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Sure all those developer simulations and tool assisted speedruns are lying.

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Anyone who ever believed this faggot piece would have/could have ever achieved anything in his miserable shitty life is just as much of a little piece of shit as that fat fuck

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>Anyone who ever believed this faggot piece would have/could have ever achieved anything in his miserable shitty life is just as much of a little piece of shit as that fat fuck

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>What's with people named Todd and lying about games?

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he always claimed it was a glitch, so I could give him my doubts

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Apollo Legend making an actually good video for once? God damn. Though he acts like 320,000 copies is nothing which is kek worthy. That said, Ben Heck's videos were better: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEyaB6fAGNM

Even if that was possible it would be thrown out by any record website worth its salt anyways

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true, shame he got the "king of video games" title engraved in his persona forever

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>guy who verified his record is a fucking CHILD RAPIST
holy shit that caught me by surprise

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why do people care about nerd records held by a bunch of no life kissless virgins?

>sup girl im a speed runner. i got a world record ;)

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because he's the first "paid pro gamer" in history of gaming and calls himself the king of video games

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Cosmo ruined my interest in "modern" speedrunning desu, I watched a lot of his OOT stuff until Skater stole his WR and he became a huge faggot

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so the reason is jealousy

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no, purely entertainment. making a video about it would be jealously

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Shoo, roastie, shoo.

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I don't even watch speedrunning, I find it rather dull
only know him for his hilarious crash and burn

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after all its due to his new technique skater surpassed his WR lmao

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God Apollo Legend is so desperate to be relevant in the speed run community yet does absolutely nothing of value.

He literally just tries to shit on everything. I'm not saying he's wrong about AGDQ, or Todd, but all his videos are so shit.

If you want some cool speedrunning videos, watch that one guy, I thinkin his name is Summoning Salt, who does World Record Progression videos, because those are actuallyt pretty interesting.

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I thought Saddam Hussein was dead.

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Silly OP. Don't you know the human element can change code?

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The funniest part in all this is Mr Activision himself knows the more he opens his mouth the deeper that hole gets but his legion of fans are doing it all for him.

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has he made any new records lately?

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I lost my shit when the footage of Triforce (black guy towards the end) played. Of course that fucker would defend someone equally as dishonest as himself.

Triforce is/was a notorious conman in the fighting game community who is famous for hiring great players, promising big things and then failing to deliver. Watch "The King of China Town" if you want to see just how absurd he is.

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He got 1,000,000 on Super Mario Bros. 2 USA.

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>World Record Progression videos

my favorite series of videos on youtube, great stuff

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anyone else spend hours reading the entire TG dispute thread?

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Damn wtf happened to him
Is that just age? I don't want to be an ugly fuck :(

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A screenshot of a dragster record of his is confirmed photoshopped, look it up.

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>nerd records held by a bunch of no life kissless virgins?

you're posting on a message board dedicated to old video games, you should really consider dropping the "too cool for school" attitude

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>The King of China Town
so he overcharge people for "electricity" and tries to steal the fame? I don't really have 1h

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Did you know that was actually Doggie Dog Punkie in Japan.

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Those are nice, I just wish he'd get someone else to do the voice over. His voice isn't very palatable to listen to.

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I only watch speedrun fails or gladjonas

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Me too.

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They're shit because all he does is drone on about the same five shitty Nintendo games. No wonder he thinks 320,000 copies sold for an Atari game is nothing; he only cares about super ultra turbo normie shit like Goldeneye, Super Mario 64, and Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow

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The times were different. 320,000 copies sold back in the late 70's and 80's when there were a lot less video game players is huge,

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He got fat.

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link to the vid?

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Exactly, that makes it even more impressive.

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That whole Twin Galaxies/golden age crew is a bunch of dickbags. They legitimately do not care about the games, just the dame and recognition the games brought them. They hypocritically accuse anyone more skilled than them of cheating if the newcomers don't first go through these old guard first, and will absolutely cheat and fake scores purely to keep their records.

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He is just what I said: a leech that profits off the backs of actually talented people. Basically "houses" them in a shitty apartment or hotel room, claims to promote them and just goes on to steal their earnings from tournaments. Just a ridiculous person overall; he's notorious for wearing a powerglove in public. I can understand why an hour is too much if you aren't interested in the FGC, it's just funny to see him pop up in all this drama defending the shithead in question. Forgot there's an abridged version:

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lol fuck the FGC I hate those sad pathetic niggers
thank you for posting that

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w-w-wut? You mean people lie and everything you read on the internet isn't true?

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This shit is the seed of a future cult in progress. It's fascinating.

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>Basically "houses" them in a shitty apartment or hotel room, claims to promote them and just goes on to steal their earnings from tournaments
He's pimping them, basically. There's no reason to house these guys other than to make sure they don't run off on him, like whores might.

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>the internet
His lies predate that.

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>can't get passably fuckable women to work for you so you target gamer geeks instead

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It's really kind of amazing he's scammed so many people considering the guy just oozes sleaziness, and just hearing him talk for even a couple minutes should send off all types of red flags that he's probably not that trustworthy. Guess there's just a lot of suckers out there.

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ya heard here first folks. charging people rent money that's living at your house is stealing. my land lord is shady as fuck for doing this to me. i want my mommy and daddy back because it was free living with them.

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(you) retard

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finally I watched it completely I like how it ends with >I've been betrayed please feel pity for me
No wonder why losers like Con Rogers support him

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only retarded people pay rent. ok bum.

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That's right, Susan. Actually the stupid part wasn't paying rent it was thinking you can make a living out of shitty videogmes.

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Were they paying rent? I thought they were there to "train". Why was in so much debt then? Couldn't he just raise the rent?

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yeah he show a bill of $1.2k then say "we need to pay for this shit"
I don't know if players were paying too but I wouldn't be surprised it seemed shady as fuck

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I dont think they had jobs. At the end, when Justin left he said it felt great to win a tournament and not break even. Whatever rent they payed was probably just their winnings.

