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Does anyone else fuck with these people trying to make money, over-charging on Facebook marketplace?

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no i have better shit to do with my time. if people can't do research and not get jewed that sucks for them though.

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>posting on /vr/
>i have better shit to do with my time
Pick one.

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yes, discussing one of my hobbies and learning more about it is more valuable to me than messing with shysters on facebook.

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$50? LOL I bought RE1 for $29, complete! $50 for a disc only RE1 game is a ripoff.

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I hope this becomes a thing.

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I had no idea Facebook even had a market place. Who in their right mind would buy something off Facebook?

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I saw somebody at a flea market trying to sell Beavis and Butthead for the Genesis for $100 so

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Guys, lets see some pics from your local, this is some funny shit. This guy isn't outrageous, but look at the great selection of games!

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He has his own private gamestop discount bin

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just the boxes, no games...$170 for this shit

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It's cheaper than eBay and safer than Craigslist.

Decent deals to be had actually.

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I've scored a few gems, but it's mostly parents selling.

I messaged this guy about this bandicoot and he said he's opening a little video game shop.... He'll be closed on a month with those prices.

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>still having a facebook account

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Cheaper than ebay my ass. I bought a copy of RE1 complete for way cheaper than the douche bag who was selling a disc-only RE1 copy.

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Metal Jesus?

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he just needs a first hand lesson in how markets work. WTF, just let him figure out it won't sell for that amount.

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