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Let's discuss the best FPS engine and its games.

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I know Bloatoid is lurking here from time to time. I've noticed that DW has been updated on 1/10. What are the differences from 1.4.18?

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>DW has been updated on 1/10


More info about this?

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Recommend Duke maps to me. Have some music:


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Shadow Warrior was my favorite. The reboot lacked any of the charm the original had.

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The reboot was still fun and well made though, and I liked the SW easter egg rooms

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Is dosbox still the only way to play Redneck Rampage?

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Yes, unless you'd rather play some russian bastardization

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I really, REALLY want to mod in Build rather than Doom engine, but is just a pain in the ass compared with doom, so little info about modding aside of mapping, I wanted to make my own game/total conversion in Build but it seems that that's just not gonna happen, at least any time soon.

By the way, anyone knows anything about that Bombshell prequel in build that they are making?

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>so little info about modding aside of mapping

That's why we're here anon, fucking duh.

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That's what I want to know. Since 1.4 release, he was constantly updating dw with small fixes. The last one was a couple of days so after a long break. Would like to know what was changed.

> By the way, anyone knows anything about that Bombshell prequel in build that they are making?
Absolutely nothing. The last tweet is from two month ago.

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moddb.com says it's literally just a fixed door in e1m5

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BloodGDX just got updated with custom RFF support, meaning you can now run even the most complicated mods (like Alone in the Dark and Bloody Pulp Fiction) just by dropping them into a separate folder without replacing any of the original files.
At this point, BGDX can be considered feature complete. Everything works well and the port is really stable. The next step is making all the game mechanics accurate to the point when BDGX can play original demos without going out of sync.

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>no software render
>feature complete
Call me when they start using the real source code

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There never will be software rendered (Who needs it anyway? It can barely do more than 60fps in 1080p in eduke) or a source code. BDGX is the closest thing to an actual port we will ever get.

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The real source code was never released.
And according to the devs it was horrible to work with.

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Actually some of you helped me starting my first steps into Build engine modding by showing me some useful links and explaining how things works more or less, I've even saved the thread from deletion in case some day I wanted to check some of the links some anon told me, here's the thread:
Is around the second half of the thread when the modding discussion starts.

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>Being accurate enough to play the original demos.
>When all he has to work with is the leaked source code and some reverse engineering.

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Build itself is completely barebones, the only code there is to render levels and sprites. Implementing game logic is up to you.

What you're probably modding instead is eDuke32 which isn't known for excellent coding

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>Implying that any Build game has excellent coding.

Build itself is a clunky mess FFS. Even with EDuke32 it's not rare to have Duke randomly explode when you run into an angled wall at a certain way.

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>The next step is making all the game mechanics accurate to the point when BDGX can play original demos without going out of sync.

wasn't that the case since the first public release? or did he managed to break it while implementing the rest of stuff?

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What is Ken Silverman up to these days?
Is he still obsessed with the voxels meme?

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He's severely depressed if judging by any late interviews.

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Do you have links for the latests interviews? I can't find anything new about him.

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Not exactly recent I guess I'm losing track of time but read the last question in this one:
He made a couple of interviews around the same time and all of them are kind of similar. That he didn't have anything in his life to be happy about anymore. I think he worked at a college as a teacher with his dad at the time or something.
I'll try and find some more later and post them.

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>CGS : Finally, is it something you'd like to say to the DN3D community?
>Ken S. : As I watch the world pass me by, one of the few things that keeps my spirits up is the occasional fan mail. It reminds me that I'm still worth something - so thanks for that. -Ken S.

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>Absolutely nothing. The last tweet is from two month ago.
Hendricks screwed another ongoing project?

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I hope Lucius will finish his work on the Blood-"port".

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OK so I found one more. Not sure if the internet has swallowed the others or if I'm just misremembering:
>Yup. I just get depressed when I see the opportunities I missed out on.
There's also the leaked e-mails from the blood prototype that are sort of related about Ken:
I know the word autism is throw around here a lot but I think in this case it actually is autism.

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Wasn't he working on holograms last I've heard?

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>When all he has to work with is the leaked source code and some reverse engineering.
You know shit about programming and reverse engineering, right? Leaked source is absolutely useless at this point and reverse engineering is like super hard and may take months to get proper restults.

No, it was never able to run demos without going out if sync pretty quickly. The funniest this that it's mostly not because of the enemies' AI, but particles (blood, sparks etc.).

It's dead.

Was the full version of Lot7P ever released?

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I hate seeing this kind of things, is like when I discovered how tense was the relations between the ID original crew.
But I think in this case it actually is autism.
It really looks like it, but I think he just loves his own creation so much that he didn't want others to add code or change anything at all.

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I fucked up the post but is readable

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Whoever said the new episode in World Tour was good is a fucking liar. Shit was garbage.

>By the way, anyone knows anything about that Bombshell prequel in build that they are making?

Interceptor went bankrupt and they sold the rights of their last game to THQ Nordic. The 3D version was supposed to receive a 1.3 patch, but it never got put out.

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so far they change the name to their game

and the new name is called ION Maiden

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>ION Maiden
Fukin LoL

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how is it?

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>Whoever said the new episode in World Tour was good is a fucking liar. Shit was garbage.

It has two good levels. The Egypt map and the San Francisco map with Golden Gate.

The other levels are like usermaps. Good usermaps, but nothing that the better community members can't release.

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The reboots sequel was definitely better.

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>The Egypt map

You mean that shitty maze? I bet you think the Serious Sam jokes makes it a good level

Agreed on the San Francisco golden gate bridge being decent

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The maze is like 4 mins out of a 18 min map.

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Pretty good. One of the best user campaigns I've played.