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I wonder if Justin realized he was almost funding Triforce's friends expenses, they looked so fucking irrelevant to the tourney or the actual team, like a bunch of hoodrats profiting of him

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they werent paying rent because they didnt have a job. only justin was working. to this day he's still the only one with a damn job making money and living in his own house with his gf. continuing to defends those bum ass niggas is sad.

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Of course these chucklefucks would try and defend themselves.

I believe them, but it's not like apollo is some super sleuth. He's literally a brainlet manchild. Anyone can see that a descrepancy between 60k and 65 million is a bit absurd.

Also, bringing up that the dude is a rapist is pretty fucking hilarious and irrelevant. It makes him a scumbag, but he could've been the most legitimate ref on the platform. It's irrelevant to the conversation.

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I don't think all the players were living there. The "Arc" as he calls it, was just a house with a bunch of consoles/games to use. The main draw of the sponsorship was "promotion" and the promised "fame and fortune" you'd get by being sponsored by EMP. Triforce also had nothing of value to teach his players in terms of fighting games.

I can understand chipping in tournament winnings to help pay for utilities, electricity especially, but this guy took money from players and provided them nothing he'd promised except a few 360s and Dreamcasts to play on. He's a con artist.

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It was confiscated by the cops.

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By the way, the Donkey Kong Country Warpless World Record on Twin Galaxies is also somehow faster than the TAS.

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By the way, the Donkey Kong Country Warpless World Record on Twin Galaxies is also significantly faster than the TAS.

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It was Corcoran's own daughter. And it went on for a very long time. Corcoran is not the only sex offender who has been a Ref at Twin Galaxies, either. There have been well known competitors who have done significant time for sex offences, too. More than I can list here. Shocking but true.

1988: Ned Troide, Twin Galaxies competitor featured in the "famous" Time Life Photo, helped abduct, beat and gang rape a 24-year old woman, then tied a weight around her neck and threw her body off a bridge over a bay, thinking she'd die. She lived and put him behind bars.

2002: Steven Krogman, friend of Corcoran's, served a lengthy sentence in prison for sexually assaulting a minor female beginning when she was 12-years old and possession of child pornography. That didn't bother Twin Galaxies' Walter Day and Billy Mitchell, though. They allowed him to be filmed from prison for his part in 2007's "The King of Kong". They were still giving him public awards at events until a couple years ago. Twin Galaxies finally kicked him off their forum a year ago, but only after significant public backlash.

2007: Another Twin Galaxies centered documentary, "Chasing Ghosts", found Berzerk champion, Ron Bailey, being arrested in 2007 for several charges of sexual molestation on several grade school age boys who claim he assaulted them when he was their coach. Bailey is serving what constitutes a life sentence in prison. That's how bad this case was.

2009: Lonnie Cancionne, friend of Corcoran's (see the connection yet?) was arrested for chasing naked after women in public and masturbating. Served time.


>> No.4544363

>Corcoran is not the only sex offender who has been a Ref at Twin Galaxies
Birds of a feather flock together. Pedos especially have a knack for gaining positions of authority over kids. Like putting on referee uniforms and showing up at arcades.

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I love it when people lose arguments and screech "reading comprehension" into the wind like they've caught you red handed. It takes talent to be that stupid.

>> No.4544475

reading comprehension

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Come on man, "Fraud Rogers", it's right there.

>> No.4544505

He was implying that people have always been liars and that the internet is no different. You really do need to brush up on your reading and analysis skills. Oh wait sorry, here's how I should have said it for you:


>> No.4544545

Do you have a source for any of those? I couldn't find anything related to Ned Troide's story.

>> No.4544614

I love it when people don't go back and read the post they misread and replied to but instead get all butthurt and defensive

>> No.4544816

Maybe he should have wrote what he meant like a man instead of expecting us to read his mind like a woman.
>You mean people lie
Sure, yeah, people lie.
>and everything you read on the internet isn't true?
He was lying before he was on the internet. People believed him before the internet. The internet was not required.

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Tod "my scores aren't odd, I'm a video game god" Rogers

>> No.4544827

>blaming the next guy for reading it badly
>but not the first guy who wrote it badly
i hate this place

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I'm about halfway through and I don't think I'm going to make it. Just the Jace comments alone are mindwarpingly retarded.

>> No.4545432

>the Jace comments alone are mindwarpingly retarded.

I've never seen someone use more words to say absolutely nothing.

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We hate you too, sugar tits

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IMO This old guard of speedrunners and just general crusty dudes from the 80s needs to get the fuck out. If you have a video great but if you say some guy at the k mart once watched you get 50,000 on double dragon then fuck off.

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Videogame records are so pathetic anyway, the only reason why they stood for so many years was because nobody plays old Atari shit.

>> No.4545547

Just watched the King of the kong and what are these peoples problem? Imagine some random guy from SGDQ breaks into your garage to check your motherboard. These people are freaks and shouldve of been shot. Billy Mitchell is one greasy fucking guy. He's stuck in the 80s and so are all these people. I felt bad for Steve some random guy who got laid off and just wanted to kill time and got brought into this grudge bullshit from 30 years ago.

>> No.4545549

after all he still played on a JR cabinet

>> No.4545553

everybody including the producer said all that shit was fake to get marks like you to believe the drama was real like wrestling.

>> No.4545708

he looks more like Mario, the movie adaptation of Mario. or Carl from ATHF

>> No.4545724

They didn't break in, that was a dramatization. That said, they clearly did everything they could to discredit Wiebe and defend their idol. Mitchell was never subjected to that level of scrutiny (or most of his "records" would have been denied because they're fishy as fuck).

Anyway, it's old news that TG is and has always been a bunch of sleazeballs. Glad the speedrunning community doesn't have to deal with them anymore.

>> No.4545772

He seems to think there are no two 2600s that are exactly alike. Omni even goes out of his way to explain what fucking delta time is and it went right over his head.

Then he doubles down and starts explaining what input lag is. Lag, on a fucking TAS run.

Games might as well be magic boxes to these people.

