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Discuss this amazing SNES game that gets a lot of hate from gamers all around the globe. It sucks compared to ActRaiser 2 but still an amazing side scroller that will drive you insane on hard mode.

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Wait are we talking about Acrtaiser 2? I think you dun goofed with
>It sucks compared to ActRaiser 2

Actraiser 2 feels like it fucking hates you, but god damn does it have style.

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yeah I meant sucks compared to the first ActRaiser since the 2nd one didn't have the Sim mode and was tougher than nails to beat

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no love for Actraiser 2? :(

make Actraiser 3 for ps4 asap

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It's a good game, but it's objectively worse than the original Acraiser in my opinion. Pretty much every aspect of the game is weaker. The aesthetics, the music, the level design, the lack of simulation mode.

The controls are well done and the difficulty is great, but I would still rather play the 1st game.

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Some stupid faggot publicist or whatever from Enix America was responsible for the sim elements being removed. Thanks retard!

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This is better than the first one since the Sim mode is just a waste of time (too easy and mindless) and the action parts are more interesting control-wise as well as level and enemy design.
If we had gotten comparatively improved Sim parts nobody would have complained about this game, though.

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I got Actraiser 2 when it launched and I was so disappointed.

I didn't necessarily mind the loss of the sim sections, but the action was a step down from the fast paced hack and slash of the first game. It was too slow, the controls were worse, the magic attacks were worse, music was worse, and the difficulty spikes at times was not how Actraiser 1 was.

I did like that there was more enemy variety and that enemies were not generally tiny things like they were in Actraiser 1 but thats it.

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I disagree, it's just kind of a disappointment because it's so different. The action scenes in 1 are inferior to 2 imo

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I will never not at first glance see that wing as a banana

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I really, really like ActRaiser 2, but it is very flawed. There are some stupid enemies and trap placements here and there. It's also not really innovative, but who cares.
Ones you master the Master's controls, he is amazing. I love all the invincibility frames you get and the cool spells.
But I absolutely hate the gargoyle boss.

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completely agree, the original had good idea and terrible execution

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>objectively worse than the original Acraiser in my opinion

Objectively... in your opinion.

The first one has better music, but graphically it's far inferior. Its visual design is crude and sloppy in general. More importantly, it is extremely easy, whereas the second game provides an interesting challenge.

Neither one is objectively better. The first one is more "special"; the second is more polished. I much preferred the first as a kid, and now I much prefer the second (because I can beat the first one without trying, which makes it tedious).

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The action is a HUGE step up, not down. It's slow, yes, but that's fine. The controls are more interesting and deep. The magic attacks are far more interesting; they are weaker, but that's an improvement, because the magic in the first game is stupidly overpowered.

The first game is 100% generic, except in the town sections which were really cool. You sound like AVGN trashtalking some NES game because it doesn't immediately feel absolutely familiar and comfortable to anyone who has played Mega Man.

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>hey guys lets remove the sim mode and remove everything that made the first game unique compared to every other trashy snes sidescroller and lets also ramp up the difficulty so that no child or casual non-autistic adult can beat it

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If you haven't beaten Actraiser on European Expert Action mode, you didn't really finish the game.

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It's one of the best SNES action games and way better than 1. It's more stylish and the gameplay is much more refined. Fuck the password system with the upper and lower case letter though. The sim parts in 1 are cool the first time but they are too basic and boring.

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It's not THAT hard, and if you think the action in the first game was trashy (which you should, because it was) then you needn't be defending that game.

Basically don't post any more. You don't add anything.