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What's the point? Get this an everdrive?

The NES one I kinda got since it was $500 for hipsters to brag about.

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>What’s the point? Get this an everdrive?

More like wait a week for the Core Store™ to open and load up an SD card with all the ROMs.

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So you're pretty much just buying a specific SNES emulator box? Guess that's neat. Wireless controllers kill it for me.

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>specific SNES


>emulator box


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Hardware emulation is still emulation.

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Yea, nah. An implementation in FPGA bypasses all the general-purpose PC baggage that software emulators have to deal with. Given the same degree of accuracy in the simulation, FPGA will always come out on top.

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Not him but no it's not idiot. There are millions of words you can provide some kind of dictionary definition for and argue everyone is using it the wrong way, that's not how language works.

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why would i use chink knockoff tech instead of just using my actual snes

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because your actual snes broke

>> No.4548649

in that case i'd just buy another snes
they're not exactly rare

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It's still emulation though retards. This really needs to be explained to you?

Go read a book you dumb niggers. And thanks for establishing the userbase that buys this shit as hipster children.

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books are for faggots

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>why would I use chink knockoff tech


1. it isn’t chink knockoff tech - this is legitimate work from a console hacking / engineering legend

2. it has native HDMI output with tons of video and audio options

3. it will (likely) have a way to play ROMs on an SD card for nearly every 8- and 16-bit console and handheld with virtually flawless accuracy

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I believe it you who is the nigger here bucko.

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Oh my god, how fucking retarded are you? I already explained to you that dictionary definition arguments are not relevant or appropriate here. I know you had your dictionary definition all ready to whip out for when people correctly pointed out your incorrect use of the word "emulator", but I already explained to you how it does not work here. What sort of mental age does it take to come up with that... 8, 9, maybe 10 at a stretch?

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>dictionary definition arguments are not relevant
I don't do niggers speak or nigger arguments or any other for of degenerate speak. Talk like an actual American.

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>1. it isn’t chink knockoff tech - this is legitimate work from a console hacking / engineering legend
right but it's not an snes

>2. it has native HDMI output with tons of video and audio options
that's cool i guess but i feel like you could probably figure out a way to just hack composite or hdmi onto an existing snes which would be a lot cooler

>3. it will (likely) have a way to play ROMs on an SD card for nearly every 8- and 16-bit console and handheld with virtually flawless accuracy
snes flash carts already allow this

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You're a fucking idiot.

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No I just use dictionary words and not special snowflake argument techniques of making words mean something that I or my group made up. That used to be called basic language skills.

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shit i meant component, i always confuse the two because i'm retarded

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FPGAs are 100% cycle accurate, if done correctly, and I don't have any doubt it's the same here.

They've been used to get perfect reproductions of arcade hardware for years now.

Dipshit retards that can't tell the difference between FPGA and emulators and immediately shit up threads with garbage need to get the fuck off here.


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There is no HDMI mod yet for SNES.

The best you can do is to run the signal through a line-doubler / tripler ADC like the OSSC, and when you factor that plus the cost of an SD2SNES, then you might as well go with the Super Nt, which is, for all intents and purposes, a real SNES.

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Is the issue here that you dumb kids are only capable of understanding the word "emulator" as a negative? That doesn't change the fact this product is an emulator.

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why dont' they just reproduce the original chip? if you can make a fgpa 100% accurate why not just make the real thing instead of programing the chips?

>> No.4548718

I assume it's difficult to just start reproducing a really old chip while FPGAs are mass produced so it costs a lot less.

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It does when you're too stupid to tell the difference between software level and hardware level emulation. Which is more like a simulator since the circuits are reprogrammed directly. Try actually researching FPGAs you goddamn autist.

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It's as much of an emulator as a Dendy NES is.

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There could be edge cases with specific games that produce errors; this happens even in hardware revisions of an original console.

With an ASIC there would be no way to fix the problem once it’s gone to manufacturing. An FPGA means that the simulation can be changed and improved over time. (It also makes the SD card jailbreak and Core Store possible)

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The fpga is cheaper than trying to find a chip fab that would spit out only like 10k of these chips. And Nintendo would be likely to come after them.

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Why would I bother putting my SNES on HDMI?

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Because all nowadays monitors are either hdmi or display port, and all the older monitors died out.

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I don't know about 3rd world knock offs but I assume that the Dendy is clone hardware not an emulator.
Actually kiddo if you look at the post chain (bit different than your reddit) you can see I said hardware emulation. Not that it matters though because it's emulation. This just sad at this point that common core kids ignore the dictionary.

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Are here all russians on the board or how else everyone knows what Dendy is?