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The best user campaign for Duke was the Last Reaction and Water Base episodes. The last four levels with the drones and waterpool octabrains were creepy.

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Every Duke episode has at least one of these jokes.

E1: Death Row - Doom marine
E2: Lunar Reactor - Luke Skywalker
E3: Hotel Hell - Indiana Jones
E3: Freeway - Terminator
E4: Shop n Bag - Escape from LA guy
E5: Mirage Barrage - Serious Sam

Also it had a reference to The Fifth Element, Stargate and even a Looney Tunes quote, probably the most complete level of the episode.

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If you liked the theme of those maps, you might also enjoy: http://msdn.duke4.net/hotbobsp4.php

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It's okay.

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This is all I did.

Someone posted a speedrun and breezed through the bomb area, so I checked to door to see if it was something I forgot to adjust or some kind of runner trick.


I'm glad I decided to stick the jump boots in there -- makes the speed runs a lot more interesting.

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> that shitty maze?

You didn't realize it was possible to jump above the maze almost straight from the start, did you? You can do it from the start using enemies, and even without using enemies at all a bit later on

Actually by baiting a Liztroop and jumping on him you can even reach a teleporter that lets you skip the entire first part of the map, and which is supposed to only be use-able in co-op:


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I prefer playing maps like they are intended to play. Skipping parts are utterly lame and hate those faggots who say Hotel Hell is their favourite level because you can skip the entire thing.

It's like those virginal fags who play Super Mario World with cape to fly over the levels.

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As far as I remember, you also wanted to fix this place in GDX by dividing a sector. Did it cause any problems in the original games so you decided not to?

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The skip of the entire first part of the map is definitely unintended, but going above the maze by jumping on the doorway looks like it could be intended.

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Have been playing Nam and WW2GI lately. Has anyone else here played them? I enjoy the gunplay a lot, but savescumming is basically a must, as it's just too easy to die. Enemies have godlike reaction time and can cut you down in less than a second, not to mention that there's mines and booby traps everywhere (especially on Nam, with it's dark jungles). At least the enemies DON'T have aimbot accuracy.

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You die in 5 minutes in a real battleground. At least it's realistic, not like a rocket shot that drains 30 hp.

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Yeah I played them a lot back in the day, and even up until 208 or something.
These days I pretty much only fire up the WW2GI expansion called "Platoon Leader"

Look it up, has 2 good Vietnam maps in it.

>> No.4525315

I completed the two games and now looked at this Platoon Leader expansion. But I have no idea on how to run it. I'm using eduke32, any ideas on how to do it? If it's not possible to use eduke, could you explain how to run it on Dosbox?

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Nevermind, I figured it out

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What are /vr/'s 10 best Build engine maps? Including official, inofficial, of any of Build games?

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Last night I had a dream my balls swelled up so bad I couldn't even fit them in any of the pair of boxers I got.

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I made the sector wall divider fix, and it looks fine in whatever version of GDX I was running when I made the change. It was never a problem in DOSBox, and I'm not sure why it does that in GDX. vOv

>> No.4525872


For Duke:

1. http://msdn.duke4.net/dmruin.php
2. http://dnr.duke4.net/maps/Lem3.html
3. http://www.moddb.com/games/duke-nukem-3d/addons/roch-series-1-8
4, http://www.moddb.com/games/duke-nukem-3d/addons/bobsp-series
5. http://dnr.duke4.net/maps/Red4:_Boat_Trippin.html
6. https://gamebanana.com/maps/173663
7. http://www.arrovfnukem.com/en/military-madness-alejandro-glavic
8. http://msdn.duke4.net/hotfbsp001.php
9. http://dnr.duke4.net/maps/WGRealms.html
10. http://msdn.duke4.net/hotstar.php

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i'm no freud but i think you need to get laid brah

yo just saying, I love you. Don't come to this awful place, it's filled with malignant cunts that are bad for the soul.

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Yeah I played both and I really liked them. They're not groundbreaking games but I think they succeed in doing what they set to do and some maps are really cool.

I played on Easy and it was still death everywhere.

And yeah WWIIGI's add-on is really cool, real short too but each map is a different kind of mission with objectives.

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>finally finished Death Wish
Now what

>> No.4526882

Play Inherit the Earth and Hostile Takeover

>> No.4526889

The thing with Nam and WW2GI is that you can't play them like Duke Nukem or Shadow Warrior. You need to take things slow and take cover and avoid getting shot. It can be frustrating if you're coming from the more fast-paced Build games.

>> No.4526951

Just had a look at a hostile takeover. The first prison level was in Death Wish

>> No.4527130

Checked your first. Map is full of sentry drones and colorless ruins. If this is the best, the rest must be truly crap.

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how is it?

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It's OK.

>> No.4527390

I took the two good maps from Hostile and added them to Death Wish as secret levels (after making a bunch of improvements). Inherit is okay for my first shot at a campaign, but Death Wish is where all my best stuff is located. There's ~10-year gap between making Death Wish levels and anything I did previously.

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That Boat trippin' level is a typical usermap. Lots of irrelevant details like fake doors and sprites that block your path. The ending was just lame and predictable. Derelict or Wavemistress like 30 times better. Or Shadow Warrior's ship level.

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Try Insuranse Overload:

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I thought I was the only one praising that map. Serioulsy, it just "gets it", but that's easier said than done.

>typical usermap
> Lots of irrelevant details like fake doors and sprites that block your path.

Please say this louder so the people making a new build game may hear it

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I thought I was the only one praising that map. Serioulsy, it just "gets it", but that's easier said than done.

>typical usermap
>Lots of irrelevant details like fake doors and sprites that block your path.

