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This is objectively the best fifth-gen system. Without it, the other two systems would still be using digital input for 3D games (lol). Also it got a ton of great racing games and some of the best platformers of that gen. Anyone that dislikes the N64 simply has no taste.

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it had a huge deficit in genre variety, was unable to support large games due to cartridge limitations and had generally terrible Audio due to the lack of sound driver.

I don't even think it's a bad system, but it's not even close to being objectively the best, honestly I'd take the ps1 or saturn over it in most situations.

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The fact that it uses carts makes it the best, CDs are cancer and brought lots of shit like movies
And most n64 still work unlike the other piece of shits that break in a year of useS

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>had generally terrible Audio due to the lack of sound driver.
can you stop repeating bullshit please

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>terrible audio

you wut




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Despite it having a lack of any genre variety, I still like it better than the other 2, but that's purely because it had a lot of games that I like. It was very geared toward my personal taste.

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The Atari had an analog joystick (even though it sucked), so the n64 the first one to have it. Also, the library is fucking microscopic compared to the playstation and the japanese saturn. But a good system nonetheless.

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Not analog, it didn't have pressure.

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Not the OP but learn to read
>terrible Audio due to the lack of sound driver.

That means that only good devs and inhouse dev teams could achieve good audio quality.
Not like the average murrican software company could compete with Factor5,Nintendo,Treasure,Konami etc..

I would also like to post some good 64 BGM myself

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i was calling bullshit on the lack of sound driver part m8

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not so fast



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Even if that's true it's not much of an achievement since that gen... Well, I won't say it sucked, I reserve that for 7th gen and on, but it wasn't particularly stellar either. And for the record, I'm not a gen 6 babby, I prefer older gens.
The lack of genre variety hurts it as some are mentioning here. Some arcade genres like fighting and shoot'em up, as well as others like turn based strategy adventures (or "RPG") are pretty much absent while its competition had plenty of these and some of good quality.
There's a lack of 2D games in general there (I think due to how the hardware works). I know 3D was the new thing and stuff but 2D games were getting arguably even better at that time (even if by becoming more niche at the same time) and again, hurts the diversity of the system.
It's still pretty good: F-Zero X is still one of my favorite games of all time, for instance.
I can agree somewhat, cartridges are a better format: much less loading. The problem is that since it's better it's more expensive, and thus could hold less space for a similar price. And yeah, it's a shame they wasted said space in muh cinematic experience.

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Two hundred ninety six games.

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And yet I still haven't played all the ones I want to play.
>tfw that one Athena horror-adventure game will never be translated because it has a lot of audio

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The Playstation gave us the Resident Evil trilogy, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy VII etc. Lol no, fanboy !

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nice multiplats

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The N64 don't have capcom fighting games, that alone puts the Playstation ahead of it.

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This is either a troll thread or underage.

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260, and this a conservative estimate, of those are complete shovelware.

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>Capcom fighters on playstation
N64 doesn't have as many shovelware as the playstation, the ratio of decent:shit games on N64 is significantly lower.

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Don’t mind me, just posting quality N64 exclusives

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wasn't that on PS also?

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too bad it's an unfinished product. The game could have been a charming, if generic, JRPG.

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we get it anon, you think the N64 sucks because it has some bad games, while thinking your console of choice (possibly PS) is extent of them.

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>over 20 minutes shitposting
Uh, have some (You)s, I guess.
Lode Runner 3D is alright.

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Oh you're back.
>PS version of any Capcom fighter

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Dem loading times

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>N64 version of any Capcom fighter

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No, that's why you get a Sega Saturn.

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>console wars
hmph, you guys are pathetic
feels good to be evolved...

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>sonyggers in charge of not sperging out

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Seriously, I mean sure OP was baiting and trolling hard, obviously asking for console warring, but notice how it's always only Sony fans that jump the shark?

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>Oh, he likes to play Super Mario, so CUTE

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so good. LOVE salt and pepper

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Anon jr, everyone like to play Mario.
Also, didn't that n64 kid from the video say he only played Goldeneye?