>> No.4548742

To get better upscaling of a 240p signal compared to the typical hack job done by the average consumer HDTV.

Also with something like the Super Nt you get a clean, end-to-end digital signal.

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Do you happen to be that same guy that goes autistic when someone writes

>> No.4548747

Yes. That is what I meant
. It is like a dendy. It really has a clone cpu, it really has a clone sound chip, it really has a clone video chip, it really has a reverse engineered bios.

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I have plenty of older monitors here that still work. They may not be as accessible to everyone as they'd wish, but I've got plenty of CRTs to last me for some time. Besides, you don't need anything special, you can find people giving away CRTs on Craigslist. I got a Trinitron from Craigslist for free and it works just fine. You never needed the most amazing TV ever for this kind of thing, you just needed one that showed a picture.
I don't understand the issue people have here.

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This is the vr board. We talk about all sort of vr type shit. Nes threads are normal.

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How do you distinguish between a clone and an emulator?

>> No.4548761

Tt "cloned" those components in emulation. Guess you could say that.
Kid, read a dictionary. Don't reply back.
Depends. Some clone/bootlegs make no real attempt to play the original they are ripping off. Is this something you're ignorant about?

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Yes, these threads are normal, I agree. But people here are from all aver the world, it's an international board. And you discuss Dendy as if everyone here knows what is it. But it's a local russian hardware, how could people here know about it?

>> No.4548768

if it's not CRT / OG it doesn't satisfy my autism

>> No.4548770

Stop pretending to know what you're talking about. We all told you to shut up.

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I'll stick to real word dictionary terms over made up shit by 3rd world shithole residents. I assumed your lack of understanding the dictionary was because you were young but now it seems you're just muslim.

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Back to your >>>/pol/ hole with you, fuckwit.

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Not him but the Dendy is well-known and often brought up here. People find it interesting, I've seen it mentioned dozens of times. It's probably the most famous and widespread clone in existance, no reason why people shouldn't know about it.

>> No.4548792

I learned about it from kinnaman's translated series on youtube from people here. That's why this board is great.

>> No.4548794

Man solid argument.
It's brought up more often than not for people to laugh at.

>> No.4548805

No it's not. The point is that guy talking about dictionary definitions and "third world countries" didn't even know what a Dendy is.

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>it's better emulation so it's not emulation

>it's a local russian hardware
Sounds like you're confused lad. It's the other big commie country that claims Taiwan.

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that's too bad, i'd much rather just have a solid video setup on an original snes

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Whose voice did you read that tweet in, Coury or Try?

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FPGA is fucking great, but there can be a difference. I own a jrok multi williams board and a real joust cabinet. Even in the same cabinet (i bought the "official" jrok joust to jamma adapter) they are very slightly different. Same cabinet is important because there are williams leaf switches which feel different than regular microswitch buttons.

I bought my joust cabinet for $50 believe it or not, but the boards were really fucked up. I sent all boards to "the real bob roberts" to have them repaired. He used to be a williams tech for williams and bought a lot of diagnostic equipment when they liquidated. The guys a legend at repair. Anyway, while he was fixing the boards I bought the jrok one.

The jrok board is fucking quality but joust does play slightly different. There can sometimes be slight graphical problems, VERY slight but it happened. I'm a fucking sperg about joust and used to play it almost daily until a few years ago. Now, I'm out of practice and forgot patterns. There was also something just a touch off about the physics, i can't remember exactly as it's been a few years, but I could never beat the high score from real hardware on a jrok board.

I don't think it's an issue for anyone really, jrok is great, but there can be slight differences. Again FPGA is great, I'm not knocking it at all.

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when does this thing come out

it's going to have the finished version of Super Turrican in it. someone better extract it

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Is a 1chip SNES emulating a 2 chip?

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Wow an American didn't know what a Dendy is? You don't say?

>> No.4548832

That sounds like an issue with the specific FPGA implementation, not FPGAs in general. Like I said, "If done correctly".

>> No.4548835

February 7th

>> No.4548839

According to the resident retard / troll ITT, yes.

>> No.4548842

I guess it turns out emulation really is as cool as I thought it was when I was 16 then.

>> No.4548853

>if done correctly

What a cop-out. A bowl of macaroni could be cycle accurate if done correctly.

>> No.4548854

Only if you stick your dick in it.

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my wifes son loves emulator machines and pvmemes

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>not buying of these days things and reliving the glory days of the dingoo

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Why the fuck is this thread such a magnet for shitposting autists that need to fuck off back to /v/?

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It can’t run higan.

