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Do you feel bad for being really fucking incompetent at some hobby that you love?

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Not really. I've been playing bullet hell shmups for years and the only 1cc's I ever got were Futari Original and Deathsmiles, both of which are piss easy. Couldn't even 1cc ESPgaluda.

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I'm not "really fucking incompetent". But I don't feel bad for not being a super player holding WR's, nor a tournament superstar.
Time to clear the first loop of Batsugun Special Version.

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Try playing Psykyo, 1 loop is only 10 minutes.

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>some hobby

Well I feel bad that I was really incompetent at reptile keeping until I was 30 and i'm still not great at it.

But I suppose your vague statement was talking specifically about /vr/

Yes, I feel bad that there are very few /vr/ games that I have finished that aren't first party Nintendo titles.

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Why would I love something I'm terrible at?

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It's the situation I am right now, I love old games, I really do, but am terrible at them. I could always practice more but I feel like I'm only getting worse.

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What do you love about them if you're not good at them? Or is that the appeal? If not then what is the appeal? I like games where it takes a lot to get good at them, but I would chalk that up to them being challenging rather than me being bad.

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name a specific game as an example

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I don't know, puyo, touhou, puchi carat, ghouls 'n ghosts, contra, gradius, street fighter 2

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I love to watch people playing at relatively high level on twitch. I love speedruns, 1cc and super plays.

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well those are all hard fucking games
when you feel like you're getting worse, though you feel like you should take a break, that's actually when you're often on the verge of improvement. you have to play through the slump and you'll come out better.

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I do not understand what this thread is about

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>touhou, ghouls 'n ghosts, contra, gradius
these are just memorization
>street fighter 2
find someone willing to play with you and help you improve. playing randoms can be frustrating if you're new.
there's like a thousand good guides for puyo out there

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I am competent though. But hobbies aren't about the end result, they're about enjoying the process.

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So that's why you don't get good at them, you spend time watching the games rather than playing them. Mystery solved.
>just memorization
Those games aren't Simon Says, anon. They're not JUST memorization. Them not being RNG based doesn't make them only based on memorization.
>they're about enjoying the process.
100% this

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It's easier to love hobbies before you get deep enough into them to be challenged. Like in theory I love welding since I like old cars and I live in the rust belt but when I'm actually doing it it's kind of a bitch. When you start getting good, the enjoyment goesup a bit because you take pride in it but then if you get REALLY good at a thing it stops feeling like a hobby at all, more like a job.

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Sure, once you get high enough in the learning curve things become more/suddenly enjoyable. Too bad people seem to ignore this and want everything to be instant gratification (not only games), which means removing depth and long-term enjoyment.

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well it would be unfair to compare them to simon, since simon is different every time, so it's a test of short term memory capacity rather than memorizing a level

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Not to sound disrespectful but I learn a lot more about games on twitch than from shitposts on 4chan.

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It's about the frustration of being bad at something you love.

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and you'll learn a shit ton more by actually playing them

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You do understand that if they were simply memorization then anyone could clear them after carefully watching a youtube video? Which obviously isn't the case. Also most of the games mentioned have either just plain rng or obscure systems that will feel like rng and make the runs very different.

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But if you don't successfully finish a 1cc run then the entire process is meaningless. That's like enjoying studying all the way up to your bachelor year then dropping out of college. Or enjoying a marathon but finishing last.

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That's your shitty assumption, I play them enough you retarded faggot. Shut the fuck up before I kick your teeth in you piss of shit.

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Learning and getting good is inherently enjoyable even if you lose interest before you beat a game

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I'm terrible at drawing and I'm really sad about it. I've been realizing more and more how much I love art and how I feel that it's really important for me to get better at visual communication, but very early in childhood I just thought I was one of the people who "couldn't draw" and I ever tried. I'm 26 now and I'm so far behind so many people who started earlier. I know that I can get better with practice, but it will be hard.

Not /vr/, I just wanted to let people know not to give up on things that are important to you.

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If that were true the community wouldn't be so hard on people who credit feed.

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It's not like you start playing a game under the assumption that you'll fail.
You'll have fun learning until you realize it's all hopeless.

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Then whatever, they're not Dragon's Lair. Happy?
Sure, it's better than shitposting lol. But playing is the best way to learn, as you know. Watching some pro runs to learn some tricks is cool but without a good balance of practice your improvement stalls which is what happens to you. I think the best thing is consistency, play a bit each day (like less than 1 hour), it also avoids burnout.
Not at all, I don't 1CC every game I touch, I focus on the ones I like the most but I try a lot and have fun in the process.
Credit feed =/= Getting to the last stage but not beating it with one coin

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>that you love?
you don't really love it you just love the idea of it, people who love their hobbies always get good at them because no matter what they never give up or stop practicing. i have no time for excuses and lazy /vr/ drivel tards who wouldn't know effort if it was a dildo made of hot pockets and think everything should be instant gratification.

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Credit feeding discourages learning and getting good and kills the fun, that's why. But even then, people aren't particularly harsh towards credit feeders, only outspoken but uninformed idiots.

