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Do you ever read old reviews to see if they reflect the legacy of the game?

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>Story is often sappy--not written for an American audience
Weeb culture wasn't really a thing yet in the SNES era.

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My brother played FF6 for the first time when he was 25 and he called the cutscenes "bobblehead theatre". I think most people think of it the same today as then.

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It's funny that you mention that line, because I remember thinking that this sounded like a vaguely negative review when the issue was sent. I think I was 8 years old at the time, and didn't know what "sappy" meant.

Now the story is pretty much considered the main strength of the game, considering its time.

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I like reading them for the more naive and innocent bullshit that makes you go "oh ho, what silly folk we were then"

>DKC2 bosses
>"better artificial intelligence"
>"seem to learn and they change the patterns of their attacks"

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The story is overrated as fuck but then again, this is final fantasy.

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Legacy of the game???

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wow, the 90s graphic design on those pages look so incredibly dated now.

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Can't read, retard?

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what's 'dated' about OP's pic?

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I miss auto playing ads and facebook like buttons.

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>RPG for one player

Little know fact: FF6 has 2 player functionality. It's been so long since I played it that I don't remember for sure, but I think it's kind of limited, but it for sure DOES have multiplayer regardless.

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>The story is overrated as fuck

The story is Ultima 7 Part 2.

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Explain, did Square rip Ultima off?

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Didn't even read old reviews when I was young. They' were usually written by tards who filled them with fluff to hide their lack of gaming knowledge and showcase their (un)skills acquired during a semester of creative writing.

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>thinking nintendo power would be even remotely objective
all magazine were just propaganda tools

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No, game reviews have always been bullshit.

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A lot of old reviews place a lot of emphasis on graphics. It's funny when they describe early 3D, low polygon count models as "breathtaking".

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Okay, I was just double checking this is completely bait. Slow clap friend.

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I thought Sushi-X was cool

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Dan Hsu is full of shit.

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I reread my old Nintendo Power magazines earlier this year and as nostalgiac as it is, they are embarrassingly transparent with who they were in bed with in their reviews. Maybe not paid necessarily, but you can clearly see that they have some motivations to give game X a certain score. The honest reviews when they shit on shovelware are refreshing though.

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There's a difference between "objective" and "literally making up technobabble because nobody knows what this means yet". And surprisingly, despite being a made-to-shill-anything rag, it still would give a fair review more often than not.
Here's Pokemon, a game that they knew (and ADVERTISED) that Japanese consumers spent millions of dollars on due to pokemania, and they still gave it a "It's decent but also an easy baby game" score.
>First-person shooters are way too commonplace today.
>How many Doom games can gamers take before they are fed up?
Poor Dan, I wonder what he'd think of this horrible future.

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I thought Sega Power was good for being objective / honest even if some of the reviews were pointless and didn't really give too much information about the game. I still have a copy from 94 around somewhere with the review of Sonic and Knuckles where they write the whole review pretending to be an interview with Sonic who is actually a bathroom tiller or something.

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I played my first video game on a computer like this so a lot of those early 3D models were pretty amazing to see at the time.

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How come a person can be so wrong?

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Reviewers were too kind to DK64 but it's not nearly as bad of a game as the memes would suggest.

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Anyone have any idea where to find Nintendo Power scans?

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Archive is our friend.

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Thank you kindly anon, hope you have great day!

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The "not written for an American audience" bit must be the worst part there. Only way I'd excuse it would be if videogames were still seen as mindless entertainment for braindead children.

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>Story is often sappy--not written for an American audience
The fucking state of America. Not enough fart jokes.

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They aren't wrong, you know. The 'lol so randem xD' type of humor hadn't caught on in the mid-90s yet.

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never said they were, I find earthbound massively overrated

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Good thread, i'm specially interested on what they said when the 5th gen arrived. But also on really old generations.

I remember reading a DQ3 developer interview, and they said something very funny, like the npcs and towns were so detailed it looked like every npc had their own life.

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https://archive.org/ has many scans of old video game magazines.

