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"It's a me, Mario!"

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Brae brae brawerwerwer

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>doing pic related to mario before playing

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"Dear Mario, please come to the castle, I have baked a cake for you. Your's truly, Princess Toadstool."


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Imma tired...

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Sodom gay Bowser

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>b-bro, look how good Mario 64 looks when like, there's no blur and shit
>it looks like fucking ass
You can move along now Sony pony.

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You couldn't hold yourself, didn't you?

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>couldn't didn't

poo in loo

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I like the water worlds

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Du nu nu nuuuuuuuuuUUUUUUUUUUAH!!

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>camera whips around, finishing on the DAH

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*clips everywhere*

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>he actually plays the game instead of Mario Stretchy Facey 74 all day

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just booted this up the other day for the first time in probably 15+ years on CRT. The movement is so fucking crisp and perfect it's unreal.

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*that tickles!*

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It's a special game. All these little details coming together to create something utterly unique.

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Mario 64 and Quake 1 came out in the first year and no games have matched their achievements in 3D character control since, except for a few niche games which copy quake.

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>in the first year
meant 'in the same year'

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"It's a me, Techdemo with about 3 levels"

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It's a me, Shitposter

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askhully mario 64 had 15 courses

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>all those weird warps where you just stand in a random spot and teleport to a different area
>all the non-painting worlds loop back around to Peach's Castle
>Wet Dry world lets you manipulate the water level, TTC lets you manipulate the speed of the clockwork, Tiny Huge lets you manipulate size, etc
>everything about the infinite stairs
over 20 years old and it still has so many simple but great details

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I mean I think the game is kinda overrated too but come on anon.

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6 levels actually not that I disagree with you on it being an overrated tech demo only nostalgia goggles wearers would deem amazing

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the style over substance opinion

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Where did this meme come from? Did some youtube celeb invent this "criticism?
There are 15 paitings in Mario 64

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I've always thought he said that as well. But is that really what he says? "That tickles"??

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Let's-a go.

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Great game but it introduced one of the cancer aspects of modern Mario, the way he makes a noise every time he moves. YIP, YIPEE!!! YAHOO!!!!!

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Mario has always made noises every time he jumps.

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IIRC, there is a Mario fangame in which Mario says "Just what I needed!" every time he grabs a coin. I forget the name of it.

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That's not a fan-game, those are the gba ports of the snes mario games.

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It's okay when Mario 64 does it!

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>all the non-painting worlds loop back around to Peach's Castle

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except that isn't true. Rainbow Ride and Tick Tock Clock aren't paintings, nor is Shifting Sand Land, and none of those loop back around to the castle.

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Neither is Dire Dire Docks or Hazy Maze Cave

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He meant how
>vanish cap stage exits you into the pool behind the castle
>metal cap stage exits you out of the waterfall at the pool behind the castle
>Wing Mario over the Rainbow, if you fall down, has you fall back to the castle grounds into the lake in front of the castle
These are all not courses in paintings, they are bonus stages.

However, he overgeneralized; there are some courses that are not in paintings, and they still exit you into the castle even if you die in them. (Although if you go into the hole in Dire, Dire Docks you will end up in the lake outside the castle)
Also, there are a few non-course bonus stages that will still put you inside the castle.

Still, it's obvious what he was referring to and appreciating.

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>it's obvious what he was referring to and appreciating.
Sure, but that doesn't change that what he said was wrong.

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In SMB1 you make a noise every time u jump that's different depending on if you're big or little

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It wasn't wrong in spirit

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>all those a presses
What a loser.

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I remember when i was a kid, i wanted to have a N64 just to play this game. I wasn't really a big fan of consoles or Mario for that matter, but looking at the game in 3D was mindblowing. Now i don't feel motivated anymore as im no longer a kid tho.

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i fucking love mario 64

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autist game

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all video games are autistic