>> No.4545789

Like I said. Reading comprehension.
I wonder how long this particular autist is going to try to spergsplain how it's misreading of a post now defines how the English language really works. lol

>samefagging badly

>> No.4545842

Summoning Salt has a nice video going into detail about the WR history of Donkey Kong. He agrees the film was a dramatization but goes into detail about the actual scummy behavior surrounding the verification process that players were subject to.

>> No.4545850 [DELETED] 

No, my little snowflake. You wrote it wrong. No amount of flailing is ever going to change that.

>> No.4545852

No, my little snowflake. You wrote it wrong. No amount of flailing is ever going to change that.
>acting with absolute pompous certainty that you understand how English works.
>"how it's misreading of a post"
The irony here is just way too good. How embarrassing for you.

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Only smart posts in this shitty thread

>> No.4545870


gayest post in this awesome thread

>> No.4545873

he straight up said "everything the internet isn't true". i'm not sure how anyone with a brain can call that coherent or honest writing.

>> No.4545875

Is it gay if you fuck another man but he has a girly penis?

>> No.4545881

It's only gay if you let it be.

>> No.4545882


only if your balls touch

>> No.4545886

>everything the internet isn't true
everything on*

>> No.4545910

What if only one ball touches, just a little bit? Asking for a friend.

>> No.4545998

Billy Mitchel is actually a cool person in real life, at least as far as I could tell (I met him at 2 different conventions). He reminds me of Mango in the Melee scene, in that he plays up the whole 'badass American' exaggerated persona but is actually a nice guy. Then again, he hangs out with the TG people, so who knows.

>> No.4546007

He reminds me so much of Gene Simmons. He can make anything sound boring and always drops these little greeting card mantras as if he was bestowing infinite wisdom.

He came off as a pretty nice guy in the Nibbler docu though.

>> No.4546019


>> No.4546081

I agree, he seems nice enough (as long as you're not challenging his records). And unlike Todd Fraudgers I don't actually doubt that he's a highly skilled player, or was at one point at least. However, I do think the circumstances surrounding some of his records are more than a bit questionable. It seems likely he's done his fair share of lying and cheating to maintain the larger-than-life persona he built up, along with the rest of the TG old guard.

>> No.4546339

>fake quote
He straight up didn't say that. But I guess no one should expect better damage control from an ESL like you.

>> No.4546349

So how would you call the 40 million copies sold of Super Mario Bros.?

>> No.4546358

Watched the video and still don't understand what he does exactly, or why people follow him.

I'd rather trust Viper the Rapper than him though.

>> No.4546454

>how it's misreading of a post now defines
>how it is misreading of a post
Nigga, you are literally as retarded as the guy you're desperately trying to argue with.

>> No.4546459

You'll Cowards Don't Even Cheat Records

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Is this why this chap is called "rocketman"?


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These Cheaters Claim They Hard When Them Fags Never Even Seen The TAS

>> No.4547607

Got a kick out of seeing this guy show up whining about how unfair Billy Mitchell was in a two and a half hour smeerfest by jealous betas mad they didn't get to be the first to perfect Pacman.

>> No.4547748

Finally got to the part where it looks like geriatrics are trying to troll. TG needs a mercy killing.

>> No.4547997

Just saw this very same video earlier today. Anyone know if he needs pizza delivered?

>> No.4548024

Calm down Todd, no amount of assmad will save your reputation now.

>> No.4548025

>Also, bringing up that the dude is a rapist is pretty fucking hilarious and irrelevant. It makes him a scumbag, but he could've been the most legitimate ref on the platform. It's irrelevant to the conversation.

Fuck off you CP hoarding loser. Of course a massive character flaw makes someone untrustworthy. Only some mentally ill faggot like a pedo or tranny would disagree.

>> No.4548134

>samefagging badly

>> No.4548180

>bringing up that the dude is a rapist is pretty fucking hilarious and irrelevant
Are you just fucking stupid or something? It's relevant because it's past history that proves he abuses his power when given the opportunity along with just a severe lack of basic moral guidelines.

>> No.4548325

>ip counter goes up
Damage controlling badly.

>> No.4549969

>i checked the ip counter after i phone posted because i'm totally not samefag. everyone does that, right?

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File: 89 KB, 1231x587, TG Fraudgers.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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>i can't deal with the fact that more than one person realized i'm functionally retarded
I'm sorry? I guess you and the other stupid faggot you were fighting with can go back to flinging shit at each other.

>> No.4550376

Fuck off.


>> No.4550650

when was that post

>> No.4550661


early this morning

>> No.4550742

TG is just a corrupt organisation who relied on the credibility of fraud, the whole thing should be taken down

>> No.4551075

mike matai of cinemassacre edits his walkthroughs to make it seem like they're a single run, but he's real bad at hiding it. no one bats an eye though, i don't know why

>> No.4551093

Probably because he's not doing it for records?

>> No.4551097

probably cause he wants everyone to think he's better than he is? what's the difference?

>> No.4551102

People do call him out on the video editing, he just deletes comments on youtube and reddit.

>> No.4551104

A friend sent me the hyperlink for this post. You nerds just wont quit will ya? You WISH you could set world records and hang out with playboy models like me. Its sad really.


>> No.4551106

what a bitch. he'd totally try to do what rogers did if he was from around that time in gaming

>> No.4551108

Mike's mental instability and cheating in games is well documented. He's basically a male lolcow at this stage, which makes sense because he's such a faggot.

>> No.4551120

>cheating in games is well documented
i saw in his punch out walkthrough, there's a clear edit where he changes position on his couch. i didn't say anything though because he bans anyone he wants, and i like the channel for avgn. but thats the only example i know about of him cheating. any others i can watch to kill time?

>> No.4551159

is this play4real rebranded under a new name? fantastic, I missed it

>> No.4551225

A walkthrough is not a speedrun. He's not claiming it's a speedrun, so commenting that it's edited is pointless, because of course it's edited.

It's like pointing out that pasteurized milk might need to be refrigerated, but it was really really hot at one point. No shit, Sherlock.

>> No.4551232

No. Stop talking bullshit.