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>Visuals: 4
To think that pixelart would get its revenge with time.

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Jesus christ, dudes from reverse eng the thing and completely proved it's all scripted or RNG.

What this dude smoked?

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I think it's present on all SNES versions.

You give a party slot to your second controller port.

Don't know if it exists on 4 because it was 5 party members instead of 4.

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>The good thing is, some of it is good
>The bad thing is, some of it is bad
Fucking layers upon layers of analysis right here.

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He doesn't even say there's bad music, just that "it kind of lies there".
Deep analysis indeed though.

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I read them because it was a time before solid emulation and flashcarts. There was no way I can afford the games, so imagination is all there was. I guess they were the influencers of their day just as youtube and twitch are now. As for the games legacies, I guess it was part of my memories of the games, but even then I found to disagree with some reviewers.

When I was younger, I thought my opinion lined up most closely with Sushi-X's. However, these days they are closer to Ed's.

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>at least 100 hours to complete
More like 20 hours blind. Do these people try to learn every spell with every character or what? Even then 100 hours would be ridiculously slow.

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>It's funny when they describe early 3D, low polygon count models as "breathtaking"

Youngfag? Of course it was breathtaking. 3 or 4 years earlier we were playing NES games, and 2D was our only horizon.

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It is interesting to go back and see the opinions that we naively accepted as being legit when we were kids. You can look at a review now and see when someone is just totally full of shit.

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It was incredible at the time, don't talk on things you dont know abou

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It looks like visual AIDS and killed arcade gaming.

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Certainly not american written reviews like that pile of garbage. They rarely played the games they reviewed.

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Man, before VII westerners really got off on shitting on Final Fantasy

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That release is after 7 AND 8. He's playing the PSX release.

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>How many times can you play a game this big and slow.

>Not replaying Earthbound once a month.

Fucking casual 90s reviewers.

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>play control
The fuck does this even mean
>sounds 6.2
I wonder how they arrived at that number

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Someone post the review where they trash NES Gimmick!, say it's childish, get the amount of levels wrong and call it "too easy" (Gimmick is brutally hard)

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Here we go, you can obviously tell which of these guys even haven't PLAYED the game.

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Believe it or not someone in the future will be saying the same thing about the graphics you think are breathtaking now

>> No.4548067

>these graphics are just too fruity!

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It is pretty gay, he's right

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"Replayability" should have disappeared as a metric by 1990

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Player reviews of Saga Frontier were mostly bad. Pro reviews were suprisingly positive.

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They won't ever look like the total shit that is gen 5 graphics though. That shit worse than an Atari.

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>i don't like this game at all
>the graphics have suffered tremendously

So score inflation's been around forever, nice to know.

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The whole biz started as just hobby mags for fanboys and it's never really changed. They're no different from some 20 year old nerds talking about toys.

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This is actually a fair review, free of the rampant revisionist memes in this place. It was only saved from more widespread ridicule by not coming to the west fast enough. I played on an emulator in the early 2000's after having played FF6 and my opinion was identical to this magazine, and so were most of the opinions i saw online. The job system was mostly annoying and grindy, the plot retarded, but Bartz was cool, which is what makes the game so disappointing in the long run. The beginning is really hype.

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Why do these reviews state the games' memory size?

>> No.4548160

Some autists would assume that more megs = better game.

>> No.4548167

It tells you which games you could fit on one multicart. Outside of very few countries (US, UK, France, West Germany and Japan) nobody bought official cartridges.
People usually got those pirate multicarts with several games on it.

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Were reviews in British or American magazines always that serious and boring? Do you have examples of an enjoyable review in such magazines?

The reviews in French magazines were much more creative and funny, the tone was very... free (it began to become stiff with the official PlayStation Magazine though).

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>yfw you belong to one of these cuck countries
>yfw you only had a few games while Pedro and Zhang from the third world had 150 of them

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Same reason blast processing was hugely important back in the day

>> No.4548251

>It looks like visual AIDS
Because better 3D is ubiquitous today. What was ubiquitous back then was 2D with small cartoon sprites moving on a line. Thus, even Virtua Fighter 1 looked like the most amazing thing on earth when it hit the arcades. Stop exposing your youngfagness.

