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Any games that have writing that stands the test of time?

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I haven't played it myself but everyone raves about Planescape: Torment.

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What book has the best cover of all time, /lit/?

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Writing makes gameplay more enjoyable (if its is enjoyable to begin)

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Writing is not a game mechanic except in dialogue-based games, anon (the ones with multiple options), and even then it's debatable.

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Sure. But try eat a good dish on cardboard surface.

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They'd need to be good in the first place

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Food analogies LMAO
Well, good to see you admit you lost the argument.

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Gex: Enter the Gecko

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Metal Slug and R-Type. No irony here.

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Deus Ex's writing almost gets better with time.

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Fuck off.

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This series.

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>playing games for story

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This, storyfags go away to your containment board and enjoy your games without the fear of running into ludonarrative dissonance.

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Mostly newer games suffer from that. Anyway whatever.

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And that's why that other anon is directing OP to come back to /v/

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Why are gameplayfags triggered so easily?

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Hey guise, stop playing games for the game!

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Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, certainly.

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slide thread

report & ignore

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Hi, LW.

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Sure. But try fuck a good pussy in cardboard bedsheets.

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I've already explained multiple times on this board why NiGHTS into Dreams has the best story in a video game and will never be topped. Should I bother doing it again?

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I didn't think you could bring up a worse argument, but you managed!

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Sure. But try fucking yourself with a cardboard dildo.

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>slide thread
What did he mean by this?

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that is all

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is /pol/ leaking again

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/vr/ is a /pol/ colony

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labo is not retro

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Yeah, that was the point, smart guy.

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Sure. But try shooting yourself with a cardboard bullet.

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Please do or just link your previous posts in the archive. I didnt get much out of it, something about the kids getting over their fears?

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Aged poorly.

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this game because of nerds always spazzing out over it when it gets brought up.

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good writing is timeless

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>Writing is not a game mechanic except when it is
Good job anon, you undercut your own comment and made yourself not only look like a douchebag, but also retarded.

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Keep reading. There's only one case and even then it's arguable. Most of the time writing in games is just flavor and has nothing to do with the mechanics.

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>Any games that have writing that stands the test of time?
Try The Longest Journey. It's a fantasy story that starts out in a futuristic setting and quickly tears itself away from a specific time or place. Dialog is great and characters are very memorable.

>Blood Omen
Also Soul Reaver, definitely. The dialog in these games sometimes make you feel like you're in theatre. The writing's just so good.

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