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is this good

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Fuck no just play AM2R. Nintendo makes shitty games so they have to take down actually good fan remakes

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Great game.

Hahahahaha faggot

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Kinda linear, but definitely not the worst Metroid game by a long shot. If you beat the game and you enjoyed your time with it, consider AM2R.

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Ignore Badowl he's always in the wrong.

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You're both massive faggots.. The only bearable name/tripfag around here is gramps but he sucks too

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The greater maze is linear but the hub areas themselves are not linear.

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it's an acquired taste

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I've played it for the first time two years ago, right after running through Super Metroid three times in a row. Beat Metroid 2 during my daily toilet trips. I'd rate it an 8/10 if it wasn't for the very last section of the game. But certainly worth playing and still holds up today.

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>liking a turbotard from /pol

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you dont understand the last part is the first horror game of all time

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I loved it. The game structure might be linear, but it has great exploration regardless. Well designed game.

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