>killed arcade gaming

It was already declining with the 16-bit consoles we know. Adults were commonly arguing that they didn't need to go to an arcade room since their son had a SNES with Street Fighter II Turbo.

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>NASCAR 99 has a higher score than Pokemon

>> No.4548332

Those scores are really weird. Pokémon R/B feels more like a 5/10 in game design (tons of glitches and a relatively empty world), but the music and satisfaction are both >8/10 for me.

Nice to see that not everyone gave these games 10/10 though, they've been hopelessly irrelevant since gen II came out.

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The funny thing is, Street Fighter 3 is the only playable game on any of their lists.

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>he didn't go the the dinosaur forest and level Celes to lvl 99 plus Gem Box and Economizer, or Locke to 99 with Genji Glove and Offering.

>> No.4548502

SushiX was a character that a number of staff members cycled in and out of, it wasn't one guy.

>> No.4548580

Most games were worth $120 in today's money, so they better had to be replayable.

>> No.4548617

If a game is good, you'll replay it regardless.

"Replayability" feels like a holdover from before battery saves and disk writing allowed for bigger and longer games.

>> No.4548875

Street Fighter II didn't need battery saves to have top replayability. There are different kinds of "good" for a game. Some are very good for a few days, but you won't finish them more than 2 or 3 times (think Tumble Pop). Others are good for decades to come (think KOF '98). That is how replayability differs from mere goodness.

>> No.4548889

That's subjective, what one person finds highly replayable other might not

>> No.4548907

Yeah how the fuck can someone rate replayability.

>> No.4548921

This is pretty cool. Someone put every EGM review in a spreadsheet. I can't link directly, it thinks my post is spam.

>> No.4548993

Wow, I was under the impression Armored Core was some kind of 5th gen sacred cow.

>> No.4549474

Nah, the magazines didn't care, but it was already a favorite among the players. Just like the first GTA, it got poor ratings but all the playground was raving about it.

>> No.4549505

No. Legendarily bad review coming through: https://gamecritics.com/brad-gallaway/3231/

>> No.4549613

When was the last time you read a review where the graphics in a game were praised like that?

>> No.4549725

Why bring Japanese cartoons into this, though

>> No.4549745

I have a copy of PC Guide somewhere with a terrible review of RollerCoaster Tycoon.

I'll have to dig it out. The reviewer didn't get it at all.

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>Comix Zone 96
>Earthbound 92

Graphics fags are the worst human beings on the planet.

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Yeah, Earthbound deserves a much lower score than 92.

>> No.4549850


Meme taken, but my point still stands. Comix Zone is objectively bad.

>> No.4549879

>Comix Zone is a game I don't know how to play, therefore it's bad
there, fixed

>> No.4549890

I go back to these reviews only because the graphic design of the pages feels like home

>> No.4549896

>this game is too hard for me so it's bad

>> No.4549903

anyone know what dan hsu is doing now?

>> No.4549949

According to his Linkedin profile:

Senior Partner Alliances Manager
October 2014 – Present (3 years 4 months)

Overseeing and managing co-marketing with Sony Interactive Entertainment's developer partners, including free-to-play, indie, and other primarily all-digital game creators.

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File: 1.79 MB, 2276x1500, gamefanbs5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>no legendary Blue Shadows review
vr you're slipping. The notorious Nick Rox in a moment which lives in infamy.

>> No.4550000

>Oy vay!
holy kek

>> No.4550012

niiice. glad he got of video game journalism. that shit is cancerous now.

>> No.4550129

Gamefan and everyone involved with it were cancer

>> No.4550151

>called shit on the fog in Turok 1
THANK you. That shit was horrendous.

>> No.4550164

I think it was great - the complete backstory of Halverson's insanity and their genuine love for import gaming made it a unique effort. The blindness inducing layouts were another "bonus". You just needed to take the whole thing with a grain of salt and go along for the ride.

