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Classicvania or Metroidvania? Also, general Castlevania thread.

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Can it be both?

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I fucking love Amigavania.

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>wasted time making a webm of that
>posts it in hopes someone will think it looks cool
>everyone knows it's australia-kun

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Classic please. I don't much care for Metroid style open-endedness(might be using that term wrong) in 2D platforming games. What are some post-SNES games that play like old Castlevanias?

It wouldn't be a massive improvement, but this board would still be noticeably better without all the roleplaying name jerkoffs and especially you gomers encouraging them. I'm not saying leave, I'm just saying please stop.

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If you held me at gunpoint, I'd probably say classicvania since they are continually fun to play again. But really I love both, I pretty much bought a DS just to play the handheld releases. They're all good games, but I will say that the SOTN formula got improved in later games.

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I know that feel

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I like them both for different reasons.

Classic Castlevania give you a linear challenge. Everything you fight was deliberately planned to fuck you up and you have no choice but to deal with it.

Metroid-like Castlevania give you the luxury of time to explore, the luxury to become stronger with experience points and equipment, it gives you a ton of secrets and collectibles and treasure to discover.

I honestly don't see why you wouldn't like both.

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Tansakuvania (e.g. MSX, N64, Simon's Quest, Rondo) > Classicvania > Metroidvania

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..and then there's this artistic savant.

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Classics on replays
Metroidvanias once every blue moon when I feel like wasting time.

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O shit Heretic II

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Tansakuvania IS Metroidvania, because Metroid itself was Tansaku.