>> No.4551237

Did he ever claim it was a speedrun, or that it was unedited?

>> No.4551250

As stated he makes it look like they're unedited and deletes comments pointing out they're not. It's not all walkthroughs either. He'll repeatedly cut out his mistakes, obviously it's not always easy to tell where he does it.

>> No.4551258

That's not a yes or a no.



>> No.4551262

The fact he edits them like that in the first place and bans anyone who calls him out on it shows that he is meant to be implied it was a single run. Just because he omits claiming it is outright doesn't mean he isn't intending for you to think that it is. Don't be a faggot.

>> No.4551265


>> No.4551276

What he said is irrelevant, the fact is his playthroughs are edited and therefore cheated.
That's like using getting caught using roids at the olympics and then arguing "I NEVER SAID I WASN'T DOPED"

>> No.4551279

Except no, because to compete in the olympics you have to sign papers saying you didn't dope.

Your analogy would only make sense if he said they were speedruns, if he claimed they weren't edited.



>> No.4551286


>> No.4551287

That's not an argument, buddy brio. If someone says, "I have beaten Punch Out", people are gonna assume you did it legit without cheats.

>> No.4551292

He didn't cheat, you dumb shit. Editing a video to remove failed attempts is not cheating.

>> No.4551295

Except it is if the game limits your amount of continues, like Ninja Gaiden 3

>> No.4551297

I had no idea Punch Out was Ninja Gaiden 3.

I also had no idea that Ninja Gaiden 3 destroyed itself if you failed.

>> No.4551302

We know Mike owns a flashcart for playing romhacks, now we don't know if he loads a savestate with said flashcart or edits ram up until the point in the video where the editing picked up. This is a serious problem that throws serious doubt at everything he's achieved.

>> No.4551305

>Ninja Gaiden 3 destroyed itself if you failed.
It kicks you back to the beginning if you continue three times, you should know that. You can still at cheat punch out with video editing

>> No.4551310

Explain this shit to me. How is editing a video cheating?

He still did it.

>> No.4551316

That's the thing, flashcarts allow you to load a savestate

>> No.4551317

They make it sound like there's a lot to review or something.

>> No.4551318

No, nigger. Don't change the subject. How is editing a video cheating?

>> No.4551325

That's what I said, he could have reloaded a savestate off camera, had someone else play for him, played over someone else's footage, played with a hacked rom or used a game genie cheat off camera

I know old old game genies did not allow to disable cheats once they're entered but modern game sharks do. I'm just saying man.

>> No.4551336

And again, how is ANY of this relevant? It's a WALKTHROUGH, not a speedrun. The video was never stated to be unedited. In fact, walkthroughs usually ARE edited by default, due to time.

>> No.4551342

I wish the Dragster dispute wasn't the main one on the TG forums. I'd much rather see the twisted logic they form around some of his more completely fabricated scores.

I mean the Dragster score is just as impossible but at least that one tries to be believable.

>> No.4551346

He never said it was a walkthrough either, he called it Full Playthrough with Mike Matei

>> No.4551350

That still doesn't invalidate it either. Fuck, mate.

>> No.4551353

There's a difference between a FULL playthrough and a walkthrough, mike. Also he doesn't have to admit they're edited, anyone with a brain can tell right away, it's clear as day

>> No.4551358

Exactly, good post, and the roids one was good as well. This guy is a ridiculous dumb shit, just repeating the same "editing a video isn't cheating" mantra.

"I have beaten Punch Out and am Top 500 on Overwatch"... "What, I never said without cheats guys lol!!!!".

>> No.4551364

>The video was never stated to be unedited. In fact, walkthroughs usually ARE edited by default, due to time
This is obviously Mike. Errrr, I mean Elvis8Atari

>> No.4551370

calm down mike

>> No.4551380


Check out where Mineycrafta Mike's shoulders are at on the couch the 18 minute mark, then the rough cutaway, and where his shoulders are at just a couple of seconds later. He used a save state then edited the video to make it seem like he beat the game in one smooth run. Cheater.

I assume this is Mike I'm talking to, so the video will magically disappear from YT in a few minutes

>> No.4551387

Holy shit, I saw this video when he first put it up but I never realized how bad the editing was. Even the sound from the game is way off at the part. Haha fucking busted

>> No.4551391

It's harmless. The only one in that whole camp that can play worth a shit was Bootsy so nobody really assumes Mike's doing it for any other reason than to make a better video or else all we'd get is a bunch of fucks and damns in between his jokes not landing.

>> No.4551403

you know there's a raw version of his walkthroughs right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zN03Q3FuUg

>> No.4551412

Look at the video above and tell me he’s not trying to fake it. I’m not the one who caught the editing mistake, but it’s so obvious that I feel stupid for not seeing it before

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NO body will ever be able to surpass.

>> No.4551418

baaaahahaha who is more pathefic Mike or his defenders? Find me the raw footage of punch out where he beats it without save states. What does that homo do for you that makes you wanna stick up for him? He’s not even funny or anything

>> No.4551419

he's a big guy and I'm pretty sure he write most of AVGN "jokes", James barely seems to know his shits during Mike & James mondays

>> No.4551420
File: 464 KB, 1008x612, roy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4551425

Nah I find him insufferable but I don't think he's poisoning any well or anything. He's just being a faggot like always.

>> No.4551434

I'm pretty sure that's because Mike probably looks up the internet beforehand so he can look knowledgeable while James just wings it and probably doesn't even care about games for the past 10 years. They're quite a pair.

>> No.4551436

I think James is just going through the motions anymore.

>> No.4551440

solid proof Mike is AVGN

>> No.4551442

James simply knows what he knows and doesn't research, that's probalby a good way of putting it. Like his SNES vs Genesis video, he seems genuinely unaware of the fact that the PC Engine crusehd the Mega Drive in Japan. It's just a video of him talking about what he knows from his personal experience.