>> No.4550168

Well, seeing the foundational blueprint of all JRPGs is Ultima with Wizardry's battle system, you could say that.

>> No.4550169

I remember reading a review of Final Fantasy Origins in a magazine where it got a 1/10 because "it looks like a SNES game".

>> No.4550173

I swear there was an issue of Game Players where one of the writers kept up this stupid running gag of him falling asleep throughout the whole thing and most of his comments were just a picture of him asleep and "zzzzz" as the text.

>> No.4550176

i agree with this, comix zone is one of the best genesis games and the pc version is good too

>> No.4550180

Ironically, our race to see who could make things more realistic has killed the appeal of games people have no nostalgic ties to. I absolutely love the obvious polygons of SEGA's late 90s 3D models and Tekken 2's opening still get my hyped up, but Bug and Glover look like absolute shit to me. It's why most 90s 3D isn't something that modern retro kiddies want anything to do with. We taught them to think anything that looks less than cutting edge is shit.

>> No.4550182

Comix Zone is the Cuphead of then

>> No.4550183

>Another thing to note is that the game can be beaten in about 15 minutes (using many, many continues), and I doubt anyone will want to play through it more than once or twice.
I remember an IGN review of some modern-ish Gradius game trashing it for the same thing.

>> No.4550192

Anything talking about framerates and 4k. That's basically how "graphics" are debated today.

>> No.4550194

>dat sensible rating scale
I fucking miss when games weren't on the American Honor Roll grading system.

>> No.4550209

It can't be a real review to us unless it takes itself seriously. Joke's were reserved for editorials and the fan mail pages.

>> No.4550216

This. My favorite games were always the ones where, after being the game, I could wander around and make up my own stories (The Elven Gravedigger in Links Awakening, Naked Escape in SotN, Safari Bomber in Bomberman Hero, Marsh mellow Ninja in Kirby 64). My brothers was anything with a high score tablet and tons of secrets.

>> No.4550220

Not him, but the whole 90s comic book thing is dated now and was pretty hokey and lame back then. No one gave a shit about comic books anymore when it came out.

>> No.4550227

This, comix zone was a commercial and critic failure.

>> No.4550235

>Not him, but the whole 90s comic book thing is dated now and was pretty hokey and lame back then. No one gave a shit about comic books anymore when it came out.
This has literally nothing to do with the quality of the game itself.

Comix Zone always got good reviews.

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File: 481 KB, 903x1206, 20-a787636277.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I recall a Dragon Quest VII review getting slammed because it was coming out after FFVII but everything was basically unchanged from the NES days of the series. "Wow, the game STILL can't even show you your characters, and says everything in a text box."

On a similar note, this review of X5 having the old Megaman sequel fatigue. Ah, those days when the last thing anyone ever wanted was ANOTHER Megaman game.

>> No.4550252

My only thought is

Reviewers werent paid off back then. As shitty as this is, its pretty damn independent.

>> No.4550253

Completely agree
Game is avg as fuck.

>> No.4550447

"his favorite game of all time is the first Mass Effect" should tell you everything you need to know about that reviewer.

>> No.4550504


When did you stop buying video games magazines, and why?

>> No.4550506

X5 was one hell of a disappointment when it came out.

>> No.4550508

Yeah, I loved X4 and that game was a letdown. I still had fun with the series in the PS1 days. I bought a PS2 in anticipation for X7 and...
When I got internet connection.

>> No.4550512

Not long after the start of 7th gen. It was because the upcoming games looked like total shit and magazine content ceased to be entertaining. The juvenile yet funny bants of past game journalism quickly turned into pseudo-intellectual posturing. Every issue would be filled with either subtle or overt BUT MUH GAMES ARE ART I AM NOT A JOURNALIST FOR TOYS. Can't believe it's even worse now.

>> No.4550515

>Every issue would be filled with either subtle or overt BUT MUH GAMES ARE ART I AM NOT A JOURNALIST FOR TOYS. Can't believe it's even worse now.
Fuck, that hit so hard.