Please say this louder so that EVERYONE may hear it

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>When your floppy disk tells you its time to play Duke


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There ain't too much Duke Nukem user maps worth praising. I somewhat agree with the guy shitting on boat tripping level: I feel the same way about roch maps and a lot of user maps are done in a similiar style. Really hate those microdetailed cramped enviroments with boring standard fare shotgun/chaingun/5 rpg shots combat encounter. This game provides much more possibilities for combat and yet many usermaps just imitate Roch endlessly.

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>when your printer does

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So which one is the hardest? Duke?

>> No.4528913

duke is easiest

shadow warriors is quite a bit confusing but blood just simply fucks you sideways

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Apperently Lee Jackson published full midi file of grabbag, only 1st half were released to public before, theres download link on his page http://leejacksonaudio.lbjackson.com/index.html

>> No.4528985

Blood is hardest, Redneck Rampage is the most annoying

>> No.4529007

I still can't get the cutscenes to work.

>> No.4529030

>only 1st half were released to public before
Not exactly

>> No.4529040

So you use Steam/GOG versions? Did you unpack the cutscenes?

>> No.4529045

The thing with DN3D is that most usermaps don't have the same goals as the original games.
They don't intend to be 'classic' but instead more people are interested in coming up with crazy texture combinations, effects and detailing using the stock game. They can be good but in their own ways.

I mean about a decade ago some guy came out of nowhere and made the most crazy overdetailed maps ever... and later on he admitted never having even beaten the original game and played all its maps.

There was a sort of 'classic style revival' at some point but it didn't really caught on, the fact that usermap activity is decreasing doesn't help, though I think some people became really aware of the big common usermaps flaws and tried to avoid them for the most part.

This being said even the new maps in World Tour were guilty of many "usermap flaws", like decorative doors, obvious invisible walls because you really want that 'cool looking unreacheable place', useless sprites made for detailing getting in the way, and so forth.

>> No.4529065

Is there any patch for Powerslave that makes controls tolerable? I can't even control the camera with the mouse while strafing.

>> No.4529090

Yeah, especially Red Ruckus and Tour de Nukem were at fault for this.

In the original 4 episodes every detail, sign etc. had a meaning. They were there for a reason. A few weird ideas popped up like the "Funny Boner Comedy Club" or the "Alley Cat Lounge", but that was rare.

In said two maps, there is a shitload of whocares, like unreachable pharmacies, night clubs and whatever. The mapper compensated the lack of ideas with these irrelevant stuff. Remove these and you get a very standard user level.

That said many times here, but only the Egypt and San Francisco maps reached the quality of the original game. At least they reached it so much, they are now my favourite Duke levels and both worth revisiting for the hundreth time.

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>implying its midi

>> No.4529105

Typical userlevel flaws that make level worse:

1. Fake doors and fake details (that boat trippin' level even had fake buttons and other weird shit like a shark picture). It compenstates for the lack of ideas and looks hideous.

2. Ugly colours on walls and sprites including monsters. If some use colours, at least try adding different properties to the monster. Size also matters. The x and y coordinate should be around the same to have a proper look.

3. Overuse of keycards and buttons. Learn the original game how to use them. They separate different areas or introduce something new or add something more dangerous, and not just rooms that have another keycard and some monsters spawn. Some pro maps can be big as shit with one keycard or two.

4. Confusing layout like hidden vents at the roof or multibutton combinations with barely to see clue. Or simply you can't find the keycard or it's door because you need to enter a barely to see secret location for it.

5. Linear layout without freedom for playthrough (and replay value). Also the lack of conceptual grandness.

6. 1000th remake of Hollywood Holocaust, Hotel Hell or Dark Side. They were good maps on their own, they don't need to be remade with some ugly stuff thrown in.

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File: 57 KB, 500x500, 38202.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



I'm developing a game on this engine and it's probably going to just between my friends and I. Vaporware my friends, it's just between people who want it and have the ability to make it.

>> No.4529113

I didn't mind Red Ruckus, other than the fact that the main joke "he's not supposed to be here?" needs to be explained to be understood unless you can read Russian and actually NOTICED the sign; but Tour De Nukem is horrible in that aspect. Half of the sprites/textures are in English, the other half in French... and when I say French I should say Frenglish. It's bad.

Set mouselook to capslock , numlock or screenlock. you can do the same with running for auto running.

>> No.4529128

Tour de Nukem has a pretty solid layout.

>> No.4529132

I don't think I like you very much.

>> No.4529171


That's what we have to do so that it doesn't get copied and monetized by some asshole. Or put on some fucking youtube video for views by some asshole.We're a small community but very closely knit. It's for my friends and nobody else.

>> No.4529232

>Or put on some fucking youtube video for views by some asshole.

You sound like a very strange person.

>> No.4529270

No I agree with him. It's a very old school mentality, and you see it effecting games now. Like how Sakurai said he won't do anything like Subspace Emissary mode again because you can just see everything on YouTube.

Eceleb scum probably made more money off of FNAF than the guy that actually made it.

>> No.4529320

Sakurai sounds like a very strange person, too.
That mentality is causing the death of good singleplayer game.

>> No.4529674

>We're a small community but very closely knit.
how closely knit we talking? in-breeders?

>> No.4529807

where does one get Powerslave EX?

>> No.4529972

>the best fps engine
you mean goldsrc?

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New Blood expansion, 'Caleb will have his revenge on Toronto'

I'm downloading it now, haven't tried it, so we'll see. Get it here http://www.blood.freeminded.de/index.php?section=episodes&id=451

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File: 1.11 MB, 1080x606, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



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How do I get the expansion packs for Duke Nukem 3D running? I'm currently using eDuke32 with Atomic Edition 1.4 (I don't remember where I downloaded it from, if that matters).

