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These games weren't complicated, and most were kinda terrible. Imagine if you paid $50 in 1980 money for a piece of shit like this.

One of the big reasons the Atari 2600 or the Intellivision or the Odyssey2 (which I owned), do not get any nostalgia play beyond maybe the sprites themselves, is the lack of music. Music was one of the key defining moments of the NES, and the 2600 just wasn't up to snuff for this.

So to all the /vr/ people wondering why there's no heavy discussion of this era - that's why.

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>the lack of music. Music was one of the key defining moments of the NES, and the 2600 just wasn't up to snuff for this.
Anyway, the main reason second gen isn't discussed is that it's mostly not perfect arcade ports. Also, people here are younger: the newer the gen, the more discussion it gets here, which is why 5th gen is the most discussed gen.
The big jump Japanese arcade games made in the mid 80's due to technological improvements is the single biggest jump in video game history in terms of game mechanic innovation and refinement, this can't be understated.

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Just in case someone doesn't know what I'm talking about: the ability to scroll and make games engaging in both survival and scoring terms, not needing to be infinite was incredibly huge. 3D is the second highest jump though it solidified when the industry began to change to get the newly found casual bucks so it ended up not being as much of a mechanical push as it could have been.

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It's mostly because people now don't care about one of the biggest aspects of that period of games, score. While there are atari games you can technically complete most were just about getting a high score. From the third generation onward games became more about actually completing and seeing a credits scene. Today there is often little excitment in getting a higher score for most people, unlike seeing a end scene and knowing you have completed the game.

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Seeing how a lot of people, here included, call scoring players autistic this is indeed one big reason.

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>casual bucks
lol you mean marketing and making games for adults and not for kids only.

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It's actually the opposite. Research how arcade games got popular in Japan. The decline came when considering more casual (including little kids) games for home systems over time when the arcade influence died down.
If your argument were true, kids would still enjoy arcade style challenging games nowadays but it's not what happens of course, they play Minecraft, CoD, GTA...

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The Atari 2600 has a vast selection of great, pure action games with some clever design. They've got bold, colorful visuals (especially given the technical limitations), satisfying sound effects, and above all, the unending challenge of score-based gameplay.

Why do you need to dismiss something you aren't into as not worth talking about? I have almost zero interest in games where there is no score/competitive factor, and are just about reaching an ending, but I don't make threads complaining that people like those kind of games.

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Yeah, when an opinion is sufficiently validated people for some reason tend to not even think to hate on stuff without thinking.
It reminds me of this shitty Irate Gamer guy that complained about points in games like Ghost n Goblins.

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dude I love games like Breakout or Joust but it's not like I can write a paper on them

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Sure, better have a "vidja fap" thread with 300+ replies (not saying it was your thread or that you posted there, just making a point).

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>No nostalgia for Atari 2600 Era Games For a Reason

Yeah, and that "reason" is that most of them were multiplayer and can't be played single player in emulators.

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I think the reason the atari doesn't get discussed (aside from the simplicity of the games) is because people here are more interested in discussing their childhoods rather than retro games, which is a shame
I didn't grow up with the atari or the nes but thanks to emulators I'm playing tons of games I missed out on

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Yeah, RIP my Dangun Feveron thread from a few weeks ago.

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Berzerk is still one of the best twitch shooters ever made

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Is that Pac-Man?

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>people here are more interested in discussing their childhoods rather than retro games

this is depressing and probably partially true

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Jawbreaker, I find it really addicting

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Again, the "first vidja fap" thing with 300+ replies.
Or irrelevant stupid console wars.

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>i'm a larping kiddo
>because of this, you should stop liking things i don't like
Of course there's minimal discussion of Atari/INTV/whatever here. Most of you aren't old enough to have been around for it, and thus have little interest in it.
>Odyssey2 (which I owned)
When? A couple of years ago when you found one cheap at a tag sale or flea market while you were out looking for that Little Samson you didn't find?
>So to all the /vr/ people wondering why there's no heavy discussion of this era
Absolutely no one was wondering. The reasons are pretty obvious.

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I had a 2600jr for a few years before I got an NES. It just wasn't a big deal. It was just like one toy among others you maybe played every once in a while.

NES was very different. Everybody was super into it. Playing it all your free time, all your friends coming over to play. Everyone in school talking about the games all the time.

