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Can we have a thread of recommended games images? Is there an archive for these? Pic related

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Did he ever update this with #1?

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Yeah, Ive seen some of those floating around, even saved few.

On the topic of NES, I can recommend Zombie Hunter.

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why tf isn't dragon warrior/quest in there

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last /vr/ specific one i have.

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>No Shadowgate
>No Fire n Ice
Yeah, some list

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Truxton 2

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imo add warlords 2 to this list. It's a 4x game like Civ or Heroes except far, far simpler. each turn takes very little time to play and the games move quick. it's a nice light TBS to play when you don't want to commit the time/meticulous brain focus you would in something like civilization.

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>The most impressive NES game, Battletoads, isn't on the list

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Maybe it's the missing #1

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I would bump this with more charts if I could.

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JRPGs on Sega consoles

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JRPGs on Nintendo consoles

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anyone got one for PCE/TG16?

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I don't, but that's something I'd like to see.

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Part 2

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great list

though it has a severe lack of Sengoku 3

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Here >>4541046

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Mario 3 not being #1 is automatically retarded on its own, but a mega man game being placed higher is a red flag that this was made by a coconut head American reddit user.
Most of these charts are normalfag tier with dozens of missing quality titles....
Except ones like this are actually useful.

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I remember that all we did the first few weeks after this board was created was make tons of these lists nobody seems to post anymore. how many years has it been?

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>holy diver
>death metal

Are you sure it's not heavy metal in general?

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Are there any good guides for setting up a virtual machine for games? WinXP and before had way more manual fuckery with codecs, drivers and whatnot than we do now. I don't really remember all the things I needed back then, so some help would be appreciated.

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>no palamedes
Shit list.

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Do you know the way, Knuckles? Just in case: >>>/v/

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>No Rampage: World Tour

That's fair I guess.

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western rpg anyone?

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Fucking lol'd at the Clicker Section. Insta-saved.
Have beat The Dark Spire like three times since it came out btw, one of the coolest modern Japanese RPGs.

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>King's Field and Arcanum are the same genre

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Anyone have Charts like this for gameboy and gameboy advance games?

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Gameboy Advance is not retro.

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>Streets of rage series
>Shinobi series
>But S3&K specifically
What do you mean by this?

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Also iffy ports of the first three Mega Man games for the NES, with nice post-game content to be sure but c'mon.
No (autoscrolling) shoot'em ups other than run and guns is also pretty tasteless unless he considers them all too inferior to arcade shooters. Well, the only one is an arcade port so I doubt it's that.

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The attention to detail in both sections is fucking impressive.

Shame whoever made it botched the descriptions.

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I just posted charts I'd saved from other chart threads that were /vr/ specific charts, so I have no idea what whoever made them meant by it.

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I'm not the guy who posted it, but I'm the guy who made the design. I literally made it as a design template to fill in later, but the dude who was going to make the list never delivered, so the image is just a design template with placeholder text and images. However for some reason people keep posting the image as if recommending 4 games is a comprehensive guide to a system.

I'm flattered that people like the design to the point that they keep posting list that doesn't make any sense, but honestly it's pretty weird.

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>the image is just a design template with placeholder text and images. However for some reason people keep posting the image as if recommending 4 games is a comprehensive guide to a system.
Well that explains a lot. I always wondered what that image was supposed to be, since having only four games seemed so strange even for more obscure systems.

You still have the .psds or whatever, right? I'd like to get some threads going one of these days for taking suggestions for making /vr/ charts. For some reason it's hard to get that input.

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Yeah I still have the project files. Not .PSD, it's .CDR (Corel Draw)

I'll keep a lookout for those threads, I'll be sure to follow them, it would be a shame to have this template go to waste.

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If golden sun is one of my fav games what would you suggest I play? Will be emulating on my x60 using debian so no PS1 games or anything even mildly taxing please

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You um...

You guys know /v/ made a wiki right?


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>Dark Souls

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That shit was linked on one of the biggest video game reddit sections for eons. It's full of garbage that nobody on here would ever earnestly recommend thanks in part to pic related (an admin on the damn thing) and the other mouthbreathing outsiders who found the wiki.

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It's full of utter shit, especially the Master System section.
I prefer the recommendation charts.

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It's impossible to tell what was and was not made by someone from 4chan or a redditor. That's the fucking point of anonymity.

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Shh, let the redditor soyboy try to fit in.

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How new are you? The /v/ wikia was fine back in 2010 or so but the minute it got put on Reddit, the lists tripled in length and began including entirely mediocre tripe as "10/10 GOTYAY must play!!!1!".
Look at the sheer number of licensed comic book and anime tie-in games and you'll see what I'm talking about; instead of a list of the must-play games it became a list of "every game that was at least a 6/10 on Metacritic and had a character I liked in it, also I rented it from Blockbuster once".

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