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I'm looking for some couch co-op games to play with friends. They're mostly casuals so the easier to pick up and play the better. What would /vr/ recommend?

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Despite the whacky cover art, this game is so much fun.

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Zombies Ate My Neighbor, Gauntlet, Rampage. I made a pretty bulletproof "date game" list in one of those museum threads if you check the archive.

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River City Ransom

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I recommend you play a game with me instead hmu

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A hundred times this. I also heartily recommend easier Beat 'em Ups. Streets of Rage 2 can be very entry-level. My sister is as casual as it gets and she likes Sonic3, with my as Tails figuratively and literally carrying her. That could be a good one.
also uhhhhh sports games?

I remember that and I think I asked a question, can't remember if it was answered: do straight people legit do "game dates"? More specifically, do they do them more than once? I only know wives and girlfriends that put up with the man playing vidya, maybe even watch him, but they certainly don't actively participate because they enjoy it themselves. I know it's (((current year))) and games aren't supposed to be just a children's toy and women can like things and whatever, but still.

Little grindy for long-term casual play. Maybe with a stat cheat or something.

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MetalSLugX,played with bro at the bar drunk and had a blast

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Girls are always into the type of thing they think the type of guys they would like so all you have to be is the most or one of the most attractive guy(s) in the video game community and thereto be no shortage of "nerd girls" who want to play a video game with you and even if they have big thick black glasses frames and a triforce tattoo, the safest bet is the most casual option.

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I think games is a really bad option unless you're going on a date with someone who is really into games. Even still, for first date go get food or some shit

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I'm not asking for advice here

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i no

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my weeb-ass friend recently forced me to play super puzzle fighter II turbo on the ps4, its a competitive co-op puzzle game thats like a mixture of tetris and bejeweled. i actually really liked it and bought it that night on the saturn, it also has a ps1 version. the saturn version is called super puzzle fighter II x , i got it for $30 off ebay from a us seller, it was a bit more from japan. kind of an impulse buy but it is real fun to play co op.

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I thought this was going to be cringey as fuck, but turned out to be decent situational advice. Not bad old man.

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Gunstar Heroes

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dropping trip to pat yourself on the back is bad form

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It's my zucchini now bitch.

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>based anon remembers me talking about Tyrone raiding gramp's fridge from like a month ago
>because it's true

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Is there a higher res on that image?

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like every reverse image search brought up relevant results. step it up, anon-kun


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Secret of Mana 3

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yes, you are, and the guy made a perfectly valid point. if you're gonna shut him down for trying to help, at least be thankful you're getting any replies at all. kids these days, I tells ya

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Bonanza Bros is fantastic co-op

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dagnerous vualts

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power stone 2 might be too difficult, but can be chaotic fun for noobs. Virtua fighter is also fun on equal skill level.
Virtua cop or dynamite deka might be nice.
Bomberman is good if they arent the most casuals in the world.
twinkle star might be fun. On the other hand its not as casual as it looks.
Neo turf it is. Relaxing golf fun :) That is always a nice treat for everyone

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Violent Storm could be an option too, because of the simple gameplay and great sense of humor.