>> No.4551443

His a compulsive liar. Look at all that Elvis8Atari shit. Creepy little bastard

>> No.4551447

Great acting by Mike jk

>> No.4551449

The game timer is way off too

>> No.4551454


>> No.4551475


>> No.4551476

watching game grumps is worse

>> No.4551487

I just watched the whole video. It’s so bad. You can hear his button mashing and it doesn’t even make sense, like during Macho Man. You can’t do that in a Punch Out, there won’t be any punch rhythm. Everyone fucking knows that. At least learn how to play the game first before you cheat, motherfucker

>> No.4551764

Because no one but his biggest fanboys care about his walkthroughs.

>> No.4552065

>my autistic made up definition of cheating is the law
wew lad
>giving a shit about any of those faggots
wew lad

>> No.4552240

Nigga those were bundled with the Wii and it's literally the biggest IP in gaming. That's like saying Rocky Balboa made no money because it can't compete to the numbers of Avatar or The Force Awakens.

>> No.4552252

bundled with the NES*

>> No.4552284


>His records were likely taped over with CP.


>> No.4552439
File: 25 KB, 584x329, 5lytn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4552802


>Based on the complete body of evidence presented in this official dispute thread, Twin Galaxies administrative staff has unanimously decided to remove all of Todd Rogers' scores as well as ban him from participating in our competitive leaderboards.

>We have notified Guinness World Records of our decision.

>> No.4553498

This guy shows up in all sorts of places, he's like herpes. Fucking scammers and charlatans are just overflowing out of the old ruins of the 80's and 90's arcade "culture".


>> No.4553571

It's a bit compromising in any situation when you don't care about rules of society like "don't fucking rape people" that they'd ignore flagrant abuses in their own judgments. People have to maintain unimpeachable character, which is actually a pretty low bar that includes "don't rape people." How hard is it to not rape people? Honestly.
Pretty sure being a tranny ain't nearly as compromising as raping adults/kids.
How are they going to "review" a bunch of shit that never happened? If there isn't proof of scores and times, then it should be thrown out. Jesus christ.

>> No.4553582

> "In the wake of damning information provided by a former Twin Galaxies Referee..."

Hahahahahaha what bullshit.

>> No.4553584


poor Todd has to be close to suicide. His sad entire life is built around his lie(s)

>> No.4553658
File: 24 KB, 256x256, 1438743166384.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>get beaten, gang-raped and thrown off a bridge with a weight around your neck

>> No.4553836

Exactly. I've done research on sex offender networks. The number of friends they have with the same interests clearly shows that they're not "sad loners with childhood trauma" like they claim in court. Even Jared Fogel had a network of pedo friends.

>> No.4553915

Lonnie's offense is bullshit there is literally nothing wrong with trying to stay in shape while you fap.

>> No.4553990

It's nice that so many fucked up deviant freaks can find common ground in something as wholesome as classic 80's arcade games.

>> No.4554094

Actual transvestites are fine but the attention whoring Tumblrites are scum of the earth.

>> No.4554095

Kudos to them for finally doing the right thing :)

>> No.4554113

who watches this shit

god damn

>> No.4554121

22:10 suddenly his shirt is pulled back

>> No.4554149


>Game Grumps
>making fun of anyone. ever.

not even a Mike fan, but he's infinitely better than those two unfunny faggot cucks

>> No.4554154

Jon used to be funny, after he left Game Grumps it turned into a shitshow.

>> No.4554227 [DELETED] 

I wouldnt compare them to rapists, the tumblr breed, but to the mentally retarded.
Speaking of Game Grumps, Arin Hanson is an insane jewish closeted tranny.

>> No.4554554
File: 53 KB, 539x636, goodbyes2big[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Think Billy knew what was going on?

>> No.4554595

>all those people who knew him trying to shut down the discussion
god dammit

>> No.4554717

There is literally nothing wrong with being trans.

>> No.4554719

That's where you're wrong Prince Trannyfag.

>> No.4554731 [DELETED] 

Fuck off back to where you belong bigot.

>> No.4554808 [DELETED] 

Go back to Rebbit, Um Jammer Tranny

>> No.4554824 [DELETED] 

Both of you faggots need to chug some Clorox

>> No.4554850

You wouldn't happen to know who that model is?

>> No.4554851 [DELETED] 

Janitor delete these posts immediately.

>> No.4554854
File: 48 KB, 410x380, mfw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh lawdy...


Oh sweet Gawd above. This is the gift that keeps on giving.

>> No.4554859

>Only some mentally ill faggot like a pedo would disagree.
Where do you think you are?

>> No.4554867 [DELETED] 

You forgot your trip Prince 7trans

>> No.4554868

Of course he did, look at the grip he has on her to keep that perv from kidnapping her.

>> No.4554870

The fucked up part is that he had repeatedly proven that he is actually good at video games, and yet he fucking lied through his teeth anyway. Why? He had multiple legit records.

>> No.4554963

What are some of his legit records?

>> No.4554975

Literally the most backhanded apology/explanation in recorded history.

>> No.4555251

Anyone in speedrunning/score community knew both Twin Galaxies and Guiness were a fucking joke for decades now. Their "world records" were miles below the top Arcadia scores posted by Japanese players.

>> No.4555261

Get lost, todd

>> No.4555307 [DELETED] 

It is wrong if you're so retarded as to ignore all the worst examples of transgender people. There's something seriously wrong with all humans, and most trannies are a symptom of it. Your do no wrong attitude towards them is coddling and below contempt.

>> No.4555316

>game crashes after you get a certain number of points
>claim you somehow got more than that with no proof

>> No.4555318

Don't worry, you re a fat fuck now

>> No.4556008

All of those delusional followers of his. It's not even surprising anymore.

>> No.4556013

Based Iraqi dictator working the /vr/gins into a collective seethe.

>> No.4556031

those people make me wanna say stuff like sheeple unironically

>> No.4556040

Because his Dragster record was the only one of note and you're a fucking gaylord that I'm gonna shove on the table and rape the hell out of all night.

>> No.4556053

A single lie means nothing he has ever said should be trusted.

>> No.4556060

true. no redemption for cheaters. their behavior is built in to their brains

>> No.4556163

For example?