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Most of the best Atari games were arcade ports, which were also done on many later systems. Also Activision occasionally rereleased their old Atari classics in compilation disks. Atari has few truly exclusive games.

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>the ability to scroll
>What is Dark Chambers?

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I think it's the graphics. They aren't very engaging. I grew up with an SNES but I went back and played a massive amoung of the NES library, at least 60+ games, with emulation. I think I only played a handful of action games from before that era and none of them for very long.

Single-screen games by themself are not that great but if I were going to do it I'd definitly go for the arcade version. Tempest sure looks a lot better than atari.

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I just pulled out my 2600 on a whim tonight. The ports aren't arcade perfect, but they sure are good. Atari even had some good originals, such as river raid.

What's everyone's high score on 2600 space invaders. I'm by no means good, and got about 5800 points screwing around tonight.

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how is it depressing?
why else would anyone be here unless theyre a roleplaying 13 year old

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>is because people here are more interested in discussing their childhoods rather than retro games
I was a kid during the 5th gen era, but I never particularly found those games that interesting.

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Now I won't dispute that every hobby has a certain quotient of nostalgiafags, they're fairly easy to sniff out and should be safely dismissed.

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You're on a baord where you can't talk about anything that's almost 2 decades old retard.

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I have nostalgia about atari 2600 but without people around to compare scores or how farther you could get it's boring.

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Op, you're kinda wrong. 2nd gen shit gets discussed here a little. Music shouldn't matter. And fuckin' hell games WERE NOT 50 DOLLARS in 1980. They costed about 20 dollars. I have some Magnavox Odyssey 2 games with original receipts.

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>And fuckin' hell games WERE NOT 50 DOLLARS in 1980. They costed about 20 dollars
Factoring in inflation, it was closer to $50.

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It's a funny thing, but the video game boom in the early 80s coincided with a serious economic recession. But then the crash happened in 83 just as the economy was recovering.

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>I think the reason the atari doesn't get discussed (aside from the simplicity of the games) is because people here are more interested in discussing their childhoods

Why do Americans base their childhoods so much around mass-produced consumer products made in a Chinese sweatshop?

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Why are you shitting on the very subject of the board you're on? Are you that addicted to (you)s and complaining?

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Just got 6285 on Atari 2600 Space Invaders

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I dont think my NES was made china, maybe my atari, but they were made in taiwan, I think my cube was indeed made in china

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>Imagine if you paid $50 in 1980 money for a piece of shit like this.
I will as soon as you imagine not having movies and tv on demand, internet, or a computer.
That should put shit in perspective.

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You're mentioning a single game at the tail end of that generation, anon. You know what I meant, most "Atari-era" games were single screen with no scrolling, and if they had scrolling it was simple and limited.
So you played every worthwhile old game during your childhood to its fullest?
Typical /vr/

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Probably arcade games were a cheap form of entertainment during a weak economy.

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>imagine if OP was alive in 1980
That's one hell of an imagination

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personal preference. atari2600 is my 2nd fav console after 360 because i absolutely love fixed shooters

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Like someone said, since 2nd gen games are based on score, they just won't generate the discussion like 3rd gen games. Sure, you can endlessly discuss the strategy of these games, but discussion would be a bit tough, since it's always been easier to show techniques rather than tell them. Discussion about your experience fighting Mother Brain or something generally more relatable to a higher percentage of gamers vs. sharing a technique to achieve a strong score in Kaboom.

That said, been playing a lot of 2nd gen lately, and the era really is fantastic. Diner for the Intellivision is awesome. Yars Revenge, the great Coleco arcade ports, the Intellivoice games, the list goes on.

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>like 3rd gen games.

*like 3rd gen games and beyond.

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why are you racist gainst the chinse?

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People are not used to discuss game mechanics and the like, and these games are pretty much all that.

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Top 3 Atari 2600 Games? Mine are;

1) Joust
2) Space Invaders
3) Artillery Duel

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There are discussions to be had, though. For example, there *probably* aren't any superior Atari 2600 arcade ports. But, does anyone prefer the Atari 2600 version of a game over the original, or another port? How come?

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After getting Atari Vault on Steam, I realize old games were only good when they were arcades.

The 2600 ports of games like Tempest or even Missile Command were awful

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Did you use the double shot 'cheat'? I always find it more fun with that mechanic.

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Never heard of it. Do you plug in a second controller or something?