>> No.4550528

I'd actually argue that the end of 5th gen spelled the end for 'traditional' game journalism, but what was happening in 6th gen was sufficiently tolerable.

>> No.4550529

So are you saying games journalism changed with the times and coincided its transition with the transitional gens of 5th and 6th before full modern gaming came in the 7th? Seems logic.
Or maybe they themselves reinforced these changes.

>> No.4550532

I stop buying magazines at the end of 2000 (so end of 5th gen) because they weren't funny anymore, because my main magazine just went bankrupt, and because I just had Internet in my room.

That also meant I stopped buying consoles because the Internet was better and cheaper entertainment, because the arcades died, and because nothing hyped me anymore for the new games.

>> No.4550534

Sensible answer for a sensible question.

>> No.4550539

Game journalism changed with gaming itself, but it was also severely affected by the internet. During 5th generation, the vast majority of people did not have a 'good' internet connection like broadband, so your typical game magazines were not affected negatively by this technological change.

Once the Internet became a more mainstream source for game news, magazines were relegated to the status of "printing 1 month old news released to gaming websites". Because 6th gen games were not utterly atrocious like many modern games are (some here may disagree) it still sustained these magazines as good reads. But after 7th gen started and every second game was a brown COD or Gears clone it was all over red rover. Game journalists getting filled with pseuds was just the shit on top.

>> No.4550543

I don't think gen 6 being bad and all that is very popular here, we're just wary of letting that gen in since its fanbase is so big it would risk pushing aside older gens discussion here. It feels much closer to 5th than 7th.

>> No.4550550

I think it was 2003 or so, my preferred mag in my country ceased to exist and all other ones were just shit

>> No.4550552

I thought the 6th gen (PS2 and Xbox) was not bringing anything new to the table. The leap from 4th to 5th gen was huge, but here we just had 5th gen games with better graphics: the games weren't different conceptually. It wasn't enough to wow me, and I didn't want to pay considerable sums just to play the same Tekken or FIFA I already played on PS1.

>> No.4550554

It also didn't help that the later 5th games (think Metal Gear Solid) weren't dear to me, as I favored arcade games.

>> No.4550557

During sixth gen I realized I was more experienced compared to most of them, shortly before hl2 release.

>> No.4550561

I think this is the new stuff:
1. Controllers with double analog sticks as the regular and standard controllers
2. Better frame rate on games
3. Good 3D beat'em ups (DMC series)
But yeah, good point, less of a jump.

>> No.4550565

For us arcade lovers 6th gen was still very cool for ports and even some made for console games that still have arcade roots (Gradius V), and even the 360 has plenty of good shooter ports. Shit has died by 8th gen tho.

>> No.4550571
File: 42 KB, 550x827, 7a0d082_2018012045.0.2078681955zuckerberg_2_web.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw I met my favorite video game reviewer at an anime convention in 2004
>mfw I realized he was only 16 years old when he wrote his (numerous) reviews in the late 90s

>> No.4550587

Nintendo Power was probably one of the most brutal raters of games. Their original point system was 50 points for 4 different categories. And nothing, NOTHING, got a perfect score in any of the categories because to get a max score of 5.0, that meant you were perfect. And even the best of the best Nintendo games to them weren't perfect.

>> No.4550595 [DELETED] 

N64 Magazine in the UK had really enjoyably written reviews.

The guy who wrote this is actually a professional novelist now.

>> No.4550596
File: 1.12 MB, 2616x3237, n64_magazine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

N64 Magazine in the UK had really enjoyably written reviews.

The guy who wrote this is actually a professional novelist now.

>> No.4550601

>>4550561 is mostly correct, but there was a pretty big graphical leap. Games looked much better in 6th Gen than they did in 5th, for the most part, but this was also a period of time when art direction really mattered. (See Psychonauts.)