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not him but you won't you feral twitch wanking spastic, type of cunt to think he's hardcore cus he watches some speedbummer and knows some tricks but can't actually do anything himself, complete soft cock.

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I'm more hardcore than you ever will be you little tranny bitch. Compare your life to mine then kill yourself. SUCK MY COCK, CHOKE ON IT

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This really hurts though, I've put in the effort but the talent is just not there. I can imagine actions out in my mind but my fingers can't put them into practice.

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Videogames shouldn't be made to be beatable by everybody, anyway. If you have a problem with it just pick a modern game to play.

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If anything credit feeders are quite rare these days. Naturally, people that credit feed play for the aesthetics of the games. But MAME games are less and less impressive looking for newer gamers, so they just seek that experience in new games.

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I can't believe you're defending feeders. What has happened to this place?

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People who play arcade games in general are rare these days so yes you're right. However a lot if not most players still credit feed. Places like /vr/ and /v/ are generally more informed for obvious reasons, though.

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>places like /vr/ are more informed
You fucking wish.

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Don't take a couple of dedicated shitposters as being indicative of the whole board. At the very least people here are aware of what a 1cc is, even if they never tried it themselves.

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/vr/ is home to the greatest arcade players in the west

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I'm not defending them, really. I encourage people to not credit feed whenever I can. I wouldn't say what I said isn't true, though.
Yeah, there are / were posters from that shmup system 11 or whatever's called forum. I've only lurked there for years tho (mostly to look for strategy and data) since I dislike forums. And people here hold western WR's.

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Also, some guys from Fightcade also post here and you know how skilled some of those are. To the degree some people don't even like playing there due to getting their asses handed to them.

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I imagine there's at least one person who actually plays puyo in the puyo threads as well.


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Nice sarcasm

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Not everyone on /vr/ is like that but some of the posters are, or are at least part of the communities where that is true as was said here >>4549481

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Every Arcade cancer thread, ever.

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Yeah no shit when you have people like this >>4549342 making it a major topic

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Oh so you're the same guy and are now doubling down on the trolling and victim complex. Gotcha.

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If you spent your time shitposting /vr/ into honing your skills at videogames instead your ass wouldn't hurt so much, anon.

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I already got my 1ccs decades ago, so I don't know what you're talking about.

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I think it's telling about the quality a community based on how they treat newcomers. :)

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>you don't actually play games
Then he wouldn't be frustrated, would he?
>just play more
Let's close down 4chan, discussion is meaningless. Let's all just play more.

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I love how weak the shitposter has become ever since the janitor cracked down on him, and after all that boasting too...embarassing.

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I'm just frustrated I can't beat the diamond boss in Gradius 1 NES

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Not true, I spend a lot of hours playing games everyday, it's all I do on weekends. The problem is I can't seem to focus on a single game and I'm always cycling through a million other games on my backlog.

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Spewing less bullshit and playing more would improve the quality of the discussion significantly even if it would reduce the quantity.

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I thought I was good at Puyo, I played it since Mean Bean Machien on the Genesis, but now I'm seeing people that got introduced by Puyo Tetris being much better than me, knowing a lot of techniques with names and having the reflexes and speed of a cheetah.

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I agree, I don't like how you understimate super plays though, you can learn strats a lot quicker from watching 1cc runs than putting into words in internet forums.

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Honestly though you're right, I'm just angry and frustrated and I feel like lashing out violently on anonymous people over the internet to try to satisfy my rage.

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You're confusing me with somebody else. Watching superplays can be great, but not so much for a 1cc since they all use very risky scoring strats that'll do you more harm than good if all you care about is a clear. Also there's a problem copying strategies you don't fully understand because you didn't arrive at them organically, but that's more of a scoring thing.

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Don't respond to the anti-arcade shitposer, guys.

>> No.4549654

Yeah I agree.

>> No.4549657

Then he'll just respond to himself.

>> No.4549712

He'll get bored faster that way, so ignore that Gen Z /v/ crossposter.

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Either way I win, you guys desperately need to wake up to communism.

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Either I win, you can report my posts as many times as you want it only makes me stronger. Everyday I get better at videogames and what did (You) accomplish in your life? You're nothing.

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I have a Gradius 3 1cc btw, I found it easy.

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No, there's too many other things I feel bad about myself for.

>> No.4549802

Thanks. Been having similar sentiments. This post made me feel better.

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Cee detected.

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I feel bad because I'm good at painting but never want to do it so I play videogames instead

I play feeling lots of guilt, too

>> No.4549829

I doubt you're that good then. Talent with no passion doesn't go far, but it's still a waste.

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I LOVE Quake, I DON'T suck and I've NEVER learnt how to bunnyhop. It breaks my heart.

>> No.4551980

If I were a master at every game I played the moment I saaaaaaarrrtedfd plygkjhn themf the fjirst time i'd be realy ewbored of 0.0.htemmmmmmmmmmm,l;./

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I love playing Mario romhacks and I play them with a 360 controller. 1 tile jumps can be a problem at times.

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