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From Atari Age:
>Turning on the 2600 while holding down the RESET switch results in increasing your cannon's allowed number of simultaneous onscreen shots to two.

It's a ton of fun, I would recommend giving it a shot.

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You hold the Reset button while turning the console on. It's explained at 0:36 in this video. This series has several interesting tips and facts for 2600 and other second gen games.


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I played 2600 as a kid, however this was at a friends house and some time after I'd already played NES games at my place. So I could already tell this was far from the level of NES games, but it was fun screwing around with it for an afternoon.

It's true the games aren't really complex enough to have any in-depth discussion and there was so much crap on the system it was unbelivable. I'm pretty sure more than half the games I played back when on the 2600 were just complete trash.

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Trying it now, and it works great! Thanks all!

>> No.4520739

Also it doesn't help that the 2600 was really Atari's only "good" home console, and everything else they put out ranged from mediocre to abysmal.

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My gramps picked up that and a pile of great games from a flea market for pennies when I was an infant. This was around 85/86?

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3)either gyruss or space invaders

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Atari 2600 was an glorified pong machine.

There's no game there that couldn't be found in it's superior version on other consoles or MAME

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I've got to do Top 10, I like a lot of 2600 games.

1. Turmoil
2. Chopper Command
3. River Raid
4. Solaris
5. Beamrider
6. H.E.R.O
7. Robot Tank
8. Enduro
9. Dark Cavern
10. Laser Gates

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this guy knows whats what

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i think the 2600 version of demon attack is the best, i like it better without the boss fight the added to other versions

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Instead, there was lots of great TV shows, books, playing outside, and most importantly, arcades. I'd rather have 200 plays for $50 than Adventure lmao

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You forgot Frostbite.

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Are you literally some sort of god?

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Kys, faggot.

Mine are:
1. Kaboom!
2. Millipede
3. Defender II
4. Space Invaders
5. Beamrider
6. River Raid
7. Ms. Pac-Man
8. Warlords
9. Seaquest
10. Yar's Revenge

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Great taste, anon. I prefer centipede over millipede, but this is solid as hell.

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Ok, this makes the game way easier. (and more fun!) Is there any way to tell what your score is one it looks around 10k, 20k, and so on? Also, is there a max score?

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>I will as soon as you imagine not having movies and tv on demand, internet, or a computer

>there were no computers back then

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>Instead, there was lots of great TV shows
TV was never good.

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>Imagine if you paid $50 in 1980 money for a piece of shit like this
And therein lays the problem. Pay all that money for a game that was bugged out or could even damage your console.

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Especially the cartoons. The Atari era coincided with the dark age of animation.

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When? Late 70's? Top kek kid.

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Wow, you're an idiot. When the VCS came out, there was no MAME, nor any other console that could do what the VCS did. If you wanted an arcade game in the late 70s/early 80s you had two choices: Atari or buy the actual stand-up game. I'll grant later on, if you had some money, you might get an Intellivision (a friend of mine had one) or ColecoVision, but neither of those saw the success the VCS did. Your argument is shit, and it's clear from it that your only experience with retro gaming is emulators, vice actually being there.

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This is correct. The 2600 was the first real reprogrammable microprocessor-based console.

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>TV was never good.

Truer words were never spoken

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It’s easier to have a connection with a game that is telling you a story than a game that is just about getting a high score, no story, and graphics that wouldn’t let you submerge yourself into the game.

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No one at the time had this problem. And, based on the last part of that statement, "graphics that wouldn't let you submerge yourself into the game," you are basically saying that every single retro and modern console up to the most current generation are garbage. Nor the Atari VCS, nor the NES, nor the Genesis nor the SNES, nor the PS1, PS2, PS3, etc. have graphics that are realistic enough to "submerge" you into the gaming experience.

>> No.4521735

>No one at the time had this problem
That's because you didn't know anything better. There wasn't a FF VII in 1982 to make people say "Y'know, Galaxian is pretty damned limited of a game."

>> No.4521754

Yeah, no shit. Hence why no one at the time had this problem, and why we still appreciate these games today. Those of us who were there don't have any issues with Atari or its ilk. This thread is based on the idiocy of a younger generation that wasn't there that can't appreciate anything that doesn't run on an 8-core processor with ALL THE GRAFIXXXXXX., or who think that you could just emulate the arcade at home 30 years ago (which you couldn't). Those of us who were there actually appreciated these systems and games because they were fun and brought the arcade home as well as it could be.