>> No.4530562

Pirate Megaton edition, then copy past the .grp files of the add-ons, dukedc.grp, vacation.grp and nwinter.grp to your eduke32 folder and eduke32 should have them selectable in the startup window

>> No.4530567

What does Megaton have over Atomic? And do I NEED to use Megaton rather than Atomic to get the expansions working?

>> No.4530570

Atomic Edition is what came out in 1997, with The Birth extra episode

Megaton is a modern sourceport released for sale a few years ago, it had the advantage of having the add-ons included, and as a result eduke32 became compatible with the way the add-ons were handled in megaton, meaning that you can just use the .grp files from Megaton to play the add-ons in EDuke32.
Before that you'd have had to go through DOS installers.

>> No.4530578

OK, when I click on eduke32 the name of the game in the menu thing is "Duke Nukem 3D: Plutonium Pack" and it lists the filename as "duke3d.grp"

This should be Atomic Edition, correct? And you're saying that the add-ons WON'T work with this version?

>> No.4530585

I'm saying they will

>> No.4530589

So I don't need to get the Megaton Edition then? I should be able to just get the add-ons running with Atomic Edition?

>> No.4530604

Megaton edition has the advantage of having the add-ons pre-installed

Your choice
>Pirate Megaton edition, not for sale anymore
>copy-paste the add-ons .grp files to your EDuke32 folder

>Get your hands on the original add-on releases
>Go through the DOS installer of each of them
>make your own batch files to tell EDuke32 to run with the correct grp and con files

>> No.4530610

OK, I downloaded a file labeled "Duke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition". It contains 3 files, "Setup.exe", "setup-1a.bin", and "setup-1b.bin".

Do I just unzip this and run Setup.exe? Have I even downloaded the correct thing?

>> No.4530649

Alright, everything appears to be working. If I have any other issues I'll just ask in the Retro FPS General.

>> No.4530659

Another anon here.

As long as we're on the subject of Build Engine game add ons, does anyone know how to get the Shadow Warrior expansions working? I'm running the game with DOSBox.

I see that you can get "Shadow Warrior Classic Complete", but I tried downloading that and it was just a bin file and some Nero bullshit. Is there a ready-to-go download of this anywhere?

>> No.4530661

Have you tried the Redux version?

>> No.4530664

Get the REDUX version, you can even launch the add-ons through dosbox with it

>> No.4530692

Doesn't that have different graphics?

>> No.4530721
File: 10 KB, 641x423, addons.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Like I said it comes with a DOSbox version

>> No.4530928

>FPS Diablo

>> No.4530940

So how does this relate to the Bombshell prequel?

>> No.4531003

It was the Bombshell prequel. Been renamed to Ion Maiden when Interceptor went bankrupt and the IP was sold to THQ Nordic as said by >>4520909

>> No.4531025

He said "last game" so I assumed he was talking about Rad Rogers (which is listed as a THQ Nordic published game while Bombshell is still just 3D Realms).

>> No.4531036

I really like the gibbing.

>> No.4531197

"The best FPS engine and it's games"
yeah let's talk about Quake 2, Hexen 2, Daikatana, and plenty more games

>> No.4531615

I'm pretty sure that Ion Maiden will never come out. Those imcompetent guys failed with everything so far.

>> No.4531628

You mean Heretic 2.
The quake 2 engine is pretty great though i still have to get around to playing SIN

>> No.4531758

too bad they fucked up with the sequel

>> No.4531760

Well I sincerely hope that it will come out because I've liked everything they have shown this far.

>> No.4532450

Those pics are lame. Just pointless dark rooms without clue where they belong to.

>> No.4534194


>> No.4534368 [DELETED] 

These Build threads have far less posts than Doom threads. Talk about bigger legacy.

>> No.4534502 [DELETED] 

You could say the same about most normie things.

>> No.4534535

this is from 2013?

>> No.4534981

Reminder that there is a better replacement for bmouse
Works with Duke, SW, RR and Blood.

>> No.4535332

installed THE GATE addon for dn3d
best music ever

so far finished only 1st episode out of 4

my keyboard numpad got stucky or somehow KDE does not likes strading with alt...

>> No.4535645 [DELETED] 

Because Build engine games don't need shitty mods like Brutal DOOM to be good.

>> No.4536242

That horrible rendition of Misirlou made me chuckle.

>> No.4536682

Anyone tried Last Reaction and Water Bases TC? That thing sure has some high quality.

>> No.4536838

Couldn't find a good Powerslave repack with music so I made one myself. Works out of the box and includes Dehacker patch and official beta.


>> No.4537162

>Dehacker patch and official beta

What are these?

>> No.4537176

Patch that fixes controls and enables mouse look and higher resolutions.
>official beta
Early beta with 2 levels that are very different from the final versions.

>> No.4537227

I haven't tried it but this looks interesting. higher resolution you say?

Anyway - for me the main problem with the game is how once you allow strafe-running and turning at the same time, you can make longer leaps and sequence break in literaly every single level due to the speed boost from strafe-running.... Any idea how to nullify that speed boost? the game is clearly not designed with it in mind

>> No.4537236

What's with the .ogg tracks? Those are the musics from the console version, not the DOS version

>> No.4537307

>higher resolution you say?
Run patch.bat and you can select resolutions up to 1600x1200.

>Any idea how to nullify that speed boost?
Not sure. Strafing is slow as fuck in this game and strafe running is barely any faster that just walking.

Are you sure? I ripped them from Exhumed PC CD.

>> No.4537346

>Strafing is slow as fuck in this game and strafe running is barely any faster that just walking.