>> No.4556176

Not him, but the Dodonpachi one is pretty fucking blatant
Even relative beginners can easily beat these

>> No.4556306 [DELETED] 
File: 585 KB, 771x1361, 1456994990740.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

t. zeek scum

>> No.4556310 [DELETED] 
File: 68 KB, 910x633, sieg zeon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pick one.

>> No.4556336

>There is literally nothing wrong with being a crazy drag queen

>> No.4556476 [DELETED] 
File: 203 KB, 299x286, lammy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay that was actually pretty clever. 8/10

>> No.4556481


fuck being the Dragster champion, that's some expert level, god tier, World Champion trolling from Todd the Bod

>> No.4556504

Hey if he keeps it up he may get the world record for telling the longest lie.

>> No.4556646

Fuck Barbi Benton was a piece of ass back in the day.

>> No.4556663

Jon was never funny. Unless you find making stupid faces to the camera funny.

>> No.4556689 [DELETED] 

Gud shit

>> No.4556827

>that hoverhand

>> No.4556831

I didn't dig deep to verify but it might be Whitney Wonders

>> No.4556838

activison verified it so its legit. whats the problem?

>> No.4556975


good morning Todd

>> No.4557182

Lee_SDA who held yoshi's island RTA records was recently caught and they pulled all of his records. He apologized for itand he said he just wanted to hang out with the community and emulator runs shouldn't count anyway but yeah....

>> No.4557185

it's not cheating if you don't admit to it

>> No.4557459

>>We have notified Guinness World Records of our decision.

Guinness have now removed Todd's records from their website.

>> No.4557482

How lonely do you gotta be to cheat for years just so you can hang out with a group who plays one game very fast?

>> No.4558426

Billy Mitchell is next

King of Kong Ref exposes Billy Mitchell

Billy Mitchell Donkey Kong score disputed

The Perfect Fraudman

>Classic arcade champion Dwayne Richard exposes the story behind Billy Mitchell's alleged "first Perfect Pac-Man" with evidence that he may not have been the first, how he used his influence to hold back other scores on several games and more. You will be amazed at how much of the story Mitchell works to hide.


The King of Con

>Classic arcade champion Dwayne Richard pulls back the curtain on the King of Kong film, including how the filmmakers changed the facts of the story, how Billy Mitchell received payoffs from them and how the man who really defeated Mitchell's 1982 Donkey Kong record was left out of the film. You'll never look at the King of Kong the same way after you've learned the truth.


King of Con(frontation) - California Extreme 2012

>Dwayne Richard screened the documentary, "The King of Con!" at California Extreme 2012 which disputes Billy Mitchell's claim to being the first person to score a perfect Pac Man game. He also claims that Walter Day was in Mitchell's pocket, and that the integrity of Twin Galaxies scorekeeping was compromised. Walter Day in the audience for the screening and things got a little embarrassing for all involved during the Q&A.


Donkey Kong & Missile Command Conspiracy #1 by Roy "Mr Awesome" Shildt


>> No.4558431

>Billy Mitchell is next

Not a surprising revelation to say the least. The guy is a total douchebag.

>> No.4558463

tell me this doesn't occur everywhere hahaha
>use a rigged rom and no one will ever know
>if you get mod position you protect your records by requiring console with original cart (that's only 400$) and perpetuating emu hate and playing up the effects of input lag
>any other type of mod category-defining meta-gameplay
it's all a big circlejerk anyway if you make the mod mad you wont get times

>> No.4558652

i have zero doubt in my mind that this kind of shit is commonplace

>> No.4558784

Mr Awesome "performing" at muscle beach, 2015: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ewX743BwWs

Holy fuck this guy is nuts and...awesome.

>> No.4558825

>Roy Shildt
lmao according to all the videos he's been in, he's a schizophrenic.

>> No.4558826

Time to turn heel.

Ugly guy.

>> No.4559509

Thank you for the name anon.

>> No.4559673

How did the 80's gaming scene attract all these goddamn clowns?

>> No.4559680

I thought it was well documented he doesn't hold the top score anymore. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Billy_Mitchell_%28video_game_player%29#After_King_of_Kong

>> No.4559778

seeing shit like this is why i hate the FGC.

a bunch of unprofessional & shady chucklefucks with no class.

if you watched the video you'd realize that there was more to it.

justin is such a fucking cuck.

there is no reason why anyone in his position would ever defend the people who fucked them over or their bullshit.

>> No.4559781

Kek, the most authoritative newspaper in France (Le Monde) just published an article about Todd Rogers and his fake record:


>> No.4559787
File: 31 KB, 500x541, 1517275802799.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Temps de lecture : 55 min

>> No.4559791

I thought it was Doki Doki Literature Club in japan

>> No.4559805

justin turned into a cuck when he moved to la. he was niggerish when he was still living in nyc. he said if he ran emp he wouldve kicked everybody out that wasnt making money.

>> No.4559843

Why does it seem like almost no one outside of this board and a few other sites like HG101 and Insomnia etc. knows anything of video games but the turbonormie shit? Did people legitimately only ever buy Nintendo games?

I don't even have a problem with Nintendo, but it seems to be the only game company ~75% of players know.

>> No.4559856

Your question self-answers: because people are turbonormies.

Remember that your favorite games probably sold 150,000 copies (and that was 25 years ago) while "Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games" sold 8 million.

>> No.4559932

>Mario and Sonic at the Olympics sold 8 million copies

We need to nuke japan again.

>> No.4560034
File: 10 KB, 248x200, mario_surprised_by_dimensionkirby-db6uajc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>post yfw this piece of crap game literally sold more than Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 combined

>> No.4560086

Would it be better for me to just be a turbonormie? Actually liking vidya but being unable to talk about it to anyone in person excluding 4-6 games - this is true suffering.

>> No.4560103

Legend status. Me thinks that there may be a bunch of "Kyle, Todd, and Tuckers" on this website right now.