Yes, but by the point the Xbox came around, the arcade lovers were pretty much forced to go to console or PC emulation for MAME, seeing as arcades were dying out. Most games weren't in demand for that kind of thing. I know there was the Midway arcade bundle for Xbox, I myself have a copy, but by and large, arcade titles had been pretty much forgotten and everyone was looking for the big new thing and it had better have either really cool cars in it, or it had best have some dude with a gun.

>> No.4550610

Believe me, I know well. But I was still happy for a while playing arcade ports and inspired games on consoles (PS2 and 360). Nowadays new games like this at all are so damn scarce it's ridiculous.

>> No.4550627

To be fair, I must say that I had a Dreamcast too, so I can't say I was thrilled by PS2 or Xbox graphics. So, what were these PS2 graphics? Literally 1998 console graphics, or 1996 arcade graphics (remember Virtua Fighter 3), but in 2001.

I was not impressed.

>> No.4550651

Nah. I new the guys. Calling them cancer is being kind.

>> No.4550653

Let's not delude ourselves into thinking the PS2's graphics were no better than the Dreamcast's.


>> No.4550678

>2006 game
I'm talking about the PS2 at launch. The graphics were Dreamcast-like.


>> No.4550681

Who doesn't remember the time when even the crudest of 3D models was considered lightyears ahead of even the best 2D sprites?

>> No.4550684

This video shows the original Japanese PS2 version of the game that was ported in 2 months and was literally released before it was finished.


>> No.4550686

To be fair, DQ7 was very ugly, the interface was horrendous and the graphics were honestly worse than the SNES games.

>> No.4550687

Youngfags desu

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>he started drinking all day, watching Michael Bay disaster movie Armageddon on repeat with his three-year-old daughter, and listening to Aerosmith's theme tune I Don't Want to Miss a Thing in floods of tears

>> No.4550701

By coincidence, I just stumbled upon this, you guys will probably like it:

>> No.4550703

It meant it was a BIG BOY game, some games literally had the memory size plastered in big bold letter on their boxart. Imagine if today when GTA V came out they proudly announced 65 GIGABYTES OF MEMORY SPACE!

>> No.4550710

yeah spiking the coffee with acid amongst other things was pretty interesting. i loved game fan layouts when i was a kid. pages used a nicer paper stock also. i was always more into jrpgs so their emphasis on import titles was always another nice bonus. still have quite a few issues lying around at my parents house in the attic.

>> No.4550715
File: 93 KB, 300x422, jaquette-super-street-fighter-ii-the-new-challengers-megadrive-cover-avant-g.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>40 MEG

>> No.4550716
File: 13 KB, 717x611, mutt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Story is often sappy--not written for an American audience

>> No.4550717

Or oldfags who want to pretend they always knew better but back then most likely were riding that 3D hype train just like everyone else.

>> No.4550729

I didn't, most arcade fans were still more into 2D games during the 5th gen years.

>> No.4550764

I mean oldfags were all riding the 3D train, only youngfags can look smugly at the early 3D achievements like it's nothing worthwhile.

I admired 3D but resented that it was going in a boring "cinematic" direction, and that the gameplay was not as clinically precise for fighting games. Everyone enjoyed Street Fighter Alpha or the latest SNES games btw, even if we played Virtua Fighter 3 at the same time.

>> No.4550767

3D arcade games like Virtua Fighter 3 are a differet story since, even if polygonal and good looking, the game was still 2D in terms of controls. They weren't low FPS console 3D moving games.

>> No.4550775


Nice to know you don't even need to be literate to write for a fucking magazine.

>> No.4550785

I was spotting spelling errors in my video games magazines when I was 7 desu

>> No.4550845

I was rereading some old PS1 mags and there was this short section about Valkyrie Profile, which didn't come out here in PAL regrions, and the guy was talking about how it "seems to be a survival horror game". To this day I wonder just where the fuck did he get this information from.

>> No.4550852

Oh it was. That's the whole point of that line.

>Story is often sappy--not written for an American audience

What they mean is "If you don't like this game, you obviously don't have the appreciation I do for superior Nipponese story telling".