Not if you use "strafekey"+"right/left", instead of using "strafeleft" and "straferight" keys. You get much faster strafing that way. In fact if you use strafekey+mouse movement you even get an insanely fast glitched strafing.
This is from the Build side of the code, not the game side, because Tekwar has the same issues.

>Are you sure?

Yeah I just checked, look at track_02.ogg, that's the intro to the console version, compare it to the intro of the DOS version.

There are tons of shitty rips and beta versions around of the game on shovelware sites, it's harder to find a proper version. Also hopefully you based your work on the final version, for Powerslave the date on the exe should be September 24 1996, and March 19 1997 for Exhumed.

Not that for a few tracks the Powerslave version has wrong cuts. What I mean is that some musics don't loop properly: in some cases you can hear the start of the next music before it stops and loops back,
The Exhumed version has this fixed

Nice to see some more interest in the game though, I'll check your patch when I have time

>> No.4537353

Will Redneck Rampage and PowerSlave ever get better releases? I suppose there is not much demand.

>> No.4537369

I just checked youtube walkthrough and the music seems to be the same. Not sure why console intro is there. Maybe that's how it was on the original CD.
>Powerslave the date on the exe should be September 24 1996
Mine is from December 4 1996 for some reason.
Found ps.exe from September, but it doesn't work with Dehacker. No idea what's the difference between these two.

Probably not. There were rumors that Night Dive acquired right for Powerslave and might hire Kaiser to make to make a """port""", but it doesn't seem to be the case.
M210 is very slowly working on RedneckGDX and may release it this year.

>> No.4537375

>Mine is from December 4 1996 for some reason.

Sorry I got that wrong, December 4 1996 is the correct version. September 24 is the leaked beta.

>> No.4537745


M201 isn't going to do shit for RR because there isn't a leaked source code for him to base a port on.

>> No.4538632

He doesn't really need source code to do reverse engineering. And RR being mostly based on Duke's codebase will make reverse engineering much easier than Blood.

>> No.4539878


>> No.4540707

Redneck Rampage has a very simple point to it. And that point is "What's it to you?". In other words, Redneck Rampage's main point is that, despite being a game made in first-person perspective, it is NOT about you, the player, whoever you are (since if you were anything like the characters depicted there, you wouldn't be playing "Redneck Rampage" in the first place; those people have other means to entertain themselves during their free time - and some of those means, in a very caricaturized form, are extensively depicted in Redneck Rampage itself; besides, I don't think there is a single desktop PC depicted in the entirety of game). And yes, you may very well think, that those people are some inbred degenerates, that spend their lives residing in utter shit. But, ultimately, noone of them either asked you, player, to voice your fucking opinion, or even invited you to their fucking homes. And, for what it's worth, they seem to be pretty okay with the sort of ambiance they furnished around themselves. So, at least until one starts to violate your rights in some way not with their presence, but with their actual actions, just try to mind your own personal business, k?

That seems to me the ultimate point of RR, memelulz or no memelulz.

Also, in Downtown Hickston, I think, there is a wall with a writing on it, which says something along the lines of "Please Dear Lord, give me strength to keep my goddamn nose out of other people's business" (in its original form this phrase probably sounded much funnier). And that's pretty much it.

Also, come to think of it, it's not all that funny, since what the majority of this game depicts is trespassing first and foremost.

>> No.4541447

>Still no Blood 3
At least there's the movie

>> No.4541952

Wow. did you just get to earth?

>> No.4541980

Redneck Rampage is just fucking awesome.

>> No.4541981

nigga that post is a week old

>> No.4541982

What if GPUs had used voxels?

>> No.4541986

That is sadman. But on the brightside , it means you can still have your 15 minutes - few decades of fame even if you have autismbucks.

>> No.4542143


Ken Silverman should talk to Notch, he's apparently way into voxels too.

>> No.4542382

However, here is the thing. Rednecks themselves, maybe, didn't invite me to thier homes. But the developers of Redneck Rampage did invite me to their game. There were ads, and it's supposed that I've paid for this game.
And this game is not all that hospitable, to be honest.
It's not that it's rough around the edges, it's more like it's intentionally annoying. And that, combined with a fact that it's ultimately a product, however you see it, casts a pretty unappealing light onto it, and frames not only rednecks themselves, but also the developers just as well, as presumptuous and impudent.

>> No.4544362

>M210, on 25 January 2018
>I already rewrite my Tekwar port to new Build project and I want to prepare a release on the new Build project.
>2. Also I already ported Witchaven with my Build project and reverse engereneered Redneck Rampage

>> No.4544389

Redneck Rampage is fucking shit anyway who cares.

>> No.4544852
File: 147 KB, 250x332, shit nigga.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Tazar says its pretty good
Fortress theme is here guyz

>> No.4545762

when will we get steam release will all levels from both versions

>> No.4546086


>> No.4548262

Wrong, that game kicks ass.

>> No.4548556
File: 197 KB, 800x975, 3029-duke-caribbean-life-s-a-beach-dos-front-cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like this expansion

>> No.4548559

Rides again is actually pretty ok.

>> No.4548634 [DELETED] 

shut up nesfag

>> No.4549000

You cared enough to reply so it looks like you do.

>> No.4549110

pineapples as pipebombs never get old.

>> No.4549735
File: 10 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>hurrrr durrrr herrrrr derrrr derrppp
no, you fucking retard. if I cared I'd download his port. Watch me never do that as the game is almost as trash as your face is.

>> No.4549935

Going through Duck Nuckem for the first time. Shrapnel City seems a lot easier and more straightforward than the previous episode. Glad the style went back to earth instead of generic sci-fi.

