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>friend knows i love this game
>gets me the PS2 remake
>play it for a while
>turn it off
>replay the OG Die Hard Arcade

Why do they even bother fucking remaking games if they can't top the original?

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beats me brah

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Zombie revenge is the same "engine"

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it is a little bit less polished, but has the same quality story, kinda like house of dead too.

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It's a quick, easy buck. In the long term the original will prevail if it truly is better.

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That narrator made picking up BOOLETS awesome.

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Don't forget the PS2 version has an "easy mode". We really are living in a day where arcade games are too hard, ffs.

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>he doesn't know the gameplay is fucking identical across both versions, just one looks nicer
>he doesn't know you can play the original version in the remake
>he doesn't know about the silly extra modes llike Altered Beast and Golden Axe modes that add longevity and change the game if you get bored
>he doesn't hurry up with that bomb, find that girl and bring her to me

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More so a fan of the original graphics, plus this female enemy always stood out to me.

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Well, there's no group of games as a whole harder than arcade games; not by a long shot. Though yeah, they are not impossible tasks or something on average. Modern gaming babbyness, man.

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b-b-b-but we have ppl on here who can 1cc games, they wouldn't lie to us about that, would they?

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I'm sure they aren't lying since 1ccing is honestly not that bad on average, gaming standards have become so low it now seems insane in comparison but that's it.

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But if OP doesn't shit on something more recent that's perfectly fine then how will we know he's a real retro gamer like the rest of us?!

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does not look like bruce willis

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When you go to the effort of acquiring a movie license for a game you can't really get away with using the actor's likeness without his permission.