals are not incapable of making mistakes, Anon.

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I'm just goofing. I generally go with 'Action RPG' for action games with experience / RPG-esque systems.

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Hammerin Harry
Dragon Ball Z: Goku Gekitouden
Crystal Quest
Lucky Luke
Bomb Jack
Pop Up
Revenge of the Gators
Kirby's Pinball
Little Magic
Pyramids of Ra
Mole Mania
Tower: Lord Baniff's Deceit
Polaris SnoCross
TOCA Touring Car Championship
Radikal Bikers
Operation C
Fortified Zone
Magical Chase
Aliens: Thanatos Encounter

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>You're thinking of mutant females. They're the ones who start the game with expensive sabers that can fetch a lot of GP on the reseller market.

Human females definitely start with the saber --- but, I never start with a mutant female, so maybe it does too?

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>Human females definitely start with the saber
Oops. You're right, they do. And so do mutant females. I would probably still recommend a mutant though. Automatic stat increases are a lot cheaper to manage than humans.

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Dragon quest 3

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Pokemon Red/Blue

Kinda wish I had a better answer but I just really really love pokemon generation one.

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Playing Final Fantasy Legend 3 for the first time in years. Is there any way to game the robot system? If you can just boost your stats, does it make sense to transform into other robots?

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Pokémon Silver.
Base model?
Probably Six Golden Coins or Link's Awakening.

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>If you can just boost your stats, does it make sense to transform into other robots?
Transformations determine what talents / abilities you get. Eating capsules just boosts your stats. Your stat boosts are retained between transformations, even if you go back to your default race and then become a robot again at a later time.

Robot transformations have tiers just like monster transformations. You can't get access to the best robot talents unless you move up the tier list to the more powerful robot species. So there's no reason not to transform into other robots.

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Gen 1 and gen 2 were both fantastic. I'll never understand why nintendo saw fit to move away from bonafide dungeons like Seafoam Islands, Pokemon Mansion, the Unknown Dungeon, the power plant.

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That's good to know --- so if I change back to a dumb cyborg, and back into a Robot I'll retain my old stats?

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>so if I change back to a dumb cyborg, and back into a Robot I'll retain my old stats?
You retain the boosts you'd receive from the exact number of capsules you previously consumed, yes. Your stats would fluctuate according to the base stats of whatever robot species you transformed into, but the boosts from the capsules would still be applied to that base each time.

But also note that cyborgs and robots are two different species. Cyborgs don't gain stats from capsules.

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Pokemon, gen 1 and 2
Super Mario Land 2
Donkey Kong land 2
Bust a move

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CONAN - The mechanical castle. 5ish hours of gameplay, great story, cute retro waifus, conan chiptune ost, love this game :3

also obviously pokeyman gen I and II

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Yesh, that's some gorgeous pixel art. Japanese GBC games really look fantastic.

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Kirby Pinball is the tightest shit for real

I think it's the only pinball game I've ever loved and want to go back to regularly

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There's no u in favorite.

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i enjoyed kirby's pinball land and pokemon pinball about equally (and i also liked metroid prime pinball)

couldn't get into super robot pinball though

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I want a conan the barbarian anime-medievel game now

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What's the cheapest place to buy a basic flash cart? Doing some homebrew and want to test on a real DMG. Don't need any fancy features.

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Totokek has the USB SmartCard for $39.99. The EverDrive X3 is $59 from official krikzz™ dealers, and Chinese clones of the original EDGB are between $40-60 (I'm anticipating the prices on clones will drop now that the X-series is out). SmartCard is the cheapest way to go, they're getting harder to find though (they may not be in active production anymore) so jump on it if that's your plan. I got my X3 on black friday, so it was about the same price as the USB SmartCard, otherwise I would have gone with that.

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not gonna lie it's Revenge of the gator

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Definitely a good choice. Revenge of the Gator does one thing, and does it well. It's solid top to bottom.

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>Kirby Pinball is the tightest shit for real

Oath. It's up there with Sonic spinball as a great game that initially looked like a bad cash-in.

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Thank fuck somebody appreciates this superb game.

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I also unironically like Race Drivin'


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Motocross Maniacs was great, and generally speaking there weren't very many games similar to it produced.

R.C. Pro Am was also excellent

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Ducktales 1,2 port are perfect

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Toss up between Pokemon red/blue and Wario land 2.

Pokemon for having such a cool world and Wario for being so chock full interesting interactions with the enviornment. I'm a big fan of these games where the levels and zones are really memorable and integral to the gameplay. IMO if a game has this certain element to it that I'm not explaining so well it is almost impossible for the game to not be fun.

I guess coming at it form the other direction might make it easier to explain. I don't like it when what you do in the game seems to be divorced from the environment that your character is put in. Doesn't necessarily mean that everything needs to be interactable or that every mountain needs to be climbable but I think you might have the idea. Any gameboy recommendations that fit this profile?

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Warioland and lsdj

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>Yeah, you paid too much for a Flash cart. A USB SmartCard works fine with patched mapper support and will set you back maybe $30 instead.
I bought mine specifically to play Pokemon romhacks, some of which are Gen II and need a RTC supporting flashcart.

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>final fantasy legend 2
>world heroes 2 jet
>links awakening
>donkey kong
>mega man wily's revenge

i've had these for 22yrs and it's all ive ever needed in my back pocket.

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Rubble Saver 2
Bubble Ghost
Motorcross Maniacs
Crystal Quest
Battle City
Heiankyo Alien

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Interesting levels with a meaningful effect on gameplay: SML2, DK94

Sense of place:
Survival Kids
Legend of the River King 2

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Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Yellow. It's pure nostalgia for me.

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>No Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru/For the Frog the Bell Tolls

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