>> No.4550041

The atmosphere alone is what makes it. I can't believe that this is such a unique and enjoyable setting. It's mindblowing. The only thing that I know that is somewhat similar is Pirate Doom, which is also God tier.

>> No.4550228

The only good level is the last one, but even that was ruined by silly boss ending with weird texture palettes.

>> No.4550401

sound like full blown depression.
His voxlap2 engine sounded quite the improvement over voxlap1, I wanted to see an Ace of Spaces clone-sequel made with that engine.

>> No.4550404

*Ace of spades

>> No.4550461

>no fun allowed

>> No.4551004

Didn't Carmack and Romero eventually make up?

>> No.4551007

Are there any differenced between Powerslave and Exhumed besides the title?

>> No.4551008

>can't play Lunar Apocalypse becouse fear of protozoid slimmers
anyone has this problem?

>> No.4551191

Poor you, forget the rest of the game and stick to LA Meltdown.

>> No.4551198

The more substantial difference is that some of the musics are cut badly in Powerslave, like you can hear the next track for a couple of seconds before it loops back, etc
that got fixed in Exhumed.

Everything else is the same except things like title screen art for the name.

>> No.4551757

>The only good level is the last one
No. Don't even say that. The last level is the worst one by far. It's incredibly plain compared to everything else that comes before.

>> No.4551762

>protozoid slimmers

That's a funny way of spelling drones.

>> No.4551838
File: 162 KB, 469x732, xD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4552059

is it me or does duke ost sound the best on the SC-55(also the midi samples used in windows I believe? compare https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPL1U3IzYM8 to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGaM8VL2Lg0

>> No.4552074
File: 9 KB, 225x225, download (3).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw too lazy to turn this into a pepe-wojak

He even looks like wojak

>> No.4552509

SC-55 has an official Roland-made emulator - and yes, one CAN make it a default Windows MIDI device, and one CAN make DOSBox play MIDI music through it.

For older Windows systems (XP and such, 32bit only, 64bit still possible, but supposedly very tricky - see corresponding themes on vogons) the emulator is called RVSC (Roland/Edirol Virtual Sound Canvas). For newer systems (Win7 and later) the emulator is called Roland Sound Canvas VA.

>> No.4552516

Also, older, pre-SoundCanvas, non MIDI-compatible Roland cards (MT-32 and CM-32L - the latter is superior) have their own emulator (unofficial), called Munt. Although it doesn't concern any of the Build FPS games, or even Doom, since MT-32 was pretty much already dead by the time it came out. Ultima Underworld, however, benefits from CM-32L emulation TREMENDOUSLY.

And yes, one CAN make use of both (although preferably not at the same time).

>> No.4552530

I guess you are one of the Lunar Apocalypse/Derelict haters too who prefer lame jokes over great construction.

The last level was easily the best one, no contest. Second best was the lagoon level.

>> No.4552541

Love ya mate

>> No.4552667

Shoot is there a easy way to getting that emulator? The sound font im using is way to loud with the synth on some games, especially duke 3D.

>> No.4552714

I actually finished Atomic Edition by memorizing, saving explosive ammo and quick-saving when encountering those slimy fucks.

For example, in E3M1, I always save ammo to devastator to deal with eggs in the pools.

>> No.4552775

>use devastator for eggs
Please stop playing this game.

>> No.4553451

Just pirate it or something.

>> No.4553484
File: 2.91 MB, 852x480, slimers.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>quick-saving when encountering those slimy fucks.
who the flying fuck has problem with slimers? they're about as threatening as wet toilet paper. just mash kick and run over them or let your pistol go to work.

lol this

>> No.4553650

>who the flying fuck has problem with slimers?

they are scary.

>> No.4553698

about as scary as wet tissue paper m8 (unused)

>> No.4553779
File: 78 KB, 505x604, duke forever.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Happy Birthday to the King https://twitter.com/3DRealms/status/958124151046275073

>> No.4553781
File: 858 KB, 200x267, pisxs.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gearbox Jewed 3DRealms out of duke and it pisses me off because now megaton edition is off steam. Gearbox could have easily made their new levels and weapons dlc for megaton but no now my friends cant play with me.

>> No.4553792

I'm sorry but neither deserve rights to Duke. Except for Zero Hour which is the only true Duke Nukem 3D successor, 3D realms left this amazing character on the shelf for more than a decade. Gearbox isn't any worse or better

>> No.4553796

Yeah but as you said They made(or at least helped) with Zero Hour meanwhile at best gearbox made a new episode for an old game. Id say on those admittedly shitty comparisons 3Drealms still takes the cake. At least they let a updated version of their classic game support all the old expansions.

>> No.4553807

World Tour is def garbage to be sure. Whenever I load a game, there's a huge lag before I can get moving or jump or aim.

Thought I was going crazy, then reinstalled Megaton, and nope, World Tour's Duke engine is just bad.

>> No.4553810

Btw I got World Tour as a gift - I was gonna avoid it otherwise because I don't support terrible devs like Gearbox.

>> No.4554471

The only thing that save WT from total failure is that amazing bridge level in episode 5. The pyramid one is pretty good as well, but not without flaws (like that shitty maze). These and some solid Lee Jackson soundtracks like that Stalker remix.

Everything else was just bad.

>> No.4554863
File: 201 KB, 596x795, huhu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it bad to think Vanilla Duke > Vanilla Doom>Vanilla Doom 2? The music and the levels are much more fun to play.

>> No.4555013

Vanilla Duke is much better, especially Allen Blum's levels. Can't say the same for userlevels or total conversions.

>> No.4555256

no way duke is just a way better game just being able to jump and duck and fly around makes it that much more exciting

>> No.4555621

indeed but nostalgia doom fags will eat you for having such opinion

>> No.4555624

nope. i like doom and it's pretty obvious that duke is also a fantastic game.
anyone trying to still do an "us vs them" is a faggot.

