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Anyone else play this?

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>Playing games based on a bad movie
I'm good.

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>The Terminator
>pic related
Haven't played it, just watched someone play it. Seems overly ambitious given what a PC could do back then. I would love to see a somewhat more modern version based on the same premise and gameplay style. Kinda like GTA:The Terminator or something.

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The first Terminator sucks man, everybody only remembers the second one for a reason. I never see the first one appear on TV but Judgement Day always comes on. The scene where the Terminator's skeleton gets revealed looks terrible, the second one had way better effects.

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Terminator is utter BS, you cannot send someone in the past so that he becomes your father.

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That's what I've been saying for years.

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You sir, have never read comics.

>special effects are all that matter in movies
Just because the 2nd movie is fantastic doesn't make the first one bad. It had a budget of roughly 7 million, and made around 10 times that. Due to the success of the film, T2 had a budget of nearly 100 million. In 2008, it got selected for preservation by the Library of Congress.

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>Justifying a movie having terrible special effects
>Pretending graphics don't matter when it's what most people watch movies for
Do you go to theaters to watch a movie or to read information about how expensive it was to produce the movie?

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>You sir, have never read comics.

And ? Still doen't makes any sense.

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>Pretending graphics don't matter when it's what most people play games for
Skipping right past this, what part of "it made 10 times it's budget" do you not understand? You can call it shit all you like, but it's still a good movie that did VERY well in the theaters. You have bad taste if you only consider special effects as a quantifier of the quality of a movie.

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What part of
>Do you go to theaters to watch a movie or to read information about how expensive it was to produce the movie?
Do you not understand? By the by
>Reddit quoting

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The first movie kicks ass. Not as mich aa the second but it's still a classic. And this game, though overly ambitious, is also pretty astounding given the tech available at the time. That said, it's pretty much unplayable by today's standards and is only of interest as a curioisty.

The later Bethesda Terminator FPS games, Future Shock in particular, are awesome though and are highly recommended for anyone who is looking for other old school shooters to play besides the big name ones.

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It kicks ass at being boring maybe.

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Have you ever noticed how boards like this tend to have pretty good taste in one area but embarrassingly poor taste in literally every other artform?

The Terminator is probably more critically acclaimed than T2, although both are good films.

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the first movie is generally considered better and always has been

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I am the OP. If you played this, help me out.
How do you find Sara? You just have to wonder until it says attack mode? Why can't I see Reese when it says attack mode?
Any luck with controller setup through dosbox or the games joystick option?
Why is it so hard to drive?
Why does it take so long to load when I get out of the car?
What is the player symbol?
When it says "the terminator feels no pity as he sights his target" does that mean it's close?
Why can't I use the caffiene pills I stole? I pressed enter on the menu. Do I need a bottle of water?

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The second made more money and is shown more on TV and has better effects. Critical reviews don't matter, stay mad.

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Go jerk off to your OC Do Not Steal Sonic fan character, Sonic cuck.

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Was a reference to Ms. Marvel getting kidnapped by some guy who brainwashed and impregnated her, then the baby grew into the same guy within no time and then carted her off to another dimension to marry her.

But a more serious answer is, the Terminator universe operates on a divergent timeline. Because if the Terminator universe operated on a normal timeline, the 2nd movie would have no reason to exist. Reese said in the first film that they had already won the war, Skynet was cheating from beyond the grave by having sent back a T-800. The resistance caught it right after it happened, and sent him back. So, he takes out the T-800 but dies in the process. Game over. Skynet is already destroyed, they blew up the machine that allows time travel after they sent Reese, so nothing else can come back.

But then in T2, suddenly the war is still going, and now another two get sent back. Why? Because you don't travel backwards in time. Not on your timeline, that's impossible. Instead you get sent backwards to a diverged timeline. Exact same, but you are no longer on your original timeline, there you have ceased to exist. The war is over in the original Terminator timeline, but we only see that timeline in flashbacks in the first movie. The bulk of the first movie takes place on the diverged timeline. Since things shake out differently in that timeline, Skynet and the war are still on in the future. T2 all takes place in another diverged timeline, created when the two machines got sent back.

It's just a different time travel theory than the standard Back to the Future merged timeline. It also avoids the possibility of a time paradox, since it's a separate diverged timeline.

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Thanks, I will.

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Nice post, I appreciate your efforts.

But my point is (regarding T1, and T1 only): you have to be born at some point, and in this stupid "loop" it's impossible.

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The John Connor who sent Kyle back isn't the John Connor who Kyle saves. Kyle wasn't his father in the original timeline, he became his father in the diverged timeline. There are no loops in a diverged timeline. Period. All that is said about John's original father is:
"John never said much about him. I know he dies before the war..."
Plus, John didn't pick Kyle to go through. Kyle volunteered, he says as much in the first movie.

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last bump

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>>Hurr-durr, a film released 7 years later has better special effects than the first!
No fucking shit, Sherlock! Do you hurt when you think? Is that why you don't do it? And as was said, special effects are NOT all that matter...otherwise, the Star Wars remakes wouldn't be so reviled by fans.

Funny, I thought BttF DID have the divergent timeline theory. I mean, in 2, Doc Brown even says, "Somewhere in the past, some event happened to cause us to skew into this alternate 1985(paraphrasing)."
He even added, when Marty suggested going back to the future to stop this alternate timeline from happening, that they couldn't because it would be the future of THAT timeline.
Honestly, what I thought was most interesting(and perhaps most accurate) was the 'snap-back' theory touched on in the R.M. Stirling Terminator books. Basically, you CAN change time by changing events. There will be an immediate, significant effect(whether you see/witness it or not). However, time has a certain 'rigidity' to it, and it will always resist those changes to go back to 'normal'. So the more you fight time's 'normality', the worse the snap back.

And fucking wow, this thread escalated quickly from asking about a DOS game.

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