>> No.4560108
File: 212 KB, 500x668, 6d74f5b9c5579ab7c40e9f231cd7264b.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh my God dude... WHUT??? What are you talking about??? He streams the play through live, and then when he posts it to the Cinemassacre channel, he edits out the boring parts and cleans it up. ARe you being serious right now??? You don't know that? He's not out here claiming that they're all one take, or unedited, or speed runs, or anything like that. At. All. That's all in YOUR head, dude. No one bats an eye because there's nothing to be upset about, we all get it. It's you, my dude. You are the problem. I swear to God, I get scared reading what's in some of you guys' mind sometimes.

>> No.4560205

Is this peak autism?

>> No.4560260

Same way the 2018 /vr/ scene attracts all these goddamn clowns

Because you're one of those turbonormie shits who is too cool for school because you just discovered other shit.

>>4560205 is peak autism

>> No.4560314

>>4560260 is peak autism.

>> No.4560340
File: 24 KB, 800x450, IKIFEEL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4560376

Ask your average popcorn gobbling moviegoer if they know who Kurosawa is. Chances are, they don't know jack shit. And he's one of the bigger names.

It's the same with any medium which is commonly seen as commercialized, mass-market disposable entertainment. You get the small number of people who are really interested in it, and everyone else.

>> No.4560612

Did it show a full playthrough level by level, beginning to end? Did it say "Full Playthrough" only for him to show the last level?
Even if he played only one level a day and edited it all together, it's not "cheating". He put together a full playthrough, showing everything.
He never claimed to 1CC it. He never said it was an unassisted speedrun.
What the FUCK is your malfunction!?

>> No.4560646
File: 94 KB, 1212x764, 1114524.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4560675

nice moobs.
>get laid
>im still cumming
I wish I was this cool. I need to get laid.

>> No.4560696

Half of the review was him bitching about the character selection method.

>> No.4560839

So saying that Todd Rogers is banned from Twin Galaxies is even MORE problematic than his cheating.
Say that he plays a game in person and gets the high score. If Twin Galaxies doesn't recognize it as a legit score then they are no longer a reliable source.

A better solution would be to say, "All his old records are wiped, any new records submitted must be verified in person."

>> No.4560845


got my popcorn ready., been waiting a long time to see this fucker get his comeuppance

>> No.4560860


Him Howard Stern.


>> No.4560862

>Him Howard Stern.

*Him on Howard...

>> No.4560869

>no longer
They've never been reliable in the first place, you fool.

>> No.4560871

Playing in person doesn't rule out cheating. Could be using a modified ROM or controllers or any number of other things. Point is he can't be trusted, so he absolutely should be banned from submitting scores. Theoretically if he played live on a fully vetted setup that he can't tamper with, maybe someone else could submit on his behalf. But let's be real: he's never going to get a legit world record in any game anyone cares about.

In any case...
>they are no longer a reliable source
Twin Galaxies isn't and hasn't been a reliable source for decades (or ever, really). Whatever they do about Todd Rogers isn't going to change that. At this point the only thing that could salvage their reputation is if they deleted all scores without public video evidence and replaced the entire leadership with trustworthy people who know what they're doing. And then it would no longer be Twin Galaxies.

>> No.4560880

> if he played live on a fully vetted setup that he can't tamper with

That's what I was getting at. You can't call yourself an authority on video game scores and then outright ban someone.

>> No.4561018
File: 524 KB, 519x562, 1493607882993.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw gllty is really a tranny

>> No.4561036

They might give into public pressure and ask Todd to return his patch. You never know.

>> No.4561043

i know i like her to

>> No.4561063
File: 47 KB, 500x353, Captain-Lou-Albano-WGBS-Philly-57-Just-Say-No-Drugs-PSA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He should have just used cheat codes. He probably did use cheat codes. Maybe he found a glitch and wrong warped. Why does he look like captain lou albano mario?

>> No.4561127

But they did it. Proving you wrong before you even posted. Fail much? Daily reminder that your shit tier opinions aren't fact or even relevant to anyone except you.

>> No.4561234

most of his videos are bitching about gimmicks look at battletoad he didnt got past the first level

>> No.4561501

Wow. You might be a retard. Don't worry, I won't try to explain what he was saying to you since I understand it will confuse and frighten you, but just be assured that, yes, you are a moron.

>> No.4561727

>Those are nice, I just wish he'd get someone else to do the voice over.
Lemme get this straight- you want some random youtube personality who is probably not making much money as-is to hire someone as a voice actor for his speedrunning commentary videos? Did I understand that correctly? I'll just assume you aren't personally going to help at all with any of this either, you just magically want it to occur, right?
Think for 10 seconds before you start typing next time, dumbass.

>> No.4561753

Can you stop samefagging now?

>> No.4561836

RIP Billy Mitchell

>> No.4561984 [DELETED] 

Why not just let him explain what he "really meant" instead of shitposting?

>everyone who thinks I'm retarded is samefag
lol snowflake

>> No.4561991 [DELETED] 

>everyone who replies to me to tell me to relax is the guy i was shitposting at
lol scorching case of usi

>> No.4561992 [DELETED] 

Who are you quoting, homo? Nobody said "really meant". Wow. You really are a retard.

>> No.4562059

Anyone else feel sorry for the investigators of the referee?

>50000 VHS TAPES

>proceed to have to watch 4000000 hours of nerds playing atari games to make sure theres no hidden porn on the tape

>> No.4562072

What do you want to bet one of the tapes had the Twin Galaxies record for Beat 'em and Eat 'em?

>> No.4562085

Bake em away toys

>> No.4562124

>Todd Rogers, of Dragster infamy, was a supposed witness to the 1.05M and 1.062M games.

Stick a fork in him, he's done.

>> No.4562164 [DELETED] 

You're not fooling anyone

So what you claim he was saying, that he didn't actually say because he said something else, isn't what he really meant? Sounds like you might be to retarded to know what being retarded is.

>> No.4562269
File: 695 KB, 1864x500, twin-galaxies-logo_A.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.4562291 [DELETED] 

Wow you're really a queer, huh? I picture you as the type of person that nobody actually really likes. Like you're the one who always has to call his 'friends' first because they don't actually like you.
Nailed it?
Nailed it.

