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Sell your favorite retro game to today's 15-30 demographic.

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what if I don't want to, because a rise in popularity will mean that the next part will be released with lower general quality, and less features to cater to current trends, social media, and be released on many platforms?

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Not even "All your base" and the "Not as good as Truxton" memes have been able to. If not even an e-celeb has managed to you know it's impossible. Toaplan games are unappealing to them.

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Doom is the best fps, na, game ever made. I know from my many years of fullfilling enjoyment from playing this game that nothing comes past it. It set the trends for what garbage is out there now and they will still copy-cat their ideas until man is no more. Costs less than a box of pizza from little ceasars and it wont give you nightmares even if you get scared while playing it because in this game, you are the demon. YOU give the demons nightmares and send them back from where they came from, like trump against illegal aliens. The game is also very modular and came be custom fit for any individual. This shit is more addicting than cocaine and ludes.

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"You can tell people in social media you're playing [classic game] instead of a modern game to show how interesting and different you are"

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everything is either grimdark and colorless, or colorful and gay

Streets of Rage 2 is hetero as fuck, but it's super colorful and stylish

also it doesn't look too weabooish even though it was made in japan

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I felt an urge to kill you at least four times through all that

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No. Fuck millennials.

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Say "This game is too good for you." and mean it too. But they'll take it as a challenge, and think I'm trying to reverse-psychologize them so at least some of them will buy it.

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You drive a nice car with a cute girl and there's good music.

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It's the dark souls of ________

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t. wasn't born in 1979 or earlier

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There are some Gen Z guys on /vr/ like our resident anti-arcade shitposter.

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Fuck you Seth MacFarlane, I won't do what you tell me.

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Virtua Cop sells itself.

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Your own imagination is the most powerful GPU in existence.

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They can't afford it

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Fucking wish if only so all the text I read isn't in Kevin Conroy's Batman voice.

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You are a cool guy with a huge sword, however Aeris dies at the end of CD 1.

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I'd rather not. I'm quite content with today's spermbabies playing their cawdooty and mobile games while I get to enjoy Perfect Dark, the greatest first person shooter ever made.

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>nice car
ewwww, that car doesn't even look realistic
>cute girl
OMG, are you mysoginistic cis white male?
>good music
This doesn't sound like my favorite trap music!

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If you pre order this retro game, you will get an exclusive skin! Also, make sure you grab the season pass for day 1 dlc!

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Glad someone else finds the blonde bimbo stereotype in outrun in poor taste and offensive.

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YOu will be shit at it, but you will get tons of views on your twitchs and youtubs

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>hey kid remember the 80s?
>we got pinball and a cool art style that you remember from when you got a haircut as a kid
>play the same beep bop boop music for 5 minutes

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My sides are thoroughly split by your cutting wit and unrivaled originality.

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"This old game is pretty rare, I promise it will look good on your shelf. All the cool youtubers are collecting them, it's the hot new thing."

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It’s fucking Resident Evil 2, if you don’t get that then you’re a worthless piece of shit, Mcfucking end yourself.

How was that?

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Did you just shoot an innocent black man? he was clearly getting his life back together! and that wasn't a gun it was.. a planted fake gun, yeah you fucking cops planted it afterwards!

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Every enemy in Virtua Cop 1 and 2 is a white man.

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10/10 GOTY of the Century

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You can finally live out the fantasy of having meaningful employment.

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>but I don't want to be a jobcuck, I have crypto

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Don't worry, it gives you skill where you can toss all your money away.

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