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SNES or GBA? Which one is better?

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Snes with translation patch. Either way it's a mediocre game though.

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Follow this anon's advice, OP: >>4533392

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I'll add that there was a hack made for the GBA version that was done by the guy who did the Custom Classes mod for FFV, which was a pretty nice take on the base game. So if you enjoy the game enough that you'll play it again, you might want to look into it.

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This is a really bad game, so i would avoid any version at all cost.

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Don't you subhumans have anything better to do than shitpost about a well-loved game?

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Your opinion is far outnumbered in this thread already

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Let OP play the game and decide for himself if he enjoys it or not, at worst the game is just slightly/arguably bad, and it depends on your tastes. He's just asking what version provides the better experience.

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I guess it's just not worth the money to buy this game, anything else such as other video games might be worth buying though.

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Why do you persist in shitposting? You are already doing this for several years. And no, don't pretend you don't understand.

Is you "life" is as crippling as those of burlaks?

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Calm down anon

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OP is a creep that has been creating Breath of Fire threads for two years just to shit on the games in his replies to himself. BoF isn't even posted in any other place on /vr/, and this fact concludes the suspicion.

Ignore and move on.

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SNES. All the GBA version has going for it is a UI update to make it look like BoF3/4 and some new artwork, the SNES has a retranslation patch that reveals the hidden gem underneath a shit translation and gives you a dash option which the SNES version has. There is a rebalancing hack for the GBA but I wouldn't recommend it for a first-timer as you have to suffer through the bad translation (and it's kind of iffy compared to stuff like FFVI's BNW anyway).

Ignore the trolls, I'm pretty sure it's just a couple of guys who are giddy that someone other than them thought it'd be fun to shitpost in every BoF thread. This hatewagon all started with one misdirected post calling it generic shonenshit and since then it's been like this every thread. Autism.

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SNES version has controversial fan re-translation patch. If you are triggered by that, play GBA version, it OK. Original SNES version has gibberish of a translation and is not recommended.

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Woah somebody's opinion is outnumbered in the most cucktrarian board on 4chan, stop and call the presses!

I want to fuck Kat TBQH

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just so you know, kattfag is the one creating these threads as an excuse to post katt, it doesn't matter if the thread is praising or shitting on BoFII
you can tell the degenerate is in the thread by the shit grammar in his posts

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la abominaciĆ³n..

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Why the random and weirdly unnatural Spanish

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There's several characters collage.

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nice try mutt

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Not proud of being a Spanitard anyway.

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