>> No.4562341

It's great how they still have the stupid douchebags with referee jackets, as if that wasn't part of the entire "we're legit honest guys" schtick even though the org was full of lying self-advertising scumbags from the top all the way down to the players.

>> No.4562391

If these sore losers spent all the time they wasted making those slanderous "documentaries" on actually practicing then maybe they'd be able to beat Billy.

>> No.4562439
File: 361 KB, 704x593, 1515544796215.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Apparently all you need is a copy of MAME and an edited INP file.

>> No.4562558

>Even if that was possible it would be thrown out by any record website worth its salt anyways

Glitches are allowed. Sometimes in its own category.

>> No.4562582

I like how there were people on here a few years ago crying about King of Kong making Billy look like a villain unfairly when it actually ended up a too soft a portrayal of his villainy if anything.

>> No.4562594

dont be jealous salty fag

>> No.4562612

They will go after Billy but Todd's more blatantly obvious cheating gets a pass?

>> No.4562613

Game score records are having their #metoo moment. Billy Mitchell was found to have been using MAME to record some of his scores, today. He really is the greasy shit weasel people say he is. https://www.pcgamer.com/king-of-kongs-billy-mitchell-gets-kicked-off-the-donkey-kong-leaderboard-for-allegedly-playing-on-mame-not-real-hardware/

>> No.4562628
File: 3 KB, 174x109, METOO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4562978

All of Todd's fake records got removed. Not that it makes Twin Galaxies any less of a joke.

>> No.4563218 [DELETED] 

>projecting: the shitpost

>> No.4563247 [DELETED] 

Notice how the samefagging callout didn't get deleted but your asshurt did? Should be a clue.

>> No.4563273 [DELETED] 
File: 153 KB, 320x180, 1517242624981.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Um Jammer Tranny

>> No.4563301 [DELETED] 


I am still laughing about "greasy shit weasel", this shall be my go to phrase for the rest of this month, thx anon :D

>> No.4563329

This really does intersect with politics in a bizarre way. I guarantee you that Billy Mitchell's supporters also have a penchant for authoritarianism.

>> No.4563449

This picture says so much
>the right guy
>literally just holding the girl up
>no much skin is touching and he looks relaxed and just wanted to lift the girl
>everything looks like a friendship

>the left guy
>touches the girl extremely strange
>as much skin touching as possible
>he stands completely straight
>everything seems odd when you watch him
>you could say his whole body is "erected"

left guy is 100 % a creep and right guy is just a chill dude

>> No.4563462

these are exactly the kind of shenanigans that go on in the global warming climate """""science""""" racket

>> No.4563778

learned today that mike matei is a cheater and a liar in his playthroughs because of this thread. yeesh

>> No.4563805

He said what he said. Why not let him explain it? Unless him is you.


>> No.4563816

he has to stand like an awkward manlet because Billy is a taller alpha male.

>> No.4563974
File: 70 KB, 720x540, goodbyes3big.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4563993

Seth get off 4chan and please make Baywatch 2. In these dire times we really need another litty raunchy summer romp made only for the audience not critics that will leave them peeing their pants in laughter.

>> No.4563994

what a slut. where are her parents?

>> No.4564010
File: 90 KB, 768x512, groupphoto1big.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

These photos of this trip are really disturbing once you realize what they were probably doing with Heather

>> No.4564015
File: 59 KB, 640x480, thewinnersbig.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4564029

>Billy is a taller alpha male.


>> No.4564030

Eeew why do betas with lisps make youtube videos?

>> No.4564034

thats fucked up. It seems a large percentage of record holders and speedrunners are degenerate pedos or trannys.

>> No.4564040

>Ron's Daughter
oh shit that sick bastard.
Her father was the pedo

>> No.4564097

>bring your 12 year old daughter to come hang out with 8 of your middle aged male buddies in Las Vegas for a weekend
Perfectly normal behavior

>> No.4564229

cant tell if troll.jpg

>> No.4564406

The whole clown crew assembled. All these barnacles hanging on to the remnants of 80's arcade culture. Makes me want to puke. Get the fuck away from my vidya.

>> No.4565728

I can't tell if you're trolling

>> No.4566741
File: 77 KB, 720x540, steveandheatherbig[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Here's Heather and fellow convicted pedophile, Steve Krogman


TG just seems like it's filled with swell guys.

>> No.4566776
File: 1.85 MB, 265x364, 3FTq5IK.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

poor girl. This is why you stick to 2D. These old balding creeps holding onto their old records for fame are worse than tranny speedrunners. The fighting game community also has some low-lives. What is it about video game competitions what bring out the worst audience?

>> No.4566783
File: 63 KB, 558x657, groupphoto2big[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Her poor mother was wheelchair-bound and later had to cope with the realization that her husband and sole provider was guilty of molesting their only daughter. The fact that she didn't just take her own life to alleviate the suffering speaks to how strong she is.

>> No.4566789

why would the wife khs? she should have called the cops.

>> No.4566790

Have you guys realized the classic Arcade culture lasted exactly 3 years with the release of Pacman in 1980 and ended with the Videogame crash in 1983.

It was a ridiculously short lived, flash in the pan fad.

>> No.4566812


>loses husband and the financial assistance that comes with whatever income he is able to provide
>in the worst possible way, no less - finding out he's done horrible things to your own child
>have to live with the regret of not catching it earlier and allowing your beautiful child to suffer
>need to pick up the shambles of your life and move on all alone, change names, change towns, change jobs
>becoming a middle-aged, wheelchair-bound single mother to a young girl likely to have severe future issues relating to the assault

shes likely just holding on for her daughters' sake desu

>> No.4566832

Things like these make it hard to believe 'no one knew'

>> No.4566845

They probably all raped her during that trip.

>> No.4566848

yeah suicide would not help in that situation. suicide is never a good solution. She could sue Twin Galaxies for endangering her child and get a settlement. However the sad fact is that most sexual abuse cases are never brought to justice.

>> No.4568160


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