>> No.4550870

I get the exact opposite
>japanese are pathetic emo faggots unlike us manly men murricans

>> No.4550896

>Story is often sappy
Not a compliment.

>> No.4550914

I mean sappy is a pretty fair word to describe the story

>> No.4550918

pretty much this, looking back on them they were just designed to shill the biggest video games to the young kids the magazines were targeted at.

>> No.4550968
File: 65 KB, 612x816, Magazine-Console-+3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In France they could shill Japanese games that never got released out of Japan (see Tobal 2 on the cover here), so they were real enthusiasts and not just marketing agents.


>> No.4550970

>sound = 6.2
Out of curiosity, what Gameboy games managed to get a decent score in sound?

>> No.4550987
File: 1.32 MB, 1220x524, 5638947.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This thread got me to look up GamesMater, the Britbong magazine I read as a kid.

This is from the 1st issue. It's funny to see how high expectations were for the 3D0:


>> No.4550989
File: 113 KB, 1024x712, Cnews_2-1024x712.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Just as linear (as the previous entries), Crash Bandicoot 3 turns me off like an asexual whore.


>> No.4551000
File: 126 KB, 1024x609, Cnews_4-1024x609.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Perfect for kiddies below 12 years old, Mario Party is a wonderful way for Nintendo to tell their fans how right they are to play shitty mini-games on their 64-bit console

>> No.4551002

ironic that he compares to sonic adventure because they ripped off mario party with sonic shuffle

>> No.4551036
File: 736 KB, 483x615, ulysses.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Another gem from the same magazine. One reader's predictions of future gaming.

>> No.4551042

so frogs don't ahve to be overly polite fags in their game magazines?

>> No.4551063

Boy howdy was Paul right as fucking rain.

>> No.4551073

>they were real enthusiasts and not just marketing agents.
A lot of them were in bed with the République mafia, it was totally in their interest to shill imports.
To be honest, when you were a console player in Europe in the 90's, you kinda had to import if you were "serious" about your hobby. And those games were good. That's how I discovered Ys, Super Robot Taisen, Final Match Tennis,...

>> No.4551087

France is also the country of Rabelais, spicy language and Gallic lewdness ("gauloiseries") desu.

>the République mafia
Lel, and I was buying my games at Score Games or Stock Games without even knowing better back then (there was Micromania, but it was even worse).

>> No.4551112

>that Paul guy
Did he come from the future?

I googled his name and it certainly looks so.

>> No.4551142
File: 55 KB, 512x512, GJedrm9H.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I came from the future. Beware of DRM and excessive progress systems and pandering to storyfags, /vr/

>> No.4551176

When I went to collage in the early 2000s. I had collected enough stately guides for all the old games I was playing anyway, and I was never a fan of brown n bloom, so I wasn't even getting gaming mags for thr cool screenshots anymore.

>> No.4551334
File: 325 KB, 1168x237, Federal Government time travel agent.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Holy shit you're right:


>> No.4551435
File: 54 KB, 507x464, 1517011718651.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4551515

I remember thinking that was weird back in the day when it got a 7.2. I think every pokemon game after that got much higher scores.

I remember that the highest score awarded in my recollection was Ocarina of Time, getting a 9.5, and there was some minor scandal among my friends and I when Perfect Dark got a 9.6.

>> No.4551527

member when twilight princess was known as 8.8

so pathetic. that was eleven years ago, btw, don't call me underage

>> No.4551535

I think you're confusing your personal tastes with objective qualities of a video game.

>> No.4551547

You mean it looks imaginative, inventive, charming. I hate a lot of graphic design now, especially the fucking "flat" trend. Everything is so homogeneous now, people feel like all the "correct" solutions have been found so they think there's no need to experiment anymore.

>> No.4551556

I suspect it's more that they're really hard to find, you need to do more digging. I can't confirm though as I don't bother digging. I have enough confirmed winners to play through that I don't feel the need for look to more.

As somebody whose brother did the console buying, and who as such only played Nintendo from 1996 to 2007, the graphical jump from N64 to Gamecube (melee comes to mind) was very inspiring. Helped that Melee was just so much fun and so much faster than 64.