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>No shmups like G-Darius which still doesn't have music while emulated on MAME
>Only two in the Other section, made for console

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>best multiplayer
>no load times
>built like a fucking tank
>literally home to the most influential games of all time
Yes, the N64 was easily the best console of its gen, and one of the best ever. Anyone who discredits it and pretends it doesn't have a ton of amazing games is either retarded or ignorant. I also find it funny that most of the criticism regarding the N64's library seems to revolve around the lack of RPGs and shmups, which is particularly amusing because they are two of the worst genres. Why anyone cares about "autistic turn-based anime game #1506070" or "fly through space dodging bullets #8090806 is beyond me". I couldn't care less about those kind of games, which is probably why I enjoy the N64 so much. Even then, it has two of the best RPGs ever, Ogre Battle 64 and Paper Mario, and the best shmup ever made (albeit a 3D one) Star Fox 64.

Beyond that, the number of high quality games is astounding. Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Banjo-Kazooie series, Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, Diddy Kong Racing, F-Zero X, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Doom 64, Turok series, Jet Force Gemini, Blast Corps, Wetrix, Tetrisphere, Super Smash Bros., Killer Instinct, Harvest Moon 64... the list goes on. That's not even counting all of the great multiplats which are almost always superior to PS1/Saturn equivelants like Rayman 2, Gauntlet Legends, Hexen, Quake 2, on and on.

The N64 was a great console and saying otherwise is simply laughable.

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Star Fox 64 is not as good as the original Star Fox and is certainly not the 'best shmup ever made' lol. Banjo Tooie sucks, and I'm surprised it took you so long to list F-Zero X and Super Smash Bros. which are like miles ahead of everything else on the console (also like the only ones that run at 60fps).
You're right about the multiplats though, especially Rayman 2 is superior on N64. But Quake 2 is shit on any console. Can only really be experienced on PC. I don't disagree its a great console, I think N64/PS1/Saturn are all good, but you can't just say it's the best. Especially when you dismiss the significant portion of PS1's library that is RPGs and shmups and then rightly but self-contradictingly list Ogre Battle 64 and Paper Mario as great N64 games.

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All overrated and shitty moviegames that appeal only to casual babbies.

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They're on edge because Playstation is the only console they're allowed to discuss on this board, so reminding them that other consoles are better than their shit drives them mad.

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lol fuck off. I've 1cc'd a bunch of shit and sans FFVII those are GOTY

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>Star Fox 64 is not as good as the original Star Fox
Absolute shit taste confirmed. SF64 is by far the best shmup ever made for many reasons and exceeds the original Star Fox in every conceivable way. Amazing controls, great graphics, great OST, memorable characters and dialogue, branching levels and paths within levels add tons of replayability, multiplayer mode, etc. You can't find a better shmup, end of story.
> Banjo Tooie sucks, and I'm surprised it took you so long to list F-Zero X and Super Smash Bros. which are like miles ahead of everything else on the console (also like the only ones that run at 60fps).
"Took so long", what are you even talking about? I just listed games that came to mind, what kind of retardation is this. And Tooie isn't as good as BK but it hardly sucks.
>But Quake 2 is shit on any console.
Wrong. The N64 version is the only one worth playing. The PC version is ass, especially for a PC game. Doesn't even have muzzle flash because it was so rushed. N64 version has all new levels, better weapon balancing and great multiplayer.
>but you can't just say it's the best.
Actually I just did.
>Especially when you dismiss the significant portion of PS1's library that is RPGs and shmups and then rightly but self-contradictingly list Ogre Battle 64 and Paper Mario as great N64 games.
I'm dismissing them because they are two of the most samey, derivative genres known to man, I also fail to see how I am "self-contradictingly" listing Ogre Battle 64 and Paper Mario as I plainly stated I don't generally like such games but OB64 and PM were two of the best, which they are.

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