>> No.4548903

They feed on contention. /vr/ is largely immune to them since by and large the major questions on the topic have been settled long ago. They can still shitpost on subjective topics like "my childhood gaming platform is great no matter how valid criticisms of it may be" but their absolute native element is topics like this one where there are developments that raise discussion that has not yet been arrived at a consensus. Aggressively spouting from positions that have some degree of merit makes them feel insightful.

>> No.4548923

Or just maybe they don't want to see eceleb shit on the front page. Something that objectivity is cancer.

>> No.4548927 [DELETED] 

And it still wouldnt emulate any chip based titles worth a damn!

they couldn't even get chip titles other than DSP-1 and Cx4 on the SDSNES and they procrastinated long enough on SFX.

>> No.4548928

And this can?

>> No.4548946

The fact that you think an FPGA is supposed to run software emulators says it all.

>> No.4548949

They could make a FPGA for those, too. It would have to be it's own cartridge, though. Not built-in. The point of this is to play originals, though.

>> No.4548951

Never say never. For sure, I’m waiting for Kevtris to spill the beans on what his jailbreak can or cannot do with the Super Nt’s hardware before I buy one, but special chip cores could happen.

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File: 269 KB, 1920x960, FSPLPjOoTa75lNbV4OAVSDYB0rRaqD9BPif8iRpIF6mzLmhJl7k48I16zClrol7D_large_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe because this is a shithole thread with some fucking nobody autistic eceleb twitter shill screencap as the op. fuck off gramps you're /vr/s worst namefag

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Yeah I totally agree, if done correctly it's a damn fine thing. The aforementioned jrok board is honestly great. I imagine the issue came from the fact it was a multi game pcb and not focused on one particular set of hardware. I'm no expert in the matter, so I may be talking out my ass here, but I imagine if you're focusing on one particular system you could get closer to perfection.

Again, the issues in joust weren't that bad and unless you were turbo autist or trying to master it for high scores you'd never notice the miniscule differences.

>> No.4549032

I really hope that it can save states to the SD card, or even make continuous state recordings that can be played back later.

The fact that Analogue hasn’t advertised anything like that doesn’t give me much hope, though.

>> No.4549041

>We don't want to see the thread at the top of the index so we bumpstorm the shit out of it

Brilliant! I hate e-celeb threads myself but the Super NT is a topic that I AM interested in and it's on topic so.. Maybe hide the thread? If you think I'm so bad maybe filter me?

>> No.4549043

This is absolutely emulation, regardless of how accurate it is. I don’t even know why it’s debateable.

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Good advice. Here’s a reminder how to filter.

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Is a model 2 Genesis emulating a model 1?

>> No.4549075

Yeah, I wouldn't trust those multiboards to be 100% accurate, no matter how few games they might have on them. Would it happen to be this Williams Multigame board? http://www.multigame.com/williams.html

>> No.4549083

Because you're too stupid to know the difference between software emulation and hardware that's designed to act 100% like the original.

Protip: This isn't an ARM or x86 running Higan.

>> No.4549089

Does the model 2 contain any hardware to emulate hardware that it lacks from model 1? If so, then yes. But I think it still contains a YM2612 for sound, and a 68000 and Z80, so no, it’s not emulation. Any other questions?

>> No.4549095 [DELETED] 

Regardless, you said it yourself, the hardware is ACTING like the original. It’s not original. Thus, it’s emulation. :^)

>> No.4549102

model2 genesis doesn't use a FPGA

>> No.4549120

Guy, I've been here since 4chan practically started. The whole 'Ignore and it'll go away" thing doesn't work. All you can hope for is to make the discussion so absolute cancer that the original cancer finally fucks off. Unfortunately this is a never ending cycle.

A shitpost thread is far more entertaining than gen z ecelebrites thinking they're welcome here.

>> No.4549130

Is a YM3438 emulating a YM2612?

>> No.4549139

The problem is: can it be done correctly and maintain a reasonable price? And even more importantly, WILL it be done correctly? Given the track record of hardware emulators, the stakes are highly against new products. If this is not 100% accurate and gives Higan a run for its money and a high-five at the end, it's hot garbage.

>> No.4549145

okay but unless they've made some magical advances in snes clone hardware, it still won't run the usual suspects

>> No.4549147

it's a hardware replacement

>> No.4549160 [DELETED] 

Fuck off all you goddamn pendatic turboautist fuckshits.

>> No.4549165

Technically, yes. It doesn’t do it 100% accurately either. There are some games that sound different because of it.

>> No.4549168

This has to be a troll. NOONE could legit be this stupid.

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Not an arguement.