>> No.4551557

The no-grinding autists are going to say that isn't the way the game is meant to be played.

>> No.4551561

yeah I remember, I was watching the shit hit the fan on gamefaqs. What a riot that was. Then later was people talking about early PS3 games like Lair being major turds. Looking back I would rather have been playing games than reading idiotic message board comments.

>> No.4551758

What's wrong with that? Isn't he saying "the crate of beer is in the post"? That's grammatically correct.

>> No.4551765

This magazine was great. Bought it regularly up until mid GC era.

>> No.4551807

We got that here in Norway too, with American games. I remember them getting angry letters about "wasting half the issue on games that never get released here".

>> No.4551834

I bet in the future kids will consider 70 gig games quaint and play 1 tb games.

>> No.4552371

>unnecessary grinding isn't autistic
>repeat the same brainless action for a long time to see numbers going up
The projection is real

>> No.4552482

Cartridge size wasn't a fucking meme. Nowadays you can just lower the texture quality or strip out some voice clips and save gigabytes, but back in the day limited cartridge space meant actual fucking levels, characters, features, tilesets, and the like being cut. Important shit that makes a game a game. If you wanted a lengthy game less likely to rely on palette swaps and copy and paste, you might peek at how much space they used. And since bigger carts were a lot more expensive, companies couldn't afford to waste them just to make their games seem bigger.

Sure, a proper review gives you a more accurate impression of how much actual content there is. And yes, some games blew half the cart on the opening cinematics or other bullshit. But if you're dealing with weasely/fanboy/nonexistent reviewers and you wanted to know how much game you were getting for your 60 bucks, cart size could definitely point you in the right direction.

>> No.4552485


Not the ones I read.

>> No.4552491


Except games have gotten vastly cheaper and longer.

>> No.4552883

Much less lasting appeal to me. And cheaper by sacrificing actually owning them and having to hack/pirate them to make your own copies and not depend on the DRM crap. Console games are about the same, even more expensive when considering DLC, microtransactions, etc. which would normally be content in the base game before.

>> No.4553943

I had to wait until kids would return the cheatbooks at libraries to do the same. I feel ya.

>> No.4554076

Just so you know, you're a fucking idiot. There's nothing wrong with that, it's a contraction.

>> No.4554239

Whenever GameInformer was bought out. After that, they cut 30 pages, stopped showing the fanart, the fanmail, and my personal favorite, those ridiculous quizzes in the back. Literally the only reason I ever bought them to begin with.

>> No.4555228

Probably just trying to be as relevant in his lingo as possible, seeing as survival horror was about as pervasive then as bland FPS military games are now.

>> No.4555231

Link's Awakening?

>> No.4555235

Us magazines were awful. In the UK, we had Future publishing who really got into their stride by the 90s and produced TOP gaming mags with TOP reviewers. Even shitty old EMAP was better than any of the US trash. Begone!

>> No.4555375
File: 188 KB, 960x960, 1516933024111.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>No matter what anyone says, Aerosmith and Armageddon were the ones who saved my life

>> No.4555397

The "disk" has gotten cheaper, the full game has gotten more expensive with chopped up $15 DLC and microtransactions to get the most out of a multiplayer.

>> No.4555424

>the younger you are, the more you're gonna like it until the nightmare fuel final boss burns itself into your eyes

>> No.4557038

>Worst Feature: Battle Maps
Wow, so even "games journalists" were shit back then too.

>> No.4557086

That was before us though, the graphics war was a thing going back to intellivision ads pointing out visual superiority to 2600 games. The natural progression of all gaming has been one that valued visuals over game play, even if many games which were cherished were not the most cutting-edge.

>> No.4557758

Sappy doesnt mean genuinely emotional fucking weebs, it means its melodramatic fake ass shit. The whole opera scene sums that up pretty well, what a pointless fucking scene just there to try and be emotional which works if you're a retard. Someone who is paying attention will just wonder why the story is so all over the place.

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