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What do you think of this game?

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Great game, was hot at the time, kind of has been forgotten a little bit over the years.

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Stop it

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I love it, and my nostalgia goggles make it even better.

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this, i play through it once a year
one of my favorite games of all time

no u

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Great if you have a lot of time to try the stages and bonus stages. I loved it when I was 13 but I don't think I'd appreciate it as much now with all the time and patience you'd have to spend playing it.

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>Follow Me

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10/10 masterpiece with incredible atmosphere

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Is the sequel worse?

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Exoddus is better, but it added quicksave for casuals.

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Man, if you only had the willpower to not fucking use it.

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Never said I didn't.

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Played it first time in my life a year ago. This is probably the closest video game equivalent of BDSM session I ever experienced.

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Like playing flashback while wading through molasses

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That's kind of hot.

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One of my favorite games of my childhood.

What area, temple, and creature do you prefer:
Scrabania / Paramonia?
Scrabanian Temple / Paramonian Temple?
Scrabs / Paramites?

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Paramonia was way more intense (that's the one with the 4 legged creatures right). The follow up before with the temple was done well IMO. The hints from tips and the foreshadowing was intense. It did not disappoint

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Wow, I played through the entire game not knowing that. Probably for the best.

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They're both four legged.
Paramonia is the forest, Scrabania the desert IIRC.

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Generally, I prefer Paramonia, but I liked Scrabania's soundtrack more.

Yea, Paramites are vaguely inspired by spiders and Scrabs have centaur-like appearance. One thing I loved is that they behave differently - lone Paramites flee unless they are forced into a corner; Scrabs will fight with other Scrabs etc.

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I never had the patience for it so I don't like it. I understand the appeal though.

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I remember accidentally quicksaving just before falling off a cliff.

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What did you think of the remake?
I had fun with it, but would rather replay the original because of the superior atmosphere. They really fucked up New n Tasty with the overuse of bloom.

I prefer Paramonia and Paramites.

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I haven't got anything to play it on, but it's going to be one of the first games I get when I do.

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I'm still salty that I played it before the old school controls patch. The shitty new controls were the biggest thing bothering me.

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Haven't played it since the original aged well IMO. If you have half an hour to waste, check Matthewmatosis video on New 'N' Tasty and see how it compares (aesthetically) to the original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkhDrngAQZ0

BTW Paramonia just feels more atmospheric and brooding (in a dank chilly moss-smelling way) and Paramites are both adorable (the way they chitter, how they scuttle away from you and act like curious puppies) and terrifying (since they are pseudospiders).

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That video is right when it comes to everything, but it's so hard to watch. Guy sounds like a fucking robot.

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Why are the slave Mudokons bald?

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To make Abe more special I guess.

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HRdly. It just got a remake and it's getting another "sequel/remake" soon.

Game is a classic of the era. One of my favourite experiences on the ps1

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I enjoy his robotic analysis, it's exactly what I want out of gaming videos. As far as it can get from the usual "humorous" review-skit-hybrid delivery that people usually do on youtube

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Never liked it. Graphics were impressive but the character design, the atmosphere and even the gameplay left me cold.

I tried to love it, but I really prefer Japanese games.

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What a weebcuck.

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>...he said, while wearing the name of a Japanese character

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It's one of my favorite games. The Xbox version deserves more credit. It was a great effort. What the fuck is wrong with people that they didn't enjoy that?

>Mur Halo

Oh, right.

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Xbox version? You mean Munch's Oddysee? I enjoyed it, Stranger's Wrath was better though, but that's a completely different kind of game.

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Abe is a cutie

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