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Anyone here actually managed to beat this game? What are the other games like?

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Yes. The supposed bullshit difficulty is a literal meme for underage Tide-pod engulfing redittors, pic related; the game isn't more difficult than other "Nintendo hard" games, though a couple of stages are poorly designed and do require memorization (Turbo Tunnel is not one of those)

GB Battletoads is a bit bland and controls awkwardly, but it's not particularly aggravating.

All ports of the original Battletoads are inferior to the NES version in terms of controls and sound. The japanese version is slightly nerfed but ok.

Battlemaniacs is basically a remake; it's fun enough and easier

Arcade BT is short and fun to co-op

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I can beat it pretty easily.

Battletoads & Double Dragon is all right.

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>All ports of the original Battletoads are inferior to the NES version in terms of controls and sound
Genesis version sounds better tho

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Which version of Battletoads and Double Dragon is the best?

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I've beat all of the Battletoads games (though on emulator so Idk if that really counts)
Took me a solid month to beat the original NES game, a lot of the difficulty is from how you'll master one stage only to be thrown into another with entirely different mechanics, but overall it is manageable with patience and practice
For me the worst stages were Volkmire's, Terra Tubes, and the Revolution (sometimes the elevator level fucks me up due to how finicky the springs are), the Turbo tunnel being the "hardest level ever" is some fucking serious BS, it's actually among the easiest in the game once you memorize it
None of the others really get to coming close to the first one's difficulty, but that's mainly due to how much shorter the other games are
Battlemaniacs is like not even half the length, though the levels are around the same difficulty kinda especially on the Snake level as pimple, it's rat race is much more difficult because you have to headbutt the rat PERFECTLY, great first level
Gameboy battletoads is obnoxious, and has shitty platforming due to your character having constant forward momentum when jumping unless you do it standing completely still, avoid it like the plague (also the music is pretty forgettable unlike the other BT games), the most annoying levels are the stupid boulder level and that one annoying platforming level with the stupid rotating spikes, it's last level was surprisingly decent though but that has to do with the fact that there's no platforming whatsoever
Double Dragon & BT is pretty fun, though the Spaceship part has annoying controls, also the boss fight is actually challenging somewhat this time around but is also pretty tedious, beat it on the genesis version but i also dicked around a bit on the SNES and NES versions
Arcade battletoads is awesome, and probably the only one I enjoyed the whole way through, i love the snake boss fight
I unironically want to see M$ make another BT game just to see what they'll do with it

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I have the SNES one. The first three levels are fantastic... then, just like the NES game, there's a speeder bike level that only turbo-autists can complete.

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>calls people turbo autists, while he himself is on /vr/
Why are you so bad that you can't even beat 3 levels (if not counting the bonus level after level 2)? It's somehow the game's fault and anyone who can beat 3 levels is some kind of special person? Nah, you just suck.

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Nobody knows

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I didn't even realize Battletoads was a real game until I read this topic, I always thought it was just a prank calling meme.

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yes. couldn't beat Turbo Tunnels as a kid, decided to finally learn and beat the game a few years ago., now I can beat the entire game without dying

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The turbo tunnel meme comes from a lot of kids being unable to beat it so it had a special reputation as the level where you suddenly hit a wall. Sure the game has harder levels, many of us never saw those harder levels as kids because we couldn't beat turbo tunnel. As I got older it became easy, but that meme doesn't come from some dumb e celeb or anything, a lot of us believed it was the hardest thing ever back in the day.

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yes and no. I've gone through the game with save states, but I haven't even attempted an original hardware playthrough since childhood
maybe one of these days

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I know you're joking, but I choose to get upset anyway.

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Exactly. Back when Battletoads came out I knew 2 people that could get past the Turbo Tunnel. And this was back when pretty much every male owned a NES and had at least rented Battletoads.

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Journalists should just kill themselves already

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It's hard mainly due to surprise. Play it enough and it won't be that tricky anymore.

The arcade game is a typical beat-em-up but polished with some great graphics and sound.

Battletoads and Double Dragon feels closest to being a sequel, but with less variety than the original.

Battlemaniacs from what I've played feels like garbage and a quick cash-in to make money while they were working on the Donkey Kong Country technology.

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Did YOU beat it?

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Yeah, I beat NTSC-U NES Battletoads and Battletoads in Battlemaniacs legitimately.

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No save states or game genie?

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Study shows only few beat it. Humans in general can't do everything.

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More like most don't care to beat it, it's not that hard.

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I agree it's not that hard, but which games do you consider hard?

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Everyone's a try hard retard on 4chan but reality is too few here actually even play games.

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if battletoads isn't hard then what is hard

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Ketsui Ura loop 2All

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Is that the only hard game?

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It's actually pretty easy for my advanced intellect.

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Okay, is there any hard game?

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had it on snes as a kid. Never could beat the turbo tunnel because it kept going on and on...

20 years later I beat it on emulator with savestate, and holy fuck, if I had beat the turbotunnel as a kid, all levels after that shit are even more crazy. The snake level you have to memorize, the weird wheel level were you need perfect timing and finally the last fucking level where you have to get down the tower to the last boss!!! Teh fuck is it crazy...

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this is pretty good. I enjoyed the full thing

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The other/s wasn't or weren't me
Arcade games are harder than home games. Battletoads is just harder than your typical home game even back then, even by virtue of some memorization based parts.
Clearing the Ura loop in Ketsui is MUCH harder. I'd say even reaching it is harder stuff than what most players have played at all in their lives. Some other Cave games are also quite insane such as DDP DOJ WL 2-ALL, but Ketsui is the typical example you'll get since it's pretty notorious for this.
Other notoriously hard arcades include Gradius III and Truxton II (even if you continue).
If you want from other genres, something popular like Final Fight is much harder to 1CC than most if not all the games in the home landscape.
Stop projecting, son.