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Hey /vr/, what's your opinion on Jill of the Jungle?

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It was fun when I was a kid. I haven't tried it in recent years myself, but just from watching gameplay footage I don't think I could get into it anymore.

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it needs a proper remake, though epic nowadays hates that someones messes up with their Ip's even for fan projects

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This exactly. I wanted so bad to play these high resolution computer games back in the day when I was console only and I got a few tastes of them now and then but ultimately most aren't that great.

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I still hear the Kiloblaster noises in my head.

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...Watch out for that "tree!"

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I like how the keys would say "yeah"

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Can we unfuck his shit? Dude looks like he couldve been slaying some tail back in 97. Bring back the old brendan

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He is funny as fuck I was dying of laughter when he played Coxs buddy in Scrubs

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damn i forgot about that game

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iirc he WAS offered a role for George of the Jungle 2, but wasn't willing to go through that insnae regimen again. He actually offered a joke to the studio where he'd cameo as a fat bastard who gets led of set with donuts.

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Oh shit he was on scrubs? Brb checking that out

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>Encino Man
>George of the Jungle

Did he enjoy playing cavemen?

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This is now a George of the Jungle Thread.

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That episode reached meme status. Where have you been?

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