>> No.4521770

>and why we still appreciate these games today

Obviously people don't still appreciate them today because of how much higher the bar has been raised.

>> No.4521775

Obviously people do, because we're still having this conversation, and people are still releasing new games for Atari, Vectrex, etc. (through AtariAge.com and the like) OVER FORTY YEARS LATER. Fuck yourself, faggot.

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But Anon-kun, you weren't alive then, you're a LARPer born in 1995 who watched a couple of AVGN videos.

>> No.4521781

Born in 1972.

Why are you even in /vr/?

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They're still releasing games because the hardware is so simple that stuff can be easily developed by 1-2 guys. Making homebrew N64 games is all but impossible. Do you have a 90s-era SGI workstation sitting around to design 3D graphics on? I thought not.

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Do you have nothing better to do with your life than go to threads about games games you don't play and whine about them?

>> No.4521807


While do people make stupid posts like this?

Bringing up a statistically irrelevant minority when >>4521770 entire point is that people don't do X. When you bring a statistically irrelevant minority up as a counter example to X then you're not saying what you think you are. What you're doing is called special pleading.


Another example of special pleading, you're demanding he agree with you in order to belong here.

>> No.4521814

Not even close, but that's OK. Why are you still here again?

Hang on, guys. I'm not going to add anything to this, I'm just going to try to sound more intelligent than everyone but not actually do anything.

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I know you're used to stuffing words into people's mouths as a form of argumentation, but LOL that's weak.

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I mean, the 2600 has 4k ROM space. That's equivalent to a couple paragraphs of text.

>> No.4521836

Bank-switching allowed for over 32K of ROM space, but even 2K games were good if the programmer used it right.

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Forget E.T. This is the worst Atari 2600 game ever,

>> No.4521843

Nobody talks about Atari 2600 because all the best games were multiplayer and nobody here has any real life friends.

>> No.4521849

The CPU has a 14-bit address bus but the cartridge slot only has 12 address lines because Atari got a good deal on 24 pin connectors and memory was expensive in the late 70s, plus at that time they really didn't imagine games needing to be bigger than 4k.

>> No.4521852

How's that the worst game? It's perfectly playable if you understand the rules. Read the manual. The graphics are non-existent, but it's a puzzle game, who cares.

E.T. is far from the "worst Atari 2600" game, too, no matter what your YouTube e-celebs tell you. There are plenty of games that are outright unplayable.

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ET being the worst Atari game predates Youtube by about a decade or two.

>> No.4521858

Was not the CPU a 6502? Those would have had a 16 bit bus.

>> No.4521864 [DELETED] 

It's a 6507, this was a "lite" 6502 with a 14 bit address bus and a nonfunctional IRQ line. It was intended for small memory systems because of above mentioned high 70s memory prices, but quickly became obsolete and unnecessary when memory prices fell in 1980. Nothing used a 6507 except the 2600 and Atari disk drives.

>> No.4521870

Indeed. This kept the system affordable, but required things like bank-switching to access more memory. Apparently, a full 6502 would have made the system significantly more expensive back in 1977.

>> No.4521872

>There are plenty of games that are outright unplayable
Warplock and anything by Froggo comes to mind for some of the worst 2600 games ever made.

>> No.4521878

It's a 6507, this was a "lite" 6502 with a 14 bit address bus and a nonfunctional IRQ line. It was intended for small memory systems because of above mentioned high 70s memory prices, but quickly became obsolete and unnecessary when memory prices fell in 1980. Nothing used a 6507 except the 2600 and Atari disk drives.

The Colecovision used a Z80 and the Intellivision had a funky 10-bit General Instruments CPU.

>> No.4521891

You have to be really good at 6502 asm to get a 2600 to even display anything on the screen because it doesn't have any VRAM, so the graphics must be redrawn every frame and you only have about 70 clock cycles during the VBLANK to do this as well as all game logic.

>> No.4521921

What about the Imagic and other thrid party games that were made by tiny developers?

Quite a few companies ONLY made games for the 2600

>> No.4521929

Robot tank.
Midnight Magic
Solaris. I wanted to beat it so badly....

>> No.4521935

Anyone here remember when game shows were actually fun to watch?

>> No.4521936

Atari had a boatload of good games. iMagic's were great, especially Atlantis and Dragonfire, but really, only Activision and Atari themselves survived the crash, so while there are plenty of good games from small developers, mose of them are dead today.