>> No.4549172

Wait can someone explain what this is?

>> No.4549173 [DELETED] 
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Also not an arguement.

>> No.4549174

Sure. It’s a meme emulator box for faggots.

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File: 499 KB, 487x653, when the bull lets you back in the room.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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A snes with hdmi output. If it turns out decent itll obsolete getting a 1chip snes and a framemister if you're looking to play on modern flat screen.

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So should i sell my 1chip-03 right now nefore it drops in value? currently is around $150-200.

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Nah. People will always love original hardware. The super nt is for the person that wants a siple solution that doesn't want to deal with up scaling or crts. And we dont know how shit or not it is yet.

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>I have plenty of older monitors
>I've got plenty of CRTs to last me for some time
>I got a Trinitron
>I never needed the most amazing TV
>I just needed one that showed a picture
>I don't understand the issue

jeez dude, we get it, you like to talk about yourself and your dirty house filled with old tv's, doesn't mean that the mass majority of people can't wish for having a television set that didn't come out the same year M.A.S.H. was a hit series. If you are interested in using the extra space you have at home to fill it with CTRs then suit yourself, but don't be obnoxious about how people could have potential problems with this compared to just having a unit with hdmi.

hello newfriend

>pic related

>> No.4549303

So, you have nothing worth saying, k cool. 1/10 for making me reply.

>> No.4549401

Wait just how good is it emulating
Will it have identical or reduced input latency as compared to an SNES?

Is it "just as good" as an snes?
Does it have wired controllers?

>> No.4549449

It has a FPGA. The FPGA is arranged to simulate a SNES. That is electrically, it is actually pretending to be a Ricoh 5A22 interfacing with a S-SMP etc etc etc.

It is like having a system on chip or clone console than it is a retron5 or raspberry pi.

>> No.4549458

Ok so this is a completely different level than just some faggot putting snes9x on a raspberry pi.

So would you say it's just as good about the lag?
Would it be able to play off of SD cards?
That would be more functionality than an SNES of course, but still...

>> No.4549485

It has an SD slot and its design is similar to the ANT Mini which can not only load roms from SD but can load additional "cores" to its fpga to simulate other consoles. The hope is that it will also do this only better with a bigger FPGA as well as cheaper (the ANT Mini was like $400 IIRC). Also, yes it has SNES controller ports they're just using a wireless dongle for an 8bitdo SNES30 wireless controller in OP's image

>> No.4549517

What would the video out be?

I'd imagine they'd have RCA and also HDMI.

Would be ideal if they allowed for multiple outs, like composite, S-video, component, AND HDMI. Cover all the bases.

>> No.4549568

There are simpler solutions that don't cost 200 bucks. This is for people who want the advantages of emulation but think that emulators are beneath them.

>> No.4549576

The base unit is HDMI only, which was apparently a cost-saving measure to keep the price down.

The Nt mini has HDMI plus analog (RGB / component / S-video / composite) out via 15-pin D-Sub connector, but only one of them could be used at any time.

This time around for the Super Nt, Analogue is offering an external DAC that they say adds no lag. You’ll probably be just fine with any of the other adapters out there.

>> No.4549723

Its for the normie that wants plug and play easy. Everything else that i know of requires "skills" that normies see as too difficult.

>> No.4549898

Everything is perfect "If done correctly" dingus

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File: 2.17 MB, 350x228, laughing JC denton with metal tentacles.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>buying an emulator box

What is even the point? This isn't the fucking 90s, emulators for 8 and 16 bit consoles are accurate enough for there to be no noticeable difference between an emulator and an emulator box. If you want 100% accuracy then use real hardware, if you want convenience then use an emulator.

>> No.4549936

Regardless, you said it yourself, the hardware is ACTING like the original. It’s not original. Thus, it’s emulation. :^)

>> No.4550090

So there's a chance this thing might be able to run other ROMs too? Because if this can run NES, SNES, Genesis, GB, and GBC stuff, I'd probably pick one up for an easy to set up and run emulator box for couch co-op with a friend.

and maybe GBA games too, though I'm not sure how strong the hardware is of this.

>> No.4550197

what a show off.
just get a modded sgb lol

>> No.4550239

When are preorders supposed to start shipping out for this thing?

>> No.4550487

February 7th, is this the first you're hearing about the system? The date was announced like a week ago and posted in this thread

>> No.4550503

Yes, there's a pretty good chance but I personally am not even considering buying one until I know for sure. I expect this thing will be very popular and massively produced though.

>> No.4550518


by this definition every hardware revision past v1 of a console is "emulation"

>> No.4552969

why are you screaming?

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