>> No.4557046

Looking at forums and youtube, I am not the only one with this problem.

>> No.4557052

Duke is great fun, no doubt. Though to this day Blood is my favourite build engine game due to how original and fun it is.

The argument behind doom is that it has 26 years of wads behind it and has always garnered more attention when it comes to modding.

I love both games though, pitting one vs the other is just bait.

>> No.4557232

Duke Nukem World Tour is removed from Steam.

>> No.4557383


>> No.4557552 [DELETED] 

tell that to the fucking doom shitters kid they come in here and whine about duke all the fuckin time. I like both too but duke is just better not a single doom mod can make doom better than duke. Most of them are just weapon packs that completely fuck with the balance of the game anyway and that shit only appeals to doom babby retards

>> No.4557624

I hope they reupload it with bugfixes and more content.

>> No.4557643

>pussies exist on the internet

>> No.4557687

>tfw I'm still playing Megaton on steam
Feels good, lads.

>> No.4557819 [DELETED] 

I had one of those faggots come in and say "doom is better than duke because duke has too many hitscanners" Like the fuckin retard never even played duke the cannon fodder enemies in doom are hitscanners and assault troopers are not. Then the fucking doom babby mod does damage control for these faggots. I can't believe they chose one of the faggots from the doom general as a janitor. That thread is the fucking cancer ward

>> No.4557839
File: 32 KB, 311x300, 1517306409261.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's Douk birthday and Gearbox manages to get duke deleted from steam due to fraudulent DMCA


>> No.4557912

Either 3D Realms is fighting back for the rights or maybe they are gonna do something with megaton edition. Either way cant you still get megaton edition via someone gifting you an inventory copy? Or just priating gog.

>> No.4559392


>Gearbox decides it doesn't need the bad publicity
>Sells back its part of the rights to 3D Realms
>3D Realms jumps on the retro band wagon
>Releases Duke 5 with the build engine

>> No.4559424


>> No.4559989

Didn't even know that and I just beat The Birth for the first time last night, kek.

>> No.4559991
File: 59 KB, 500x79, titlesmall.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

any good fan-made episodes for Shadow Warrior in the style of Death Wish for Blood?

>> No.4560140

>the best thing in original Duke3D are Allen Blum's Doom-esque levels (the best of which don't even adhere to "muh realism" gimmick, being situated in ep2 and all)
>everyone loves it
>the best thing in original DNF are Allen Blum's HL2-esque levels which blow any HL the fuck out of the water layout-wise
>everyone hates it
Now, that I sure don't understand at all.

>> No.4560160

Blum designed DNF?

>> No.4560162

He was pretty much the only person that was with the project all the way throughout, from its inception towards its release.

>> No.4560170

I'm pretty sure everyone hates the entirety of DNF

>> No.4560287

And which were his levels?

>> No.4560379

CWHHROT and French meat are pretty good.

>> No.4560827

Dunno. In credits
however, he is SPECIFICALLY listed as
>Lead Level Designer Allen H. Blum III
under "3D Realms" part of the credits and as
>Duke Legacy Designer Allen H. Blum III
under "Tryptich Games" (pretty much the remains of the team that got disbanded in 2009) part of the credits (moreover, he's listed first there). Guess he was important enough for the project to earn that kind of mention, no?

>> No.4561096

Not really no, there is Last Warrior TC which is really good but it's shorter and not as good as a DW.

You may also play my map:

>> No.4561109

Duke is still gone from steam

Looks like Gearbox dun goofed hard and we should find out soon why

>> No.4561113

It's probably just a hiccup or a random minor fuck-up, may not even be Gearbox's fault.

Every little thing happening with Duke it's all conspiracy theories up the ass I swear.

>> No.4561115

There was never a case where Steam just removes an already released game for absolutely no reason. They will either communicate with steam users if issue is big enough or devs telling them why the game is gone.
There's someone hiding the reason why the game is gone and it's Gearbox.

>> No.4561116
File: 17 KB, 480x360, buildengine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If anybody here is on Steemit, I'm posting a series that shows the step by step process of making a Duke 3D map in Mapster32:


The ultimate goal is for it to play similarly to a metroidvania, using the first inventory item you get to access an otherwise inacessible area where you get the next inventory item, and so on.

>> No.4561245

Pretty cool stuff, I only wish it would attract more people into mapping for Duke3D.

Have you already figured out a way to avoid passive game over states? If a player wastes the item he's intended to use, how can he hope to surpass a hazard? I know there's a sprite which lo-tag can be used to spawn other sprites, but I don't remember if it's an unlimited use. I don't even remember if you can bind it to an activator, or if it just works in conjuction with touchplates.

>> No.4561273

I guess they are making 3 extra levels for episode 5 and fixing the issues with the sound and the last boss.

Maybe the addition of the 3 expansions and Total meltdown will be part of the update pack.

>> No.4561356


>Hey there,
>Thanks for writing in! We'd also like to thank you for your interest in the Duke Nukem series. We'd like to attempt to answer your questions regarding the removal & availability of Duke Nukem titles across multiple platforms: There is not any big problem or change coming for the Duke Nukem titles. The removal is due to nothing exciting. Just paperwork formalities with account change overs. We don't have any official announcements regarding Duke Nukem at this time.

>> No.4561389

what kind of paperwork formalities within the company involve removal of the game from steam for 4 days? other gearbox duke nukem games are unaffected

this really sounds like gearbox quitely pawned away the IP or gave it back to 3drealms

>> No.4561427


I did when I was younger and to this day I hate the fuckers climbing on my screen. Not enough to stop me from playing anymore but I always prioritize killing them before they can touch me by whatever means necessary.