>> No.4521959


Gameplay is more important than immersion.

>There wasn't a FF VII in 1982 to make people say "Y'know, Galaxian is pretty damned limited of a game."

I would take Galaxian all day as a desert island game over something like FFVII. You could conceivably spend a lifetime challenging yourself with something like Galaxian, while a role playing game has limited replay value and comparatively shallow gameplay mechanics.

Games from the 2nd generation are just that: games, like Chess, Billiards, whatever. They weren't made to tell a story, "immerse you" in some fantasy land (that's what movies and books are for), they were made as pure gaming experiences, something you can devote years to trying to master (like chess).

Only when game developers started getting penis envy of Hollywood did we see this shift toward "story driven" games that are basically impossible to lose at since they want the player to experience the story and all its "immersive" elements from beginning to end, and while I enjoy those games, they are decidedly a much shallower gaming experience than even the 2600 version of Pac Man. They're basically glorified movies.

>> No.4521968 [DELETED] 

But Anon-kun, you can always play strategy games on your PC if you like a more chess-like form of gaming.

>> No.4521995

Also Adventure, Haunted House.

>> No.4522000

Uhh what about GI JOE, Transformers?

>> No.4522008


>> No.4522017

aren't those just toy commercials with terrible animation and voice acting?

>> No.4522083

I have actually found the cinematic games have eaten their own tail and gone back into ignoring story.

Like I don't give a shit about the story in fallout 4 or what my character says to anyone because I know ot makes literally 0 difference, so I am just picking whatever response seems silliest to me at the moment.

>> No.4522254

Todd Rodgers is a fraud?

>> No.4522309

>a game that is telling you a story
>There wasn't a FF VII in 1982
>how much higher the bar has been raised
Sup /v/

>Gameplay is more important than immersion.
Sure, but tell that to the modern gaymer industry and anons like the one you're replying to. He's probably a progress system junkie as well. We've lost the industry to people like this who outnumber us who enjoy games for their mechanics alone.

>> No.4522332


>> No.4522405


>> No.4522419

Nice comeback, story/progress fag.

>> No.4522421

Score is a progress system, dumbass.

>> No.4522425

tl;dr, fuck off back to your blog faglord

>> No.4522431

>Score is a progress system, dumbass.

Not him, but I think he was talking about progress in the form of leveling up and the like, which is progress that is attained not necessarily by "gittin gud" via the game play mechanics, but by simply playing the game for hours, i.e. pretty much anyone can reach a max level in Borderlands if they put in the time, and it's something you can sleepwalk through since the game can't be lost. On the contrary, you can put hundreds of hours into Defender and never progress past 100K points.

>> No.4522432

>On the contrary, you can put hundreds of hours into Defender and never progress past 100K points.
On the contrary, these very early arcade games are so mechanically simplistic any schmuck (if they had the autism to bother) could get extremely good at them.

>> No.4522465

>On the contrary, these very early arcade games are so mechanically simplistic any schmuck (if they had the autism to bother) could get extremely good at them.

Simplistic mechanics or not, those games still require hours of focused practice to get extremely good at (and not everyone will have the innate hand-eye coordination to get good).

Getting good at Borderlands (I do like the game) just requires you to be alive and not be a quadriplegic or have Parkinson's disease. Same goes for 99% of modern games, and pretty much all role playing and adventure games from any era.

I don't think one game type is superior to another, both have their places and offer different experiences, but I do think score attack games are superior if we're talking about pure gaming experiences. You don't "beat" Chess, Pool, Bowling, etc. They're games you can challenge yourself with over a lifetime and, theoretically, have infinite replay value.

>> No.4522478

Based anon, glad to see someone like this here.

Yep, you got it right.

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The worst thing about atari consoles was that even japanese games were superior to atari games in their own consoles

>> No.4523280

Can you tell us more about some of these Japanese consoles that were out and competing with the 2600 at the time?

>> No.4523292

>there was no MAME

but there were arcades you mong

>> No.4523317

Not at home

>> No.4523327

He's talking about Japanese games for the 2600.

>> No.4523347

I don't think that's correct. Atari licensed the game names from arcade game manufacturers and then made home versions of those games, including those from Japan. Space Invaders, Pac-Man/Ms. Pac-Man, Dig Dug and others were done by Atari for the 2600.