Now, Blood. Fuck. I literally cannot play that game because the spiders make the entire experience utterly unenjoyable. I had the same problem with System Shock 2 but found a mod that removed them.

>> No.4561429

Is savescumming acceptable in Duke if you're only using it on the instasquish platforming sections?

>> No.4561434

The main theme makes use of SC-88 Pro patches, I don't know if other tracks in the OST do, but if you want the intended experience, SC-88 is probably the way to go. Not saying that it couldn't sound good on the SC-55 or anything.

>> No.4561581

>Have you already figured out a way to avoid passive game over states? If a player wastes the item he's intended to use, how can he hope to surpass a hazard?

I'll put like 10 of each item on the spot in the same place so it looks like 1 item, but can be re-collected.

>> No.4561605

>3 extra levels for episode 5
Would love to see that, always felt that Alien World Order was unfinished.

My ideas for the levels: Las Vegas (DNF setting), Athens and the Acropolis, a winter themed level (Canada maybe?)

>> No.4562647

oh thanks for the recommendation! have you done any other stuff?

>> No.4563021
File: 398 KB, 1920x1080, duke megaton.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, when are we going to coop Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition?

>> No.4563178

What's the best way to play through LAN in duke? I tried an old version of EDuke but the coop was a buggy mess.

>> No.4563389

xDuke, aided by YANG is what I've been using the last 7 years after DukesterX blew up and it always consistently worked fine. I don't know why the fuck this isn't common info and why /doom/'s image fails to mention it.

>> No.4565195
File: 393 KB, 1100x727, phantasm reggie shotgun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>install bmouse for blood
>mouselook still sucks

Is there a way to disable the mousemove? I could play with both mouse and keyboard without mouse aim, but it's really hard to play when moving mouse makes my guy move. I remember playing Doom like this, but with mouse movement disabled.

>> No.4565238

press u you fucking faggot

>> No.4565320

Am I the only one here who thinks High Times from World Tour episode is a very good level? All the praise go for Mirage Barrage and Golden Carnage, but High Times is a very good concept, and the recreation of Amsterdam was great.

>> No.4565367

I did but it just toggles between the awful mouselook and awful mouse+keyboard movement.

>> No.4565434

go into advanced control settings in setup.exe and put the y axis mouse slider on 0, you donkey fucking faggot

>> No.4566829
File: 5 KB, 640x400, setmain_000.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4566935

>All the praise go for Mirage Barrage and Golden Carnage
Naturally. Cause they are BIG. And stuff. Come to think of it, the whole deal with the invisible walls galore in AllenBlum's levels from WorldTour episode, could be due to his attempts to make those levels seem MUCH BIGGER than they actually are. Dunno what's up with that gigantomania.

Anyway, I liked High Times, but it's a level built around a single gimmicky scene, that isn't even original. Granted, it only appeared in Lunatic Fringe, that is, E2's secret level, and, as such, it wasn't really all that "canon" in relation to the main game (more so due to impossible geometry clashing with a "realistic" theme Duke was pushing). Due to that, HighTimes' gimmick worked due to, well, an unexpected mixing of a realistic overall level setup with a gimmick from pretty much a joke level of sorts.

Come to think of, Mirage Barrage has quite a similar switch of contexts in one single level, I mean, you know, Earth level mixed with a cosmic one? But that's more straightforward. HighTimes switch of real and non-real, canon and non-canon, was way more elegant. It's a shame it was pretty much the only noteworthy thing in the entire level.

>> No.4566941

Also, I really like the boss level from World Tour. Granted, it's pretty much DNF in its level-design, and it's VERY HEAVILY built around pistolstart, but, well, it's really well balanced. If you pistolstart, you just barely squeeze through, making every single bullet and every single hitpoint count and using every single nook and cranny around you to gain some sort of advantage, that would allow you to proceed with minimal resources wasted. Yeah, it's linear as fuck, but, well, it's a challenge course and an exercise at resource and level layout management, and it just fucking... works, and it works really well. IF you pistolstart, that is. If you don't, it simply falls apart.

>> No.4566994

Why is Blood so gosh darn hard? Am I supposed to constantly quick save/quick load?

>> No.4567018

>"muh realism" gimmick

Duke is not Doom, it's at its best when it's being Duke and not being Doom. The psuedo-realism of the environments was what made the game more interesting than Quake to a lot of people. Even the space levels, most of them, were built like they actually served some kind of purpose.

>> No.4567020


Do what you want, jesus christ.

>> No.4567104

I like how Blum used size for his advantage. Even his old maps like Hollywood Holocaust, Death Row, Fusion Station, Dark Side, Duke Burger or Derelict look massive and big in some parts.

>> No.4567254

are you skeleton jelly?????

>> No.4567796

Switch of context works very well in Duke 3D, especially in the bigger levels.

>> No.4567821
File: 2.67 MB, 480x268, steven seagal blood bank.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I started to play Blood for the first time recently and yeah it's fucking hard as balls. Mostly because of how unbalanced it is. You get dynamite as one of your first weapons and super easy to kill yourself with dynamite if you don't know what you're doing. But I'm getting better as I keep playing and because I know where the enemies are hiding after dying so many times

>> No.4568436
File: 954 KB, 400x300, 900x900px-LL-bd29b09f_HandshakeYo.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Escape from New York/ LA guy is Snake Plissken. Just wanted to say cause I really like those movies and Kurt Russel.

>> No.4569534

Blood has some really bad leveldesign and texturing. I also hate the dynamite too, annoying to use.

>> No.4571839

>I also hate the dynamite too, annoying to use.
that's 'cause you're shit

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